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Contributors: Randall Bills, Chris Hartford, David McCulloch, Richard Raisley, the
HM Aero Crew

The following is both a compiled rules errata, as of 11 January 2003, as well as a
FAQ sheet (Frequently Asked Questions), based on the most current AeroTech
rules as published in AeroTech 2 (AT2). The errata as well as each FAQ appears
under the name of the chapter containing the information most closely related to
the answer.



Movement (p. 28-29)
 Conventional fighters equipped with VSTOL do not stall if their velocity is 0
provided they are still able to expend Thrust.

Q: Can I recalculate the thrust values for an OmniFighter that is not carrying its
maximum load-out?
A: No.

Q: Are the various conventional fighters (Guardian, Boeing Jump Bomber, etc.)
no longer VTOLs? It seems they're not, but the tonnage was not reallocated
A: The record sheets included in RS: Aero include VTOL per the rules outlined
below under Construction.

Q: I was wondering as to whether a spheroid DropShip would need to fly back
into orbit in order to land at a different location on the same planet. In other
words are spheroid DropShips capable of vast horizontal movement, not just tiny
adjustments for landing?
A: No, they can side-slip within the atmosphere, which can be done (for example)
by turning left/right 60 degrees, spending 1 MP to move a hex forward, then
turning upright again (a total of 3 MP).

Q: Is there a minimum amount of thrust or number of hexes that must be traveled
in order to remain airborne?
A: Each unit operating in atmosphere must have a velocity over 1 in the
Movement Phase or else stall (see p. 29, AT2). Spheroid DropShips (see p. 30,
AT2) are the only exception to this rule.

Q: On P. 28 of AT2 it states: "At the beginning of each turn, reduce the velocity of
atmospheric units by 5, to a minimum of 0. This reduction can be offset by

It does not. MRM or Rocket Launcher". Q: Does a unit in atmosphere that fails a control roll automatically stall as it can expend no thrust? A: Only if the 5-point velocity reduction takes its velocity to 0. Q: Do the velocity limits (see p. For example. 11. . Faster aircraft (those with a Safe Thrust greater than 10) may spend 1 MP to move to the inner zone and a second to move from the inner zone back to the central zone to make another ground-attack. Is this correct? A: You do not need to spend 5 Thrust each turn to remain aloft (just 1). AT2) and so slow aircraft (those with a Safe Thrust of 10 or less) must move to the inner zone. Q: Does this speed reduction apply to units in atmospheric hexes on the space map? A: No. so the 2 hex/turn limit (36km) for the lowest space hex equals 72 atmospheric hexes. 24. These limits only apply to the atmosphere hexes on the space maps (which are 18km across). an aircraft with a velocity of 4 has its velocity reduced to 0. COMBAT ERRATA Attack Table. Q: Are the central and inner zones of the AeroTech 2 Radar Map one zone each or six? A: 1. Q: Can a fighter in the central zone make repeated strikes against targets until it runs out of fuel? A: Possibly. In effect. (1 thrust point increases/decreases velocity by 1 point). decrease below 0. page 16  Change "Weapon is heavy laser or MRM" to "Weapon is heavy laser. only when using the Atmospheric Combat rules (see p. though Velocity decreases by 5 each turn. though the placement of a unit in the inner zone determines the direction it enters the central (BattleTech) zone from. depending on their speed.spending Thrust Points during the movement phase. each space-map atmosphere hex equals 36 atmospheric hexes. 28-31 of AT2) where the hexes are 500 meters across. however. All aircraft must move at least one zone (see p. AT2) apply to units on the low altitude maps? A: No. An aircraft with a velocity of 8 would have its velocity decreased to 3." As it is written it deems necessary a fighter to expend at least 5 points of thrust per turn (which is transformed into 5 points of velocity) to stay up.

