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U.S. to help with NSG entry
ISRO successfully test-fires scramjet engine
The U.S. will push for India’s membership of the
The Advanced Technology Vehicle (ATV), a sounding Nuclear Suppliers Group when the issue is taken up
rocket (research rocket) with a solid booster carrying later this year, at the “highest levels”, U.S. Ambassador
advanced scramjet engines, was successfully flight-tested to India Richard Verma has said.
from the launch pad of the Sathish Dhawan Space Centre, In comments exclusively to The Hindu on Sunday,
also known as Sriharikota Range (SHAR), at Sriharikota on ahead of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s arrival in
Sunday. Delhi, which coincides with Defence Minister Manohar
This first experimental mission of Indian Space Research Parrikar’s visit to Washington on Monday, Mr. Verma
Organisation is aimed at the realisation of an Air Breathing said, “We were disappointed in [the NSG decision in
Propulsion System which uses hydrogen as fuel and June 2016], but will continue to work constructively with
oxygen from the atmosphere air as the oxidiser. India and all NSG members on India’s accession in the
The mission had a smooth countdown of 12 hours as the months ahead.”
ATV with scramjet engines weighing 3277 kg lifted off at 6
a.m. Read More
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IIT a no go, but ‘unschooled’ 17–year–old
makes it to MIT
SC admits fresh plea by dance bar owners
Seventeen-year-old Malvika Raj Joshi
The Supreme Court on Tuesday sought a reply
doesn’t have a class X or XII certificate but
from the Maharashtra government to a challenge
has made it to the prestigious
raised by dance bar owners against a new State
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
prohibition law classifying any dance which
(MIT), thanks to her computer programming
‘aroused purient desire in the audience’ as obscene.
The Maharashtra Prohibition of Obscene Dance in
Hers is a story about a mother’s conviction
Hotels, Restaurants and Bar Rooms and Protection
to break stereotypes and the self belief of
of Dignity of Women (working therein) Act, 2016,
the teen.
was passed by the Assembly to circumvent a 2014
The Mumbai girl has been awarded a
Supreme Court judgment which ordered dance bars
scholarship by MIT as she is pursuing her
to be thrown open again and classified dance as a
Bachelor of Science course, as a three–time
medal winner (two silvers and a bronze) at
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the International Olympiad of Informatics.
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com/todays-paper/tp- Minister Sushma Swaraj. they will be US backs India on its demand that Pak replaced with the corporate lingo — “level in the pay should act against terrorists matrix. asking them to terrorists operating from sanctuaries on its soil change service and recruitment rules to reflect with US Secretary of State John Kerry asserting recommendations of the Seventh Central Pay that his country “stands in strong partnership Commission. Terrorism.Newsbytes: National Centre junks ‘grade pay’ for ‘pay matrix’ The phrase “pay band and grade pay”. more specifically that emanating from Read More Pakistan. Come September. who briefed him national/centre-junks-grade-pay-for-pay- extensively on the “continuing problem of cross.” The change comes the Department of Personal and The US on Tuesday “fully” backed India on its Training (DoPT) issued a notification on Tuesday to demand that Pakistan should act against all central government departments. Read More http://indianexpress. with India” against all terrorism. matrix/article9054306.thehindu. figured prominently in marathon talks between Kerry and External Affairs india/us-backs-india-on-its-demand-that-pak- should-act-against-terrorists-3004537/ . coined during the British Raj to determine the salaries of the bureaucrats is history.ece border terrorism that India and the larger region face from Pakistan”.

Newsbytes: National Bezwada Wilson.thehindu.M.” Read More: Read More: http://www. T. culture. Krishna and campaigner for farmers: SC eradication of manual scavenging Bezwada Wilson — were among In a reality check to State six persons who received the acquisition of agricultural prestigious Ramon Magsaysay land under emergency prize for 2016 here on clause for industrial projects Wednesday.ece award/article9057302. of private companies. tm-krishna-receive-magsaysay- sc/article9057356. got the award for “asserting (M)-led West Bengal the inalienable right to a life of government’s acquisition of human dignity” while 40-year-old 997 acres of agricultural land Krishna won it under the for industry captain Tata ‘Emergent Leadership’ category Motors’ Nano (small car) for bringing “social inclusiveness in plant in Singur.M. Krishna receive Magsaysay award Two Indians — Carnatic singer Return land to Singur T. 50.ece . paper/tp-national/bezwada-wilson- singur-farmers. the ays-paper/return-land-to. the national convener Supreme Court on of the Safai Karmachari Andolan Wednesday quashed the CPI (SKA).

it said purportedly shown in a compromising position that India would get more rain than it usually did but as of with a objectionable-cd-116083101494_1. In June. it suggests that the made by Kejriwal himself through a tweet. http://www. http://www. agency’s weather models are still not robust enough to capture changes in global climate that could affect the Read more: Indian monsoon. the country got significantly less — or 8. August . after The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has erred on receiving an 'objectionable' CD in which he was its forecast for monsoon rain in August.5 % less rain — than what’s normal for the month.thehindu. according The decision to remove the 36-year-old minister to the IMD website. was taken at a high-level meeting attended by While this wouldn’t affect water availability for agriculture top AAP leaders and the announcement was and the storage in reservoirs. Read more: sacks-minister-sandeep-kumar-over.html august-forecast-wrong/article9062455. Delhi's Social Welfare IMD gets its August forecast wrong Minister Sandeep Kumar was sacked by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday.Newsbytes: National Arvind Kejriwal sacks Minister Sandeep Kumar over 'objectionable' CD In a sudden standard.

