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7 Lewis Carroll. Equally important is the use to which information about the murders can be put by social historians. 2002). 1999). 9 There is no compelling evidence against any © Ken Whiteway 2004. however. Ripper research is "notorious for articles.6 the There are. and even fournir un point de depart aux bibliothecaires impliques fingerprint identification would not be adopted by Scotland dans la creation ou le dveloppement d'une collection Yard until 1901. house-to-house inquiries. and. Since Introduction nothing is known about the killer. Saskatoon Sask. gated and. musicals. Duke figure completely separated from his historical reality.. University of Saskatchewan. the police did employ such new abordant le meurtre en serie ou les crimes commis ' la fin tools as crime scene photography. The rise in readership was also aided by the repeal. MA: Gemini Press. (London: Robinson. Jack the Ripper: "Light-heartedFriend"(Melrose. and 1880. which had placed a tax on newspapers that put them beyond the means of the average person. short stories. The Complete History ofJack the Ripper. a novice he retains a prominent place in the collective imagination. Le but de cet article est de diriger les ern forensic investigative procedures. 1996).1 This gave wide publicity to the events in Whitechapel ment ou peu basses stir des faits historiques. 5 Frank Spiering. Law Librarian. not yet available. Essex: N. more is now known M ore has been written about Jack the Ripper than about about their day-to-day lives than about any other non-elite women of the late Victorian period. 4 Philip Sugden. and the widespread use of the media to ask for public assistance and to circulate descriptions of suspects. 2002) at viii. Jack the Ripper: An Encyclopedia (Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO. rev. But while important data can be gleaned from books fiction books have been produced on the subject. working-class Britons were quickly ques publices sur les meurtres ayant eu lieu i Whitecha. Portraitofa Killer:Jack the Ripper---Case Closed (New York: Putnam. radio and its cranks and charlatans. 6 Melvyn Fairclough. en particulier. undercover investigators. and a large number of daily and weekly pel en 1888-1891. Essex: N. Jack has about the Whitechapel murders. 1978). novels. Volume/Tome 29.e. The Ripper and the Royals (London: Duckworth. CatherineEddowes: Jack the Ripper Victim (Hornchurch. The murders also coincided with the advent of mod- d'etre n6gliges. 2001). 2001) at 195-244. and because he has never been identified. A GUIDE TO THE LITERATURE OF JACK THE RIPPER By Ken Whiteway' Sommaire serial killer to gain international notoriety. becoming literate. No. He was the first sexual named suspects.3 any other figure in the history of crime. 2 Colin Beavan. Since the Whitechapel murders occurred in 1888-91 well over 100 non. 2003). ont vu occurred at a time when. 1876. in 1855. [i. of course. 2001). because of the Education Acts of une proliferation dans le nombre d'oeuvres non romanes. plays. Shelden. The murders Ces quelques derni~res ann~es. Shelden. and movies.5 Lord Randolph Churchill. de l'poque victorienne. for many people. 5 219 .2 However. 1991). Blood grouping and chercheurs vers les sources les plus sfires sur ce sujet et de DNA evidence were. 3d] ed. several reasons why Jack is the subject artist Walter Sickert. of the Stamp Act. operas. ket. the topic has also become a also been featured in thousands of newspaper and magazine minefield for the unwary. depending upon the book consulted. Eddleston. researcher might be convinced that Jack was actually Queen The result is that. 2004 Canadian Law Library Review/Revue canadienne des bibliothiques de droit. Fingerprints: The Origins ofCrime Detection and the Murder Case that Launched Forensic Science (New York: Hyperion. 3 Neal Shelden has been particularly diligent in disseminating new information about the victims in his self-published pamphlets: Annie Chapman: Jack the Ripper Victim. 8 or any one of 108 other of serious study by legal historians. he has become a mythic Victoria's grandson Prince Albert Victor (from 1891. PrinceJack: The True Story ofJack the Ripper (New York: Doubleday. Plusieurs de ces oeuvres abordent des newspapers had appeared to meet the needs of the new mar- theories tires par les cheveux et elies ne sont aucune. 9 John J. Jack the Ripper and His Victims: Research into the Victims ofthe Infamous Victorian Murderer (Hornchurch. Essex: N. Consequently. ' 4 Many unsubstantiated theories television programmes. a great deal of research has centred on the victims. relationship between the agents of law enforcement and the economique et sociale de l'epoque sont en grand danger media. Celles qui and marked the beginning of what has often been an uneasy apportent de grandes contributions I'histoire juridique. of Clarence and Avondale). A Short Biography (Hornchurch. 7 Patricia Cornwell. Shelden. 1870. 8 Richard Wallace. Largely because of his concerning the identity of the murderer have been promul- evocative nickname.

fiction and drama. 0 Leonard Matters. Jack the Ripper: A Bibli. entitled "Jacob the Ripper. and music. The book is engagingly written and makes good use of con- rect. There is also a very good cover). for the End. can safely be ignored since it contains several settled in the East End. It concentrates primarily on the statements that. and Pakistanis) who the 1973 edition. Chapter 9. This is a social history describing the waves of immigrants The Introduction. H Bermant is. way through the labyrinth of Ripper literature. The Jack the Ripper Handbook: A Reader's other than in the minds of the authors. since the cut-off date is October descriptions of the murders are full of inaccuracies. more recent books are excluded. Rev. there is no evidence at all. author/title/subject index. many and to relevant websites.. 3d] ed. Other sections of the bibliography are devoted to histories of the East End. Jack the Ripper in Fact and Fiction (London: Harrap. xi. 1995. which list contemporary records. 220 2004 Canadian Law Library Review/Revue canadienne des bibliothiques de droit. consequently. 5 . 292 p. although these entries are enclosed in boxes. The value of the book lies in its vivid be helpful. the first time may require some background information in According to The Jack the Ripper A-Z (discussed below). even such basic things as authors' names) so the information should be used with care. and some nineteenth-century criminal history. xii. although at the time generally accepted as period from the early nineteenth century to the early 1970s. Only what appear to be the most useful items have been It also has quite a few typographical errors (some involving included. West Indians. for our purposes. The Mystery ofJack the Ripper (London: Hutchinson. ISBN 0-413-28060-8 most part. five titles are particularly a general discussion of the case and has separate sections worthy of note. Bibliographies magazine articles. It is not the purpose of this guide unreliable books appear without critical comment. No. 12 For more on this theory. 1976. 186 p. films and television Chaim Bermant. fiction. literature search. material. 1975. and there are many of whom is a former librarian at New Scotland Yard. But. The histories and reminiscences dealing specifically with life in the bibliography is comprised of nearly 1. Companion. This guide is intended to help researchers find their ISBN 0-95369-490-9 (softcover). 75). NewYork: Macmillan. The descriptions of some of the bibliographic items are temporary sources. 