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Newsbytes: National
CCEA approves proposal of R&D Rajya Sabha passed Maternity Benefit
project for development of AUSC (Amendment) Bill, 2016
Technology for Thermal Power
Plants Rajya Sabha on 11 August 2016 passed the
Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Bill, 2016. The
The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs Bill seeks to amends the Maternity Benefit Act,
(CCEA) on 10 August 2016 approved a 1961.
proposal of research and development The Maternity Benefit Bill amends provisions
(R&D) project for development of Advanced related to the duration and applicability of
Ultra Super Critical (AUSC) Technology for maternity leave, and other facilities. The
Thermal Power Plants. existing Act regulates the employment of
women during the period of child birth, and
The estimated cost of the project is 1554 provides maternity benefits. It applies to
crore rupees. BHEL will be provided one factory, mines, plantations, shops and other
time budgetary support of 900 crore rupees establishments
spread over a period of three years for
implementation of the project. Read more:
Read more: affairs/rajya-sabha-passed-maternity-benefit- amendment-bill-2016-1470971321-1

a think tank of Union Compensation Act. is working to develop India's energy payment of compensation to employees and data agency which will take 3-4 years to develop their dependents in the case of injury by industrial accidents. 2016 to reduce litigation in cases of disputes arising over compensation to workers. NITI Aayog. coal. energy data. solar & The Bill seeks to amend the Employee’s thermal energy etc. sabha-passes-employees-compensation- amendment-bill-2016-1470901592-1 .jagranjosh.jagranjosh.Newsbytes: National NITI Aayog ties up with US EIA to set up portal on energy data Lok Sabha passes Employee’s National Institution for Transforming India (NITI) Compensation (Amendment) Bill 2016 Aayog on 10 August 2016 signed agreement with United States (US) Energy Information The Lok Sabha on 9 August 2016 passed the Administration (EIA) to set up a web portal on Employee’s Compensation (Amendment) diseases. affairs/niti-aayog-ties-up-with-us-eia-to-set-up- portal-on-energy-data-1470885656-1 Read more: http://www. This law provides Government. The web portal will host all the data related to energy sector including oil & gas. including occupational Read more: http://www.

com/current- affairs/ affairs/unit-1-of-kudankulam-nuclear-power-plant- dedicated-to-nation-1470885896-1 . Read more: http://www. Jayalalithaa on 10 August 2016 dedicated Unit 1 of Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant to the nation. President of Russia the Income Tax Act.jagranjosh. 2016. The Bill introduced in the Lok Sabha on the same day was passed by voice vote after a short debate. PM Modi announced that five more reactors of 1000 megawatt each will come up in the same. The Bill seeks to amend Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The reactors are being built jointly by Nuclear Power 2016-1470885770-1 Corporation of India and Atomstroy export company. 2016 Unit 1 of Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant dedicated to nation The Lok Sabha on 10 August 2016 passed the Taxation Laws (Amendment) Bill. 1961 and the Customs Tariff Act. Vladimir Putin and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J 1975.jagranjosh. a subsidiary of Rosatom (the regulatory body of the Russian nuclear complex) Read more: http://www.Newsbytes: National Lok Sabha passes Taxation Laws (Amendment) Bill. Besides.

1899 affairs/prime-minister-narendra-modi-launches-70-saal- • Depositories Act.Newsbytes: National Rajya Sabha passes Enforcement of Security Interest and Recovery of Debts Laws Prime Minister Narendra Modi launches 70 Saal Amendment Bill. 2016. The affairs/rajya-sabha-passes-enforcement-of-security- interest-and-recovery-of-debts-laws-amendment-bill- 2016-1470813465-1 . Alirajpur is the birthplace of bill seeks to amend four laws namely freedom fighter Chandra Shekhar Azad. Madhya Pradesh. 2002 celebrating 75th anniversary of the Quit India Movement (SARFAESI) and 70 years of Independence • Recovery of Debts due to Banks and Financial Institutions Act. It is aimed at and Enforcement of Security Interest Act. Yaad Karo Kurbani celebrations in Miscellaneous Provisions (Amendment) Bill. 1993 (RDDBFI) Read more: http://www.jagranjosh. 2016 Azaadi Yaad Karo Kurbani celebrations Rajya Sabha on 9 August 2016 passed the Enforcement Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 9 August 2016 of Security Interest and Recovery of Debts Laws and launched 70 Saal Azaadi. • Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets The Yaad Karo Kurbani is a 15-day programme. 1996 azaadi-yaad-karo-kurbani-celebrations-1470819811-1 Read more: • Indian Stamp Act.

