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Rajya Sabha passes GST Bill (122nd Amendment)

After being subject to months of haggling and histrionics, the Goods &
Services Tax (GST) finally had its historic day in the Rajya Sabha with
the passage of the Bill to amend the Constitution, paving the way for
what is popularly referred to as the concept of “one nation, one tax.”

The GST will have two components keeping in mind the federal AP shuts down in demand for special status
structure of India: the Central GST (CGST) and the State GST (SGST).
A bandh was observed, albeit partially, in 13 districts of Andhra
Read More Pradesh on Tuesday in response to a call by the Opposition YSR
Congress and the two Left parties. The parties were protesting against the Centre’s refusal to grant special category status (SCS) to the State
which had been promised by both the Congress and the BJP at the
time of bifurcation in 2014.

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ece make a contribution to the fund.thehindubusinessline.Newsbytes: National 13 killed. A hunt is on India. becoming the first country to attack-in-assams-kokrajhar-district/article8948019. India makes first contribution to UN Trust Fund for victims of sexual exploitation An Army Area Domination Patrol which was in the vicinity cordoned off the area and killed one militant.000 to a trust fund set up for victims of sexual exploitation and abuse by Read More peacekeepers. They opened fire and killed -makes-first-contribution-to-united-nationstrust- fund/article8890754. Police said the group of militants came in a car and swooped down on Balajan Tiniali market on Friday afternoon. http://www.thehindu. According to Army sources at laest 18 people countries in UN peacekeeping operations.ece . contributed USD 100. many of them critically. in the attack. has have been injured. one of the largest troop-contributing for others. 18 injured in Assam militant attack Twelve civilians and a militant were killed while several others injured on Friday when a group of heavily armed militants opened fire in a crowded market place in Assam’s Kokrajhar district.

bailable warrant issued against Vijay Mallya Lockheed Martin sees $15-billion export In more trouble for Vijay w/53532624. with the direction that the non- bailable warrant be sent to him by Ministry of Read More: External Affairs as he is reportedly in London.indiatimes.indiatimes.cms?utm_source=contentofintere Read More: st&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst 53571136. a non-bailable potential for 'Made in India' F16 jets warrant was today issued against him in a 2012 cheque bounce case by a Delhi court which said US arms giant Lockheed Martin sees a $15- that coercive steps were required to ensure his billion export potential for a new generation of appearance.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&ut m_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst . http://economictimes. with a top executive telling ET that a proposal to make Metropolitan Magistrate Sumeet Anand passed India the sole producer of the aircraft has been the order for bringing Mallya in court on shared with the government. November 4.Newsbytes: National Fourth non. 'Made in India' F16 fighter jets.

has the reason for relinquishing the post. ending months of speculation over the issue.html . Announcing her resignation as Deputy CM after a meeting of the BJP on social media on Monday. although the name of is not known what transpired in the meeting Parshottam Rupala. she gave age legislators at State Party headquarter. minister of state for resulting in this change in Nitin Gadkari and Saroj Pandey. It be the next CM.Newsbytes: National Vijay Rupani to be CM of Gujarat while Nitin Ahead of assembly polls. agriculture in the Modi government. Anandiben Patel his Deputy Patel quits as Gujarat chief minister BJP state chief Vijay Rupani has been named as Gujarat chief minister Anandiben Patel has the new Chief Minister of Gujarat while Nitin Patel resigned.bankersadda.cms?utm_source=conte ntofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_camp Read more: aign=cppst http://www. who resigned a few days ago. is also doing rounds The meeting was held in the presence of national Read more: BJP president Amit Shah and central observers http://economictimes. eshow/53493693.indiatimes. At first. the name of Nitin Patel was almost confirmed as the person to take over from BJP Gujarat president Vijay Rupani could Anandiben Patel. Patel will turn 75 in update-5th-august-2016-for-all.

