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Union Government to redraw Red
India’s first Green Rail Corridor
The Union Government is planning to redraw
launched in Tamil Nadu Red Corridor by reducing the number of
Maoist (LWE: Left wing extremism) affected
India’s first Green Rail Corridor was
districts by about a fifth.
inaugurated on the 114-km long
Rameswaram - Manamadurai stretch in In this regard, approximately 20 of the 106
Tamil Nadu. It was inaugurated by Union districts which have been described as being
Railways Minister Mr. Suresh Prabhu Maoist-affected and are part of the Red
through video-conferencing from Chennai, Corridor may be removed from the list.
Tamil Nadu.
Consequences: Once these districts are
Key Fact The Green Rail Corridor ensures taken off the list of Red Corridor, the financial
zero toilet discharge on rail tracks as part aid made available to these districts annually
of its commitment to clean environment for various developmental works will dry up
under the ‘Swachh Rail-Swachh Bharat’

Budha Rashmi Mani is retired as Additional Director With this India became the first country to make General (ADG) of the ASI in 2015. He will Fund for victims of sexual exploitation have tenure of 3 years or till attainment of age 70 India has contributed USD 100.000 to the United About Budha Rashmi Mani Nations’ Trust Fund in support of victims of sexual exploitation and abuse by peacekeepers.gktoday. Budha Rashmi Mani was appointed as Director General (DG) of National Museum. With this contribution. He is BHU a contribution to the fund and to start UN fund for (Banaras Hindu University) alumnus and holds PhD sex abuse strong commitment to victim-centred approach 2016/india-national-current-affairs/page/6 in addressing sexual exploitation and abuse by UN civilian and uniformed personnel. http://currentaffairs. He was appointed by the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet (ACC) India makes first contribution to UN Trust presided by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. he led excavations in Haryana. During his 30 archaeological career. on the Kushanas.Newsbytes: National Budha Rashmi Mani appointed as Director General of National Museum Former Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) official Dr. India has illustrated its http://currentaffairs. Delhi.gktoday. Uttar Key Facts Pradesh and Jammu and affairs-2016/india-national-current-affairs/page/6 .

Technology (Amendment) (Jammu and Kashmir affairs-2016/india-national-current-affairs/page/5 http://currentaffairs. Bihar.gktoday. six new IITs as institutions of national The two day (25-26 July 2016) dialogue importance.gktoday. 1961 to add attended the meeting. 2016 The BRICS Policy Planning Dialogue was The Lok Sabha has passed Institutes of successfully concluded in Patna. between the BRICS countries. provided a common platform to BRICS countries for sharing of best practices in Key Features of Bill foreign policy planning and assessment Addition of six new IITs in Palakkad (Kerala). opening six new IITs. The Bill seeks to amend Russia.Newsbytes: National BRICS policy planning dialogue Lok Sabha passes Institutes of Technology concludes in Patna (Amendment) Bill. Tirupati (Andhra Pradesh). Dharwar (Karnataka). Bhilai (Chhattisgarh) and Jammu http://currentaffairs. 2016 or Delegates of BRICS countries – Brazil. India. affairs-2016/india-national-current-affairs/page/5 . China and South Africa had the Institutes of Technology Act.

8 million central government employees and 5. With this issuance. It was issued as per the Cabinet approval in June 2016. Besides. Union Government has given CBSE chief Rajesh Kumar Chaturvedi an additional charge of Chief of the implementation cell of the Seventh Central Pay affairs-2016/india-national-current-affairs/page/5 .2 million pensioners will get the increased payout from their August 2016 salaries.Newsbytes: National Union Government issues notification for implementation of 7th Pay Commission The Union Government has issued notification for the implementation of 7th Pay Commission. 4. http://currentaffairs.gktoday.

