What The Aliens Are Saying 4/2/17

People are always looking for "the truth"...(Or is it just the lottery numbers they are after?)

The truth isn't just out there, it's staring us right in the face. We just can't see it because of the cultural
blinders we force ourselves to wear. We are raised within a certain framework of belief, and when
something happens that doesn't fit into our accepted version of reality, we tend to ignore it, belittle it,
sweep it under the rug....and ridicule anyone who pays attention to it.

In other words, anything we experience that doesn't fit into our accepted "norms" is perceived as a
threat to our sanity, and we shy away from it.

The aliens are telling me, if we want to rise up and become part of what's going on in the universe, we
have to radically change our definition of reality.

So, here's what they are telling me:

1. Reality is based on infinity rather than logic.

They are saying everything we need to know to fix what's wrong with ourselves and what we are doing
to the planet is contained in that one statement, but it needs unfolding....since few humans remember
how to expand a concept. Luckily, they are willing to help us out here...("irresponsible children" is in the

a. Humans keep trying to put a floor, walls, and a ceiling around reality, when, in fact, it is
infinite. There are no boxes to think outside of, there are no snug, protective boxes to hide in.
Reality is everywhere, loudly blaring its omnipresent messages: Everything and anything is
possible. Or not. Whatever. It's all out there: saints, sinners, pink elephants, and glowing beams
of intelligent life. We have to learn to deal with it. Period.

b. Humans are capable of accepting and understanding infinity, but it takes training. Our ancient
cultures knew this and promoted "mystery schools" and "religious training" around the world so
we would know how to deal with reality. Unfortunately, the original "one world culture" broke
up over wars and natural disasters, so the "truth" about reality was lost. If war and pestilence
kills off all the teachers in one generation, the next generation has to piece together and patch
up whatever memories are left, and often get it all wrong.

c. Without training, direct confrontation with infinity can drive humans insane. And, quite often,
this is driven by greed. Ambitious humans are inspired by power, and a working knowledge of
the infinite nature of the universe can be quite an advantage. Success breeds greed (you get
some, you want more) and suddenly you lose the balance necessary to be a "good guy" and you
end up going over to the Dark Side. Or else, you simply "lose it" and wander around mumbling
what appears to be nonsense, your brain having been fried from over stimulation.

The original translator didn't do his or her job completely. Learn to use "yogi breaths" (deep. and generally ignoring science.but also kind. You go into a kind of "trance state" quite frequently. 2. But it can be done... but you can... Challenge yourself to do tasks you don't really want to do but that are helpful.. 4. eating. Look for translations to the words other folks didn't translate.. So we qualify as being "conscious" and they aren't supposed to eat us. who gets paid for the show.so. food.) (Tyrants are coming. This is rare.) 3. you've seen it in reading myths from other cultures whose language is unfamiliar. Don't slouch.. when you need to find your keys. The truth IS out there and you CAN find it.useful to the lion who gets a treat rather than a knock on the head. which is a challenge. (While you still can. who get entertained..but it takes a little practice to develop it into a skill you can use on command. where the enemy was gathering their forces around their yufpohgi".taking a little break from the noise and garbage going on around you.. that folks can explore knowledge so freely. useful to the audience. d. Not all beings can do that. polluting the planet. But if we insist on killing each other.the things you always put off for later.. This makes us useful. . Recognize how your mind works. Learn and practice self-control techniques."And then the king took his ghnvidyc and looked to the west. Ever blink and recognize that you've sorts been asleep at the wheel for the past few miles? Ever find yourself day-dreaming about the future.) There are times when going into a trance can be very helpful. we begin to look more like food than useful additions to the galactic community. Google it.. having lost the original network of teachers capable of preparing us for confronting infinity (and living in a focused state of reality). to the point that you feel like you fell asleep and just woke up? These are examples of your mind "dozing off". filling your mind with extra oxygen). we need to go back through history and piece together a more accurate understanding of the clues our ancestors left behind.. How does one get ready to operate within a multidimensional universe? a. communications is one of the first things they condemn.. useful to the trainer. or weapons? Are the enemy troops dancing. The human brain is capable of operating within many different realms/dimensions/levels..Raise your perceptions on what is going on around you and agree to take a major part. And it helps to be alive at a time when knowing secrets doesn't get you killed.. You know.. slow. You can develop this "natural" behavior into a useful skill (like training a lion to roar on command. Be firm. You just need to find someone who knows how and who is willing to teach you. or getting ready for war? Only someone familiar with the original language can help you out. Are we talking pets. Begin strengthening your mind. So. and when stressed. Tyrants understand that knowledge is power. The whole meaning of that quote changes depending on what those un-translated terms actually mean. go make those connections.like. Look for the oldest manuscripts you can decipher...... b..