livemint.thehindu. Read more: Read more: http://www.S.html needs/ paper/tp-national/india-has-only- OYUQg2CEP/Mukesh-Ambani-kicks-off-Reliance. low-cost phones and free demands from the Centre. as Mahindra group chairman Anand on Thursday. A. “the new voice”.com/todays- http://www. Mahindra tweeted. half-the-satellites-it- Jio-services-at-company-AGM. looks set to kick off a new phase of turbulence in the Chairman of the Indian Space world’s fastest growing telecom market. one in which Research Organisation. Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd and businesses. said here video will be. waves as Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) chairman Mukesh Ambani used the company’s 42nd annual India’s space capacity of 34 general meeting on Thursday to spell out aggressive working satellites is barely half of plans for the long-delayed and much-awaited Jio 4G what the country needs and is services. Kiran Kumar. States voice calls for a lifetime.Newsbytes: National ‘India has only half the satellites it needs’ ISRO Chairman Kiran Kumar at Reliance Jio sends a message to rivals: It’s war the World Space Biz conference and Bangalore Space Expo on The gloves are off in India’s high-decibel war of the Thursday. severely limited to meet increasing With audacious tariffs.ece .

it is expected.” Read More: http://www. to receive expeditiously — before the Centre can notify it. Odisha became the 16th State to ratify the constitutional Read more: amendment that will pave the way for the roll-out of the http://www. “From the point of view of the constitutional requirements. However.ece half the 29 States.thehindu. who are upset as there was no progress after the internal stakeholders’ meeting held in New Delhi on July 29 and they continued to face trouble while fishing in the Palk Bay.ece .com/todays-paper/tp-national/stage- set-for-gst-to-become-law/ Goods & Services Tax (GST). “We will approach the President for his assent to the constitutional amendment as soon as we receive from the 16 States their legislative resolutions ratifying it. the amendment requires only the President’s assent — which.” Revenue Secretary Hasmukh Adhia told The Hindu . Ratified now by more than launch-indefinite-strike/article9063027.Newsbytes: National Fishermen launch indefinite strike The fishermen in the island. launched an indefinite strike here on Thursday. the more the merrier. and decided to stage a series of agitations pressing Stage set for GST to become law for a charter of demands.thehindu. no more States need ratify the amendment.

com/todays-paper/sc-cant. Read more: decide-on-triple-talaq-muslim.ece stories/justice-chelameswar-opts-out-of- collegium-meeting-116090201342_1. Thakur expressing his inability to take part in the which discriminate against Muslim women. which consists of five senior most judges including the Chief Justice of Read more: India.Newsbytes: National Justice Chelameswar opts out of collegium meeting Justice J Chelameswar. http://www. did not take part in Collegium's meeting on Friday to discuss SC can’t decide on triple talaq: Muslim body various issues including the Memorandum of Procedure(MoP).com/article/pti- body/article9067947. who had written a Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) on Friday dissenting verdict with regard to non-transparency challenged the Supreme Court’s initiative to in the collegium system of appointment. one of the five senior most judges of the Supreme Court. a highly. http://www. Noting that a religion cannot be “reformed” out of its existence or identity. has also judicially examine Islamic personal laws relating reportedly shot off a letter to Chief Justice T S to marriage and divorce. the All India Muslim Justice Chelameswar. such as the triple talaq.html . meeting of the Collegium.placed source

tells-karnataka/article9067548.” Justice Dipak — put up a fish net and keep the birds at Misra heading the Bench observed.ece .” the doctor had asked. The remedy worked and Ms.thehindu. the principle of live and let live has to be doctor's prescription was even stranger applied to this dispute.’ line of questioning seemed bizarre. Some steps have to be taken by “Do you live in close proximity to Karnataka so that the other State [Tamil pigeons.S.thehindu. bay. Supreme Court tells Karnataka Urging Karnataka to embrace the principle of “live and let live”.” Sitakumari. the doctor's everywhere. Read more: http://www. the The pigeon paradox: Feeding them Supreme Court asked the State to could be bad for your lungs consider taking steps to release Cauvery water to distressed Tamil Nadu to help When G. water recurring breathing problem.Newsbytes: National Live and let live. The the answer was in the affirmative. K. but not a drop to drink. Srinivas took his mother. to a pulmonologist for a “Tamil Nadu’s situation is ‘ Read more: paper/live-and-let-live-supreme-court- http://www. Sitakumari recovered completely.ece paper/the-pigeon-paradox-feeding-them- could-be-bad-for-your- lungs/article9070973. the State continue to “exist as an When Nadu] can exist as an entity.

A bountiful monsoon has led some Rehman who was minister from 2008-13 in Asif Ali Zardari's Pakistan analysts to hope for 8% GDP growth Peoples Party government told media that India was helping this tribal region. Incremental reforms across separatists in the province. Labour statistics suggest that new job creation has been decelerating. Yet Modi must Read more: worry about his failure to create the job http://economictimes.cms?utm_ explosion he promised in his election source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst campaign. Read more: http://economictimes. which now account for barely 6% of all jobs.indiatimes. former interior minister Rehman Malik has cleshow/ many areas are improving the country's economic foundations.cms?utm_source=co ntentofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_ campaign=cppst . but not formal sector jobs.Newsbytes: National India trying to make Balochistan another 'East Pakistan': Former Pak minister India has created "an East Pakistan like situation" in Pakistan's restive Swaminomics: Robots likely to southwestern province of Balochistan by helping the separatists active worsen shortage of good jobs in the resource.indiatimes. The workforce is expanding.

promotion-scheme-1472786101-1 Read more: in which he declared "Blessed Teresa of government-notifies-national-apprenticeship- Calcutta to be a saint.Newsbytes: National Mother Teresa declared a saint before huge crowds in the Vatican Union Government notifies National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme Mother Teresa. http://www. a Catholic nun who The Union Government on 1 September 2016 devoted her life to helping India's poor. Pope Francis delivered the formula for the canonization of the Albanian-born The Scheme has an outlay of 10000 crore rupees nun -.before huge crowds of by 2019-20. Read more: Applause broke out before he completed the formula of canonization. pilgrims gathered in St.known as the "saint of the with a target of 50 Lakh apprentices to be trained gutters" e/mother-teresa-canonization/ .cnn. Peter's Square in Vatican City on Sunday morning. canonization Mass held by Pope Francis It is for the first time a scheme has been notified to in the Vatican. notified National Apprenticeship Promotion has been declared a saint in a Scheme. offer financial incentives to employers.

Egypt sign agreement in area of to indigenize procurements and reduce import Maritime Transport egypt-sign-agreement-in-area-of-maritime- transport-1472809630-1 .com/current-affairs/army- design-bureau-formed-to-reduce-dependence-on- Read More: imports-1472804358-1 http://www. At the seminar. would help the two nations to step-up co-operation on the seas not only in terms of maritime Establishment of ADB was announced by Army commerce but also in transit of naval vessels. the Army Chief The agreement was signed after delegation level also launched the ‘Make in India Army Website’ talks between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and that will serve as a one stop platform for visiting President of Egypt Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in information to vendors New Delhi. http://www.Newsbytes: National Army Design Bureau formed to reduce dependence on imports Indian Army on 30 August 2016 announced establishment of the Army Design Bureau (ADB) India. President Sisi is on a three-day visit (1-3 September 2016) to India at an invitation of Read More: President Pranab Mukherjee. industry and the army. The agreement Organization (DRDO).jagranjosh.jagranjosh. Chief General Dalbir Singh at an Army seminar on Make in India. The ADDB will facilitate the weapons and technology building efforts between India and Egypt on 2 September 2016 signed an the Defence Research & Development agreement on Maritime Transport.

The party has fulfilled Marajo island in the Amazon river.Newsbytes: National Majuli declared largest river island in world by Guinness World Records The Guinness World Records has officially Election Commission grants National Party designation Assam’s Majuli as the largest river status to All India Trinamool Congress island in the world. main Brahmaputra and has its presence in north eastern states River on the South and kherkatia Suli. the required conditions to become a national party after getting status of state party in four states. It is situated in the Brahmaputra River. It is surrounded by The TMC is ruling the West Bengal Government Subanisri River in the North.html . Arunachal Pradesh and Tripura. The Election Commission of India (ECI) has granted national party status to All India Trinamool The river island covering an area of around 880 sq Congress (TMC) Party led by West Bengal Chief km has toppled previous record held by Brazil’s Minister Mamata Banerjee. largest-river-island-world-guinness-world-records- congress-09201635509.gktoday. http://currentaffairs.gktoday. of Brahmaputra River in northeast.html split channel grants-national-party-status-india-trinamool. The fluvial riverine island is formed by the Brahmaputra river system. Read More: Read More: http://currentaffairs.

“ International .

thehindu. image and international/trump-vows-swift- reputation. but the move instead An affidavit issued by DCNS’s lawyer Justine triggered a firestorm of criticism.ece Read More: international/dcns-wants-the-australian-to-hand- over-scorpene-documents/article9044155.Newsbytes: International Trump vows swift deportations DCNS wants The Australian to hand over Scorpene documents Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump linked illegal immigration and employment on French submarine manufacturer DCNS. to stop The Australian from publishing White House’s next occupant. “hand over the documents and remove them from claiming that the shooting of basketball star its sensitive and restricted information. “The publication of this highly valuable document causes a direct harm Read More: to DCNS and its customer in terms of spread of http://www. pledging to start deporting offenders as to seek an injunction in the Supreme Court of New soon as he is sworn in should he become the South Wales.ece . is also looking to get a court order to force the paper to Mr.” Dwyane Wade’s cousin will make African- Americans support him.” deportations/article9043856. which is set Saturday.thehindu. Munsie to the newspaper says. more leaked documents on the Scorpenes. Trump all the while courted the black vote.

” On the muslim-customers-because-all-muslims- paper/tp-international/silk-road-train-to-reach. then head to arguing “All Muslims are terrorists”. europe/french-restaurant-refuses-to-serve- Read More:http://www. This August city in Uzbekistan. A man. tells the women: “The terrorists are Muslim and all Muslims are The train left China’s eastern city of Nantong on terrorists. 9 Footage posted online and circulated widely in France appears to show two The first cargo train from China is set to reach Muslim women refused service Afghanistan on September 9. to undertake a 15-day journey to is a secular country and I have a right to Hairatan. it is to traverse the Alataw pass on the Read More: China-Kazakhstan border.html afghanistan-on-sept-9/article9043848.independent.Newsbytes: International French restaurant 'refuses to serve Muslim customers' because 'all Muslims are terrorists‘ A high-end French restaurant has been accused of Islamophobia after allegedly refusing to serve Muslim customers. are-terrorists-a7214581. They recently killed a priest. restaurant’s chef. ‘Silk Road’ train to reach Afghanistan on Sept. efforts to consolidate ties with Kabul as part of the which is listed in the 2016 Michelin One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative along the guide. a town on Afghanistan’s border with an opinion. a http://www. illustrating Beijing’s at Le Cenacle in Tremblay-en-France. who is reportedly the ancient Silk Road. here. I don’t want people like you Uzbekistan.ece .

theguardian. cortege on its way to the airport.Newsbytes: International Uzbekistan holds its breath over future as president Islam Karimov is buried Uzbekistan’s president. men took part in Muslim farewell prayers in front of the Tilla-Kori madrasa. There some 20. which left for Samarkand. Rossiya 24 London Design Biennale will open gates to television reported. there in 20 http://indianexpress. It will be Karimov’s hometown. countries and territories participating. has India Design Forum’s Chakraview at the first been buried in an elaborate ceremony after edition of London Biennale a week of rumours about his ill health. burial-samarkand first-edition-of-london-biennale-3009209/ . Read More: Read More: https://www. The first London Design Biennale will open at An honour guard marched his coffin to the Somerset House in London with over 30 presidential plane. Islam Karimov.000 held from September 7 to 27 this year. Thousands gathered along the “presidential An installation by India Design Forum (IDF) will highway” in the capital of Tashkent at 5am be representing India in the inaugural edition of on Saturday to see off Karimov’s funeral the London Design Biennale. p/03/islam-karimov-uzbekistan-president- culture/india-design-forums-chakraview-at-the. The body was carried exhibit different installations curated by the through the crowd before being taken to the leading museums and design organisations in Shah-i-Zinda mausoleum for the first burial the world.

legal options to stop his In this situation it's just not going to Jamaat’s students wing Islami Chatra happen.S. Tuesday. during the country’s Liberation War in but their chances of doing so are being eroded by approaching 1971." said Peter van Ham. the founding president of "Everything is adding to opposition rejected a review appeal filed by within Germany and growing scepticism among Americans.Newsbytes: International Jamaat tycoon’s death sentence EU-U. Jamaat-e-Islami business tycoon Mir Washington and Brussels are officially committed to sealing Quasem Ali. Read More: Read More: http://www.ece . elections on both sides of the Atlantic and Britain's vote in After the apex court’s verdict on June to leave the European Union. senior research fellow at Dutch Sangha. President Barack Obama leaves office in January. http://economictimes.thehindu. long live transatlantic trade". paign=cppst upheld/article9052232. which later renamed itself as think tank Clingendael and author of a paper on Tuesday Islami Chatra Shibir. has exhausted all called "TTIP is dead. s?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_cam paper/tp-international/jamaat-tycoons. who’s facing death for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) “crimes against humanity” committed before U. trade deal in doubt as France urges end to talks upheld France cast serious doubt on Tuesday on the prospects of an The Bangladesh Supreme Court has EU free trade deal with the United States.

com/2016/09/01/world/americ international/indias-silence-on-maldives-is. and President Mohamed Nasheed’s Maldivian removed her from office for the rest of her term. Democratic Party (MDP).ece president. Nasheed secretly flew to Sri Lanka to hold The Senate voted 61 to 20 to convict Ms. Read More: Read More: http://www.thehindu. a spokesperson of former Rousseff. parties.html?_r=0 . http://www.nytimes. consumed the nation for months and toppled one of the hemisphere’s most powerful political His comments come weeks after Mr. Hamid Abdul The Senate on Wednesday impeached Dilma Ghafoor.Newsbytes: International ‘India’s silence on Maldives is troubling’ Dilma Rousseff Is Ousted as Brazil’s President in Impeachment Vote India’s silence on the recent developments in the Maldives is troubling. told The the capstone of a power struggle that has Hindu on Wednesday. as/brazil-dilma-rousseff-impeached-removed- troubling/article9057341. Brazil’s first female president. mounting economic problems. discussions with other dissidents to Rousseff on charges of manipulating the federal possibly unseat President Abdullah budget in an effort to conceal the nation’s

