Group 3 - Google Drive

Created By:
Beth, Greg, Kirstyn, Kandace, and Chelsea
Google sheets
Kirstyn Davis

★ Google Spreadsheets is an application that people can use to create spreadsheets
and share them with others through google, who can then go and edit them. It’s
compatible with Microsoft Excel.
○ Ability to add, delete and sort rows and columns
○ A built in instant-messenger program, to keep in touch with those sharing.
○ Gives anyone who shares it the ability to edit the sheets in real time.
○ Users can upload from their own computers.
★ Google Sheets can be accessed through the Google Drive and clicking “New” and
spreadsheets will pop up. Just click to start a new spreadsheet.
Kirstyn Davis

Google sheets
★ Tutorial on getting started with Google Sheets:
★ There are many reasons to use Google Sheets in the classroom:
○ Grade level teams can use sheets to share information about grade level assessments and
keep track of scores throughout the years.
○ Teachers and Intervention staff can record student progress and share.
○ Students can work together at home with group project through sharing.
○ Students can keep track of grades throughout the year using sheets.
○ Teachers can use sheets instead of traditional gradebooks.
★ Reasons to share Google sheets:
○ Great way to share information
○ Accessible and allows everyone to edit sheets
○ Multiple sheets can be shared as one
Greg Carver

Where to find google slides?

Step 1- You log into your Gmail account

Step 2- You click on the grid in the top right corner

Step 3- You click the more option on the pop up box

Step 4- You click the even more option, which will then bring up another page

Step 5- On this page you will scroll down to Home and Office section, which is where you
will find google slides
What is a google slide? Greg Carver

● Google Slides is an online presentation program, that allows you to present your work with your voice and many
visual options as well. Google slides allow you to create a presentation, edit that presentation, be able to allow
friends or partners to work on the same presentation without being in the same place, also making sharing amongst
each other much simpler.
● Google slides to me resembles powerpoint to me, it offers similar functions and options for presentations. But one
thing it makes easier is sharing the information or presentation itself amongst each other much easier.
Additional Information...
Greg Carver

How to use google slides in the classroom (teacher or student)

1. You can use it to present a lesson to the class
2. A student could use it to present something
3. Students could easily work on a group project from home with the easy sharing ability
4. A teacher could use them to share lessons plans or notes with other teachers
5. You can use it to to help introduce the kids to one another by having them make their own unique page

3 reasons to SHARE a Google Slide

1. I would share a google slide when working on a group project with someone or a group
2. I would share a google slide to someone who needed a good way to present something
3. As a teacher you could share a google slide with students on a work page as you have with us
Kandace Whalin

Google Drawings:
● Link:
● In google drawings people can work together to create a drawing, chart, or
any other diagram.Users can work together in real time to create a drawing
or diagram, you can actually chat back and forth to get each others
feedback.You can also edit and crop images as well.Drawings can be
inserted into powerpoints or anything you would like.

Here is a short video
explaining how to
navigate Google
Kandace Whalin

Google drawings:
● 5 Ways to Use Google Drawings in the Classroom:
○ Create classroom expectations with the whole class, so everyone can contribute to it and add
their own touch and signature.
○ You can use it for creating a welcome sign, because it has a lot more options than just using
○ It would be great for creating a timeline of events from history or a timeline of family history.
○ Students can use it to create their own signature logo for the class. Each student could make up
their own and print them out and hang them in the classroom.
○ It would be great for a group project making a chart to compare and contrast two things that we
are learning about.

● 3 Reasons to share and why it is important:
○ You can share it with people you are working on a chart with, so everyone can have a say in what goes on it.
○ You can share a diagram with your class so everyone can have access to it and see it where ever they are.
○ Google drawings is important because it allows every person whom it is shared with to have a say in what will go on the drawing. It’s
important for everyone to contribute to projects.
Google Forms-
Step 1: Create a Google Account
Step 2: Go to Google Drive jjj
Step 3: Go to My Drive and select
Google Forms.
Step 4: Now you can just click & create
your own personalized form
By: Beth
What is Google Forms?
❏ Google forms is fast way to create
any number of polls, surveys,
quizzes etc.
❏ Because Google Forms is online,
there is an unlimited number of
people who can participate.
❏ graphs and charts can also be created
with your collected data.
By: Beth Payne
5 ways to use Google Forms in the classroom
❏ Bell Ringer / Exit Ticket - (this could be used for quick student assessments)
❏ Math - (Multiple choice questions could be created for assessments or homework)
❏ Getting to know your students - (collect information via survey about each student)
❏ Behavior reflection
❏ Quiz - (This could be used in all content areas)

3 Reasons to share google forms

❏ Allow you to collect data in a streamlined manner.
❏ Accessible data anytime or anywhere.
❏ Track students progress By: Beth Pa
Google Keep -
-In google drive, click the app boxes in the
top right corner. It will drop down this
-The first time you use Google Keep, you will have
to click More, then click Even More to find the
app under
“Home and office”
-After clicking on it here, it will appear on the
drop down with the option to add a shortcut.
-Once you click to add the shortcut it will appear
on this first drop down menu as shown in the
image to the right -->
By: Chelsea Mason
What is Google Keep?
-Google Keep is a great way to keep notes
wherever you are.
-You stay synced across web, iOS, android,
and chrome with the use of an app.
-It creates and supports voice notes,
photos, and checklists in addition to
typical notes.
-You can easily send and share your
notes, photos, checklists By: Chelsea Mason
5 Ways to use Google 3 Reasons to Use Keep
1.Use personally toKeep
keep track of changes to 1.It is quick and easy, you can create reminders in the
schedule for the classroom 2. You can create checklists to help you stay organized in the
2.Use to display student schedule for the classroom
3. You can track student progress from home if they use
day checklists you have shared
3.Display checklist as reminder of order of Sharing in Google Keep is as simple as clicking the share
steps in current student assignment button on your note and adding email addresses or a group.
You should share using Google Keep because you can connect to
4.Use voice notes to record vocabulary your students at home and track their progress or send
students are having difficulty with so they reminders. It would also be a great way to connect with fellow
can access from home teachers and share ideas for lessons plans and reminders for
meetings and other school events.
5.Use reminders to track homework and By: Chelsea Mason
Tutorial/ Resource List:
Google Keep Resources:
Google Forms Resources: