Stories are as important as school

Have you ever asked yourself about the relevance that the reading of stories at a young
age, have on a child’s future? Ways which show the importance of lecturing stories from a
fragile age, have been debated in a class discussion.
Firstly, not only do stories fascinate children with its exciting twists, but they also have a
significant impact on their general knowledge. It has been scientifically proved that if only little
children were to read a story a day, their vocabulary would noticeably improve and this would
have a positive outcome on the way their brains develop.
Secondly, it is well known that stories are not written, only for pure entertainment.
Usually, stories have a deeper meaning, their main target being, to present to the little ones
what to do and what not to do, regarding different situations. Only by reading stories would the
young generation learn how to distinguish between what is moral and what is evil.
Even though, both education and social values, represent essential virtues, that stories
could provide the little ones with, I believe that the social and moral skills are far more
important than the education. This is due to the fact that …………stories provide a different
background and attractiveness to morality, as one famous Romanian author once said: “While
education could be easily formed in schools, learning what is right and wrong in life could be
more easily learned by reading stories”.
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