The burkini—a portmanteau of burqa and bikini— has become a lightning rod for anxieties over Read More: identity and France’s secular republican model in http://www.Newsbytes: International Launchpad Explosion Destroys SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket. typically precede each SpaceX launch. 1) France’s highest administrative court on Friday during a typically routine test. as SpaceX was preparing to launch the charged national debate over Muslim clothing and Amos-6 communications satellite for the Israeli French identity.html Read More: http://www. Sept. suspended a local ban on wearing head-to-foot The explosion occurred at 9:07 instituting a burkini ban in Villeneuve-Loubet. Satellite in Florida A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and its commercial French Court Suspends Beach Burkini Ban satellite payload were destroyed by an explosion at their launch pad in Florida early Thursday (Sept. setting a precedent in a highly GMT).com/33929-spacex-falcon-9- the wake of terror attacks. 3. Such tests. a At the time. after an appeal from rights groups. SpaceX was conducting a static-fire small town on the French Riviera between Nice engine test on the Falcon 9. which and Cannes. EDT (1307 burkini swimsuits. administrative-court-suspends-a-local-burkini-ban- 1472218714 . involve firing Judges ruled that the mayor’s order violated the Falcon 9 rocket's first-stage engines while the fundamental freedoms.m. booster remains secured to the launch pad.wsj. company Spacecom from a pad at the Cape The Conseil d’Etat suspended a municipal order Canaveral Air Force Station on Saturday.

the mega. strongman rule is a throwback to the brutal which bears a strong imprint of the Eurasian Land dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos. Duterte seems (TSI). a political hot spot under the rule of what global tank. says the co-founder of a top think. says the World Land Bridge is the natural determined to carry out his pledge to kill 100.000 sequel to the Eurasian Land Bridge. the country has suddenly become Silk Road. even if there has been little of the Bridge that will link North America with the New trickle-down effect. Hopes In an exclusive interview with The Hindu . World Land Bridge? It may be unfair. to suggest that Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte’s China’s Belt and Road connectivity initiative.thehindu.Newsbytes: International The terror in the Philippines After Silk Road. But the fact is that Corridor—a blueprint conceived by The Schiller after a period of sustained and often spectacular Institute—should be followed by a World Land economic growth. criminals to bring security to the terror-in-the-philippines/article9067531. http://www. brusque-mannered maverick to moderate his populist LaRouche. including its lost Read More: cultural and civilizational attributes. investors describe as a wild card international/after-silk-road-world-land- bridge/article9067535. connectivity initiative to revive the ancient Silk Road in all its dimensions.thehindu.ece . the co-founder of The Schiller Institute rhetoric have been belied as Mr.ece Read More: http://www. or at least much too premature. Helga Zepp. ahead that his landslide win in May would influence the of the G-20 summit in Hangzhou.

com/news/world-latin-america.reuters. summit in the city of dubbed the "Takeover of the Group of 20 biggest economies. marking a referendum that could shorten his stay in power. They blame him for Venezuela's economic crisis China and the United States ratified the Paris agreement and accuse the electoral commission of delaying a to cut climate-warming emissions on Saturday. staging their largest rally for G20 two years. major step toward the enactment of the pact as early as Mr Maduro's supporters also rallied in large the end of the year and setting the stage for other numbers. arrived for a Caracas". but the government disputed the figures. setting stage for Opposition supporters. China ratify Paris climate deal. Venezuela and how much it wants change.Newsbytes: International Venezuela protests: Large anti-Maduro march held in Caracas U. called for Mr Maduro's removal. or G20. Read More: Read More: http://www. The world's two biggest emitters of greenhouse gases The opposition said close to a million people turned made the landmark announcement as heads of state from out for their march. parts of which resembled "We have shown to the world the importance of a ghost town as Chinese security locked down the area." said opposition politician Jesus Torrealba.. idUSKCN1190I7 37243191 .com/article/us-g20-china- http://www. He accuses the opposition of trying to stage a coup. countries to follow suit.

“ Business .

a as easy as sending text messages. coupled with a similar survey last week efficiency in the system and help India become a that found Indian factory growth expanded at a brisk truly cashless economy pace in idINKCN11B0DN?type=economicNews \ . UPI allows seamless peer-to- peer transactions.Newsbytes: Business UPI: Moving towards a cashless future Indian services growth at 3-1/2 year high in Aug With the launch of the unified payment interface on strong demand (UPI) by the National Payments Corporation of India last week.html Rea More: http://in. India has passed a significant Growth in India's services industry accelerated to its milestone.livemint. paint a brighter outlook for Asia's .reuters. This will bring enormous The findings. UPI has made digital transaction for individuals but companies had a tough time raising prices. In addition to private survey showed on Monday. driven by a surge in domestic and foreign demand. third-largest economy after official data showed Read More: overall economic growth slowed sharply in the April. http://www. peer-to-merchant. 0HGEJM/UPI-Moving-towards-a-cashless- June quarter. fastest pace in more than 3-1/2 years in August.

livemint.html . Sales at the local arm of the Japanese car maker rose 12. show monthly sales data released by companies on 1 September. Cumulatively.931 units Read More: http://www.352 units a year ago. attractive schemes and larger dispatches ahead of the festive season.2% to 119.Newsbytes: Business Auto sales jump in August ahead of festive season Auto sales expanded at a brisk pace for most firms in August on the back of new models. Maruti Suzuki India Ltd led the pack. as compared to 216.007 units. sales at India’s top passenger-vehicle makers advanced 15% in August to 253. riding high on its Vitara Brezza and Baleno vigrRP/Auto-sales-jump-in-August-ahead-of-festive- season.