The Technology Meet is an initiative of the sub- committee of the upstream sector led by ONGC Read more: and has members from upstream national oil http://www.2.html Read more: http://www.html .000 crore. A provision of companies as well as private companies. update-5th-august-2016-for-all.bankersadda. The first technology two-day meet under the While the pending arrears from January to October Hydrocarbon Vision 2030 for Northeast India has 2016 would be deposited in the employee provident begun in Guwahati and deliberate various issues fund (PF) and National Pension System (NPS).30. regarding implementation of the document which envisages an investment of Rs 1.Newsbytes: National Goa to implement 7th Pay Commission from November 1 Goa Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar has stated that the 7th Pay Commission recommendations would be implemented in the state from November First Tech Meet of Hydrocarbon Vision 2030 1st. As the The meet is a stepping stone to put the north- state government will have to pay Rs 272 crore per east region on top of Indian energy map by month as against Rs 213 crore per month as per the utilising its hydrocarbon potential in line with the existing scale. which will be an additional burden of Hydrocarbon Vision 2030.553 crore has been made in the state budget towards this implementation. Rs 59 update-5th-august-2016-for-all.

Brazil after being nominated in June Cooperative Bank Ltd faced action for violation of 2016 by the IOC Executive Board.Newsbytes: National Nita Ambani becomes first Indian woman RBI imposes penalty on two cooperative banks member of IOC of Chhattisgarh Noted sports promoter and founder chairperson of Reserve Bank of India has imposed the penalty on Reliance Foundation.bankersadda. While the Raipur Urban Mercantile Rio de the directives on the prohibition of grant of loans.bankersadda. of the Central Bank on 'Know Your Customer' She was elected at the 129th IOC Session held in norms. Committee (IOC). With this. Limited are the two on which RBI imposed the Key Facts: penalty of five lakh rupees each. Read more: Read More: http://www. Indian woman to join the prestigious body which and Raipur Urban Mercantile Cooperative Bank governs Olympic sports in the world.html update-5th-august-2016-for-all.html . she becomes the first The Zila Sahakari Kendriya Bank Maryadit. 1949. Nita Ambani was elected as an two cooperative banks of Chhattisgarh under the individual member of International Olympic Banking Regulation Act. update-5th-august-2016-for-all. Nita Ambani is only current active individual member The Zila Sahakari Kendriya Bank Maryadit was of the IOC from India and shall serve at the high- penalised for violation of the directives/guidelines profile world body until she attains the age of 70. Raipur.

com/current- affairs/union-government-launches-nationwide- programme-maa-for-promoting-breastfeeding- 1470462241-1 . on 3 August 2016 launched the electronic signing Mothers’ Absolute Affection for promoting feature eSignDesk that allows people to sign 2016 launched a nation-wide programme MAA . documents digitally from remote places. With over a billion Aadhaar cardholders and about 25 million transactions taking place every quarter. ensure that mothers.jagranjosh. MAA is an intensified programme of the Health digital signatures are expected to save time. money Ministry for creating an enabling environment to and promotion of breastfeeding affairs/aadhaarlinked-esignature-facility-launched- to-digitise-documents-1470295641-1 Read more: http://www.Newsbytes: National Union Government launches nation-wide programme MAA for promoting Aadhaar-linked e-Signature facility launched to breastfeeding digitise documents Union Health Minister J P Nadda on 5 August Online legal documentation startup LegalDesk. The goal of the programme is to enhance optimal breastfeeding practices. husbands and families receive adequate information and support for Read more: http://www.

com/current- affairs/ccea-approves-upgradation-of-13-existing- government-medical-colleges-1470291786-1 .jagranjosh. CCEA approves upgradation of 13 existing 2016.jagranjosh.Newsbytes: National Union Cabinet approved Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill. The upgradation of medical colleges under PMSSY Read more: broadly involves strengthening of the existing http://www. 2016 Union Cabinet on 3 August 2016 gave its approval to Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill. The amendment seeks to improve road Government Medical Colleges safety in the departments as well as building Super Speciality affairs/union-cabinet-approved-motor-vehicle- Blocks / Trauma Centres or other necessary amendment-bill-2016-1470287479-1 facilities as Centres of Excellence etc. (CCEA) on 3 August 2016 approved upgradation of 13 existing Government Medical Colleges/Institutes It increases compensation for Hit & Run cases (GMCIs) under Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha to 2 lakh rupees from 25000 rupees. The bill proposes to increase penalties against The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs traffic violations to as deterrent measure. 10 lakh rupees in road accidents fatalities. Read more: http://www. It also has provision for payment of compensation up to Yojana (PMSSY).