com/current- affairs/rajya-sabha-passes-mental-health-care-bill- 2013-1470725088-1 . efforts made by respective urban local bodies.Venkaiah Naidu on Rajya Sabha on 8 August 2016 passed the Mental 6 August 2016 launched Swachh Suvekshan-2017 project to Health Care Bill.Newsbytes: National Rajya Sabha passes Mental Health Care Bill. 2013. Union Government launches Swachh Survekshan- 2013 2017 to assess 500 cities Union Minister of Urban Development M.jagranjosh. Defecation Free status. 1987.jagranjosh. The upper house passed the bill with record 134 It also aims to capture progress towards achieving Open amendments. It also has a provision to affairs/union-government-launches-swachh-survekshan2017- persons with mental illness. promote and fulfill the rights of such persons to-assess-500-cities-1470635688-1 during delivery of mental healthcare and services Read more: http://www. The Bill repeals the Mental assess and rank 500 cities based on levels of sanitation and Health Act. The Bill provides for mental health care and services for Read more: http://www.

mandatory-for-procurement-of-paddy-1471065808-1 affairs/nagaland-government-to-grant-33- reservation-to-women-in-urban-local-bodies- 1471065418-1 .Newsbytes: National Nagaland government to grant 33% reservation to women in Urban Local Bodies Odisha government to make Aadhar Card The Nagaland Government on 10 August 2016 mandatory for procurement of paddy decided to grant 33 percent reservation to women In a bid to maintain transparency and ensure quick in Urban Local Bodies (ULBs).jagranjosh. the Odisha government has taken during a cabinet meeting held in Aadhaar cards of farmers to the cooperative banks and the peasants’ accounts for online transfer of cost Zeliang however said the state has not been able to of paddy to be procured from the coming kharif avail the annual developmental funds granted by season. The decision was payment of dues. it was decided to link Conference held in affairs/odisha-government-to-make-aadhar-card- Read more: http://www. Read more: http://www. The decision was announced by the Chief Minister In a meeting at the state secretariat in Bhubaneswar TR Zeliang during the State Level Watershed held on 11 August 2016. decided to make Aadhar Card mandatory for procurement of paddy in the state. the Centre for ULBs. which was a big loss.

before it was placed in the House during the ongoing assembly affairs/irom-sharmila-ends-16yearlong-fast- Read more: 1470811160-1 http://www. the Goods and Services Tax (GST) as the assembly unanimously passed the bill. 44. Moments after ending the fast. so that she may bring some positive Friday. Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal tweeted soon after it was ratified. Sharmila announced that she wants to be the Chief Minister “A historic resolution was passed in the assembly on of states/assam-becomes-first-state-to-ratify-gst- bill/article8980777. Manipur. on 9 August 2016 ended her 16-year-long hunger Assam on Friday became the first state in the strike outside the Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of country to ratify the constitution amendment bill on Medical Sciences in Imphal. morning. has been fed through nasal tube since November 2000. As per her.ece . 2014 Irom Chanu Sharmila. Read more: http://www. Sharmila. the Iron Lady of Manipur.Newsbytes: National Irom Sharmila ends 16-year-long fast Assam becomes first state to ratify The Constitution (122nd Amendment) (GST) Bill. Assam became the first state to ratify the changes in the state.” present in the state. Moreover. she spent most of her The state cabinet approved the bill on Friday time in judicial custody in a hospital in Imphal. democracy is not constitutional amendment bill relating to the GST.thehindu.jagranjosh.