along with former senior India moved a step closer on Thursday towards executives of GE Capital Pramod Bhasin and becoming a single customs union after a constitutional Anil Read More: wqVTBEYAqHsJ/AION-partners-close- http://in. Ltd. and leasing business of GE Capital in India. The AION Fund with approximately subsume a slew of central and state levies. acquisition-of-GE-Capital-Indias-NBFC. AION is an India-focused fund established by an affiliate of Apollo Global Management. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed. $825 million in committed capital is currently one transforming the country into one of the world's largest of the largest private equity funds in India.Newsbytes: Business AION. Read More: http://www. The amendment for a uniform goods and services tax (GST) was passed by parliament last It will Co. an India-focused special situation fund. partners close acquisition of GE Capital India’s NBFC unit With backing from states.reuters.html idINKCN11751H?type=economicNews . single markets and bumping up economic growth. LLC The GST is the most significant revamp of the tax together with ICICI Venture Funds Management system since India's independence in 1947. India moves closer to single customs union AION Capital Partners Ltd. announced on Thursday that it has amendment secured the approval of half of its state closed the acquisition of the commercial lending legislatures.livemint.

The total clean up their balance sheets that investment in government debt has reached Rs.954 crore till collectively hold Rs.livemint. The debt auction quota gives overseas investors the stressed-asset sales so that they quickly right to invest in the debt up to the limit purchased.Newsbytes: Business RBI allows banks to sell stressed assets to NBFCs.6. guidelines issued on Thursday.7.046 crore. in hours to 1730 hours after the close of market on-sale-of-stressed-assets-by-banks.44 performing assets (NPAs). asked At the end of the two-hour auction. the exchange had decided to conduct an auction for the allocation of unutilised debt limits to the tune of Read More: Rs.7.12 billion) from foreign investors as move the banking regulator said will against Rs. Consequently.7.3 trillion in non- Friday.1. other lenders Banks can now sell their stressed assets Govt bonds receive bids worth $1.livemint. a staggering Rs. all the 27 bids were declared local banks to frame clear policies for successful.11% of total permitted limit of Rs. Read More: 1epJoxIljoRIjIGN/RBI-releases-guidelines- http://www. speed up the resolution of bank bad loans.046 crore on offer in an online auction. non-banking financial investors companies and financial institutions in Government debt securities on Tuesday attracted bids worth a addition to distressed-asset buyers.12 billion from foreign to other lenders.494 crore ($1.html . which was 95. The auction was conducted on NSE’s ‘e-bid’ platform from 1530 The Reserve Bank of India (RBI).36. trillion.1.html -bonds-receive-bids-worth-112-billion-from-foreign-inv.

One big reason is the Through-the-Looking.Newsbytes: Business Abu Dhabi’s sovereign fund merger to create $135 bn empire from pipelines to spaceships Abu http://www.livemint. have assets of about $135 billion and debt of about $42 billion. It would “quantitative easing” and negative interest create a global energy business that pumps more oil than Opec rates proliferating. the biggest Glass world of the global financial markets. plans to merge two of its largest sovereign investment funds to form an Is the Indian equities market asset pool more than twice the size of Russia’s Reserve Fund overvalued? and with stakes ranging from pipelines and chemicals to microchips and music.html pip. while we eagerly await member Libya and with more assets than ConocoPhillips. Abu-Dhabis-sovereign-fund-merger-to-135-bn-empire-from- market-overvalued. while Cassandras predicting it will all end in Mubadala’s more eclectic holdings include energy production to CPPmH4Qvv8l4N/Is-the-Indian-equities. Scarcely a day passes without The combination of International Petroleum Investment Co. The merger is part of a strategy by Abu Dhabi. Read More: Read More: http://www. to cut costs and what with strange fauna such as consolidate holdings after the drop in crude prices. There is no shortage of has focused on energy refining and distribution. aircraft parts. sheikhdom in the United Arab Emirates.html . Market rallies have seldom been so unloved. some market analyst sounding the alarm (IPIC) and Mubadala Development Company PJSC would that equities are now above “fair value”.livemint. IPIC “helicopter money”. home to 6% of the world’s oil reserves.

Bank of Baroda (BoB) and Punjab discounting to protect brand value. Ltd (UTI AMC) is likely to sell strategy rethink. shares worth around Rs.Newsbytes: Business E-commerce discounts unsettle Aditya Birla Fashion’s premium brands Price discounts on online platforms and frequent sales drives are unsettling Aditya UTI AMC may put Rs 2. has not been cleared by its board. which has premium brands.livemint.html .000 crore stake on sale Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd’s (AB Fashion) premium brands business and driving a UTI Asset Management Co.000 crore through an initial public offering and a subsequent offer for sale by March. Sales at Madura Fashion and Lifestyle. As the company refrained from deep Corporation of India (LIC). fell 3% in April- The share sale will allow UTI AMC’s four state-run June.html Read More: ocv1f9tSan7kTO/Ecommerce-discounts- http://www. two UTI throughput volumes fell. Read More: unsettle-Aditya-Birla-Fashions- UTI-AMC-may-put-Rs2000-crore-stake-on-sale. National Bank (PNB)—to partially sell their stakes. the second consecutive quarterly sponsors—State Bank of India (SBI). Life Insurance drop.livemint. impacting the unit’s AMC officials said on condition of anonymity as the decision operating profit.2.