or the bay? (i. target less than 500 tons" to "Weapon is Capital Scale vs. Q: Does the Damage Threshold change at any time? A: No. does a weapon critical apply to an individual weapon or an entire bay? A: The bay. is the hit based on the individual weapon. whose thresholds would be over 70)? A: No. Q: Can DropShips drop bombs? A: No. 134. is the damage to be compared to the threshold 30 or 60?). It's always 10 percent of "full armor value" (see p. BMR)"  Change "Weapon is Capital Scale vs. .e.  Change "** Only applies to certain weapons (see p. Only aerospace fighters and conventional aircraft can carry bombs. The Bay. 148. not the Combat Phase. which have a higher Initiative than WarShips and so on. fighters are considered to have a higher Initiative than DropShips. AT2). Q: Can Point Defense Class weapons be used against aerospace fighters? A: Yes.e. including rolls. then the unit with the higher Current Velocity is one hex back along its direction of travel. so in this case 60. Special maneuvers. Q: On a large craft. If both units have the same Initiative. do they have to factor in the fighter's Movement Modifier? A: No. can only take place in the Movement Phase. Q: Is it ever possible to do (threshold-induced) critical damage to a vessel that has more than 700 points of capital scale armor on a facing (i. roll 2D6. Q: If a WarShip spends the movement points. vessel less than 500 tons" FAQ Q: What firing arcs can be used against a target in the same hex as the attacker? A: Treat the unit with the higher Initiative as one hex back along its direction of travel. Q: When BattleTech units make weapon attacks against aerospace fighters. BMR)" to "** Only applies to certain weapons (see p. If the units are still tied. can it deliver a double broadside by rolling so that it fires one broadside then the other? A: No. the unit with the higher result is one hex back along its direction of travel. A. 19. If standard Initiative is being used. with two NAC-30s in a single bay. Q: For purposes of determining whether a hit exceeds a threshold.

e. JumpShips or space stations? A: Docked vessels fire as if they have the same heading/orientation as the transport vessel-i. AT2) at the capital or standard scale? A: If both vessels use standard scale. the DropShip is harder to control …" to "The vessel must land. each docking hardpoint has a capacity of 100. JumpShip or space station. 37)  A hovering (0-velocity) VSTOL unit must expend 1d6 points of fuel. Landing (p. regardless of their size. However. Q: The Behemoth seems to need 2 docking hard points per old fluff rules.Q: Can ballistic weapons (MGs. they need 300 meters). Failed Braking Maneuver Table (p. Q: Is the damage from collisions (see p. its nose points the same way as that of the JumpShip or WarShip-and occupies the same hex. The aerospace fighter on the bottom of the diagram should be in the hex directly below the hex it currently occupies. 35. and so on) be used to make strafing attacks? A: No. only require a single hard point. AT2 does not seem to support this with rules. 38-39)  VSTOL-equipped fighters halve their normal take-off distance (i.000 tons. Q: What are the rules on attacks from and against DropShips that are docked to WarShips.e. OPTIONAL RULES ERRATA Fuel Consumption (p. otherwise it is at capital scale (converting standard to capital as appropriate). 33 wrong? A: Yes. Does this mean a Behemoth no longer requires 2 docking collars? A: Yes. Under AT2 construction.  Only DropShips and small craft expend 1 ton of fuel when taking off. 38)  Change (MOF 5) "The vessel must land. AT2). it is at standard scale. . hit a docked vessel on a result of 1 on 1D6 roll (see p. ACs. the vessel is harder to control …" FAQ Q: Is the Advanced movement example diagram on p. The docked unit may not use any Aft firing weapons. 37-38)  VSTOL-equipped fighters may also use the Vertical Landing rules. Liftoff (p. Attacks directed against the WarShip. all DropShips. However. 20. Only energy weapons may be used when strafing though ballistic weapons may be used in a "strike" attack. In effect.

39. Q: Can a conventional aircraft or an aerospace craft be overloaded beyond the allotted cargo capacity if you accept the thrust penalty? A: No. if they spend thrust during landing operations it becomes harder for the fighter/small craft to land. what happens if not all the squadron's fighters can launch in a single turn? A: The squadron must remain in the carrier's hex until all of its fighters are launched. a squadron receives the modifier. E. if a DropShip has 6 small craft doors it may launch 2 squadrons (12 fighters) per turn. to charge the KF drive by sail and the battery by the reactor at the same time? A: Yes. AT2) a number of fighters equal to 2x the number of small craft doors on the carrier may launch (or land) each turn. fighter squadrons and small craft? A: Place them in the hex of the launching vessel with the same heading and velocity. Q: Can 'Mechs or battle armor make weapon attacks while dropping? A: No. Q: What happens to launching fighters. a dropping unit cannot make any form of attack. Q: When playing with squadron rules.g. Q: Would it be are Targeting Computers dealt with? A: Split weapons on such units into separate bays. . and so on). Q: When using the optional Squadron Rules .Q: Do conventional aircraft use the same rules for take-off and landing as DropShips and aerospace fighters? A: Yes Q: How long does it take to launch a unit of fighters? A: Per Launching and Recovering Small Craft (p. A: No. for a ship with a lithium-fusion battery. Q: Do carriers need to spend thrust to deploy fighters (or to Drop 'Mechs. However. one with Targeting Computers and one without Q: Does a squadron lose the +5 to-hit modifier if the fighters it contains mass more than 500 tons? A: No.