“ Technology .

com/article/finance/public- in geographically-dispersed news/Drones-with-projectors-Thats-what-Google- has-in-mind-for-virtual- meetings/articleshow/53684424.indiatimes.html http://timesofindia. US tech advisors to upgrade their systems to giant Google has been granted a patent by the US enable tracking of goods and analysis of Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for an tax and other cost implications once the "unmanned aerial vehicle for collaboration" called goods and services tax (GST) regime mobile telepresence system. this will soon be possible. sector-banks-should-be-flexible-to-use-of- new-technology-montek-singh-ahluwalia- Read more: 116081400539_1. The objective of a telepresence system is to http://www. comes into present interactive video and audio between users standard.Newsbytes: Technology Public sector banks should be flexible to use of new technology: Montek Singh Drones with projectors? That's what Ahluwalia Google has in mind for virtual meetings Several Indian companies have begun Heard of "virtual meetings?" With a new drone discussions with their IT vendors and tax with a projector.cms .

PricewaterhouseCoopers suggests that more people will rent privately in the UK than own with a Read more: mortgage by the year 2025.nbcnews. But one thing that is also set to change how to use the equipment. Read more: good-match-n629361 http://www. millennials have a reputation to uphold as Households living in private rented being technologically proficient. is where we live. the number of people who rent rather than own is soaring. As the first "native digital" generation. the near- they're actually more likely than your other future could see the way we live change co-workers to just be pretending to know dramatically. http://www. From the youngest person in your office for help — smart meters to the internet of nnials-office-technology-not-such-good-match- n629361 .com/business/consum er/millennials-office-technology-not-such. but in the property have already more than doubled in number workplace.Newsbytes: Technology Millennials and Office Technology? Not Such a Good Match How technology could revolutionize the future of renting Paper jammed in the printer? Fax machine flashing some obscure error code? Don't ask A revolution has been promised for UK homes. they're often stumped by since 2001 and analysis from electronics or equipment.

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html https://techcrunch. flush with cash. Read more: your-small-company-needs-to-expand-through- acquisitions/ . multi-billion-dollar But the software M&A frenzy also highlights how scrap for China's competitive ride-hailing smaller tech companies can turbocharge their market. Cheng Wei.8 billion. is red-hot: Big private- head of a foot massage firm. That deal prompted waves of speculation Investors and Didi staff say Cheng has a about just how Microsoft will leverage LinkedIn’s cool head.all pivotal in taking on and beating d/from-assistant-in-a-foot-massage-firm.businesstoday. Uber in a two-year. Read More: to-taming-uber/story/236106. add-on acquisitions. did 170 software deals company Didi Chuxing bagged Uber's China worth $27.22 billion in the first half of 2016 alone. a keen strategic eye and a lack treasure trove of resume data to bolster its own of ego . Last week. growth by pursuing highly strategic.a second success in $4. 34. business in a deal valuing his ride-hailing Beleaguered Yahoo was scooped up by Verizon for start-up at $35 billion . LinkedIn. was once assistant to the particularly in software.Newsbytes: Startup How to tell if your small company needs to Didi's Cheng Wei: From assistant in expand through acquisitions a foot massage firm to taming Uber The market for mergers and acquisitions. Microsoft announced a blockbuster $26 as many years in a grueling battle with a billion purchase of professional-networking site rival. his equity firms.

it looks like they have now begun looking Embassy Golf Links. India’s largest e-commerce Bengaluru. a technology park in abroad to set up shop. space (ad tech) .in/magazine/corporat https://yourstory. Facebook in the digital advertising technology California. An Indian company was tweeted that Flipkart is now live in the Bay Area. Read more: Read more: . celebrations broke out in were busy hiring big names from the Bay Area the company's then main headquarters at lately. opens office in Palo Alto On September 15. 2011. taking on the might of the likes of Google and with their new office opening in Palo Alto.a David taking on the Goliaths.Newsbytes: Startup How technology could revolutionize the future of renting Flipkart comes closer to Amazon’s backyard. e/inmobi-is-finding-it-difficult-to-raise- alto-office/ funds/story/235887. marketplace Flipkart today opened shop in the There was a palpable sense of excitement among US.businesstoday. Chief Technology Officer Peeyush Ranjan has InMobis rank and file. when Japanese firm SoftBank Group announced a $200-million If Indian high corporates and e-commerce giants investment in InMobi.