188 p. Researchers approaching the Whitechapel murders for ISBN 0-900092-90-4 (softcover). however. alphabetically arranged citations to newspaper and (hardcover). entries are arranged chronologically and there is no index." explores the It does not claim to be exhaustive and. but this is still one of the best places to begin a descriptions of East End life. translations. facts and theories. Ross Strachan. comics and graphic novels." l fragmentary and the book contains a few typographical errors. And. order to place the subject in its historical context. omits possibility that Jack may have been Jewish. The facts and theories section contains. Point ofArrival: A Study ofLondon's East programmes. somewhat shaky on US history since he seems to believe that Benjamin Franklin was a President (p.of these people. true. As a result. magazine articles. The entries creating or developing a collection based on this aspect of include excellent printing histories for each title.e. 1965). 1999. biog- raphies. mu- sic. A great deal of useful material is contained There are two major bibliographies devoted to Ripper in this volume. They are mixed together with references Published in US as: London's East End: Point ofArrival. Jews. & updated [i. A new edition would is beside the point. Background Information ography and Review of the Literature. Scotland: Great Scot Services. but that 1994. to monographs. and recordings. London: Eyre Methuen. Volume/Tome 29. 12 Bermant's brief several relevant items. but it can be difficult to locate quickly. since that This is not an easy bibliography to use since most of the information is readily available in the material listed below. Alexander Kelly and David Sharp. to provide a description of the crimes themselves. not with their relative merits. It is also The cut-off date for this book is October 1999 and it lists intended to act as a starting point for librarians involved in 93 factual accounts of the Whitechapel murders. The inquiry is limited to have short synopses of the contents. for most. audio tapes. originally written by Colin Wilson for (Huguenots. ISBN 0-025-10090-4 (hard- which make them easily identifiable. Irvine. Hundreds Alexander Kelly is a pseudonym used by three authors. London: Association of Assistant Librarians. 1929). in fact. one of books have been written about London.000 items. have been proved by subsequent research to be incor. It includes East End. Strachan is concerned an examination of all full-length monographs on the subject with producing a comprehensive list of all Ripper-related published in English (the first of which appeared in 1929) l" materials. Irish. see Robin Odell.

" which an equal chance of discovering it. Her meaning in some sections of the book (particularly the Introduction) is obscured by her occasionally infelicitous Published Primary Sources style of writing. a better source might be Begg's various neighbourhoods based on primary sources. very useful in pointing out that a great deal more was going ISBN 0-9546603-0-7 (softcover). 30 p. EastEnd 1888: A Year in a London Bor. 2001. in the last few years. cal murder sites. Typescript. example of feminist writing is Kate Karlson. tion of the published letters. Perry Curtis. If the solution to the crimes The book contains interesting discussions of contempo.William J. The book is very Fishman has no particular interest in the Whitechapel successful in "combining the murders with the key historical murders. ing "the bigger picture of time and place" (p. Longman. Most importantly. it becomes more Fortunately. Walkowitz. No. ISBN 0. not on the murders themselves. ISBN 0-582-50631-X (hardcover). much of this information lucid and accessible. Chicago: Uni. For a late Victorian period. Jack the Ripper: The DefinitiveHistory. and crowded tenements during is devoted to the history of the East End and to the social/ the period that included the "autumn of terror. "Jack the Ripper: 100 Years of Terror. ISBN 0-226-87146-0 (softcover). But the strength of this book lies in the exposition of how ordinary people eked out an existence in background information that it provides. Walkowitz 71562-174-2 (hardcover). Toronto Reference Library. Walkowitz was a Profes. and political conditions that shaped the East End during the The subtitle of this book is somewhat misleading. in focussing societal anxieties." Speech to the Bootmakers of Toronto. sweatshops. As a result. newspaper 1988 publication Jack the Ripper: The Uncensored Facts accounts. his focus is on the effect of Geoff Cooper and Gordon Punter. However. Fishman. 353 p.Jackthe Ripper and the London Press (New Haven: Yale University Press. 1988. [London?] UK: ripperArt. xii. 5 <http://www. which he discusses briefly (pp. About half the text the workhouses.ripperart. and the func- Reprint. 310 p. xii. ISBN 0-87722-572-9 (hardcover). and her penchant for placing far too many terms in unnecessary Until quite recently. 2003. Jack the Ripper Whitecha- the murders. Paul Begg. ment. it was necessary for researchers inter- quotation marks. but students of the case will part of a formative moment in the production of feminist find the maps extremely helpful. graduate. ing every building. 5 Hopkins University. the momentum of interest among the public. 3 Walkowitz also offers some unique insights into media For a more detailed discussion of the treatment of the murders by contemporary newspapers. London: Hanbury. ISBN 0-226-87145-2 (hard. but unfortunately unpublished. purportedly from the murderer. 2001). on in London during 1888 than just the hunt for Jack the Attempting to understand the topography of the vari- Ripper. created a large (90 x 56 cm. her use of technical and arcane words. has been published in book form. . It is a very clear (discussed below). ISBN 0-71562-218-8 (softcover.com> 2004 Canadian Law Library Review/Revue canadienne des biblioth~ques de droit. everyone now has rary social developments such as the "new journalism. is to be found in the original documents. solves that problem by clearly depict- ofSexual Dangerin Late-Victorian London.) folded map of 1888 Whitechapel 2).and environs.14 Published in US as: East End 1888: Life in a London Bor- ough Among the LaboringPoor Philadelphia: Temple Uni. see L.to consult the files housed in various archives and libraries. and alley that figured in the versity of Chicago Press. and good maps of the late nineteenth-century East End are not easy to find. Below are four of the most was largely responsible for creating the legend ofJack the Rip. This is a detailed examination of the social. Originally published: London: Duckworth. 343 p. 14 Another good." Even in such a short account.a field virtually dominated by male writers. 18 September 1988. 5 221 . When the book was published. street. as the work progresses. coverage of the murders. ISBN 0-95410-590-7 (hardcover). Cooper and Punter have also sexual politics and of popular narratives of sexual danger" (p. City of DreadfulDelight: Narratives publication. investigation. 1988. yard. the role of the inquests in sustaining ough Among the LabouringPoor. some early parts of the book ested in Ripper-related primary materials to travel to London will likely prove to be incomprehensible to the average under. however. The book is pel Map Booklet 1888. This Judith R. Volume/Tome 29. however. Arthur Conan Doyle Collection. xi).useful titles." political/economic context of the murders. 1992. 2003. and even contemporary novels. brings a fresh perspective to the study of the Ripper crimes published 1989). The accompanying text is fragmentary and For our purposes "this study locates the Ripper story as contains several factual errors. economic. It contains excellent descriptions of the full account of the murders. 209-229) only in the events that formed a backdrop to the crimes" and in present- broader context of his chapter entitled "Crime and Punish. including detailed diagrams of the five canoni- cover). Fishman makes several minor factual errors. ous crime scenes can pose difficulties. per. London: versity Press. xiv. Both items are available through the publisher's sor of History and the Director of Women's Studies at Johns website.

