The sedimentation unit consists of five equally sized glass cylinders mounted on a
vertical back panel with illumination from behind. The purpose of this experiment is to study the
effect of initial concentration on sedimentation characteristic, to construct the rate of the settling
curve against from a single batch test and to study the effect of initial height on sedimentation
characteristic. Moreover, measuring scale is provided for each cylinder to measure the
suspension height. Sedimentation is a process used in the clarification of water and wastewater.
The process summaries as follows: At the beginning of process, the kaolin powder dilutes with
water are added into the glass cylinder. The solid is uniformly distributed in the liquid until
sedimentation happen. After a short while, solids have settled to give a zone of clear liquid
(clarified zone), and the depth of sedimentation zone (h).

The time taken for each kaolin powder weighted of 2.5gram, 2.0gram, 1.5gram, 1.0gram
and 0.5 gram are measured after every 10 minutes intervals respectively. Next, turbidity level
was taken for each of the kaolin solution. In addition, the clarified zone and sedimentation zone
were measured using measuring scale that already attach at the measuring cylinder. At the end of
the experiment, the pattern of sediment concentration against time can be identified.

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