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The aviation industry is booming in India, and with so many new airlines and vacancies opening up, it's not surprising

that many youngsters are opting to become pilots. You can realize your dream, provided you meet the minimum requirements, and join a flying academy to obtain a commercial pilot license. With the increase in competition in the airline industry, the career prospects of a commercial pilot are very bright. Today, pilots are earning more salary than ever before, and there are more airlines to hire them. To become a commercial pilot you must get a Commercial Pilot License (CPL). But before you get a CPL, you must have a Student Pilot License (SPL). There are three pilot licenses, SPL, Private Pilot License (PPL), and CPL. A CPL allows you to fly for airlines. Once you get an SPL, you can go for Private Pilot License (PPL) or Commercial Pilot License (CPL). But the PPL does not allow you to fly commercially and is generally taken up by those who have a passion for airplane flying. Eligibility/Admission requirements Age For SPL - Not less than 16 years For PPL - Not less than 17 years For CPL - Not less than 18 year Eye Sight Your vision in one eye must be perfect - 6/6 eyesight. In the other eye, you could have an imperfection of 6/9, which must be correctable to 6/6. Physical Fitness You must be physically fit and free of any disease that can hamper normal functioning. Educational Qualification • Class 10 for SPL • 10+2 with Maths and Physics Pilot Training Average Fees and Expenses Abroad • Rs. 15-20 Lacs, depending on the country and flying academy. Pilot Training Course Duration Abroad • 6-12 months ( It may vary country to country) Visit the following web sites for more information: • • • Bank loans Pilot training is one of the top three categories of education loans, along with MBA and hotel management. Following are some of the banks where you can apply for education loan to become a pilot. • Centurion Bank of Punjab • State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur • Corporation Bank provides education loan for Commercial Pilot Training both in India and abroad. • State Bank of India • Canara Bank • Syndicate Bank • Punjab National Bank • Central Bank of India • ICICI bank education loan • Union bank of India Career Prospects

In the recent years, airline industry has seen fierce competition. With the entry of many low cost airlines, the domestic market has suddenly expanded. According to the Federation of Indian Airlines, or FIA, the Indian aviation industry needs more than 4,500 to meet its demand. Furthermore, the attrition rate in the industry is very high. This adds to the rise in average salaries. Top Recruiters Jet Airways, Kingfisher Airlines, Spice Jet, Indian Airlines, British Airways, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, Gulf Air, Emirates Average Salaries Entry level salary of a commercial pilot in a private airline is about Rs 1.5 Lacs. In the recent times the salaries of commercial pilots have multiplied many times and a monthly salary of around Rs.2 Lac or even a higher figure of Rs 4 Lac does not surprise anymore. Midlevel salary could go up to Rs 5 Lacs per month. Study abroad You can also go abroad for pilot training. You can explore foreign locations such as Australia, Philippines, USA, Malaysia and UK for pilot training. But going abroad for pilot training is comparatively expensive. The advantage is that, most of the flying academies in Philippines, Australia, US, and UK have a shorter duration of course. You can expect to get a CPL in 6-12 months rather than almost 2 years that it takes in India. For more information on study abroad options for pilot, visit: “NEW FLIGHT SERVICES.” 108 AMBIKAPURI EXTN AIRPORT ROAD INDORE 452005 INDIA TEL - [0731] 6452650 / 4044650 / 6450535 F: 91 731 4044650 M: 91 93000 32375 W:,, E:,,,