TO: John Smith, department manager

FROM: Silvia Mitrea, worker

SUBJECT: Flexible working day

DATE: 2nd of June 2017


The aim of this proposal is to present the advantages that a flexible working day could bring to both the
company and its workers. Afterwards, how a flexible working day would look like in my current
department, will be outlined.


There would be a plethora of benefits, if only the company were to introduce flexible working days in
the schedule.

Firstly, it would not only make going to work seem less stressful and strenuous, for some employees but Commented [s1]: Word order
it would also radically improve the performance of the workers. All of these points would indirectly have
a beneficial impact on the company, as well, by raising its profit by approximately 40%.

Secondly, by organizing these flexible working days, the atmosphere in the office would be more
harmonious and calmer. This would have a positive outcome on the performance of the company’s
employees, as well. too


In my department, such a day would be a blessing for everyone. In the mornings, the department would
be less crowded, since a part of the workers would start work later. To be even more organized, the
manager of the department could make a list, where every member of the department would write its
their own schedule, and this would help a lot in order to keep the office as UNCONGESTED as possible.


All in all, if the company were to apply the idea of having a flexible schedule, the company and everyone
working there, would only experience positive effects.

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