My Profile


- Hometown: I´m from Peru, I live in Ilo.
- Occupation: I´m a system engineering student. I work for an international company
- Languages: I speak Spanish and a little English.


Music: I like all music in general. Usually I listen to rock, pop, classic music. Sometimes I
hear jazz, instrumental music, reggae, blues. The languages of the songs are usually in
Spanish and English. I do not have a favorite group.

Films: I like history films, e.g. Gladiator, Spartacus, The Pianist. I also like comedy films,
e.g. The Hangover. And I also like films that come from books, e.g. The Fight club, Lord
of the Rings.

TV: I like to watch TV. I watch the Cartoon in the evening and films on the weekend.
Radio: I like listen radio in the house. I listen Rock, sometimes planet Radio. I also read
some newspaper, The World, New York Times, The Guardian. And also use the internet
to know that happens in society.

Sport: I love sport. I don’t currently in gym. I often go skating, cycling, running. I also
practice sometimes other sports basketball, tennis. I also enjoy walking by city or
world rural.