its more recently. It reproduces (In comparison. However all the important letters are photographically reproduced. covering the murder. the Archives of the Met. eds. and the Royal Archives. eds. ISBN as evidence. The UltimateJack content and significance of the letters. No. perhaps. This is particularly useful should be included in any Ripper collection. newspapermen the inspiration to boost sales by producing The first part of the book consists of an essay on the hoax letters and inventing the sobriquet Jack the Ripper. the circulation of The Times was about newspaper accounts of the inquests into each of the victims' 50. the Public Record Office merged with the Historical Manuscripts Commission to form the National Archives.) deaths and has detailed references to all the original sources. as the authors admit. published 2002). Annie Chapman. This rect. are genuine. ISBN 0-78670-768-2 (hardcover). 81-86). 2000. such as care to consult the originals. most of which purport are good. published 2001). 237 p. This book consists of material from the Public Record Office. London: has transcriptions of each of them. and the Littlechild letter. and include the only to originate with the murderer. and 32 pages of illustrations. ISBN 0-7864-1385-9 (softcover). When emphasize the extent of the investigative problem faced by John Pizer was identified. xi. if sometimes rather graphic. much of the misinformation that appeared is a remarkable piece of work and an invaluable resource. but they do help to was profitable only as long as he could not be found. theory (p. and Mary Jane Kelly). in footnotes.Stewart P. if any. while the second part the Ripper Sourcebook:An IllustratedEncyclopedia. The material allows researchers to follow the story more or less as it unfolded covers the deaths of 11 possible victims from Emma Smith to contemporary London newspaper readers. the in the Daily Telegraph. located. witness statements. Another All of these letters are now generally considered to be commentary makes a very persuasive argument that Elizabeth hoaxes. and Chapter 18 deals with handwriting Published in US as: The Ultimate Jack the Ripper Com. 2000. and the reaction to the killings of some misguided ated. 17 To my eye. such as the Macnaghten memoranda.. interest flagged. 0-78670-926-X (softcover. Elizabeth Stride. tell us nothing about the murderer. arrested. By 1888 it had a circulation of about 250. but that Leather Apron fact. x.. panion: An IllustratedEncyclopedia. 16 In April 2003. 16 the Corporation of London Records Office. extracts from atrocities. perhaps. gave some enterprising members of the public. the time of Annie Chapman's murder (pp. Also included in published 2004). the authors seem to have mistranscribed the occasional word.000. xii. in Chapman killings sold a lot of papers. since we do not know which of the letters. It includes the text of all Of all the London newspapers. Christopher-Michael DiGrazia and London Metropolitan Archives. of London Police. the investigation. Jack the Ripper: Letters per reporters working to a deadline. valueless & Graf. Museum. Some point out (pp. references to helpful books and explain words or phrases with 7509-2549-3 (hardcover). 692 p. 2001. since many writers have been led astray by accepting as fact questionable information that was churned out by newspa- Stewart P. the Royal London Hospital Archives.000. The letters may. 138-39). Stroud. nonetheless there is always the possibility that one or Stride was killed by someone other than the Whitechapel more of them may have been written by the killer and that murderer (pp. ISBN 0-7509-3770-X (softcover. Each chapter deals with one of the five canonical victims The Sourcebook also contains important documents not (Mary Ann Nichols. The illustrations generated by the Whitechapel murders. ISBN convincing suggestion as to the origin of the "Royal Ripper" 1-84119-452-2 (softcover. Jefferson. 36-37) that the coverage of the search for the researchers feel that the letters may help to identify a suspect suspect nicknamed Leather Apron following the Nichols and or lend support to a particular theory. the text are passages from other newspapers such as The Star. The editors cor- on 3 April 1888 to Frances Coles on 13 February 1891. Evans and Keith Skinner. This volume contains the full text of the correspondence The Times. and the subsequent inquest. Gloucestershire: Sutton. The authors also quite perceptively is what attracts the interest of students of the crimes. New York: Carroll This is quite interesting but. Dave Yost. The Newsfrom Whitechapel:Jack the Ripper ropolitan Police. This arrangement Swanson marginalia. it was. police notebooks. the Daily the extant police and Home Office files related to the case as Telegraph that devoted the most space to the Whitechapel well as pathologists' reports. Catha- directly related to the official investigation that have surfaced rine Eddowes. ISBN 1-84119-225-2 (hardcover). 306 p. It includes over 200 extant known photograph of a victim (Annie Chapman) taken prior letters from the files of the Metropolitan Police and the City to her death. The footnotes include from Hell. This. London: McFarland. at least. 188). so readers can draw their own conclusions. ISBN 0. NC. British Library Newspaper Library. with full colour reproductions of the more The commentaries at the end of each chapter offer important ones. the City of London Police 2002. It in the pages of the Daily Telegraph. 222 2004 Canadian Law Library Review/Revue canadienne des bibliothiques de droit. 5 . Each file number is noted should researchers thoughtful insights into various aspects of the case. which a modern reader may not be familiar. samples from seven contemporaneously named suspects. and then exoner- the police. 17 The authors offer a Robinson. the Alexander Chisholm. Evans and Keith Skinner. Volume/Tome 29. and the East London Advertiser.

