Yash Kanoria

Updated 10/24/2016

Employment Assistant Professor, Decision, Risk and Operations Division, Since July 2013
Graduate School of Business, Columbia University, New York, NY.

Schramm postdoctoral fellow Aug 2012 - June 2013
Microsoft Research New England, Cambridge, MA.

Contact Uris Hall Phone: (650) 353-0476
Columbia University ykanoria@columbia.edu
New York, NY 10027 http://www.columbia.edu/~yk2577

Education Stanford University, Stanford, CA (GPA 4.14) Sep 2007 - Aug 2012
iixPhD in Electrical Engineering
iixAdviser: Andrea Montanari
iixThesis title: Learning in social and economic networks

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India (CPI 10.00/10.00) Jul 2003 - May 2007
iixBachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering

Research Matching markets, design and operation of marketplaces and platforms
Distinctions Simons-Berkeley Research Fellowship Fall 2015
INFORMS JFIG Junior Faculty Paper Award (second prize) 2014
Student Paper Award at IEEE Intl. Symposium on Information Theory 2010
Numerical Technologies Founders’ Prize for top score on the EE PhD Qualifying 2008
Examination at Stanford
President of India Gold Medal at IIT Bombay for standing first in the institute 2007
Gold Medal and second overall at the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) 2003
Gold Medal and second overall at the International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO) 2003
Ranked 2nd at the All India IIT Joint Entrance Examination 2003

Journal Papers R. Anderson, I. Ashlagi, Y. Kanoria and D. Gamarnik, “Efficient dynamic barter exchange,” Imme-
diate revision at Operations Research.

I. Ashlagi, Y. Kanoria and J. Leshno, “Unbalanced random matching markets: the stark effect of
competition,” to appear in the Journal of Political Economy.

M. Bayati, C. Borgs, J. Chayes, Y. Kanoria, and A. Montanari, “Bargaining dynamics in exchange
networks,” Journal of Economic Theory, Vol. 156, pp. 417454, March 2015.

M. Ibrahimi, Y. Kanoria, M. Kraning and A. Montanari, “The Set of Solutions of Random XORSAT
Formulae,” to appear in the Annals of Applied Probability, Vol. 25, No. 5, Sep 2015.

Y. Kanoria and A. Montanari, “Majority dynamics on trees and the dynamic cavity method,” Annals
of Applied Probability, Vol. 21, No. 5, Oct 2011.

Y. Kanoria and A. Montanari, “Optimal coding for the deletion channel with small deletion proba-
bility,” IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, Vol. 59, No. 10, pp. 6192-6219, Oct. 2013.

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Minnesota May 2015 iixCS seminar. New York Nov 2013 iixIIT Bombay. Mumbai. Montreal. India Jul 2015 iixINFORMS Applied Probability Society Conference. Jerome A. Implemented successfully in summer 2015. Statistical Inference. Member of the Technical committee. San Francisco Sep 2015 iixEconometric Society World Congress. and with further improvements suggested by me in 2016. Columbia Business School. Fall 2013 and Fall 2014. Canada Aug 2015 iixTata Institute of Fundamental Research. Columbia University Dec 2013 iixGoogle Algorithms seminar.Teaching Computing for Business Research. Stanford Graduate School of Business Nov 2015 Matching markets: structure. India Jul 2013 iixStochastics and Applications seminar. National Institutes of Technology etc. UC Berkeley Oct 2015 Managing congestion in dynamic matching markets iixColumbia Business School Alumni Club of the Bay Area. Columbia University Mar 2016 Competition and choice in matching markets iixOR seminar. IMA. responsible for the mechanism and algorithm for joint seat alloca- tion/admissions for over 30. India Jan 2015 iixOM seminar. IIT Kharagpur. Google. Spring 2015.000 seats at 88 centrally funded engineering colleges in India including the Indian Institutes of Technology. NYU Stern School of Business Sep 2014 iixNYC Market design workshop. & Algorithms. Chazen Institute of International Business grant entitled “Central- ized seat allocation for engineering colleges in India. Columbia Business School. Business Analytics. India Aug 2013 iixTata Institute of Fundamental Research. USC Marshall School of Business Oct 2016 Multiarmed bandits with capacity constraints iixINFORMS Revenue Management conference Jun 2016 iixDRO Brown bag lunch. Outside activities Successfully proposed new method for seat allocation in engineering colleges in India. Caltech HSS Nov 2014 Unbalanced random matching markets iixWorkshop on Graphical Models.” Amount of $10. Columbia University Sep 2014 iixOM seminar. Mumbai. MIT Apr 2013 iixMicrosoft Research Theory Group Seminar. Rotman School of Management Oct 2014 iixCS-Econ seminar. Mumbai. Invited Talks The paradox of choice in matching: How can platforms facilitate the search for part- ners? iixOperations Management Seminar. Grants Principal Investigator. Turkey Jul 2015 iixNYCE (NY Computer Science and Economics) Day Dec 2014 iixTheory seminar. WA Mar 2013 . USC Economics Nov 2014 iixBray Theory Workshop. dynamics and design (survey) iixEconCS survey seminar. Redmond. Columbia Business School Mar 2016 iixStatistics student seminar. Simons Institute. Duke University Oct 2014 iixCS Theory seminar. Istanbul.000 from the Chazen Global Research fund.