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Read More: http://economictimes. in the fund's annual review of the Kasab and his associates. 26/11 suspect held unsustainable in Pakistan The International Monetary Fund on Friday said China needed to slow its unsustainable credit Pakistan's anti-terror court handed over 2008 growth and stop financing weak firms.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest attacks at a SAARC ministerial conference in &utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst ISLAMABAD this against perpetrators of the Mumbai and Pathankot w/53672265. IMF Mission equipment transfers to Mumbai attacker Ajmal Chief for China. Zafar was on the run for the last seven years and was arrested a day after Union home minister Read More: Rajnath Singh demanded the "strongest action" http://economictimes. from central approximately 145 percent of /53680849. but at here on Friday for questioning. country.indiatimes. is accused of facilitating funds and any measure. it is high by Punjab. Mumbai terror attack suspect Sufiyan Zafar to the Federal Investigative Agency for three-day custody "China's corporate debt is still manageable.Newsbytes: International IMF says China's credit growth is On the run for 7 years. Zafar." said James Daniel.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&u tm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst .indiatimes.

Japanese media said. Read More: Read More: http://economictimes. a type commonly found on "The recent decline observed in oil prices and the current patrol ships and not necessary for gas field market volatility is only temporary. Qatar's minister of energy and industry gas exploration platforms in the disputed waters as and current OPEC president said in a statement. could be a sign that China intends to use Saleh al-Sada.Newsbytes: International Japan protests over China's radar unit near disputed waters Oil market on path to 81785.indiatimes. a Japanese foreign ministry spokesman global oil prices. military stations.indiatimes.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=t um=text&utm_campaign=cppst ext&utm_campaign=cppst . continuous talks to stabilize the market.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medi 286. adding that the exporting group was in said on Sunday." Mohammad bin development. Japan fears that the radar. OPEC Japan has filed a protest to Beijing after the discovery monitoring situation -Qatar that China installed radar equipment in a gas Qatar's energy minister said on Monday the oil market is exploration platform close to disputed waters in the on the path to rebalancing despite the recent decline in East China Sea.

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FMCG items to get cheaper.indiatimes. Government is likely to get an estimated Rs 23.Newsbytes: Business GST impact: Cars. 2017. consumer durables. banking and insurance from clean environment cess in FY17 services. FMCG products. likely to fiscal.4 crore. levy on "The estimated amount of clean environment cess to manufactured goods will come down. while be collected by CIL and deposited with the consumers may end up spending more as service government of India for the year 20116-17 based on tax burden would go omy/gst-bill-cars-fmcg-items-to-get-cheaper- Read more: services-dearer-2959467/ http://economictimes. services dearer Luxury 3651980. electronics items and readymade garments will Government may get Rs 23. take effect from April 1.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_ medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst .944 crore become cheaper once GST is rolled out next year." Coal and Power Minister Piyush Read More: Goyal said in a reply to Lok Sabha. http://indianexpress. as GST is a consumption the budgeted estimated production of CIL is Rs based tax. but mobile phones. 23.944.4 crore from clean environment cess in the ongoing Under the new indirect taxes regime. telephone bills as well as air travel will be dearer due to higher tax.944.

As they Read More: dig the earth on the count of three. Read more: http://www. the crowd cheers http://economictimes. consulting and business solutions firm. ow/ on wildly. writes brand name. a leading global IT services.Newsbytes: Business Tata Consultancy Services ranked 58th most valuable US brand Tata Consultancy the Swedish furniture chain is hoping to The Brand Finance study 'Top 500 US Brands' overcome the challenges that have quashed other evaluates the financial value of a company's international companies entering this market.cms?utm_source=contentofinter While the beginning of the building work is a big est&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst accomplishment for the flat-pack furniture specialists. as compared to companies across industries Men and women wearing hard hats and bright yellow shirts are standing in a line. intellectual assets and trademark Shilpa Kannan. in the brand valuation company. southern city of Hyderabad. Due to open by the end of . it's a bigger victory for India. Ikea paves way for first Indian store today announced its ranking as the 58th most valuable US brand in an annual survey by a top Ikea has started work on its first store in India. shovels in hand.