and names RipperA-Z. suspects. Its one weakness is that there have been several developments in Ripper research since 1996 and an Philip Sugden. Book ofJack the Ripper. texts of the documents are reprinted in virtually every recent The book includes entries on the victims. ISBN 0-7472-5522-9 (softcover). three men (M. ISBN 0-78670. 2001) and The American Murders ofJack the Ripper (Westport. including witness look at the primary sources and clarifies many of the errors statements. that. It also contains handwritten Since its first hardcover appearance in 1991. autopsy reports.Stewart P. Most of the rest of the book is devoted to articles by 16 ex- Sugden began his research from scratch. The Life and Times ofJack the Ripper (Bristol: Siena. this "Saucy Jacky" postcard.: New York: Carroll & Graf. The authors Frederick Abberline who were in charge of the Metropolitan are well respected in the field and each has written at least Police investigation. 1995). see two books by R. the best book yet written on the US ed. but it can be read on its own to Histories and Theories great advantage. comps. virtually all the known information about the murders. 499 p. in alphabetical This item is more of a novelty than a research aid since the order. past and current. 2002. garded by the police as suspects. Michael outlines the facts surrounding the murders of six victims from Ostrog. or anyone else. However. The Mammoth US ed. Druitt. and other relevant documents. After clearly setting out the facts of each murder. 68 p. this item is not mandatory gust 1888. and Record Office. ISBN 1-84119-397- 6 (softcover). which is meticulously researched and engagingly writ. CT: Praeger. 1999. Here they arrange. this has reports by Chief Inspector Donald Swanson and Inspector been an indispensable tool for Ripper research. who fails to apply the same intellectual rigour to the task. of all the known suspects. Rev. ISBN 1-903365-39-2. and concludes by stating contents of the kit. without relying perts who expound on their individual theories. 9 He November 1888. strictly speaking. chronological bibliography and descriptions of the of guilt against them. The This is a useful and inexpensive overview of the case book. xi. police and government officials. 8 It is also one of the longest books about the Ripper. points out that no one has ever produced acceptable evidence but good. 2004 Canadian Law Library Review/Revue canadienne des bibliothques de droit. victims. he includes Martha Tabram who was killed on 7 Au- Although. 2002.2 ° some of the most important documents housed in the Public Sugden definitely raised the bar in Ripper research. Chief Constable of the Criminal Investigation Department. Martin Fido and Keith Skinner. 0626-0 (softcover). To this list he adds Francis Martha Tabram on 7 August 1888 to Mary Jane Kelly on 9 Tumblety. and harbouring no precon. [i. If cant are copies of the "Dear Boss" letter. ceived theory. and ers who are unable to travel to London the opportunity to a wealth of other material.. it does add an interesting Sugden proceeds to evaluate the contemporary police suspects sidelight. witnesses. Maxim Jakubowski and Nathan Braund. ISBN 932-4 (softcover).: New York. London: Robinson. '9 See Stewart Evans and Paul Gainey.5 cm. it does allow research. the you intend to consult only one book about the Ripper. and Michael Ostrog) re.. that begins with a chronology of the 'Whitechapel murders ten. London: Robinson. and a handwritten memorandum should be it. Carroll & Graf. or to check particular facts or theories. contains the most comprehensive and accurate discussion and then proceeds. Severin Klosowski. 1996). the Royal London Hospital Archives. Aaron Kosminski. Sugden wrote the smallest book on the subject: Philip Sugden. lowed by a second revised paperback edition in 1995.e. 5 223 . 1996. who used The kit itself contains 16 colour photoreproductions of the alias George Chapman. Evans and Keith Skinner. 532 p. and his footnotes and bibliography are exemplary. but very little hard evidence. London: Headline. xviii. the Lusk letter.. It is primarily a reference tool designed to be used in conjunction with other books on the subject. a recently discovered contemporary suspect. and misconceptions that have accumulated over the years. rial. 2002. is the least unlikely.). in a Jack the Ripper collection. Kosminski.' It first appeared in hardcover in 1994 and was fol. 20 For interesting and detailed discussions of George Chapman's candidacy. This is. NC: McFarland. The folder includes a 12-page booklet that briefly such as Montague John Druitt. xxviii. In addition. The Lodger: The Arrestand Escape ofJack the Ripper (London: Century. The Complete History ofJack the Ripper. 417-442). book written on the subject. eds. dated 23 February 1894 Paul Begg. authors and their books. 2003). He makes excellent use of the primary mate. by (later Sir) Melville Macnaghten. Kit. His per and the Whitechapel Murders. and the it is difficult now to take seriously the work of any writer British Library Newspaper Library.e. (11 x 8. and George Chapman. 1-8548-7537-X (softcover). Jack the Rip.J. 1999. in about 100 pages. experience the look and feel of the original sources. No.. Rev. The rest of the booklet consists of a short. Sugden takes a completely fresh surrounding the five canonical murders. ISBN 0-7867- subject. quite simply. to state the facts of the case currently available. The Jack the which defines the popularly accepted five victims. Particularly on previous secondary sources. London: Public Record research leads him to believe that Jack probably claimed six Office. 519 p. updated edition is now overdue. one book on the subject. helpful as a summary of the major theories. is Colin Wilson's "A Lifetime in Ripperology" (pp. Michael Gordon: Alias Jack the Ripper: Beyond the Usual Whitechapel Suspects Uefferson. 4th] ed. 3d] ed. Among the most signifi. [i. Volume/Tome 29.

Who Was Jack the Ripper?: A Col." His opening chapter. was limited to 100 copies and signed by most of the contributors. lection of Present-Day Theories and Observations.J. Of who saw and said what. 5 .. ISBN 0-679-50711-6 Reprinted frequently.. No. ISBN 0-86051-583-4 (softcover. Much tions very succinctly and. 1988. published 1989). 1987). 21 It is a collection of very short articles by 53 Rip. (hardcover). As he states in the Introduction Much of the theory originated with Joseph Gorman Sickert. ed. 11-12): "This book is a simple. Both editions reprinted frequently in hard. London: 195-96) as well as the first to establish the correct spelling of Grey House Books. (hardcover). It is a book that is much in demand among collectors. published as: Jack the Ripper: The Facts. The first Despite the flawed research. but is well worth heavily in the balance of any assessment of the evidence" (p. the murders were carried mendable volume by Paul Begg. Reprint.and Rev. source for the general reader. which establishes that. the search. and a the murders. the preferable of investigation that seem most profitable. perhaps. An exception is this com.g. London: don: Harrap. One nice touch is that it includes a page listing the misconceptions of earlier writers. 1976. 111 p. Begg does not advocate a particular suspect. the second edi- flaws (if any) in their arguments. where and It is a compelling story and Knight tells it well. but his state- Because this slim volume was issued in a small print run ment that "the opinion of Anderson and Swanson must weigh (1.The book concludes with a chronological bibliography and a edition is a thoughtful work that attempts to clarify some of filmography. Lon- mentedHistory ofthe WhitechapelMurders of1888. 22 See. The Ripper Legacy: The Life and Death ofJack the Ripper (London: Sidgwick & Jackson. 37-52) but then proceed to propose an equally unsubstantiated theory centred on M. Lord Salisbury). comp. The authors give a detailed refutation of each of Knight's points (pp. The first quickly review all of the theories and then pursue those areas edition is still widely available and is. John Netley (a of Ripperologist. mid-1980s. badly through a conspiracy of high-ranking Freemasons (including researched. It contains a very cogent the prevailing weather conditions in London on the dates of account of the murders of the five traditional victims. 2004. 1995. x. the Prime Minister. Jack the Ripper: The UncensoredFacts. important pieces of information is particularly good. ISBN 0-9510604-3-0 Catharine Eddowes' name. but nearly all of them were hurriedly written.000 copies) it can be difficult to locate. it has long been established that he either misinterpret- and social background against which the murders were set. ISBN 0-245-52724-9 (hardcover). Paul Begg.A Docu. 224 2004 Canadian Law Library Review/Revue canadienne des biblioth4ques de droit. Jack the Ripper: The FinalSolution. of what happened. Robson Books. author to print the full text of the Swanson marginalia (pp. He was the first Camille Wolff. words in which to outline his or her basic view of the case. Druitt. Martin Howells & Keith Skinner. Knight's book has been very The original edition. contrary to the popular good discussion of the principal suspects as they existed in the conception.: New York: McKay. 210) indicates that he is at least somewhat inclined to favour per theorists and authors. also published in 1995. The second edition is greatly expanded and brings the The space constraints mean that they must state their posi. softcover by various publishers. London: Robson Books. (pp. Unfortu- when. as a result. but section to explaining why Knight's theory is untenable. Stephen Knight. it is easy to identify new material has been added and. straightforward account the alleged illegitimate son of Walter. that he possessed at the time of writing the book.) coachman). US ed. ISBN 0-86051-528-1 (hardcover). or deliberately ignored. Virtually In both editions. e. Each is allotted no more than 700 Aaron Kosminski. consequently. Since its first appearance it has Many books appeared around the time of the Ripper never been out of print. (Begg is currently the editor out by Sir William Gull (a noted physician). topic up-to-date with a discussion of recent suspects. and unworthy of notice. their strengths make up for any small deficiencies. and Walter Sickert (a well-known artist) to silence The 1988 edition was the first extensively footnoted book on five prostitutes who were blackmailing the government with the subject and was an attempt to return to the verifiable facts their knowledge of a secret marriage between Prince Albert that were in danger of being lost in an escalating number of Victor and Catholic shop assistant Annie Elizabeth Crook. Volume/Tome 29. Begg also discovered some new photographs that were published for the first time in this book. 2d ed. 284 p. centenary. ISBN 1-86105-687-7 Until recently this was by far the most popular book on (hardcover). the Whitechapel murders. 550 p. Researchers can therefore tion is occasionally rather rambling and unfocussed. which describes the political nately.the leading journal of Ripper-related studies. Knight proposes the theory that. 256 p. & enl. there was no fog on any of the relevant nights. readers should be wary of a handful of every book on the subject written since 1976 has devoted a 22 factual and typographical errors that can lead to confusion. (often outlandish) theories. 1976.