in/category/current- affairs-2016/india-national-current-affairs/page/4 . Japan and the US.gktoday. highly enriched 1. It was the result of the most of J&K would be imparted with training in various comprehensive gas hydrate field venture in job-intensive vocational courses over the next the world to date that comprised of scientists three years.600 crore rupees for Jammu and Kashmir accumulations of natural gas hydrate (an icy (J&K) under skill development initiative ‘Himayat’ form of the fuel) in Indian Ocean.Newsbytes: National India-US joint expedition discovers Union Government approves Rs 1.601 crore natural gas in Indian Ocean for Himayat programme in J&K Joint expeditions by India and the United The Union Government has approved nearly States have discovered large. Youths enrolled for this scheme will be given http://currentaffairs. training for six-months. They will be trained in and outside the state. nine-months and one affairs-2016/india-national-current-affairs/page/3 year job-oriented courses.gktoday. A provision has been also kept for foreign placements as well http://currentaffairs. youths from both rural and urban areas Bay of Bengal. from India. The discovery was made by the Union Oil Ministry and the US Geological Survey in the Under it.

ICU Speciality & Super Speciality beds and AYUSH beds. capacity of 750 beds which will include Key Facts Emergency favourable conditions (climate) for investors of the other country to make investments in its territory http://currentaffairs. Punjab Cambodia to boost trade and business. Meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi The medical institution will have a hospital with in New Delhi. Decision in under the Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha this regard was taken during the Union Cabinet Yojana (PMSSY).in/category/current-affairs- 2016/india-national-current-affairs/page / 3 .Newsbytes: National Union Cabinet approves Bilateral Union Cabinet approves setting up of new Investment Treaty between India and Cambodia AIIMS in Bhatinda The Union Cabinet has approved Bilateral The Union Cabinet has approved the Investment Treaty (BIT) between India and establishment of a new AIIMS at Bhatind. provide super specialty health care to the population while creating a large pool of doctors It also seeks to encourage each country to create and other health workers in this region.gktoday.gktoday. The Treaty seeks to promote and protect investments in either country with the objective of Key Facts•The new AIIMS at Bhatinda will increasing bilateral investment flows. and also to admit investments in accordance with its 2016/india-national-current-affairs/page/3 laws http://currentaffairs. Private Beds.

in/category/current- as proposed in the Constitutional Bill. made by states. insurance company and commodity derivative exchange.gktoday.Newsbytes: National Union Cabinet increases limit for foreign investment in Stock Exchanges from 5% to 15% The Union Cabinet has given its approval for raising foreign shareholding limit from current Union Cabinet approves key changes to GST 5% to 15% in Indian Stock Exchanges. • Removal of 1% additional tax on inter-state sales http://currentaffairs. in the stock exchanges. approval for foreign portfolio investors to acquire shares through initial allotment. http://currentaffairs. the Union Cabinet also gave its on GST with Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. banking company. Constitutional Amendment Bill The decision brings the investment limit of foreign entities at par with that of domestic The Union Cabinet has approved amendments to institutions.gktoday. This decision follows a crucial meeting of the Empowered Committee of State Finance Ministers Additionally. the GST (goods & services tax) constitutional amendment Bill in order to incorporate suggestions This enhanced limit is for a stock exchange. depository. affairs-2016/india-national-current-affairs/page/2 Removal of 1% additional manufacturing levy tax by manufacturing States from the Bill. Cabinet has approved besides secondary 2016/india-national-current-affairs/page/2 .

2015 to maritime surveillance and anti-submarine curb domestic black money. warfare aircraft. 2016/india-national-current-affairs/page/2 . 1988 in terms of legal and administrative direct deal with Boeing’s Indian subsidiary in procedure. transactions to widen the scope for legal action (ii) Specify penalties for entering into benami http://currentaffairs. 2015 India has signed a defence deal with United States worth over $1 billion to purchase four The Lok Sabha has passed comprehensive Benami additional Poseidon-8I (P8I) long-range Transactions (Prohibition) Amendment Bill. The acquisition of additional four P-8I aircraft Key Features of Bill will give the Indian Navy much-needed punch The Bill seeks to (i) Amend the definition of benami to build up its naval surveillance capabilities. The comprehensive amendment bill seeks to amend This deal is a follow-up order to the eight P-81 and strengthen Benami Transaction (Prohibition) aircrafts that are already bought by India in a Act.Newsbytes: National India-US ink $1 billion deal to buy four Poseidon-8I aircraft Lok Sabha passes Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Amendment Bill. transactions and (iii) establish adjudicating authorities and Appellate Tribunal to deal with affairs-2016/india-national-current-affairs benami transactions.