is trying to address how an autonomous car GOLD from gadgets would communicate with other drivers and pedestrians. Your old phone may be more valuable than you Now a start-up called Drive. like understanding local driving customs and handing controls back to a human in an emergency. coins or even gold teeth. The company is emphasising what is known in the artificial When it comes to salvaging Technology Driverless cars with something to say There are plenty of unanswered questions about how self- driving cars would function in the real 3766694/The-simple-method-remove-GOLD- phone-New-technique-recover-300-tonnes-metal- Read More Until recently. national/driverless-cars-with-something-to- Now a new technique using a simple chemical has say/article9057300. think: Scientists find a new way to recover California. methods for extracting the precious http://www.html . to confusing road situations. based in Mountain View.dailymail.ece been designed which could help the development of methods for large-scale recovery of gold. you might think intelligence field as “human-machine interaction” as a key of metal have been inefficient and dangerous. But vast quantities of gold are recovered every year from a different source – mobile phones.thehindu. Read More http://www.

harebrained idea. it means “world. create a pretty video Granted. the product has just hit Kickstarter rich quick scheme: you dream up a with an estimated delivery date of Read More: https://techcrunch. In this video. campaign is a lot more complicated than that.” There’s probably WTF is … crowdfunding? something to be read into that. and it’s still called WELT In Berlin. Looking at some campaigns. sort of ready for days. but it’s well on its way to meeting its goal a successful Kickstarter or Indiegogo with more than a month left to go. https://techcrunch. Along with its appearance on the seems like it could be the ultimate get show is-crowdfunding/ . we take a closer look Read More: at some of the common pitfalls. it prime-time. jaguar by its tail without hitting half a The gadget made its debut back in CES in dozen crowdfunding campaigns these January and now it’s kind of. Make it rain. I’m coming up short. but I’ve been here covering IFA for several days now and You can’t swing a lightly inebriated quite frankly.NEWSBytes: Technology Samsung’s smart belt is now on Kickstarter. Except running SGNL. it’s not the runaway success of the and BOOM.

com/cms/s/0/a7203ec2-6ea4- 11e6-9ac1-1055824ca907.html .NEWSBytes: Technology Govt unveils Japanese Neosonic technology for greener. None of his predecessors had made The mechanism uses 'Neosonic' technology that this journey in the past 20 Valley.ft. But his its original volume. cleaner India US defence: Losing its edge in technology? The Narendra Modi government has shown interest In May.intoday. Ashton Carter made his fourth trip to in an eco-friendly mechanism to turn organic waste Silicon Valley to talk about innovation since into ashes that may be used as fertilizers for becoming US defence secretary 15 months agricultural use under the Swachh Bharat Mission. Mr Carter seems reduce organic materials to three hundredth part of comfortable among the technology elite. thus A Rhodes scholar with a doctorate in causing zero-pollution. and uses magnetic action to theoretical physics. a divide that worsened in the wake of japanese-neosonic-technology-for-greener-cleaner- Edward Snowden’s 2013 revelations about india/1/756891. does not require any fuel or electricity to run. Read More: http://www. frequent visits are also a reflection of his concern about a growing disconnection Read More: between the defence establishment and Silicon http://indiatoday. earlier.html government surveillance and that persists today.

While security context are. has opened new opportunities for global fintech I’m sure he’s a very nice man. in pursuit of consumer trust. to put it not-home-security/ .com/2016/09/03/eus-new. has a lot As you may have guessed from its title. but the assertions operators looking for universal standards to tap made about being able to rely on IoT in a home into the lucrative 28-country marketplace. As someone whose job it is to constantly think about IT security. the fintech troubling. without hesitation. I Read More: must disagree with the article completely and https://techcrunch. the article to gain from a clearly defined regulatory posits that IoT devices are ready to take on certain framework. industry. regulatory-environment-might-help-fintech- flourish/ Read More: https://techcrunch.NEWSBytes: Technology IoT’s killer app is not home security The EU’s new regulatory environment might I was linked to Revel Systems CTO Chris Ciabarra’s help fintech flourish recent TechCrunch piece “IoT’s Killer App is Home Security” by a friend and found myself a bit taken The EU’s efforts to regulate financial markets aback by what I was reading. major responsibilities in your home. misguided and over-regulation can stifle growth.


“businesses of the future”.com/2016/09/reliance-jio- startups/ . who was addressing the Start Speaking at Reliance Industries’ 42nd annual Up Master Class event in the city. Read More: He added the telecom unit plans to partner http://indianexpress.000 crore start ups to partner with the government venture capital fund to help young in developing smart solutions for many entrepreneurs in the country build their of the flagship schemes that has been business. unrolled. NEWSBytes: Startups Partner with govt. find smart solutions: Ravi Shankar Prasad to Startups Reliance Jio sets aside Rs 5. on general thousands of Indian entrepreneurs whose /business-others/partner-with-govt-find- digital ventures can bloom in the grounds that smart-solutions-ravi-shankar-prasad-to- Jio is preparing startups-3012221/ https://yourstory.000 crore venture capital fund for startups Union Minister for Electronics and IT Ravi Shankar Prasad on Saturday asked Reliance Jio has set aside a Rs 5. chairman Mukesh Ambani Saturday also asked start ups to work said Reliance Jio’s aim is to build a platform towards creation of smart villages in line for young Indians who want to create with the Smart Cities project. Prasad.

