Windows 8 Logon
Windows 8 System Properties

Instruction Manual:
Take ownership your original (.dll / .dll.mui / other extension)
How to take your ownership? (Be carefull)
Go to c:\windows\branding.
Right click on original (.dll / .dll.mui / other extension) choose properties.
Go to security tabs choose advance and go to owner tabs.
Choose edit. Select your user account. Click ok.
In the security tabs. Choose edit and select user account.
Tick Full control. Apply and ok. Now your done.

Reneme the original (.dll / .dll.mui / other extension) to be (.dll.old /
.dll.mui.old / other extension)
Copy my modify files into c:\windows\branding to replace it.

Log off or restart. Now your done.

Please Turn off the UAC for the work.