2005. submit its report within two months. It will Information Act (RTI). The Section Small Arms. http://currentaffairs. Rajeev Krishna. Delhi).in/category/current-affairs- 2016/india-national-current-affairs . Ordnance factory Board) and 24 of the RTI exempts security and intelligence Naresh Bhatnagar (Professor at IIT.Newsbytes: National MHA sets up TVSN Prasad Committee to explore possible alternatives to pellet guns in Kashmir The Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has Strategic Forces Command exempted setup a seven-member expert committee for from ambit of RTI exploring the other possible alternatives to pellet guns as non-lethal weapons. Other members of the committee: Atul In this regard. Union Government has issued a Karwal (IG. Tushar Tripathy (DDG. (IG notification mentioning SFC has been brought under Operations. BSF). The Strategic Forces Command (SFC) which forms part of the National Command Authority (NCA) has The Committee will be headed by T V S N been added to the Second Schedule of the Right to Prasad. sub-section (2) of Section 24 of the RTI. CRPF).gktoday. establishments from its purview.gktoday. the only exception these organisations have is for information on allegations of corruption and human rights violations http://currentaffairs. Joint Secretary in the MHA. Section 24 and Second Schedule of RTI affairs-2016/india-national-current-affairs/page/4 Section 24 of the RTI Act 2005: It says that this law is not applicable to the intelligence and security organisations specified in the Second Schedule.


It’s showing the door to and east sections. http://www.indiatimes. producing candy in 1929 and began Zomato. others had aid off staff.html performers based on periodic assessments. Snapdeal.cms? .com/tech/tech-news/Layoffs- continue-at-startups-as-Flipkart-shows-door-to- 700/articleshow/53459782. TinyOwl and a host of manufacturing biscuits 10 years news/mell-was-so-good-we-would-sneak-in-and- steal-biscuits/story- Companies say they are letting go of their poorest Zf0XufmW43Gc6gP3jawIP. Grofers.old facility made biscuits. Housing. http://timesofindia.Employees say the layoffs have more to do with the fund crunch at startups than performance. but as production shifted to other units across the country.Newsbytes: Business The cookie crumbles: Mumbai’s iconic Parle G factory shuts shop after 87 years The 87-year.Some allege companies are adopting unprofessional ways of getting people to leave so that they don’t have to compensate those being laid off. Previously. the factory began around 700 employees.Flipkart’s the latest. Located Pink slips are flying thick and fast at startups and under a bridge at VS Khandekar Marg that internet-based companies across the divides Vile Parle into its west country. cakes and candy bars. the Layoffs continue at startups as Flipkart shows Vile Parle site has seen a drop in production door to 700 capacity over the pastfew years.hindustantimes.

Newsbytes: Business With Congress on board.html .may-be. partnerships since life insurance policy sale by Services Tax banks was liberalised.week/article8918235.with-lic. is all set to hit the goal former’s products. GST Bill may Axis Bank ties up with LIC to sell policies be passed next week in largest bancassurance deal yet The Bill to amend the Constitution paving In one of the largest bancassurance the way for the rollout of the Goods &amp.ties- issued here said. congress.firstpost. under which Axis Bank branches will be selling LIC’s policies.on-board. which became a political football and third largest private sector lender Axis between the Congress and the BJP in the Bank today entered into a tie-up to sell the last few months.policies-in.ece up.The financial institutions post.largest- bancassurance-deal. with the main Opposition party finally signed a memorandum of understanding lending its unequivocal support. (MoU). industry behemoth LIC (GST). a joint statement http://www.

