Planning and Pre-Production

Unit 8: Creative project


o Production Schedule
o Script / Shooting Script
o Storyboard
o Props List
o Crew List
o Location Recces
o Clearances and Confirmations
o Contingency Plan
Production Schedule
Please include location, time of film, what you are filming and teams members
including actors

Monday Tuesday Wednes Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
reasearch research research research research Survey
Music Music Target survey Target
videos vidoes audience audience

Monday Tuesday Wednes Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
script Story contingency Props list Location filming filming
board recces

Monday Tuesday Wednes Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
filming edit edit edit Extra Extra Extra
work work work
Music Video Shooting Script
Description of visuals Lyrics

Medium shot of Alizae Ok 0.03
walking down the road
Cuts to Long shot Coldest nigga alive, I'm so 0.06

Close up of her face You niggas get on my 0.07
nerves, you're so old

Alizae dressed up nicely Easy, 0.10
sat in a chair low lighting yeah 0.12
cuts to different angles on Alright 0.14
Alizae in car with door I painted my whip in the vid 0.15
open lip syncing like a prick, now I'm carless
Cut to B role (Cold)

Alizae walking by taxis/ Now it's a Uber ting, I've still 0.16
ubers in dark puts hood up got this regardless (Cold)

Alizae leaning forward in Who? What? Them man 0.22
the chair with a gun lip there? Nah, them man are
sync, low lighting. harmless (Cold)

In park with people lip sync I just went to the park with 0.26
my friends and I charted

In same room with low I have never been a victim, 0.29
lighting alizae with gun never been a target (Cold)
shooting at a target.
Boy lent over in chair room The girls love this shit, yeah, 0.33
with dark lighting lip they love it like Barfest
syncing (Cold)

Boy in park lip syncing Hashtag merky, the label 0.36
medium shot and I'm coming like Darcus

I was on the roads when 0.40
Boy on road lip syncing Giggs made "Talkin' Da
long shot Hardest" (Wow)
Boy with gun in chair leant Look, rude boi, done him 0.42
over on sight

On the road with gun lip One time, check two, bun 0.44
syncing him on sight

Back in chair close up Niggas ain't brave, I can 0.45
see it in your face

Boy on the road Let me tell you about the 0.47
days I was runnin' on a
hype, like

Both characters one with Who are you, where you 0.49
phone lip syncing low been, where your snow
different colour lighting line?

Both characters one with Where your stacks? Where 0.51
money one with gun lip your strap? Where your
sync crow line?

Boy on the road lip sync Big pump don't stuntop 0.53
when it's showtime

Lip syncing on road from Kinda funny how I didn't 0.55
different angle need a cosign

Close up, aggressively lip Shut your mouth, you ain't 0.56
sync squeezin'

Pushes the camera away Pussy boy, I just leave him 0.58

Both characters in room I been cold a whole season 1.00
multi-coloured lighting
Boy dancing I should call my next song 1:01
"Freezin'" (Cold)

Boy dancing from other Touch the mic, then just 1;03
angle wheel 'em (Ey)

You man are got too much 1:05
Alizae lip syncing dancer in feelings (Alright
In the dark shot of alizae Late night, I'm at Neasden 1:06
walking from behind
Shot of mcdonalds Filet-o-Fish and I'm breezin' 1:08
Alizae with gun Bang 1:11
Boy sat at a table with food Ain't dropped nothin' for a 1:12
all on it coloured lighting lip minute, I'm fine (Cold)
Boy in boothlip sync Roll to the booth, then I bill 1:15
it with rhymes (Cold)

All characters sat at table Know a couple OGs that 1:18
one lip sync are livin' off crime (Cold)

Sat at table all lip sync But a young black boy 1:22
made a milli off grime

In the park lip sync boy So tell Boris Johnson, "suck 1:25
your mum, we don't care"
(we don't care, bruv)

And tell them riot feds, "oy 1:28
Another angle in park with buss your gun, you won't
gun lip sync dare (you don't dare, bruv)

All my young black kings, 1:32
Boy on road lip sync rise up man, this is our year
(our year)