46  The weight range for JumpShip." Assign Weapons to Firing Arcs and Bays. if the vessel has at least 3 tons of ATM ammunition (and therefore could have all 3 types). vessels of DropShip size or larger must group weapons of the same class and size (as listed in the class column on the weapon tables) in the same arc into a weapon bay.000 . If a Conventional fighter is equipped with a turbine engine and mounts energy weapons. for all 3 ammo types). "Ammunition is added in full-ton lots (half-ton lots for machine guns).  Change "Conventional aircraft cannot use XL engines" to "Conventional aircraft cannot use XL or Light engines" Kearny-Fuchida Hyperdrive. WarShip or Station "50.999" should be "2. page 46  Change "Conventional fighters may not mount energy weapons" to "Conventional fighters must carry sufficient heat sinks to handle the heat generated by all energy mounted weapons (fusion engines have 10 heat sinks automatically). Ammunition and Other Equipment. vessels of DropShip size or larger must group weapons of the same class (as listed in the class column on the weapon tables) in the same arc into a weapon bay. The same is true for Small Craft. 44  Add before example text "Space Stations equipped with Energy Storage batteries must mount a sail equivalent to a Standard Jumpship sail".999" Weapons. it can produce the maximum damage for each range (i.149. Fighters are not bound by these limits providing they use the Fighter Ammunition Expenditure rule (see p. p. The weight of a power amplifier is 1 ton per 10 tons of energy weapons (round up to the nearest 0. pages 46-47  Change "In addition. page 46  This should read as follows. it must also carry a power amplifier."  Change "Aerospace fighters can also use XL engines" to "Aerospace fighters can also use XL or Light engines". to a maximum Attack Value of 70" to "In addition. 34). on all craft other than fighters.149. If a Large Craft armed with ATMs has 30 or more shots of ammo per weapon." Ammunition.000 . each weapon that requires ammo must be allocated a minimum of 10 shots of ammunition (20 for Ultra autocannon and 60 for Rotary Autocannon).CONSTRUCTION ERRATA Fighters/Small Craft. Aerospace Armor Table.5 ton). pages 42-43  After Conventional Fighter Engine Rating calculations add " Small Craft Engine Mass uses the calculations for DropShips. to a maximum Attack Value of 70 Capital (700 Standard). page 47 . No heat is generated by non-energy weapons. In addition. p." Weapon Limits.e.

More luxurious quarters may optionally be added if desired. Add Heat Sinks. See the Minimum Crew Table". page 48  Change "DropShip or Small Craft (Civilian)" to "DropShip (Civilian) or small craft"  Change "WarShip" to "WarShip or Space Station".  Change "These limits can be exceeded by assigning additional tonnage…" to "On all craft except aerospace fighters and conventional aircraft these limits can be exceeded by assigning additional tonnage…" Aerospace Equipment Table. Food and water should also be considered for these personnel.  Add "VSTOL 5 percent of aircraft mass. and ProtoMech bays includes spartan quarters for the crew and technical support personnel for the transported unit. ** Heavy Vehicles mass over 50 tons. 'Mech. Converting Craft. Minimum Crew Table. Append the following: - MINIMUM CREW TABLE (EXPANDED) Bay Type Units Carried Unit Personal Technicians 'Mech 1 Mech 1 1 ProtoMech Point 5 ProtoMechs 5 1 Light Vehicle* 1 Light Vehicle 4 1 Heavy Vehicle** 1 Heavy Vehicle 7 1 Aerospace Fighter 1 Fighter 1 1 Small Craft 1 Small Craft 4 1 Battle Armor (IS) 4 Troopers 4 2 Battle Armor (Clan) 5 Troopers 5 1 Infantry Squad (Foot) 28 Troopers 28 0 Infantry Squad 21 Troopers 21 0 (Jump) Infantry Squad 28 Troopers 28 0 (Motor) * Light Vehicles include all vehicles with a mass up to 50 tons. pages 48  Before "In addition to standard crew. add "The mass set aside for Aerospace Fighter. pages 47-48  Remove "Conventional fighters do not generate heat. and so do not need heat sinks" Add Crew Quarters. Small Craft. Life support costs must be included for these bay personnel. Conventional Aircraft only. 148." under the new "Fighters/Conventional Aircraft" heading.  Add "Targeting Computer See p. page 50 . an armed vessel must have an appropriate number of gunners…". BMR)" under the new "Fighters/Conventional Aircraft" heading. page 47  Change "All Vessels" to "Fighters/Conventional Aircraft".