com/current. The bill was passed by a Institutes of Technology. Science Education and Research • The Indian Stamp Act. Read more: http://www. affairs/lok-sabha-passes-bill-on-reconstruction-of- technology-science-education-and-research. Science Education and Research The Lok Sabha on 1 August 2016 passed the (Amendment) Bill.jagranjosh. 2007 • The Depositories Act.jagranjosh. Now. the bill will be sent to The bill seeks to amend four laws: the President for his assent.Newsbytes: National Lok Sabha passes Bill on Reconstruction of Financial Assets Parliament passes National Institutes of Technology. financial-assets-1470122103-1 amendment-bill-2016-1470129678-1 . Science Education and voice vote. 1993 Technology. 2016. 2016. • The Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security The Bill seeks to establish the National Institute of Interest Act. Lok Sabha passed the bill on 21 July 2016. 1899 (NITSER) Act. 2002 Technology (NIT). 2016 Enforcement of Security Interest and Recovery of Debts Laws and Miscellaneous Provisions Rajya Sabha on 1 August 2016 passed the National (Amendment) Bill. 1996 Read more: http://www. Research (Amendment) affairs/parliament-passes-national-institutes-of. Andhra Pradesh as an institute of • The Recovery of Debts due to Banks and national importance under the National Institutes of Financial Institutions Act.

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a level not seen since 1986. offices.indiatimes. that soaring prices have forced millions to abandon the dream of home ownership with parts May chaired the first meeting of the "Cabinet Committee on of northern and central England becoming Economy and Industrial Strategy" in her Downing Street increasingly unaffordable. English home ownership now sits at just 63.Newsbytes: International Home ownership in UK falls to lowest PM Theresa May resurrects industrial policy as Britain prepares for post Brexit A new study has found that the proportion of people owning their homes in England has fallen Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday kickstarted her bid to its lowest level in thirty years.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm _medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst Read More: http://economictimes.indiatimes. reviving the once unfashionable concept of industrial policy The Resolution Foundation study said Tuesday 30 years after Margaret Thatcher killed it off." a spokesman said in a statement http://economictimes. to reshape the British economy for a post-Brexit world.8 issued after the ms?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_c ampaign=cppst . "The prime minister emphasised that the objective of the government's new industrial strategy should be to deliver an Read More: economy that works for all. bringing together the heads of 11 other ministries to set out her vision for a state-boosted industrial renaissance. 3504168.

com/articleshow/53543302.indiatimes. a day after being $102 million of the three-year programme came elected by lawmakers for the top post for the second time. as Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif hailed an end to the Prachanda sworn in as Nepal's new Prime Minister.6 bn loan to Pakistan The International Monetary Fund has announced it will release the last instalment of a $6. formally making him the 39th Prime tax net. country’s reliance on the lender.6 billlion economic bailout package to Pakistan. forms cabinet The decision to release the final tranche worth Maoist chief Pushpa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda” was sworn in as Nepal’s new Prime Minister. Minister of Nepal.Newsbytes: International IMF to release final instalment of $ ?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_campa 53564319.indiatimes.cms http://economictimes. after a review of the country’s economic President Bidya Bhandari administered oath to office to performance that found it was meeting most the 61-year-old CPN-Maoist Centre chairman at reform indicators but still needed to braden the Rashtrapati Bhawan.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&ut ign=cppst m_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst . Read More: Read More: http://economictimes.

under a programme named receiving classified briefings. Project 53543302. scientists As US President Barack Obama has advised fear.indiatimes. designed to carry out experiments such and his Democrat rival Hillary Clinton to start as drilling into the ice core. which was to see if launch sites could be He said the presidential nominees have to get built close enough for missiles to reach the Soviet Union.Newsbytes: International Global warming threatens to release nuclear waste from Cold War base in Greenland Start acting like president to be one: Barack Obama to Donald Trump. as they have now started nuclear missile testing site. due to global warming. Hillary Clinton Nuclear waste buried underneath the ice in Greenland in a Cold War-era bunker is at risk of being exposed. security briefings because whoever selected must Read More: be prepared and not start from it also served as a top-secret acting like a president.telegraph. The base was officially used as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump a scientific centre.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&ut m_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst .uk/news/world/ Read More: http://economictimes. http://www.