50-million. Spanish-firm/articleshow/53427709. United Forum commercialisation of tildrakizumab for of Bank Unions (UFBU) General psoriasis in Europe.cms countrywide.claimed.html . C H million.firstpost. Over a million bank Industries Ltd said it entered into $50 million employees and branches participated licensing agreement with Spanish firm in Almirall for the development and the strike.employees-80000.Newsbytes: Business Bank strike: 1 million employees.indiatimes.Pharma-in.000 branches take part in countrywide stir Normal banking operations got disrupted across the country on 29 th July as bank employeeunions striked work to protest Sun Pharma in $50 million deal with against merger of SBI associates with the Spanish firm parent and Indian drug major Sun Pharmaceutical privatisation of IDBI bank.part. http://timesofindia. -business/Sun. http://www.

to.priced at Rs 4. which itself was the domestic market. and Rs 4. owned-Myntra.1-lakh- 2919968.html .com/tech/tech- news/Flipkart.s booming e- next month. Initially.with-super.1 lakh Flipkart-owned Myntra acquires Jabong The country&#39.firstpost. Rs 4.cms foray.Ahmedabad.03 lakh.11 lakh base of 15 million monthly active users. lakh from the end of consolidation in India& the vehicle will be acquired by Flipkart in 2014 in an estimated Rs sold in three cities . will have access to a combined Ludhiana . Jabong/articleshow/53392098. acquires- http://www. Kolkata and 2.into-lcv.carry-priced. MSI said in a statement. Myntra.000 crore deal. a move that will mark further brand priced up to Rs 4.s largest car maker Maruti Flipkart-owned Myntra has acquired Jabong Suzuki India (MSI) will start selling its first Light from Global Fashion Group for an undisclosed Commercial Vehicle (LCV) under the Super Carry amount.Newsbytes: Business Maruti Suzuki to foray into LCV with Super Carry priced Rs 4.01 lakh respectively.indiatimes. marking its foray into the segment in commerce industry.

That information could become one of its most valuable assets as it seeks to become an advertising giant. its growth in wireless means the company has access to more consumer data than ever before.hit-the- data-jackpot.html .users. http://www.billion. Business Verizon just hit the data jackpot with Yahoo’s billion users Verizon’s purchase of Yahoo and.


com/news/business-36901297 terrorist-attacks/ . German Chancellor Angela Merkel promised £200bn) package to boost the flagging International Japan plans $265bn stimulus to ailing economy Angela Merkel Stays the Course on Migrant Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said his Policy Despite Attacks government will introduce a 28th yen ($265bn. Thursday to continue admitting migrants despite The move had been expected in the wake of the two terrorists attacks reportedly conducted by UK's vote to leave the European Union refugees. saying that Germans must “stick to our http://www.” http://time.

Club. a five-year-old start-up that sells razors She spoke with TIME’s Matt Sandy from the and other personal products for men. The herself against accusations of corruption and deal anecdotally shows that no company is safe promised that Rio would be able to pull off the from the creative destruction brought by Games despite a league of doubters. .theguardian. where she defended other company should be afraid. one person won’t be at the opening ceremony—President Dilma Rousseff.html.nytimes. beginning on Aug.Newsbytes: International Dilma Rousseff is on trial – and so is Brazil’s faltering democracy As Rio de Janeiro prepares to host the Olympic Games. Every Brazilian capital of /13/dilma-rousseff--trial-brazil-democracy ok/1-billion-for-dollar-shave-club-why-every-company- should-worry.5. Rousseff has been suspended from her Unilever Buys Dollar Shave Club for $1 office amid charges that she manipulated billion government accounts. technological change https://www. and her impeachment trial Unilever is paying $1 billion for Dollar Shave is scheduled to take place during the Olympics. very http://www.

