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Read the sentences and choose the correct option to complete them.

1. My mother goes to the Respuesta to buy vegetables.

2. When Carol finishes her meal at the restaurant, she always gets
a Respuesta . Her favorite is chocolate cake.

3. I carry my money in my Respuesta .If I have to buy
something, I don’t have to go to the bank.

4. She is very Respuesta with me just because I drank her
soda. Now, she doesn’t want to talk to me.

5. Referees blow theRespuesta in order to stop the soccer

6. Many of my Respuesta on my father’s side, live in
Europe. For instance, aunt Mary lives in Germany.

7. Yesterday, It rained a lot in my city. I didn’t have an umbrella so I
got really Respuesta .

8. When I take the bus, It is so Respuesta that is impossible
to find an available seat.

It is recommended for people to wear a Respuesta for a job interview at a bank. He Respuesta (wake) up and Respuesta (run) to the window. 10.9. sleeping on the sofa. Michael Respuesta (be) at his farm. Do not use capital letters since it is not required. Laura’s car Respuesta yesterday so she had to get roadside assistance. when he heard a strange noise. In the evening of 2010. Pregunta 2 Sin responder aún Puntúa como 10. Can you imagine what he saw in the garden? A flying-saucer! He thought he was dreaming so he Respuesta (go) to the bathroom where he had a shower to try .0 Marcar pregunta Enunciado de la pregunta Complete the story with the appropriate verb form.

Respuesta you out? A: Yes. Three aliens Respuesta (be) there. They Respuesta (say): “Can we have a cup of coffee. I Respuesta (forget) about the incident. B: Great! What did you guys Respuesta ? A: The three of us ate pasta. I Respuesta to an Italian restaurant with my parents. He was very scared so he Respuesta (take) a gun. He still doesn’t know if that strange event was a dream or if he really had those funny visitors. B: Did you drink Respuesta wine? A: Yes. please? Michael laughed and he Respuesta (tell) them to come inside. Pregunta 3 Sin responder aún Puntúa como 7. I did but you Respuesta answer. smiling and jumping. something hit the front door. Suddenly.0 Marcar pregunta Enunciado de la pregunta Conversation 1: Read the following conversation between two friends and choose the correct option to complete it. . walked towards the door and Respuesta (open) it. I drank a Respuesta wine since I wasn’t responsible for the driving back home. A: How are you today? Did you Respuesta me last night? B: Yes.

0 Marcar pregunta Enunciado de la pregunta Conversation 2: Organize the sentences in order from 1 to 8 to have a logical conversation at the office.Pregunta 4 Sin responder aún Puntúa como 8. .

Respuesta The only thing we can do is to go and try to find him. . What’s the matter? Respuesta Well. maybe he went out for a coffee. Respuesta I hope he didn't.Respuesta The investors arrived 15 minutes ago and they want to see George’s report. If we don't. we will lose this business. He usually takes a half an hour break at this time. I don’t. These investors are very important to our company and I’m afraid they can’t wait any longer. Respuesta Do you know where George is? Respuesta That's right! Let's go! Respuesta No.

In 1994. Nelson and Winnie Mandela got divorced in 1996 and two years later he married his third wife. He was very interested in politics and wanted to change the political system. He had two children with his first wife. He became president of the ANC (the African National Congress) in the Transvaal in 1952. Evelyn.Respuesta Jesus Christ! What can we do now? Pregunta 5 Sin responder aún Puntúa como 7. Graca Machel. But the world never forgot Nelson Mandela. Respuesta He went to the university. They got divorced in 1957 and in the same year he met a woman named Winnie Madikizela. After he finished university in 1943 he lived and worked in Johannesburg. he became president of South Africa. He started university in 1938 and studied law. When he was president he wrote a book about his life called Long Walk to Freedom.0 Marcar pregunta Enunciado de la pregunta Read the text about the life of Nelson Mandela and using numbers from 1 to 7 put the events below in order From prison to president Nelson Mandela was born in South Africa on 18th July. 1918. In 1964 he went to prison. only four years after he left prison.Nelson and Winnie got married a year later and they also had two children. Respuesta He got married for the third time. Respuesta He left prison. . He stayed there for 26 years and was in solitary confinement for eighteen years.

0 Marcar pregunta Enunciado de la pregunta Listen to the first 20 seconds of the telephone conversation and complete the sentences using only one word per sentence. 1. Pregunta 6 Sin responder aún Puntúa como 6. Respuesta I help you? 2. Hello. please? 3. May I speak to Elaine Strong. this is Jack Kordell from Hundred’s office Respuesta . Respuesta He became president of South Africa. Respuesta He went to prison. maybe about 04:30. Ok. Er…yes. Yes. May I take your Respuesta ? . I’m sorry but she’s not Respuesta right now. 4. Respuesta He got married to Winnie. Do you know when she’ll be Respuesta ? 5. Ultimate Computers. Respuesta He and his first wife got divorced. Please only capitalize the first word of the sentence after the period. she should be here Respuesta on this afternoon.

1. Miss Strong sent the caller a brochure detailing the oldest line of laptop computers. Respuesta 5. Respuesta 2. The caller’s telephone number is 560-1237. The caller wants the secretary to send a list of software products. The secretary has to send the material at 02:30 p.m. Elaine Strong can’t answer the phone.0 Marcar pregunta Enunciado de la pregunta TRUE OR FALSE Listen to the whole conversation and mark the sentences true (T) or false (F) based on what you hear.Pregunta 7 Sin responder aún Puntúa como 5.Respuesta Siguiente . Respuesta 4. Respuesta 3.

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