save where the damage is determined randomly. due out August." The Damage Value of each weapon is as per BattleTech. if the rules don't specifically limit the equipment to BattleTech units. not for official Level 2 designs. Ammunition and Other Equipment Q: Is it possible to use Level 3 equipment from Maximum Tech in AT2 designs? If so. how do you determine the range categories for each weapon? A: No. this is subject to the maximum tonnage allowance of a space station and minimizing every other aspect of the design. Improved Ferro-aluminum.  Modify the Armor Facing Table for Fighters/Small craft so that the formula for the Nose reads "Nose armor + (cockpit armor . a range of 19-30 hexes is "long". 2003. Complete Record Sheet Q: Is there a maximum limit on the number of bay doors that a vessel can have? A: Yes. Add Crew Quarters Q: How are marines (armored and unarmored) handled in AT2? A: In both cases they are regular infantry (or powered infantry) but are counted as crew for construction purposes.754 (Capital).686. A modified version of the Boarding Actions rules from BattleSpace will be printed in the Classic BattleTech Combat Operations sourcebook. in which case the average value (that which results on a die roll of 7) is used. small craft) Q: Is there a maximum limit to the number of Cargo Bays that a vessel can have? A: No. Each vessel may have a maximum of 8 launch-capable doors (i. Ferro-carbide or Lamellor Ferro-carbide armors be used on BattleTech units? A: No.25 fuselage" FAQ Allocate Armor Q: Can Ferro-aluminum. Weapons. a range of 31+ hexes is "extreme. General Q: Why can't I recreate a Potemkin or a Cameron? A: All the vessels that first appeared in JumpShips and DropShips and BattleTech Technical Readout: 2750 were created outside of the BattleSpace or AT2 construction systems. use the following guidelines: A range of 9 hexes or less is "short". However.10) + . a range of 10-18 hexes is "medium".e. fighters. those for 'Mechs. Q: What is the maximum tonnage of armor for a space station? A: The total number of armor points that can be mounted onto a legal Level 2 Space Station is 2. Record Sheets of these two WarShips redesigned using . for 'homegrown' Level 3 designs.

A: No. As such. They can be used as part of a Striking attack (see p. Q: Can you add superchargers to aerospace fighters? A: No. each "bomb" slot allocated to a fuel pod adds the equivalent of 1/2 ton of fuel Q: Can HPGs be mounted on Small Craft? A: No. using afterburners. CASE can only be mounted on fighters. JumpShips and Warships. maneuvering and so on) at low altitude. the rules in AT2 are correct.12-13. Q: Fighters in atmospheric combat seem to burn fuel extremely fast-in just a few minutes to maybe half an hour. JumpShips. AT2) against a hex (but not against a unit or building). they may only be mounted on craft such as DropShips. Q: Can aerospace fighters use Thunder LRM submunitions? A: Yes. Is there a rule hidden in AT2 somewhere that says fighters in the atmosphere only need to spend fuel when they go above a certain thrust level. not larger craft such as DropShips. or are only in combat? A: No. What use is CASE? A: AT2 does have ammunition explosion rules for heat (see pp. C3 and C3i equipment cannot be mounted on any AT2 craft. Q: Can the AR-10 system be used on DropShips? A: Yes. AT2) that apply to fighters (but not large craft). Effectively the rules represent the loitering endurance of a fighter (i.the AT2 construction system are found in the AeroTech 2: Record Sheets. The space map represents long-ranged flight to and from base.5 tons and basically ignored or do we add tonnage as in BattleTech Technical Readout: 3057 for the vessels? A: A small-craft designed to go long-range (such as the KC-1) should also have a crew quarters (not nice to sit in a cramped cockpit for a 5-day run to the jump points). WarShips or Space . Q: Can an OmniFighter use pod space for additional fuel reserves? A: Yes. Q: AT2 does not appear to have ammo explosion rules. where fuel goes much further. Q: Can a fighter use "bomb" space for additional fuel reserves? A: Yes.e. Q: Can AT2 units be part of a C3 or C3i network. 26. Q: Is the weight of the crew in the in KC-1 Drop Shuttle and others that 1.