WASHINGTON: Calling Donald Trump an “These people had committed murder… killed women "authoritarian character" and a threat to and children. Hillary Clinton's White House bid late Tuesday. caused destructions and acted against the democracy.Newsbytes: International Iran executes 20 Sunni 'terrorists' in one day: Reports Tehran: Iran has executed a group of 20 “terrorist” Hewlett Packard's Meg Whitman joins CEOs Sunni prisoners for committing several murders and endorsing Hillary Clinton undermining national 3517368.” Whitman posted on Facebook about the Republican "To vote Republican out of party loyalty alone 279. xenophobia and racial division.indiatimes.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm _medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst . a prominent security and killed Sunni religious leaders in some Republican fundraiser and chief executive of Kurdish regions.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium= would be to endorse a candidacy that I believe has text&utm_campaign=cppst exploited anger. grievance. Donald Trump's demagoguery has undermined the fabric of our national character.” IRIB television quoted Prosecutor Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Meg Whitman. state media as reported. Read More: http://economictimes.indiatimes. endorsed Democrat General Mohammad Javad Montazeri. Read More: http://economictimes.

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cms israel-firm-givon/article8929342. which company did not disclose the size of the deal. a part UIDAI extended undue favour of Rs Read More: -news/UIDAI-extended-undue-favour-of.. CAG also September. the favour" to Wipro Ltd by UIDAI.Newsbytes: Business Wipro Infrastructure Engineering to acquire Israel firm Givon Wipro Infrastructure Engineering (WIN).com/business/Industry/wi Rs-4-92-crore-to-Wipro.ece \ . However. http://timesofindia. pro-infrastructure-engineering-to-acquire- CAG/articleshow/53520880. http://www. R Government auditor CAG has flagged "undue Givon Ltd. in an all-cash deal. manages Aadhaar. in a maintenance The acquisition is subject to regulatory contract involving an avoidable approvals and is expected to be completed in expenditure of nearly Rs 5 crore. expand global footprint and strengthen its Rea More: ability in the aviation and aerospace industry.92 of Wipro Enterprises (P) Ltd said it had signed crore to Wipro: CAG an agreement to acquire Israel-based H. official agency DAVP.41 makes specialized metallic parts and crore by not following the government assemblies for the aerospace industry.thehindu.indiatimes. will policy of routing its advertisements through help Wipro to broaden its product portfolio. which found that UIDAI incurred a loss of Rs 1. The acquisition of Givon.

indiatimes. The government has allowed for two including a four months high in manufacturing percentage points movement on either side of (PMI) business/Market-extends-gains-ends-marginally. the 4% target for five years starting from 2016. -business/Govt-fixes-retail-inflation-target-of- up-on-GST-booster/articleshow/53570637.cms .Newsbytes: Business Market extends gains.cms 4/articleshow/53565521. putting a stamp Parliament in the midst of equities vaguely of approval on the pact with the RBI reached last following rest all other market determinants sustained FII inflows and good monsoons. ends marginally up on GST booster Govt fixes retail inflation target of 4% The week saw a dawn of new era as far as Indian stock market is concerned as the much awaited The government on Friday formally notified a GST bill passage has been approved by the consumer inflation target of 4%.indiatimes. Read More: Read More : http://timesofindia. http://timesofindia. fastest growth in core Infrastructure.

com/articleshow/535663 98. one of 40 jetliners that will make up the deficit of $41 billion. biggest in 10 months The US trade deficit increased to the highest point in 10 months.cms http://economictimes.7 percent higher than a revised May cargo plane. driven by a big rise in imports Amazon unveils cargo plane as it expands delivery of oil and Chinese-made computers. Read More: biggest-in-10-months/articleshow/53560135.indiatimes. ational-business/US-trade-deficit-hits-44-5-billion. The deficit rose to $44.Newsbytes: Business US trade deficit hits $44.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=te xt&utm_campaign=cppst . cell phones network and clothing. http://timesofindia.5 billion in Seattle-based Amazon is unveiling its first branded June.5 billion. e-commerce giant's own air transportation network Read More: as it takes more control of its delivery process.


com/tech/int ernet/end-of-an-era-largest-torrent-search- et/ibm-unveils-mobilefirst-for-ios-garage-in- engine-torrentz-shuts- india/articleshow/53543285. apps for the enterprise. China and Romania.cms . NEWSBytes: Technology IBM unveils MobileFirst for iOS Garage in India IBM today unveiled a new enterprise mobility platform IBM MobileFirst for iOS Garage in End of an era: Largest torrent search India and plans to open satellite centres in engine Torrentz.indiatimes. Torrentz had millions of visitors per day the site grew out to become IBM MobileFirst is a platform for building mobile one of the most visited torrent shuts down many other countries including Brazil.cms down/articleshow/53561637. Read More Read More http://economictimes. Founded in 2003.