Newsbytes: International Ten Killed in Somalia as Suicide Car Bomb Targets U.N. Mine Offices: al-Shabab suspected A suicide bomber detonated an explosives-laden car outside the United Nations Mine Action At Least 105 Russian Athletes Banned From Service offices in Mogadishu. . killing 10 people. Rio Olympics For Doping including seven U. guards.N. At least 105 athletes from the 387-strong Russian Olympic team announced last week kills-10/ have been barred from The Rio Games due to country’s doping scandal.

com/news/international/nepal- prime-minister-oli-resigns-ahead-of-notrust- vote/article8894064. Oli has been facing a no-trust motion after the Maoists led by Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' withdrew support from the coalition government.ece . http://www.Newsbytes: International Nepal’s Prime Minister Resigns Before Confidence Vote Mr.thehindu.

After all. while dismantling trade deals and security alliances. . a despondent America considers a vision of the country modelled on a gilt-edged and inaccessible penthouse apartment on New York’s Fifth Avenue. his rhetoric has struck a chord in America and beyond. he Brexit vote may not be the last nail in globalisation’s coffin. the promise comes from the owner of such a penthouse. Nativists sentiments. What is more. across the Atlantic. Donald Trump intends to impose punitive tariffs. growing inequalities and a sense of insecurity about the disappearing middle-class dream is a dangerous mix when there are politicians who — to use my favourite example of madly mixed metaphors — are prepared to lead their countries off the edge of a precipice with their heads in the sand. Meanwhile. but it has ensured that the pallbearers have been set on high alert. deny entry to Muslims and others deemed undesirable.Newsbytes: Business Brexit: The return of boundaries Nativist sentiments and a growing tendency towards looking inwards imperil globalisation.


thehindu. Newsbytes: Technology IMD to use supercom puter to forecast The Union Ministry of Earth The dynamical monsoon Sciences (MoES) has monsoon model works by simulating announced that India the weather on Meteorological Department powerful computers (IMD) will use (supercomputers) and supercomputer to forecast extrapolating it over India’s annual summer particular timeframes. http://www. monsoons The forecast made by a supercomputer This model will be will be based on a used along with the dynamical present traditional monsoon model and ensemble will be operational from year 2017.ece .

Newsbytes: Technology Xiaomi rolls out its first laptop : Xiaomi Chinese smartphone maker “Xiaomi will continue to roll Xiaomi on Wednesday rolled Notebook out budget devices with key out its first . The laptop Mi Huawei. said during product launch in Beijing. rolled out a Notebook Air. http://gadgets.ndtv. testing the Air components in the same league as those on premium waters in a market that has devices. Dell. HP and Apple.” been flooded Xiaomi co-founder Lei Jun with premium tablets. Xiaomi’s chief domestic rival. specifications from leading brands such as Lenovo. compared to many detachable models with keyboard earlier similar this year. runs tablet on Microsoft’s The laptop is priced computer with Windows 10 at a discount Windows 10 and a operating system.


entrepreneur. NEWSBytes: Startups Live In This House Rent-Free -. and the attorney wasted no time lending a hand.and Launch Your Startup Fargo’s tech renaissance lured native son Miguel Danielson back to North Dakota in 2014.s very own (and rent-free!) startup house. cofounding the startup resource group Emerging Prairie and launching Fargo& 7 . https://www.

business- RUrx23R3H/Sebi-proposes-changes-to-startup- standard. except that clauses on the shareholding structure of a the firm that wants to raise money. NEWSBytes: Startups Startup India’s grows stalls Good news for startups!! Launched in January this year with a The Securities and Exchange Board of India planned corpus of Rs http://www. the (Sebi) on Friday proposed easier government’s ambitious Startup India regulations for start-up companies that want scheme was expected to help generate 1. not regulator has suggested easing of restrictive much progress has been made.livemint.html progress-in-slow-lane-116072800012_1.000 crore. details of the scheme are still being……… http://www.8 to raise funds from the capital market A million jobs and reduce discussion paper released by the markets red listing-norms. Seven months down the line.html .