000 each 16 Mines 12. they deliberately don't conform to the AT2 construction rules. Only the Faslane. it's a Level 2 unit. .Stations.000 x VSTOL tonnage" FAQ Q: What are the costs and BVs of Bombs? (Fighters only) A: See below. Is this actually the case? A: Some equipment that is mounted on fighters does not function in the AT2 rules. C3 cannot be mounted or used on AT2 craft at all. ECM. Capitol Class and BattleSat units are level 3. pages 51-52  Change "** Both multipliers apply if the craft has a compact core and LF battery" to "** Multiply cost of all K-F drive components by 15 if the craft has a compact core and LF battery"  Add for Fighters "VSTOL 5.000 each 13 Laser-Guided (LG) 10. Q: I have been informed that certain types of equipment may not be installed on aerospace fighters (C3. COSTS ERRATA Costs Table.000 each 12 Cluster 8. and Active Probes. it may function in combined AT2-BattleTech games when the unit is "on the mapboard" per standard rules (see the expanded Weapons Tables below). for starters). Q: Can Stealth Armor be mounted on aerospace fighters? A: No.000 each 17 Arrow IV missile 1/5 BMR cost 1/5 BMR BV Tag As per BMR As per BMR Fuel Pod 200 each 5 BATTLE VALUE TABLES FAQ Q: Why is the Mjolnir a Level 3 unit? A: That is a mistake. Type Cost BV High Explosive (HE) 5.000 each 20 Inferno 6. However.

. FAQ Q: Where's the Samurai aerospace fighter? A: See below. - 2 SM Lasers Aft 1 3 . . - Medium Laser RW 3 5 . A record sheet for this design appears in AeroTech 2: Record Sheets. . - Medium Laser Aft 3 5 . . . CSR-V14 Corsair Fighter See CSR-V12 for remaining specifications Heat Sinks 16 (32) Weapons Location Heat SRV MRV LRV ERV 2 ER Lg Nose 12 8 8 8 - Lasers 2 SM Lasers Nose 1 3 . . A record sheet for this design appears in AeroTech 2: Record Sheets. - Medium Laser LW 3 5 . . - Medium Laser LW 3 5 . . . - Lasers Small Laser Nose 1 3 . . AeroTech 2: . - Small Laser RW 1 3 . - Q: Why are there no stats for DropShips. - Small Laser LW 1 3 . . - Q: Where's the Samurai aerospace fighter? A: See below. SL-25 Samurai Fighter Type: AeroSpace Fighter Mass: 50 Tons Tech: Inner Sphere Fuel: 8 Tons (640 Points) Safe Thrust 7 Heat Sinks 19 Max Thrust 11 SL: 7 Armor: 53 / 33 / 33 Weapons Location Heat SRV MRV LRV ERV 3 Medium Nose 3 5 . This has already been done in AeroTech 2: Record Sheets. JumpShips or WarShips in AT2? A: They could not be included due to space and cost limitations. .FIGHTER GAME STATISTICS ERRATA Pages 81-98  All aerospace fighters (not conventional aircraft) should reduce their Nose armor value by 10 to bring them into line with AT2 construction rules. - Medium Laser RW 3 5 . - Small Laser LW 1 3 .

as an optional rule. WEAPONS TABLES ERRATA Pages 100-101  Modify the following entries INNER SPHERE STANDARD WEAPONS Ammo Per Type Class Heat Attack Value Max. while BattleTech Technical Readout: 3057 and BattleTech Technical Readout: 3067 contain are mostly designs in their original BattleSpace form (the new DropShips in TR 3067 are produced using AT2 rules. Q: Can RACs be un-jammed when mounted on a fighter? A: Yes. as are some of the new WarShips). per the rules in BMR(R) (p. Range Tons Ton Ultra AC/10 Autocannon 6 15 Medium 13 10 SRM SRM 2 2 Short 1. as an optional rule.5 50 2+Artemis SRM SRM 3 6 Short 2 25 4+Artemis SRM SRM 4 8 Short 4 15 6+Artemis CLAN STANDARD WEAPONS Ammo Per Type Class Heat Attack Value Max. 132-133) Q: Does a Heavy Gauss Rifle require a Control Roll when fired? A: No.Record Sheets contains sheets for the published designs converted to AT2 statistics. Range Tons Ton SRM SRM 2 2 Short 1.5 50 2+Artemis SRM SRM 3 6 Short 2 25 4+Artemis SRM SRM 4 8 Short 4 15 6+Artemis FAQ Q: Can a RAC jam when mounted on a fighter? A: Yes. . Q: Can Ultra ACs jam when mounted on a fighter? A: Yes.

