DAT Bootcamp Bio Test 5 Review

 Keratin—intermediate filaments
o Actin—microfilaments
 Glycolysis just makes pyruvate, ATP, and NADH
 In alcohol fermentation, the final electron acceptor is acetaldehyde.
o Remember, the product is ethanol, so acetaldehyde must be the precursor.
o The acetaldehyde accepts electrons from NADH to regenerate NAD+.
o Thus, glycolysis, an anaerobic process, can run and make some amount of ATP.
 In lactic acid fermentation, the final electron acceptor is pyruvate.
o Lactate is the product, where it can be converted back into glucose—Cori cycle
 Some Fungi are unicellular
o Fun Guy—singular
 Axial skeleton
o Head
o Ear
o Thyroid bone
o Rib cage
o Spine
 Appendicular skeleton
o Shoulder girdle
o Arm
 Humerus
o Hand
o Pelvic girdle
o Leg
 Tibia
 Tarsals
 Papillary muscles control AV valves in heart.
o Ciliary muscle—eye
o Sphincter pupillae—eye
o Extraocular muscles—eyelid
 Cardiac output—stroke volume*heart rate—amount of blood pumped in 1 minute.
 End-systolic volume—blood after contraction
 End-diastolic volume—blood before contraction
 Immunity
o Complement system—pokes holes in cell membranes
o Macrophils, neutrophils, and mast cells perform phagocytosis
o Helper T cells stimulate other cells (B, cytotoxic T, suppressor T, etc.)
o MHC—display nonself markers to which T cells can bind, and to which B cells can
o Dilation—histamines/basophils and mas cells
 Hemoglobin dissociation curve
o Left-shift: hemoglobin binds to oxygen more tightly
o Right: hb binds less tightly
o 2,3-BPG causes rightward shifts

so the water can absorb the heat o Adding water to acid can vaporize the water as the small initial amount of water may not have a sufficient total heat capacity to handle the acid/base reaction without vaporizing. the osmolality skyrockets.  Liquid to solid is crystallization o Fusion=melting  Electrolytic cell calculations o Amps*seconds = coulombs o 1 Faraday = 96.  Fetal hemoglobin  As one goes down the loop of Henle—water flows out o As one goes up—solutes go out o As one descends into the kidney.500 coulombs o 1 Faraday = 1 mole of electrons  Always add acid to water. It exists primarily in California and the Mediterranean. in effect. allowing for water retention. but can differentiate into any of the 3 germ layers  mRNA processing o 5’ G-cap o 3’ poly-A tail  A chaparral is not a biome but more like a community characterized by mild wet winters and hot dry summers.  Indeterminate cleavage produces a blastomere that can complete normal development o Leads to identical twins o Totipotent cells  Pluripotent cells cannot form entire individuals. nucleophiles are strong o Acidic—use carbon that can best support positive charge  .  Check stereochemistry for inversion! o Basic epoxide opening—sterics only factor. and this sucks out the water from the filtrate.

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