com/article/international/brexit-could-be. In three of the past http://www. Cognizant's been running a superb race.indiatimes. differ over when it should invoke "Article 50". standard. It overtook Wipro in 2011-12.cms .html 2013-14 being the highest Read More: http://timesofindia. which HCL Technologies has similarly narrowed the gap sets the clock ticking on a two-year deadline to leave with services/Cognizant-narrows-gap-with-TCS-HCL- with-Wipro/articleshow/52541807. Cognizant's revenue was 60% of Read more: TCS's. citing sources it said were briefed by ministers. Infosys two years Britain voted to leave the EU on June HCL delayed until at least late 2019 because the government was too "chaotic" to start the two-year with Wipro process early next year. with some senior politicians calling for a quick departure. it had revenue growth of 20-21%. with TCS's 16% in 116081400556_1. In 2011-12. Last fiscal. and now it's steadily catching up with TCS. but views later.Newsbytes: Business Brexit could be delayed to late-2019 as govt not ready: Report Britain's exit from the European Union could be Cognizant narrows gap with TCS. the bloc. it was 75%. None of the other top Indian IT companies hit the delayed-to-late-2019-as-govt-not-ready-report. four years. 20% figure during this period. the Sunday Times reported.

the Ministry of Environment. which falls under the aegis of Morocco and Mexico.thehindubusinessline.moroccoworldnews. the plane manufacturer’s inability “to undertake competitively in Northern Ireland”.com/economy/ag ri-business/geac-pulled-up-again-for-suppressing- Read more: gm-mustard-data/article8988776. most effective use of their “manufacturing footprint and ensure the future success of [their] business Read More: 00/aerospace-giant-bombardier-move-morocco/ . less costly sites is to make ‘excuses’ and being ‘unreasonable’.Newsbytes: Business GEAC pulled up again for suppressing GM mustard data Aerospace Giant Bombardier to Relocate in The Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee Morocco (GEAC) has once again been pulled up for withholding information from the public by the Canadian-owned Bombardier Aerospace has decided Central Information Commission (CIC). The CIC has to move a portion of its operations from Northern further issued a show cause notice against two Ireland to Morocco. Therefore. the move is due to violating Right to Information. on Friday. Forests and Climate According to the Irish newspaper. once again took up the sought to balance its cost by opening sites in case against the GEAC. it has The Commission. the plane maker’s Change and called the committee out for making decision to choose new.ece http://www. public information officers with the Ministry for According to Belfast Telegraph.” http://www.


indiatimes.cms? ory/saina-nehwal-rio-olympcis-2016- badminton/1/740451.Newsbytes: Sports : India at Rio Sania Mirza and Rohan Bopanna lose bronze play-off After bronze in London.5 and 2012 London Games bronze medallist Saina. 21-18. caused a huge upset registering a play-off match. 21-19 win against the World off/articleshow/ Read More : nnis/Rio-Olympics-Sania-Mirza-and-Rohan- Bopanna-lose-bronze-play- http://indiatoday. Read More: http://timesofindia.html . Stepanek 6-1. 7-5 in the bronze medal Ulitina. 24. heartbreak in India's search for a medal at the 2016 Rio Rio for Saina Nehwal Olympics continues following the defeat of the mixed doubles' team of Sania Sania Nehwal was knocked out of Rio Mirza and Rohan Bopanna to the Czech Olympics after a shock defeat at the hands of Republic's Lucie Hradecka and Radek Olympics Debutante Maria Ulitina of Ukraine.