Range Tons Ton Hvy Gauss Autocannon 2 25/20/10 Long 18 4 Rifle* RAC/2 Autocannon 6 8 Medium 8 45 RAC/5 Autocannon 6 20 Medium 10 20 Rocket Lnch - Rocket Lnch 0 6 Medium 0. † This equipment has no practical application in AeroTech 2 and is included for games in which AT2 units are used on the BT maps CLAN STANDARD WEAPONS Ammo Per Type Class Heat Attack Value Max. and can only be fired when the unit is grounded.5 100 ER Micro Laser 1 2 Short 0. ** Artillery can only be mounted on DropShips.Q: Where are the statistics for new weapons produced since AT2? A: See below.5 - .5 - 10 Rocket Lnch - Rocket Lnch 0 9 Medium 1.5 - * Heavy Gauss Rifle Attack Value varies over range.25 200 Heavy MG Autocannon 0 3 Short 0. At Short Range damage is 25. INNER SPHERE STANDARD WEAPONS Ammo Per Type Class Heat Attack Value Max. Range Tons Ton Light MG Autocannon 0 1 Short 0. at Medium Range damage is 20 and at Long Range damage is 10.5 - 20 Arrow IV Sys Artillery 10 20 Extreme** 15 5 Thumper Arty Artillery 6 5 Extreme** 15 20 Sniper Artillery Artillery 10 10 Extreme** 20 10 Long Tom Arty Artillery 20 20 Extreme** 30 5 TAG Pnt Defense 0 0 Medium 1 - Beagle Act Pnt Defense 0 0 N/A 1.25 - Laser Micro Pulse Pnt Defense 1 3 Short 0.5 - Lsr Arrow IV Sys Artillery 10 20 Extreme** 15 5 Thumper Arty Artillery 6 5 Extreme** 15 20 Sniper Artillery Artillery 10 10 Extreme** 20 10 Long Tom Arty Artillery 20 20 Extreme** 30 5 TAG Pnt Defense 0 0 Medium 1 - Light TAG Pnt Defense 0 0 Short 0.0 - 15 Rocket Lnch - Rocket Lnch 0 12 Medium 1.5 - Prb† ECM† Pnt Defense 0 0 N/A 1.

 The Achilles-class is 4 hexes in a row. each placed so that they don't "hang over" the aft end. with a row of 3 hexes each along each "aft" side.  The Mule-class is 4 hexes across. too.2 in a row. very slowly with its station- keeping drives [0.Active Probe** Pnt Defense 0 0 N/A 1 - Lt Active Pnt Defense 0 0 N/A 0.  The Fury.1 G thrust]). . The Vengeance- class is a full 7 hexes long. Do the rules need to be changed? A: JumpShip weapons may still traverse to engage targets within their firing arc but the vessels themselves may not move in AT2 terms (though see the BattleSat above re RPG-scale movement). ** This equipment has no practical application in AeroTech 2 and is included for games in which AT2 units are used on the BT maps MISCELLANEOUS FAQ Q: How big is a DropShip that has landed on a map? A: The Leopard-class is 2 hexes long. Yet fluff suggests they are used against pirates and meteors. Excalibur and Fortress all share the same oval pattern: 3 hexes on the short axis and 4 on the long. due to the wings. The Avenger-class occupies 4 hexes. with 1 extra hex on each side.. with a hex on each side that is adjacent to both of the middle row hexes. Condor and Gazelle all share the same hex pattern: 3 hexes in a row.  The Overlord. adjacent to the last two hexes. no.  The Mammoth-class is 8 hexes across. and can only be fired when the unit is grounded. so it is pretty useless all by itself. the BattleSat cannot maneuver and turn (though in the case of say an RPG campaign.. Q: How exactly does one use the BattleSat? Do combat Space Stations have the ability to make single face change once per turn? A: In combat turns. but AT2 rules disallow them to change their facing. The wedge cuts down to one hex wide for the last 2 hexes of the "centerline" towards the nose of the craft. though the two hexes adjacent and to the rear of the "back" hex could be included.5 - Probe** ECM** Pnt Defense 0 0 N/A 1 - * Artillery can only be mounted on DropShips.  The Monarch-class is a wedge 6 hexes long and 5 hexes wide at the aft.  The Union. Seeker and Intruder all share the same pattern circular pattern: 3 hexes in diameter. it could move very. the BattleSat can shoot what's in front of it. Q: Some JumpShips have weaponry. Basically.