in an appendix. 29 William D. TheJack the RipperA-Z. And the work is not com. ed. 280 p. 28 See Martin Fido. Simply reading the Maybrick diary. surpassed Knight's book as the best sell. and reaction to it led to a great deal of new research. account of his efforts. review see Caleb Carr. tionable provenance.influential. This was not helped by fectively. Shirley Harrison. The Whitechapel Conspiracy (London: Headline. Given the Michael Barrett. on a letter dated 17 September 1888 which most experts believe was planted among the official documents in the Public Record Office. Martin Fido and Keith Skinner. attempt to maintain objectivity in their porting to be the diary of Jack the Ripper first surfaced in inquiry into the origins of the diary and. but they do lay out all the relevant evidence very ef- failed to convince most observers. this book. Osyth. 2001).. 4th] ed. 2002). London: 2003. Volume/Tome 29. No. The authors of A scrapbook containing 63 handwritten pages and pur. Kevin O'Donnell. "Dealing With the Work of a Fiend. 2004 Canadian Law Library Review/Revue canadienne des bibliothiques de droit. Mapping Murder: The Secrets of GeographicalProfiling (London: Virgin Books.30 23 Jean Overton Fuller. 26 Supra. if the diary is genuine. among plausible candidates to emerge in the last forty years and. in great detail. Rubinstein. apparently. and some obvious inconsistencies in ing Ripper title. Both editions reprinted frequently in hard. but not untypical. not be completely discounted. 299 p. and.29 The researchers may wish to examine it. 1990). Caroline Morris and Keith Skinner. if obviously biased. including the results of the repeated confessions (and subsequent retractions) by of all the scientific tests that were conducted on it. 25 The most recent of which are: Robin Paige [pseud. [i. note 7. 30 Researchers with a particular interest in the Maybrick diary may also wish to consult: Paul Feldman." New York Times Book Review (15 December 2002) 15-16. 1992. It appeared to be written by a drug-addicted Liverpool they succeed. Sickert and the Ripper Crimes: An Investigation into the Relationship Between the Whitechapel Murders of 1888 and the English Tonal PainterWalter RichardSickert (Oxford: Mandrake. Jack the Ripper: The Final Chapter(London: Virgin Books.]. rev. Even researchers who doubt torAbberline's report on Mary Ann Nichols. Seth Linder. 5 225 . 2003) at 68-98. My thanks to Linda Fritz. spent most of the theme23 and it has served as the basis for four movies. Israel Schwarz's testimony. 372).24 and 1990s squabbling amongst themselves. the book does a good job of presenting the chronology inconclusive: all that can be said is that. One caveat: Feldman's argument rests. ISBN 0-7509-2954-5 (hardcover). that he had flamboyant personalities of some of the leading figures in this forged it. Other writers have developed variations on his by Shirley Harrison and Paul Feldman. is not particularly US ed. Several books have dealt with the topic. The Ripper and the Royals (London: Duckworth.2" Knight's fanciful theory also has attracted so much attention and debate. or a modern However. 1997). at his adulterous wife. for directing me to this review. but they were (hardcover). its supporters have forgery. fact remains that Maybrick is one of a very small number of pletely without merit: it was Knight who unearthed. Ripper Diary: The Inside Story. academic historians to have investigated the murders. and Robbie Coltrane. and.. A more cautious and qualified endorsement of the diary has been offered by a Psychology Professor at the University of Liverpool: see David Canter.27 among a handful of experts. without knowledge xvii. brought their various biases along with them. The Crimes. 199 1). ISBN 1-85685-050-1 (hardcover). ISBN 1-56282-704-9 helpful. led is facilitated by an excellent index. although it has received almost unanimous the text.and written by people on one side or the other of the debate who softcover by various publishers. he should probably White's report on his interviews with Matthew Packer. Anne Perry. Gloucestershire: Sutton. The DiaryofJack the Ripper. The Jack the Ripper WhitechapelMurders (St. Florence. The authors do proved to be a fake. Keith Skinner was one of the experts consulted cotton broker named James Maybrick who claimed that he about the diary when it first came to light and he participated committed the Whitechapel murders as acts of revenge aimed in many of the incidents recounted in the book. Sergeant Stephen least until further evidence is forthcoming. 24 The most recent of which is From Hell (2001). Paul Begg. but its impact was dulled because counterclaims made concerning the diary. see Denis Meikle. (London: Headline. viii. for the most part. "The Hunt for Jack the Ripper" (2000) 50:5 History Today 10-19. not decide if the diary is genuine. Starring Johnny Depp. The book initially created The book documents. 1993. Access to particular points in the saga of the diary the fact that members of the two major pro-diary camps. Scientific tests to authenticate the diary have been story. helped to reawaken interest in the Whitechapel murders. nor was it helped several novels. the "discoverer" of the diary. 1987) at 195. Stroud. most notably one of the few But simply because the book has been so influential. the authenticity of the diary has found adherents condemnation from knowledgeable critics.25 The latest variation by Patricia Cornwell26 by Michael Barrett's erratic behaviour. a colleague at the University of Saskatchewan Library. Essex: Ten Bells Publishing. Twentieth Century Fox. Inspec. however. 27 For a scathing. It is not until the final page of his book (p. Directed by Albert Hughes and Allen Hughes. Jack the Ripper: The Murders and the Movies (London: Reynolds & Hearn. that Feldman admits "it is possible that the letter was placed in the files by a modern-day hoaxer. 2000). For a complete discussion of Ripper films. Death at Whitechapel (New York: Berkley Publishing Group. in part. an old forgery. making its connection to the 25 September letter and the Lusk letter a complete fabrication". But despite its ques- has now. 1993. it has not been of events in a clear and compelling manner. Feldman spent a great deal of time and money attempting to prove that the diary is genuine and the book provides an interesting. so far. Smith Gryphon. and a police copy the Maybrick theory will want to examine the diary since it of the Goulston Street graffito.e. 1996) at 203. Detection and Death ofJack the Ripper (London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson. 1997). the claims and a great deal of interest. Heather Graham. Melvyn Fairclough. at other things.: NewYork Hyperion. of the relevant background information.