vs-augmented-reality/ Likewise.NEWSBytes: Technology Virtual Reality vs. Both are earning a lot of media attention and are promising tremendous How Rio Olympics athletes are using tech to augmented reality? What is Virtual Reality? When reigning Olympic flyweight boxing champion Nicola Adams steps into the ring at Read More: Rio 2016 she will know exactly which tactics to http://www. when German sailor Philipp Buhl takes to the water. deploy to ensure that she wins every fight. Read More: .augment. So what is the difference between win medals virtual reality vs. Augmented Reality One of the biggest confusions in the world of augmented reality is the difference between augmented reality and virtual reality. he will be able to predict accurately how the current will affect his boat as he whips along Rio's Guanabara Bay.


An old saying goes: ‘Not Data Centre entrepreneurship-holidaying/ . and you take a walk in the wee morning hours. you may not always find the time to curl up with can see several individuals cycling with your favourite Read More: centre-limited/ https://yourstory. NEWSBytes: Startups How an entrepreneur battled bankruptcy and built a 250cr company 10 books entrepreneurs should read when holidaying If you wake up to the fresh air that permeates Hyderabad’s HITEC City and As an entrepreneur your life is buy. all readers are leaders. Founder and Chairman of Rs favourite reads while you are travelling for a 250-crore Tier-4 data centre company CtrlS stress-free holiday. One of them is Sridhar your love for reading? Carry your stack of Pinnapureddy. How then can you fulfil professional gear. but all leaders are readers’. Read More: https://yourstory.

in/magazine/buzz http://www.html shrink/story/235354. In Dubai . At the time the couple was settled in owned and managed by small operators.businesstoday. Delhi. The bustling area of was detected with cancer five years ago in Mahipalpur has over 100 budget hotels.html . neon signs and Gandotra and his wife Nishi think of starting banners off the eight-lane highway leading their own pharmacy business. among others. Ajay's mother to Delhi airport. hoardings. signages of top/buzztop-feature/indian-internet- res/india-digital-commerce-is-in-the-middle- pharmacies-are-seeing-their-businesses- of-a-big-fight/story/235355.Ajay was a banker while Nishi had recent years. Read More: Read More: http://www. the display boards of these her own business in communication and hotels have been replaced with in-your-face marketing. MakeMyTrip and OYO Rooms. NEWSBytes: Startups Face-Off – MakemyTrip vs Oyo !!! Choked It's hard to ignore the sheer number of A crisis in their personal life made Ajay billboards.businesstoday.


at the Macarana stadium. Read more: http://economictimes. parade The 31st Olympics. concluded that he was a victim of sabotage. all diverse culture and dedicated to its history and set for Rio the environment and followed by a colourful In a sensational turnaround. formally opened on Friday with a sparkling ceremony drawn from Brazil's vibrantly Narsingh Yadav cleared from doping charges. NADA DG Naveen Agarwal put an end to the suspense on the wrestler's fate by exonerating him. paving the way for the wrestler's participation in Rio Read more: Olympics http://economictimes.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_med ium=text&utm_campaign=cppst .cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&ut Narsingh testing positive for a banned anabolic m_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst steroid methandienone in tests conducted on June 25. many National Anti-doping Agency (NADA).indiatimes. which in traditional garb. the first to be held in South After more than a week of drama which began with 53567531.Newsbytes: Sports Rio Olympics gets underway with colourful ceremony. Narsingh Yadav was on Monday exonerated of doping charges by the procession of the world's leading athletes.indiatimes.

With this in they with a dreadful start to the Read more: 83094.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_med http://indianexpress. be the holders of the Warne-Muralitharan Trophy for the first time since its inception.indiatimes. who stormed away have already registered a historic win in the to claim his sixth win in seven races and strengthen series with one more match to go. Sri Lanka beat Australia by 229 runs in the Home hero Rosberg surrendered his lead from pole second Test match at Galle. with Lanka register historic series win. defeat Mercedes team-mate and title rival Nico Rosberg visitors by 229 runs. Read more: http://economictimes. Lewis Hamilton opens the lead: Lewis Hamilton extended his lead in the Formula One drivers' championship to 19 points after winning Sri Lanka vs Australia 2nd Test Day 3: Sri the German Grand Prix with ease on Sunday.Newsbytes: Sports With German Grand Prix. ium=text&utm_campaign=cppst e-cricket-score-sri-lanka-vs-australia-2nd-test- day-3-result-scorecard-video-streaming- 2957139/ . Sri Lanka will his grip in the title chase.

