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Instituto de Investigaciones Interdisciplinarias
Colectivo Universitario para el Acceso (CUA)



Criteria 5 4 3 2 1

Content/ -Major points -Most points -Points stated -Unnecessary -Overall content
Development are stated. are stated. are odd. points are of the short
-Content is -Content is -Content is stated. composition is
clear. mostly clear. understandable -Content is unacceptable.
-The -Ideas are well -Has an barely
development of established. acceptable understandable
the ideas is development of - No logic at
thorough and ideas but lacks all.
logical. of logic.

Organization -The structure -Minor errors in -Needs -The structure -No structure at
and Structure is clear. its structure. improvement in is barely all.
- Splendid use -Few transition its structure. understandable- -Incoherent
of transition words can be - Some Poor choice of transition
words. replaced. transition words transition words.
should be words.

Word Choice -The word -The word -The word - The word -The word
and Sentence choice is choice is choice is almost choice is poor, choice is barely
Fluency exceptionally generally precise and not precise or logic,
precise and precise and accurate. accurate. absolutely NOT
accurate. accurate. -Lack in -Poor transition precise or
-When -Ideas are transition words words and accurate.
necessary, generally and connecting connecting -Sentences and
literary terms connected using phrases. phrases. paragraphs do
are used transition words not flow
appropriately and phrases. together.
and effectively.
-Ideas are
clearly and
connected using
transition words
and phrases.

Grammar, -Zero (0) -One (1) or -Four (4) to six -Seven (7) to -Eleven (11) or
Punctuation grammatical three (3) (6 ) ten (10) more
and Spelling errors. grammatical grammatical grammatical grammatical
errors. errors. errors. errors.