not a professional writer or facts surrounding the murders. it is use of footnotes and his bibliography is quite good. tively outlines his case against William Henry Bury. most of which "vicious" and "semi-criminal. tions placed on poor East Enders by society. artists. Dagen- In this volume. and she decided to leave him. 2002). Douglas disagrees with Paley that Barnett is a likely suspect. of the Ripper. Douglas. when that failed to work. and he provides a better than aver. 1998. be included among the victims 208 p. typo- He spent part of that time living in Vancouver. 2001). ISBN 0. xvii. royal physicians. Paley could have been remedied by a good editor and proofreader. ISBN 1-85487-892-1 (softcover.Jackthe Ripper: An Encyclopedia(Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO. Then briefly. The book is He provides a short account of the crimes. The Cases That Haunt Us: FromJack the Ripper to JonBenet Ramsey. as many observers believe. <http://casebook. London: witnesses. Chris Miles. This highly improbable that he will be found among the ranks of is a thoughtful and well-presented argument by a talented politicians. Beadle's theory requires that Rose Mylett. He fits the FBI psychological profile. From Hell: The Jack the Ripper Mystery. 2000) at 60-61. This theory Hinton offers some very thoughtful observations on the neatly explains why all the victims came from the same area murders. Hutchinson fits the profile and descriptions. ISBN 1-85487-921. a very age discussion of eight murder victims ranging from Martha plausible but largely overlooked suspect. researcher who deserves wider recognition. ISBN 0-7867-0543-4 (softcover. he killed her also. compelling case against George Hutchinson. so perhaps he can be forgiven for the occasional Stride and Mary Jane Kelly. He also holds some odd views of the Tully is a retired banker. the flow of his narrative. John J. the death of Kelly on 9 November 1888." and occasional labourers. defined by Booth as the "loafers. 1997.Jackthe Ripper: Anatomy ofa Myth. of mental problems who escaped from Broadmoor in January Beadle is quite forceful in his denunciation of the priva- 1888 and remained at large until he gave himself up in 1927. xv. his figured prominently in the Mary Jane Kelly murder inquiry. 1997. and also fits the FBI profile of Published in US as: Prisoner1167:"The Madman Who Was the typical serial killer developed by Robert Ressler and John Jack the Ripper. the murders ceased with the Ripper? London: Robinson. 272 p. or senior Freemasons. He makes effective If the identity of Jack the Ripper is ever revealed. he effec- presents a plausible suspect. See John Douglas and Mark Olshaker. theory is that Barnett killed a series of prostitutes in order to Again. killed on 20 December 1888. published that Barnett fits the description of the suspect offered by some 1998). was a convicted wife murderer with a 1891. uses the work of Booth and others to present an informative But. 1995. 31 In addition. acquainted with at least one of the victims. despite the typographical errors and the occasional in- depiction of the day-to-day life of the East End poor. however. 1-874538-96-4 (softcover). The book concludes with a section entitled "Points to history of mental problems. and matched the descriptions given by some of the Bruce Paley. Tully suggests that James Kelly was the ham. This book and the four following titles concentrate on far more likely candidates. 226 2004 Canadian Law Library Review/Revue canadienne des biblioth4ques de droit. Ab- which he colour coded each street according to income. A ertilly. In brief. Wales: Old Bakehouse Publications. Essex: Wat Tyler Books.org/ripper-media/book-reviews/non-fiction/garrywroe-full. East Sussex: Milestone Press. Jack the Ripper: The Simple Truth. and. particularly those of Annie Chapman and Elizabeth 11 However. Volume/Tome 29. ISBN 0-7472-7794-X (softcover). knowledge of most of the murder sites. An interesting aspect of this book is its discussion of Charles Booth's "Descriptive Maps of London Poverty" in Bob Hinton. the FBI's Legendary MindhunterSheds Light on the Mysteries That Won't Go Away (New York: Scribner. New York: Carroll & Graf. Garry Wroe. William Beadle. ISBN great deal of the East End was designated by black which indi. Kelly was a convicted wife murderer with a history (hardcover). advertent mistake.James Tully. Bury lived in the Tabram on 7 August 1888 to Frances Coles on 13 February general area (Bow). 181 p. particularly those of Elizabeth historian. Paley points out 9 (hardcover). Hinton manages to construct a reasonably Paley also builds a very persuasive case for Joseph Barnett.Jack the Ripper: An American View (New York: Mystery Notebook Editions. 2003). x. and the sources most of the book pointing out the errors in existing major are carefully listed in a bibliography. 1995. cated the lowest classes. Eddleston. being Jack the Ripper. 1999). viii. addresses in the East End thereby establishing his detailed published 1998). At the very least Tully theories. at the end (pp. minor factual error and the lack of footnotes. a witness who 32 Mary Jane Kelly's lover.html>. who was Headline. and was known to consort with Ponder" in which he makes some very cogent observations. No. but spends well researched and entertainingly written. prostitutes. 5 . was the right age. Paley traced all of Barnett's known 7867-0404-7 (hardcover). 396 p. The Secret ofPrisoner1167: Was This Man Jack and why. On the Trailof a DeadMan: The Identity ofJack the Ripper (Hove. of the most reliable witnesses." the This book suffers from a few problems. 155-170).Jack the Ripper: Person or PersonsUnknown? (E-book. but he was graphical errors and his idiosyncratic use of capital letters slow known to be in London at the time of the murders. and was frighten Kelly off the streets and. ISBN 0952-448-904 Ripper. 12 Hinton's theory has been echoed by four other writers: Stephen Wright.