From the side angle on And my young black 1:35
road lip sync queens right there

Alizae with Minnie at park It's been a long time 1:37
comin', I swear

Another angle If you don't turn this up, it's 1:38
no fun

Boy with arms out lip You ain't heard of us? 1:40
syncing by park You're so dumb

Can't be scared of pussy or 1:42
Boy sat over in chair lip youts
You can have your burner 1:43
Pulls out gun, another tucked, I won't run
Another angle lip syncing You can have all the hype,
I won't dus
At the table all characters You can send all you like, 1:47
one lip syncing you won't buss

Another angle at table Man can't bluff me out, I 1:49
call bluffs

Shot rises up to the table Them boys get fucked 1:50
one person on the phone about and call us

Minnie lip sync Crikey! 1:52

Another angle Oh my god, it's Big Mikey 1:53

Alizae in car Copped a whip, it's so 1:55

Another angle I should call my next one 1:57

Touch the mic and get 1:59
Walkng on road lip sync lively
Another angle Don't draw me out, I'll ask 2:00

All characters walking one Do the road and do wifey 2:02
lip sync
All characters lip sync I wonder why they don't like 2:04

Different character lip sync Cuh I'm 2:05

Dancer Cold 2:06
Cold 2:08
Cold 2:10

Dancer another angle Right now everything's cold 2:11
as a cold cold summer

Minnie lip sync in park (yeah, cold) 2:13

Dancer Everything's cold 2:15

Hashtag merky, twenty-f 2:18
Ever character in shot
dancing I been cold the whole
season 2:20
I should call my next song
"Freezin'" 2:21
Alizae lip sync on table
I been cold the whole
season 2:23

Shots of food on table I should call my next song
"Freezin'" 2:24

Drinks with ice shot I been cold the whole
season 2:26

Every character drinking I should call my next song
big icey drinks "Freezin'" 2:28

Lip sync at table I been cold the whole
season 2:30

Dancing I should call my next one
Dancing "Easy"
Boy lip sync
Props List

Item Item Description Who uses it When it is used

Car White audi Alizae At the start
and at other
points during
the video
Chair Plain dining room chair Various Throughout the
characters video

Gun Black gun Various In the middle
characters and end of the

Phone Nokia phone boy Middle of the

Money Stack of money Boy and girl Middle and
end of the

Table Dining room table All characters Middle and
end of video

Food Chicken and other foods All characters End of video
layed out on table

Cups Tall glasses All characters End of video

Ice In the glasses All characters End of video
Crew List

Person Role Dates Needed
Alizae Actor 27th may 29th may

Shane Actor 16th may 29th may
Location Recce
Please produce a location recce for EVERY location used

Insert photo of location (do not dra Type of room/area:

Location Address: emmer
green reading

Sat Nav details (Post code):
rg4 8sy

Nearest Train Station: Reading

Nearest Bus stop: Crawshay

Lighting Information: Lighting in the day Solutions: internal light sources available
is very good in evening is limited

Sound Information: quite can be loud Solutions: doesn’t matter as audio will
when cars going past be removed from clips

Power Information Solutions: use them if needed
Power sources available

Hazards Solutions: be careful make sure you
Lots of things around, messy room don’t trip, look out for wires and things
that can fall over.
Reading town centre, nearest
station Reading


Good lighting in day limited at night Shoot in day

Quite noisy as in town centre Remove audio

No external power sources Shoot in daylight and have

Extra batteries

Can be hazards such as people and things in the

Way when dancing make sure area is clear

River, Reading

Reading station

Caversham busses

Good lighting in day shoot in day

Can be noisy with people remove audio

No external power sources Extra batteries

Can be things on the floor or people Make sure area is clear
Clearances and Confirmations
You need confirmation emails from everyone that is featuring in your music
video. Please screenshot these emails including the dates and times they are
agreeing to paste them below.

If you are filming somewhere that requires permission, please obtain
permission and paste the confirmation below.
Contingency Plan
What are your plans for if something goes wrong? What back up actors,
locations and equipment do you have?

I plan to shoot my video during the half term between the 25th and 30th May. I
have set dates on the 16th and 27th of May, if there is an issue with these dates
I have also set a date on the 29th. This is if the actors can’t make the previous
dates or if the weather is bad.

I have bought a spare battery and sim card for my camera so if the battery
dies or my sim card fills up I am prepared and can continue to shoot. This will
ensure the dates I have set to film are successful.

I have asked another girl and boy to be in my video as backup. If someone
becomes ill or can’t make either dates I have people standing by to step in if
necessary, this means I shouldn’t be stuck for actors in my video.

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