Aimsweb Plus Pilot Feedback

Pros Cons
More beneficial tests than current aimsweb Couldn’t choose “skip a line” - had to redirect
ex. Number rec, concepts and aps (K) to go back which cost more time (K)

Can mark correct/incorrect after time is up Took quite a bit of time per student for K -
before scoring. Old aimsweb once you were approx. 8-10 min for ELA and 15-20 for Math
finished you couldn’t mark any wrong

Standards-based (as opposed to current Couldn’t use assessments as marking period
Aimsweb) (5) assessment (had to double test as we do now
with current aimsweb) (K)

I found the rankings to be accurate-both Didn’t find a way to edit scores if accidently
reading and math, far more than current assessed a student under an incorrect name
scores (5)

Easy and fast to administer, and for students Log-ins were rough… chromebooks couldn’t
to take (5) be used for other things until switched out of
test mode

Only 2 RCBM passages and they change Confusing, at first, to set up monitors.
each benchmark (5)

Untimed to allow students to work at own Finding needed printable materials is difficult
pace (5)

Great reports! (5) Log-ins were very non user friendly. Different
username and passwords for each test. (2)

Students were independent once logged in, Couldn’t find the printed version for the
so very labor/time saving for teachers (5) reading progress monitoring. (2)

Once I scheduled a few monitors, it was easy New log in for each monitor test
for the kids to get on themselves...and quick

Slide bar to set appropriate goals is great! I can’t figure out how to print reports

Students could easily move through the
testing online independently. (2)

Loved the reports! (2)

Reports online are great
Easy for 4th grade students to maneuver
within test

Tests were quick for students to take

Easy to monitor- each tests takes about 5

Progress monitoring was very easy (K & 1)

Didn’t find a way to edit scores if accidently assessed a student under an incorrect name