. made the hair on the back of your neck stand up? Have you ever seen something out of the corner of your eye that your mind could picture in minute detail. when we functioned as part of the whole..bred into us over a million generations.sociopathic..and those that do.. starting all over. we panic and slam down hard on those fragile mind-constructed realities. yet. But we are surrounded by evidence that we live in and operate across a multi-dimensional universe. HUMOR OF THE HUMAN CONDITION 4/2/17 The humor of the human condition..with scrambled minds. few humans live within nature.if left alone.. however... synapses firing all over the place. our constructing. according to the aliens.it is all artificial..We survive. Most of us don't see it. Have you ever felt like some unseen person is sitting on the edge of your bed? Heard voices in the water pipes? Has a strange noise ever given you goose bumps. in order to play the game.. nor do we often consider how each venue we master has us operating in a different dimension.. we construct through trial and error. The human mind is fragile. So all we have to do is pay attention to this and figure out what the rules are.It's a mess. when. But. often turn on their brothers and try to grab everything for themselves.The rest of us are inundated with civilization.c. like the first humans. if we only got ourselves to pull together as a united whole... we can learn quickly what is already known and use what we learn to make new concepts. We construct this fantastic imaginary world around us. It's an ancient reaction...scattered in inhospitable areas of the globe. But it is all our doing. when we lived within nature.. building complex patterns of perception.thin layers of meaning joined by electric impulses. and so few of us ever learn how to use it. We have this amazing ability to re-direct our passions and move on. with no teachers. and move forward... Pay attention to the various level of consciousness. if we have teachers. Today...presto changeo! We have to reconstruct our artificial realities in a different direction. And.. with the noise.. is we have this extremely powerful mind but it doesn't come with instructions. where civilization hasn't needed to be. the tension. That's funny to the aliens because we are wasting our gifts by being greedy and power hungry. but perhaps more practical. We just live our lives and don't ask enough questions. We don't always remember how many different levels of consciousness we deal with every day. but which you can't be sure you actually saw? What is your body telling you at these times? THAT THERE IS A POSSIBILITY THESE THINGS ARE REAL. Then. we try to function: distracted. we'd be part of the rest of . It's still artificial.. when things aren't going as expected.. those dreams and plans get crushed. from scratch. building awareness through experience..

Self-confidence. Learning to control your energy and your will is very useful as many people know. Our planet has been exploited for hundreds of thousands of years. But here's a cautionary note: Individual people can. (Maneuverability. you feel a buzz of energy. (Death is the ultimate way to raise your vibes. then you might make the mistake of ignoring the message here. Earth is up for grabs. They look too good to be true..) So. mind-melded to the television. and love each other. Think of a couch potato.. The way they see it. Now think of those dedicated fanatics who go to the gym every day. Folks do it all the time.between stasis and enthusiasm. the high energy level of the exercise group makes them appear radically different from the guy on the couch. warped and mismanaged.when we get our shit together. but who have not yet let go of their earthly ties... expanded..If you shake their hand. Until that time. less lethal. break free of this dimension and simply flow up into a state of higher vibration. but most humans don't get it and refuse to let go. But there are other. if you look around you.. They look a little cleaner. But it is still OUR planet. their hair looking naturally perfect. when our understanding of humanity makes prejudice abhorrent. a place to experiment with local DNA. What is different about them? The rate of vibration.. a bit more polished. carry their bodies differently. and go on from there.they may not be truly "human" anymore. you just can't see it unless you know what to look for. When you understand the full significance of that difference. They may be "aliens" from the next level up who are "slumming" in our dimension. Their skin tone is a bit smoother.... drop our differences.. got himself down into "neutral" while stuffing his face.You know who they are. They have a different look about them. for the benefit of all.. before it can be considered as a truly civilized body. Or. you will see people who aren't like most people.on top of things. Now think of the guy in neutral compared to the exercise fanatics.you will begin to understand your own level of energy and how to control it for your own benefit.the galaxy. and when we reach the developmental level where accepting the world as being one (instead of many individual states). at any time. walk up the stair instead of using the elevator. local fauna and flora were messed with (intentionally and unintentionally).. since it's easy pickings here for someone from there.. dedicated. (The ultimate goal of the game of life is to let go of everything and simply drift off into bliss. just like explorers from more advanced civilizations end up "getting over" on less advanced groups on our own planet.. . And. run in marathons. Energy level. If you weren't raised to appreciate gaining control over your will...whatever. variations on the theme. a stop-over to refuel..Then we'll be recognized as a true planetary body. makes working together feel natural. a planet has to be united as a whole. Evolution was stunted. as a mess to be exploited. their teeth sparkly. The big clue here is.. those "too perfect" folks might simply be ordinary people who learned to raise their vibrations just enough to be smarter than the rest of us.) What you need to notice is: the level of an individual's vibration. alien species were introduced.

.... Exercise. Remember. practice telling yourself positive messages. churning the cosmos in a violent drive to save yourselves from drowning when letting the ocean swallow you is the goal of the game. and yours will be raised as well. Just let go. (Are you truly happy or feeling trapped?) The aliens are chuckling that it's taken me all this while to get to the point they mentioned a long way back: Learn to let go and you float right up to that bliss which is all you're really searching for. these "extraordinary" people are living in a different dimension than the rest of us....Practice patience and love in dealing with your fellow man. bring up-lifting scents into your home. hopefully higher-vibed. Whatever.. then folks who are working on raising their vibrations will be attracted to you and your surroundings... crowd.and just because they are up there doesn't mean they are better or nicer or smarter. That's all! . eat right. Sound familiar? Yep. And living in an excited state full of higher vibrations is what needs to happen. But you can get there. raise your own vibrations. Find people who are raising their vibrations. and people might begin to mistake you for one.the difference between a social club and a cult is defined by how the leaders deal with power. they group together to discourage those who haven't reached their level from getting too close. whatever that means for you... First off.Have fun! Go out and be a hippie again. Find the people you actually agree with.wear energetic colors.) However they got there. (Develop that calmness saints are known for. Listen to up-lifting music. too.. meet the people you were unable to find. You will have the opportunities you were missing before. dedicate yourself to raising your vibrations. But choose well. They are just there and you're here. Doing what you enjoy doing raises your vibes. you might go farther in life than before. if you take advantage of your new friends.. Or join a gym. if you know how to play the game.. You will begin to fit in with a different.. Join a commune! Or join a church. Just like all the self-help books say. ) Change yourself. They are annoyingly just out of reach.