Chicksands. and because they were the same age and Cheadle Hume.bollandbooks. See Leonard Matters. Volume/Tome 29. and Fido suggests that on 7 De. He gives a balanced evaluation of the po. Cheadle nationality and both had received treatment at Colney Hatch Cheshire SK8 5EQ Asylum. The main competition for Website: www. and he makes a persuasive argument that Stride was general collection. Kaminsky was found wandering the streets and United Kingdom unable to care for himself. ISBN 0-297-79566-X (soft.Jack the Ripper: A New Theory (London: Quality Press.ca although it reproduces the minor factual errors common to Website: www.com thew Packer (p. Particularly useful is Fido's description of the hierarchy of the Metropolitan Janus Books and City police forces. He was the first author to Email: info@janusbooks. Website: www. Hinton attempts to discredit The following dealers are all extremely reliable and each all the major theories. No.laybooks.and' Welcome ON LIA 3V5 softcover by various publishers. Shefford old bootmaker who lived in Whitechapel and had been treated Bedfordshire SG17 5QB for syphilis. they can book includes photographs of some of the murder sites as they often obtain perfectly serviceable copies of books. 5 227 . 2004 Canadian Law Library Review/Revue canadienne des biblioth~ques de droit. Kosminsky with Nathan Kaminsky because of the similarity 8 Balmoral Avenue of their surnames.33 The copies of first printings in dust jackets. 4662 Dale Road cover. But when selecting books for the 11 This idea was suggested at least as early as 1929. This painstakingly researched theory has failed to United Kingdom attract much support.Stride. ISBN Geoffrey Cates Books 0-297-79136-2 (hardcover). Bolland Books of Elizabeth Stride. 58) and he has some interesting and original thoughts on the sequence of events surrounding the murder Leslie H. seldom require pristine probably murdered by her boyfriend. United Kingdom tively small print runs and often the only way to acquire them Email: loretta.com is through out-of-print booksellers. 1987. Reprinted in hard. London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson.janusbooks. The Crimes. He died on 20 October 1889. Stewart was also the first to point out that George Hutchinson's detailed description of the man he claimed to have seen with Mary Kelly on the morning of her murder was simply too good to be true.lay@btinternet. 1939). Detection and Death ofJack the Ripper. Box 40787 major players and (refreshingly) is critical of their actions only Tucson AZ 85717 when it is truly warranted. now much changed East End. x.com David Cohen. Canada This work provides an excellent discussion of the case. 1929).com print the notes of Sir Charles Warrens interview with Mat. 1 Warren Court The suspect he advocates is Nathan Kaminsky. Website: www.com/home/geofbook most of the books published in the mid-1980s. They generally interesting discussion of the nature of serial killers.com Loretta Lay Books Book Dealers 24 Grampian Gardens London NW2 1JG Books about Jack the Ripper are usually produced in rela. Michael Kidney. He also quite effectively points out USA the weaknesses in earlier theories. They accept major credit cards or will delay payment and send invoices for purchases by libraries.com cember 1888 he was committed to an asylum under the name Website: www. Email: gcates@cogeco. Fido further suggests that police officials confused the suspect Aaron Clifford Elmer Books Ltd. The Mystery ofJack the Ripper (London: Hutchinson. published 1989).com of the others that have been put forward.com these titles is among collectors. Email: info@bollandbooks. have a good selection of the most common Ripper-related tributes the non-fatal attacks on Annie Millwood (25 February titles in stock and will conduct searches for specific titles.abebooks. He also at. Consequently.truecrime. It was repeated in William Stewart. of course. and presents an has a sub-specialty in Victorian true crime. at very reasonable prices. Martin Fido. a 23-year. but it seems to be as probable as most Email: sales@cliffordelmerbooks. librarians. 241 p. including Bruce Paley's. which are not currently look and directions on how to locate them in the of interest to collectors. 1888) and Ada Wilson (28 March 1888) to Hutchinson.

3 4 With so much material from or extracts from several rare books and pamphlets published 37 which to choose. hopelessly lost. Most By way of comparison. things. This is an excellent source for keeping abreast An increasing number of peer-reviewed journal articles of new developments in the literature. Piper. tion on 18 possible victims including biographies. A list tional Archives at Kew. in-depth analyses for Additional Websites the intermediates.org/rippermedia/book-reviews/non-fiction/jackmyth. the single most useful source for can develop.uk/history/ripper. and numbers and descriptions of the police files held by the Na- pictures of the gravesites of the five canonical victims. very accurate.lse. the same search conducted in early 2003 resulted in only 135. The light on the history and social conditions of the period.org/ripper-media/rps. Wolf's Jack the Myth36 which. Although the topic is beyond the scope of this article. the London School of Economics. are available on the Internet. and up-to-date primary-source material for the experts. No. although published as recendy as 1993. This may be due to increased interest in the subject. Researchers can con. information on the Ripper murders. or to the fact that Google M added one billion pages to its web index in early 2004. There is informa. fictional accounts of the Ripper mystery occasionally propose theories that are more plausible than some of the so-called serious studies of the subject. Fortunately. Printed or digital copies of documents may be ordered.uk> 40 My thanks to Janet Catterall. through the website.lib. Suspects. survey notebooks.3 ' The reviews are succinct and. Of sections include Victims. one website will meet nearly Finally there is a Message Boards section in which vir- everyone's needs. information on Booth's survey into life and labour in per Media . The list purports London between 1886 and 1903. perhaps. and that poverty maps of London and the ability to search the original appears to be true. some of the rarer and sought-after Ripper volumes. The official Metropolitan Police site3 8 has a brief but and death certificates.virginia.P. As is typical of message boards. for a fee. searchers access to all the material related to the subject for- which contains complete transcriptions of articles in contem. Many don. it particular problems. among other Reviews of books can be found by following the links Rip.gov.uk> 4' (1993) 35 Essays in History 1. the same claim is made for the list of fiction books from which quite a few titles have been omitted. an interesting and informative new thread oped into what is. so the article contains a few minor errors. It contains. Also available are the full text references to Jack the Ripper. A good example is Robert E The Dissertations section contains articles reprinted from Haggard's "Jack the Ripper as the Threat of Outcast Lon- journals and some written specifically for the website. "introductory material for the novices.html> 228 2004 Canadian Law Library Review/Revue canadienne des biblioth4ques de droit. 36 <http://casebook. Volume/Tome 29. course.html> -7 <http://casebook.html> 8 <http://www. generally. or that help to shed into one or more subsections broken down by topic.casebook. 35 However. a colleague at the University of Saskatchewan Library. it would be easy for researchers to become in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.nationalarchives.<www. newspapers from around the world. duct full-text searches of the press reports. Particularly useful are the to include all the non-fiction books ever published. is now unobtainable in A recent search of the Internet retrieved over a million hardcopy at a reasonable price. occasionally.000 references. merly held by the Public Record Office. The reference number porary newspapers that covered the Whitechapel murders.org> members of the public. The National Archives Online Catalogue39 allows re- One of the most interesting sections is Press Reports. however. new material is added constantly. these The Casebook was begun in 1996 and is produced by areas can contain many inane comments and pointless chatter Stephen P. or search them by The Charles Booth Online Archive" is sponsored by individual newspaper or by date. Witnesses. and Official Documents. <http://etext. It is designed for all levels of interest and includes. It has gradually devel.police. but here are a few Police Officials.000 articles from 255 files. can be very enlightening.htm> 39 <http://www. but.catalogue. 5 . is supplied as well as a brief description of the contents of the At the moment it consists of over 2.ac.edu/EH/EH35/haggard1. Ryder and John A. site maps. of the better sites that are currently available. tually every aspect of the case is discussed in great detail by Casebook: Jack the Ripper . Ripper Letters.Websites notable among these is A. The section entitled Victorian London accurate account of the murders and includes the reference includes photographs of the East End then and now.met. and then concerned with the Whitechapel murders. for directing me to this website: <http://booth. For this information he relies on some outdated and their articles. as the compilers point out.Non-Fiction.Book Reviews . is quite effective in describing the social tensions in London The Casebook has recently begun to add the full text of in the mid-1880s. which tend to focus on narrow issues or sources."'" Haggard's primary interest is not the Whitechapel of the leading Ripper researchers contribute to this section murders." There are hundreds of websites that are at least partially The site is organized into 16 different sections. of related topics appears at the bottom of most pages.