Intelligence. 28 M&A deals done in eight months this year Over a dozen buyouts of young startups have been sealed in the past four months — roughly double the number of deals Why start-ups shy away from public listing struck last year — pointing to a wave of consolidation among new-age companies Despite efforts made by market regulator Securities and in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. according to Venture going the IPO route. harm their privacy and create scope for the idea being emulated by others.indiatimes.cms?utm_source=conte ntofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_cam Read More: paign=cppst http://www. eshow/53953673. co- http://economictimes. Fear of There were 28 M&A deals in the first eight making founder of LendingKart. therefore. As unique ideas two rounds of funding are opting to are the key differentiating factors for start-ups. Exchange Board of India (SEBI) to enable start-ups to list on the bourses. NEWSBytes: Startups Startup ecosystem sees a consolidation wave. “Besides compliance protocol. not many are ready to go public. have a Read more: negative impact on their business. availability of cheap funds elsewhere months this year vis-a-vis 32 in the whole and rules governing listing are putting off start-ups from of last year. this could acquire their weaker peers.thehindubusinessline. business model and strategy in the Many startups that have barely managed public domain which anyone can access.ece .” said Mukul Sachan. start-ups will have to keep their commercial startups-shy-away-from-public-listing/article9056341. Listing could.


5 billion deal on Tuesday. era. Liberty Media will transfer the first of two tranches of The win moved the 34-year-old American past payment in the $8. another 8. number 307 .3 Read more: percent of Formula One and his Bambino Trust has http://indianexpress. Open last 16 Bernie Ecclestone told German trade magazine on Saturday by crushing Sweden's Johanna auto motor und sport on the side lines of the Italian Larsson 6-2 6-1 to collect grand slam victory Grand Prix at Monza on Saturday. according to Ecclestone.9 liberty-media-idUSL8N1BF0ET .S. Martina Navratilova and level with Roger Formula One's biggest shareholders are private Federer for most grand slam victories by a man equity firm CVC Capital Partners [ Sports Formula One sale to Liberty Media to go ahead Serena reaches U.the most by a woman in the Open The magazine said. open-2016-serena-williams-reaches-last-16- with-record-win-3012331/ Read more: http://www.5 % stake and U. another milestone for Serena ahead next week. Open last 16 with next week milestone win A sale of Formula One to Liberty Media is to go Another win. fund manager Waddell & Reed with 20. the sport's commercial supremo Williams who rolled into the U. 35.S. Ecclestone holds 5.reuters.UL] with a or woman.

Yogeshwar.indiatimes. flowrestling. Kumar as another silver medalist from the 2012 Olympics. the four-time Puerto Rico 4-1 in an international friendly world champion and two-time Olympic medalist match at the Andheri Sports Complex here Kudukhov. Jeje Lalpekhlua (34) and Jackichand result.Newsbytes: Sports Yogeshwar Dutt gets Medal upgrade Sunil Chhetri inspires India to 4-1 win over Puerto Rico in international friendly Indian wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt's bronze medal from the London Olympics has been upgraded to silver. with a dominating performance to thrash As per Russian agency. who had bagged a bronze medal in Singh (58) helped the hosts earn a much men's 60kg freestyle category in London Games. who had died in a car crash in 2013 in on Saturday.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_mediu m=text&utm_campaign=cppst . the The Indian national football team came up grappler confirmed via a tweet on report/1/756299. has been found positive for dope test Narayan Das (18th minute).intoday. has deserving win. Emmanuel Sanchez scored moved up from bronze to silver and joined Sushil the only goal for the Read more: puerto-rico-international-football-friendly- http://economictimes. Read More: http://indiatoday.html 4664. Sunil Chhetri conducted by the World Anti-Doping Agency. southern Russia. As a (26).

news18.thehindu. Karmakar.ece named-as-german-football-teams-new-captain- 1288219. including Olympic silver captain of Germany following the retirement of Bastian medalist Fifteen sportspersons were honoured Neuer who made his Germany debut in 2009. gymnast Dipa Schweinsteiger. khel-ratna-award/article9045466. earning him the Golden Glove award and a place in the World Cup Dream-team. Sindhu. has won 71 with the Arjuna Award and three with caps.html . shooter Jitu Rai and Joachim Loew announced the decision to the rest of his Olympic bronze medalist Sakshi Malik squad on Thursday. Read More: http://www. the day after Schweinsteiger received the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna emotionally bought the curtain down on his international Award from President Pranab career with his 121st and final cap in the 2-0 win over Mukherjee in New Delhi on Monday.V.Newsbytes: Sports Manuel Neuer confirmed as new Germany captain President presents Rajiv Gandhi following Bastian Schweinsteiger's retirement Khel Ratna Award to four athletes Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer has been named Four athletes. playing a key role in the side that captured the World the Dhyan Chand Award Cup in sports/sports-award-function-in-new- Read more: delhi-four-athletes-get-rajiv-gandhi- http://www. Finland.

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