Gupton’s 11th Grade Biology Class
Parent News Letter

Hello parents, I would like to keep you informed of the information being taught in my
class. I will provide you with what we have learned this week and with what we are going to be
learning next week.

This Week’s Learning Topics:
This week we began to discuss Meiosis. We started in meiosis 1. We discussed prophase
1 and what takes place during this phase. We clearly distinguished between mitosis and meiosis
1, and between Homologous pairs and sister chromatids. I administered a quiz for the students so
they could be prepared for the questions on the test. We went over the quiz in class and made
sure all students understood the information.

Next Week’s Learning Topics:
Next week we will move to the next two phases of meiosis 1, metaphase and anaphase.
The students will have a clear understanding of what happens to the homologous pairs during
these phases. I will be bringing in microscopes and showing the students the different phases in a
cell. I will then allow them to find the phases in small groups. On Friday a quiz will be
administered to make sure all students understand the information and are prepared for the test.

Thank you,
Mr. Thomas Gupton

P.S.: If you would like additional information on the topics please email me and I will provide you with more
information. If you would like to know their quiz grade I can also email those to you.