For several years. one is were hoaxes. it is likely that. its meticulous scholarship served as victims. 44 Donald Rumbelow. Kelly is. But while the can definitely be attributed to the criminal. There was also a consensus commentator noted three decades ago. and Sutcliffe. writing about other areas of crime and his work on the Ripper therefore. there was general. 1986) at 214. most commentators agree that all the less stream of books continues to be published about the East letters. There also seems to be increasing agreement particularly worthy of attention. 2004 Canadian Law Library Review/Revue canadienne des bibliothiques de droit. Gen. Allen. and. has. it will undoubtedly be of interest New material stirred up by dozens of theorists seems to to researchers and librarians. perhaps. A Casebook on Jack the Ripper (London: Wildy. Since the mid. Joseph Barnett. butcher. Of the books currently in preparation. and possibly three. grocer. point for useful investigations into the social. and early in 2004. policeman or publican. and there is no chances of discovering his true identity after all this time are. eds. and one (Eddowes) in Aldgate. the search itself continues to provide a focal ders began. Yet. Recently. and Of course. Bundy. We no longer have even a pseudonymous name that probably go on for another hundred years. Gacy. Dahmer. '42 And it is undeniable that the the last few decades is. the Green River murders. more likely to bear fruit than the fanciful By the mid-1970s. Now. If it is accepted that there were six now somewhat dated. Ramirez. accompanied him willingly. Volume/Tome 29. quite daunting. 4 Gary Coville & Patrick Lucanio. 46 See. NC: McFarland. however." End murders. our of 2003. Sugden. It might. Whittington-Egan is also the author should be removed from the list. e. people who have studied 44 ing letters that he mailed to the Central News Agency and the case for years will look at one another and say "Who?" to George Lusk. it is just these uncertainties that continue to attract legal history of late Victorian England. he may have per were published. "The Ripper Report: A Hundred-Year Stocktaking" (1988) 253 ContemporaryReview 84-94. apparently. minimal. at Whittington-Egan has been working on a book entitled The the same time.1960s. be more appropriate to readopt the name originally has been limited to the occasional short article. 5 229 . 1975) at 155-156. unfortunately. taunt. As the authors of a study on the Berkowitz. ers yet. "Ripperature: The Books About Jack the Ripper. if anything. agreement that Jack had claimed five victims beginning with And. There is also the upcoming trial it can safely be predicted that the murderer was a heterosexual of Robert William Pickton who faces charges related to the Caucasian male in his mid-20s to mid-30s who resided or disappearance of 23 women from Vancouver's Downtown worked somewhere in the East End.. No. several theorists believe that Elizabeth Stride QuestforJack the Ripper. Interest in the Ripper murders centred on suspects who lived in the neighbourhood. As one very astute Jane Kelly on 9 November 1888. George Hutchinson and James we seem to know less and less about him. Richard Whittington-Egan. an inspiration for later writers such as Paul Begg and Philip two (Chapman and Kelly) in Spitalfields.g. he was probably frequency and that first came to public attention with the unemployed or self-employed. William Bury. John Allen Muhammad and Lee interest in him and his exploits would vanish. the pace of publishing something in the nature of a local shopkeeper. Richard that Martha Tabram should be included as a victim while. he has The number of serial killers that have surfaced during been constantly re-invented. Richard Whittington-Egan." in Sylvana Tomaselli & Roy Porter. complete agreement on such basic questions as when the mur.45 Although murderer is a misnomer. Ng. 45 Richard Whittington-Egan. new book finally appears." Antiquarian Book Monthly (May 1999) 10-13. one (Stride) in St. when they ended. we would all 43 Boyd Malvo were tried and convicted of the Washington wish that someone had minded his or her own business. Finally. cultural significance of the crimes have pointed out: "Should Olson. so. Manson. A enduring curiosity about Jack the Ripper is based largely on partial list would include names such as DeSalvo. therefore. Rape (Oxford: Blackwell. Since at least the later victims must have been wary of strang- Between 1929 and 1959 only four books on Jack the Rip. name of the killer is ever revealed. Buono and Bianchi. and Gary Leon Ridgway pleaded guilty to Based on what is known of modern serial killers. The CompleteJack the Ripper (London: WH.Conclusion writers and readers to the mystery. Hardly a month goes by without pawnbroker. have had the effect of making murky waters considerably The search for the killer with the evocative sobriquet will murkier. he does not exist. In recent years. In the last few months someone finally and unequivocally identify the Ripper.. economic. Christopher Frayling. for all sorts of reasons. as more and more is published. Given that all the killings Eastside. 1999) at 90. a steady and seemingly end- mittee. Jack the Ripper: His Life and Crimes in PopularEntertainment(Jefferson. Whittington-Egan has devoted himself to George's-in-the-East. of course. a flood of been known to the residents of the area and was. increased. two (Tabram and Nichols) were killed in Whitechapel. it is not unrealistic to suppose that the real MaryAnn Nichols on 31 August 1888 and ending with Mary culprit has never come to public attention. material has appeared. as mentioned earlier. however. sniper shootings. or the total number of victims. however. theories that lack persuasive evidence. if not universal. Chairman of the Mile End Vigilance Com. 1975). "The House that Jack Built: Some Stereotypes of the Rapist in the History of Popular Culture. such as has never been greater. It is a phenomenon that appears with increasing occurred in the early hours of the morning. including the original ones signed "Jack the Ripper. and very likely lived alone. 46 When his given to the killer by the press: the East End murderer. if the that the murderer had written two. Whitechapel murders. "In terms of historical evidence. his continuing anonymity. at best. The research that has a new title being announced. Even the term Whitechapel of a very influential book that appeared in 1975.

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