Redmond. Cornell Mar 2012 iixEE seminar. MIT Mar 2010 iixCS Theory Lunch. UC Berkeley Apr 2010 iixAlgorithms and Complexity seminar. India Jan 2011 iixTheory lunch. NC Nov 2011 iixIEOR seminar. India Jan 2011 iixEcon-CS seminar. UPenn Nov 2011 iixINFORMS Annual meeting. UCSD Mar 2012 iixECE seminar. Mumbai. Charlotte. MIT Sloan Jan 2012 iixNCD seminar. IIT Bombay. Phoenix. Brown University Feb 2013 iixStanford probability seminar Oct 2012 iixMIT probability seminar Sep 2012 Bargaining dynamics in exchange networks iixECE seminar. New York Oct 2012 iixPOMS Annual conference April 2012 The set of solutions of random XORSAT formulae iixProbability seminar. EECS. Princeton Feb 2012 iixORIE. UC Berkeley Jan 2012 iixMicrosoft Research India Jan 2012 iixECE. Banff. Columbia GSB Jan 2012 iixMSR Redmond Jan 2012 iixMSR New England Jan 2012 iixOR seminar. WA Dec 2010 iixMicrosoft Research New England Colloquium. Decisions and Algorithms meeting. Stanford Oct 2011 iixAllerton conference. U Washington. Microsoft Research Redmond. Stanford Feb 2011 iixWorkshop on Recent Trends in Social Networks. Seattle Jun 2014 iixColumbia Statistics student seminar Nov 2013 iixProbability seminar. UIUC Sep 2011 Social learning and the dynamic cavity method iixINFORMS Applied Probability Society meeting. Sweden Jul 2011 iixResearch on Algorithms for the Internet (RAIN) seminar. Canada Mar 2013 An internet experiment on bargaining iixINFORMS Annual meeting. MA Nov 2010 . TIFR. University of Maryland Nov 2011 iixMarkets & Social Systems Engineering seminar. AZ Oct 2012 iixInformation. Stanford Jan 2010 Distributed storage for intermittent energy sources iixINFORMS Annual meeting. University of Chicago Nov 2013 iixINFORMS Annual Meeting Oct 2013 iixWorkshop on Asymptotics of Large Scale Networks. Phoenix. Stanford Economics Dec 2015 iixMSOM Conference. Cambridge. BIRS. Cornell Feb 2012 iixDRO seminar.Efficient dynamic barter exchange iixMarket design seminar. Stockholm. AZ Oct 2012 iixWorkshop on Computational & Applied Social Science. UIUC Feb 2012 iixELE/Applied Math seminar.

of Electrical Engineering. Banff. India Jun 2009 iixTata Institute of Fundamental Research. IIT Bombay. Mumbai. Phase Transitions and Hard Combinatorial Jun 2008 iixiixProblems.Majority dynamics on trees and the dynamic cavity method iixDept. Canada . BIRS. India Jun 2008 iixWorkshop on Message Passing.