March 4, 2017 Part One (When more than one individual is contributing, I put them in brackets.

the conversation gets off course, I add tabs in an attempt to organize their ideas. This is a conversation,
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The Importance of Having a Supportive Family on Spiritual Development

Humans need to look at life differently (if they want to join the rest of us out in the galaxy). One way to
start is to contemplate the way children are raised. Growing humans have specific needs.
 There are certain skills involved in nurturing human young.
o Some cultures do this better than others.
o American culture, diverse as it is, is not a great example.
 There's reasons for traditions, for holding conservative values...
o Humans are born with big, empty brains..on they can eventually hold
more knowledge than smaller pre-programmed brains.
 Those big brains, however, can't be trusted to come to the same conclusions
if left alone to figure things out.
o Morals and values have to be taught if a culture wants to remain intact.
 If left on their own, humans come to their own conclusions as to what's right
or wrong
 What they come up with doesn't always mesh with their neighbors
 Yet, each human generation is threatened by the absence of teachers, elders from previous
generations who can share accumulated knowledge so each generation doesn't have to start
from square one, over and over again.
 And, so that each generation does not go off on a tangent, re-inventing the
rules for human behavior, values, morals, etc.
 When war or disease kill off the teachers, the progress of civilization stops dead in its tracks.
o That's why the ancients carved messages in stone or hardened clay...more durable
than paper.
o That's also why some civilizations on this planet became more advanced than others
o And..this is why cultures clash over morals and values, resulting in wars.
(The aliens are showing me that ours is an impoverished world where wars happen. This
makes the aliens sad for us. On advanced worlds, beings do not kill their own kind. They are
silent when I ask if non-similar beings go to war against those not of their kind. There are,
apparently, some advanced beings who do...they don't want to talk about it. Ha!)

If you are born into a supportive family who look for and help you develop the unique talents you have
been born with, it increases your chances of acquiring spiritual fulfillment (as well as personal

If you are born into a family that ignores your potential or sets some kind of expectations that don't
match your potential, or who expect you to just develop on your own, you may end up stuck in "search
mode"...wandering thru life not knowing what to do next, lost and confused. You may eventually find

. It is a great distraction toward the fulfillment of the potential of humanity as a whole. but a lot of time will have been wasted looking for what should have been apparent from the beginning.we probably would fight it if folks came here and decreed that we do it the same way.well. as a teacher. John Lennon tried to imagine a world where we could "live as one".where you are needed or otherwise come to understand why you are here and what you need to accomplish. .  Only on planets like Earth. where society has been broken and separated... because this simple truth hurts too much. romantic that I don't want to leave. By learning from the research of psychologists on how children develop.  If the culture you are born in is structured correctly.) I ask: How do we get past this? By paying attention to natural laws. If we tried this n our planet. But at the same time. it would feel inhibiting and weird.. from my experience as a therapist. You all have to get on board. It is crazy! One group finds an answer and.and look what happened to him! Part Two will have to wait for the next post. too much fear for us to give the "one world" concept a try.. every parent and every community will be supportive and you will become the person you were meant to be..but the planet they are showing me is so calm and peaceful and.. There is still too much struggling for power. Unity seems to oppose diversity.  We need to take care of this. I have to pause here. You need a world in consensus.. the rest of you bury it.It is so refreshing! But my heart stings when I think of the resistance our Earthly races would go through to get to that point. I can naturally as breathing. out of ignorance or jealousy. too much lack of trust. (I am seeing life on another planet where everyone is supportive of everyone else.. By putting to use the knowledge you are accumulating... I see how frightening the concept of "one world government" has become. where children are lovingly guided toward rewarding paths based on their genetic and spiritual makeup. are children raised in confusion. and as a human being that we need to operate as a world instead of as so many independent and uncooperative countries.