and their biggest one outside for Olympic gold Asia. West Indies couldn't offer much Comary training complex.Newsbytes: Sports Ashwin seals India's first innings win in WI It took more than four sessions coming. They had is all but settled on his preferred lineup and tested lasted only 12. Ashwin found formed over the past fortnight at the Granja dip and india/news/105/main/2016/07/30/26063092/neymar- gabriel-jesus-gabigol-and-luan-could-brazil-unleash- a?ICID=OP . After lunch on day overs longer in the first innings. the same formation with which the Selecao won their first world title in 1958.goal. two different tactical setups during the squad’s http://www. but once R Ashwin found his rhythm he ran through the Neymar. http://www. Coach Rogerio Micale resistance and folded in 78 overs. with India needing The backbone of Brazil’s Olympic team was eight wickets to finish the match.espncricinfo. But Micale could yet go one step further in attack and implement a radical 4-2-4. Gabriel Jesus. Gabigol and Luan - West Indian line-up to seal India's first innings win Could Brazil unleash a radical 4-2-4 in quest in the Caribbean.html comfortable deployed in both a 4-2-3-1 and a 4-3- 3. stay in Teresopolis and the team have looked 2016/content/story/1038777.

international duty with immediate year-old Manchester United midfielder.Newsbytes: Sports Messi stands firm on Argentina retirement Lionel Messi has no intention of reconsidering his retirement from the Argentina national team in time for Bastian Schweinsteiger retires from the next World Cup qualifiers in September.cms . revealed the news on his official Twitter account. who won argentina-team-in-next-world-cup?ICID=HP_FT_3 his 120th and final cap in Germany's 2-0 defeat to France in the semi-finals of Euro 2016. Friday announced his retirement from stories/Bastian-Schweinsteiger-retires-from- Germany-duty/articleshow/53448869. The 31- liga/2016/07/29/26054782/messi-will-not-return-to.goal. The 29- Germany duty year-old Barcelona star affirmed he would no longer Germany captain Bastian Schweinsteiger on represent the Albiceleste after the pain of missing out on the Copa America against Chile. http://timesofindia.

With K Humpy finishing with a bold fastest lap in the final minutes of a second. having been forced to abort his first tiebreak. The 31 women's GP series.323 seconds to outpace the points in 11 rounds. 2nd/articleshow/ electrical problems -scores-maiden-GP-win-Humpy- http://timesofindia.cms .indiatimes. 25. Lewis Hamilton for Sunday's German Grand Prix China.123 site states that Harika has edged ahead on seconds. Humpy 2nd Nico Rosberg grabbed pole position ahead of his Grandmaster D Harika of India has won her world championship leading Mercedes team-mate maiden Fide Women's GP title in Chengdu. on Thursday.indiatimes. both tallied seven one minute and 14. and Humpy.cms stories/F1-Nico-Rosberg-on-pole-for-home-German- Grand-Prix/articleshow/53466877. -year-old German produced a startling best lap of Harika. flying lap in the third qualifying session due to http://timesofindia.Newsbytes: Sports F1: Nico Rosberg on pole for home German Grand Prix Harika scores maiden GP 29. But the standings on official defending three-time champion by 0. it makes a rare one-two for in the tense qualifying session on Saturday.

NEWSBytes: Sports Transfer Talks Player From To Type Kevin Gameiro Sevilla Atlético de Madrid Full Ownership Luciano Vietto Atlético de Madrid Sevilla Loan Ciro Immobile Sevilla Lazio Full Ownership Alexandre Pato Corinthians Villareal Full Ownership Gonzalo Higuaín Napoli Juventus Full Ownership Joe Allen Liverpool Stoke City Full Ownership Adriano Barcelona Besiktas Full Ownership Kolo Toure Liverpool Celtic Free Transfer .

Newsbytes: Sports Know your Rio Olympics athlete: Vikas Krishan Age: 24 Youth World Amateur Born: Hisar. Boxing Championship Haryana 2010: gold Height: 178cm Youth Olympics 2010: Discipline: Boxing bronze Event: 75 kg Asian Games: gold Current ranking: 6 .

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