who had become the first advantage to go down 3-1 to Belgium in the Indian woman gymnast to have qualified for the quarterfinals and crashed out of the men’s hockey Read More: 2016/news/261840-dipa-karmakar-narrowly-misses- http://www. great opportunity to create history after a hiatus of 36 years to climb the medal podium.thehindu.066 rio-olympics-gymnastics-bronze dashes-indias-dream-in-hockey-at- rio/article8989564. Read More: http://sports. thus.15 less than the eventual bronze winner Eight-time gold medallist India. a competition.ndtv. mere 0.ece . A lacklustre India squandered a one-goal The 23-year-old Dipa. blew away a Giulia Steingruber (15. scored an average of 15.216) of Switzerland. She finished an agonising fourth but still produced the best-ever Belgium dashes India’s dream performance by an Indian gymnast in Olympics history.Newsbytes: Sports : India at Rio Dipa Karmakar Narrowly Misses Rio Olympics Gymnastics Bronze Dipa Karmakar narrowly missed a medal yet made history in the women's vault final at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

which had only won two silvers and two bronzes since it joined the Olympic fold in /rio-2016-michael-phelps-bows-out-in-fashion- Joseph Schooling became the first Singaporean athlete with-23rd-olympic-gold-in-relay-win- to win a Games gold by defeating Michael Phelps in a7189736.Newsbytes: Sports Michael Phelps Writes Perfect Ending in Final Olympic Race A tearful Michael Phelps signed off his incredible Olympic career with a 23rd gold medal in the 4x100m medley relay in phelps-swimming-rio-2016/ . Read More: First Gold Medal for Singapore in Olympics http://www.html the 100-m butterfly -.independent.cnn. a Southeast Asian island nation of less than six million. beginning in Athens 12 years ago. statistically at least the greatest Olympian in history.and did so in an Olympic record time of 50. Singapore. He departs the scene with a total of 28 Olympic medals culled across four games. Read More: http://edition.39

Newsbytes: Sports Premier league season starts! The English Premier League season started on the 13th of . all from the bench. Read More: http://www. The France international has signed a five-year contract and the 105m Euros fee will potentially increase to £93m through several add-on clauses. Coach Jose Mourinho said the signing of Pogba was key to his plans to revitalise the club and believes the player can join the list of Old Trafford greats. In the opening match. Manchester City defeated Sunderland by 2-1. The 23-year-old left United for Juventus in 2012 having made just seven senior appearances in all competitions for the

ndtv. Riyad Mahrez hut by Mohammad Shami and eventually West Indies replied from the penalty spot at the start of the were bundled out for 108 2016/news/261800-live-cricket-score-india-vs-west- Read More: indies-3rd-test-day-5 http://www. Under caretaker boss Mike Phelan. India have the series in the bag and a win in Trinidad But Robert Snodgrass earned the Tigers victory by Test. with Bravo who scored a half century was sent back into the Diomande awarded the goal. time the defending champions have lost on the opening day of the season since 1989-90. 1 spot in ICC Test Rankings. India started off pretty well bagging two wickets within four runs. will help them climb to hitting a winner in the 57th minute. who are manager less and relegation stroke of lunch. The quicker bowlers were clinical in their planning as the trio of Ishant Sharma. The script became more ugly for the favourites. seal the series 2-0 India wrapped up the second Test match on day 5 by 237 runs to take an unassailable 2-0 lead in the four Leicester's defence of their Premier match Test series. Setting a target of 346 runs in front League title began with a shock defeat of the hosts. West Indies were 53/3 at the Hull city. when Read More: Arsenal lost at Manchester United. Leicester City began their premier league season Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Mohammad Shami caused with a shock loss at the hands of newly promoted the initial damages. second half after Demarai Gray had been fouled. It’s the first No. starting from August Sports India Thrash West Indies by 237 . home team after the lunch as they were left tottering Hull took the lead when Adama Diomande and at 95/8 when the only West Indies batsman Darren Abel Hernandez combined acrobatically. http://sports.

when Jawaharlal Nehru as Congress President gave the call for ‘Poorna Swaraj’ or total independence from British colonial rule. 1950 was chosen as the Republic Day – the day India formally became a sovereign country and was no longer a British news-india/why-was-august-15-chosen-as- independence-day/ . Congress party continued to celebrate it 1930 on wards. January 26 was chosen as the Independence Day. till India attained independence and January 26. Why was August 15 chosen as Independence Day? In 1929. In fact. So how did August 15 become India’s independence day? Read More : http://indianexpress.