looking for 150 million pounds ($197.Newsbytes: Sports India vs West Indies: Roston Chase's heroic ton helps hosts secure draw in 2nd Test Rookie batsman Roston Chase conjured up a heroic maiden Test century to lead a remarkable Premier League: West Brom Albion West Indies fightback as the hosts forced a announce sale to Chinese investors frustrating draw on India on the final day of the West Bromwich Albion have agreed to sell the second match in Kingston on west-brom-albion-announce-sale-to-chinese- investors-2937828.firstpost. the Chase. playing only his second Test up with a resolute 137 off 269 balls and in the No financial details have been announced. came Premier League side announced on Friday. the Premier League. draw-in-2nd-test-2933626. The deal is subject to approval http://www. club to Chinese investment group Yunyi Guokai (Shanghai) Sports Development Limited.html Read more: http://www. 177 million euros) when he put the club on the Read more: market last year. from Britain's Financial Conduct Authority and indies-roston-chases-heroic-ton-helps-hosts-secure.html .1 million.firstpost. but process raised three match-saving partnerships former chairman Jeremy Peace was reportedly with his teammates.

former India Canada. http://www. nation-kabaddi-world-cup-in-october- sourav-ganguly-2930652. Pakistan. binding by the Supreme Court. Korea.html 2926422.firstpost. and Kenya. featuring South Africa. Australia. Japan BCCI to Sports BCCI will take decision on Lodha panel recommendations: Sourav Ganguly India to host 12-nation Kabaddi World Cup in October Steering clear of giving an opinion on the Lodha New Delhi: India will host the Kabaddi World Committee reforms which have been made Cup in October 2016. Read more: Read More: decision-on-lodha-panel-recommendations. Iran.html . captain Sourav Ganguly said the matter is for the Poland. United Kingdom. Bangladesh.

Read more: Read more: http://economictimes.a female flagbearer Aug 06: Hours after making her Olympic debut.Newsbytes: Sports A Summer Olympics first for Iran -. wearing a 24. a smiling Nemati was the Scholes and Michel Salgado who were signed up as flagbearer for a team made up overwhelmingly of marquee 567598. had big football names like Ronaldinho.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_m mier-futsal-league-gets-13-million-tv- edium=text&utm_campaign=cppst viewers/article8933432.ece .indiatimes.8 men. The tournament.thehindubusinessline." Nemati notched 13 million television viewers for the said. Paul green head covering. The opening day garnered 4. Premier Futsal League gets 13 million TV viewers Iranian archer Zahra Nemati carried her country's flag in the opening ceremony. it means a lot to make the people who The first season of the Premier Futsal League has have big problems in their lives happy. tournament. http://www. which took place between July 15- Arriving in the stadium in a wheelchair. "For me.

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when we had instances of accident. game. great shows like Pokemon. 2) Kidnapping and Robbery: such is the craze of this game 2) Pokémon Go is bringing people together based on a among kids that they can be even lured into a trap by the robbers common interest and it’s been incredible to witness so far. of people. reason to be happy and has even unified them on a certain level. Pokemon Go has siven people a several areas of concern. . 5) Something nice amidst the horror: In these testing 4) Banned in several countries like Iran and Thailand over times for the humanity. There have been instances when people have completely forgotten about their surroundings and 4) Socializing: It has helped innumerable people to talk to have committed some crime. One sure shot way of socializing. They were later arrested. 3) The exercise aspect has probably been the most 3) More than an addiction: Pokemon go has become more than talked-about benefit of Pokémon Go since it released.Is Pokemon Go the best thing at the moment. Digimon etc on the TV. or kidnappers. Pokemon Go is real life surroundings while playing. for humans? Against: For: 1) Virtual ‘Reality’: Pokemon go players totally forget about their 1) Nostalgia: For a large no. just to play the met before. There have been several the way of reliving their 90s childhood days. an addiction for the people. One such instance has been when fellow Pokemon Go folks and that too.GD Topic . whom they haven’t a couple left their 2 year old kid alone at home.

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