The last year was a wonderful experience at XXX. I worked on different tracks of XXX and
gained a lot of knowledge in that working as department co-ordinator gave me another
insight of different department. During last 1 year I worked on different track and got the
exposure on these. P-Review at regular interval gave me opportunity to perform better by
getting healthy feedback. The following work is carried out by me in this financial year.

1. As Department Coordinator:
1.1 Co-ordination with department for their asset revalidation.
1.2 Co-ordination with department for PT exercise of their URL.
1.3 Co-ordination with department for VA closure.
1.4 Follow up with departments for incident closure.

2. SIEM:
2.1 Incident creation.
2.2 Rules creation for alert.
2.3 Rules creation for report.
2.4 Generating report, fine tuning of report for sending the department.
2.5 Fine tuning of rules of alert and report.
2.6 Dashboard monitoring and creation of new dashlets for better monitoring.
2.7 Integration of department’s assets with SIEM.

3. Incident Management and reporting:
1.1 Incident creation, assigning, extracting the daily report of incident (assigned, resolved to
particular dept. and asset owners) from Archer.
1.2 Fine tuning in report, and follow up to different dept. for incident closure and