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1. ANIMALS. Match the descriptions to the animals.

1. What animal do cowboys ride? _______ A. Bee
2. What animal gives us eggs? _______ B. Cow
3. What animal gives us milk? _______ C. Frog
4. What animal has a horn on its nose? _______ D. Hen
5. What animal is the king? _______ E. Horse
6. What animal jumps and eats flies? _______ F. Lion
7. What bird can't fly but can run very fast? ____ G. Ostrich
8. What bird lives at the South Pole but can't fly? ____ H. Penguin
9. What insect makes honey? _______ I. Rhinoceros
10.What is the biggest animal in the world? ____ J. Whale


3. THINGS. Read the descriptions of the left column and the words of the right column.

1. All members of the same team wear this. ______ A) ball
2. At the end of this there is usually one winner. ______ B) bike
3. If you travel on it, you will do exercise and save time. ______ C) competition
4. Many people go to this building to watch games. ______ D) stadium
5. Most business people wear this at work. ______ E) uniform
6. People have this to tell the time. ______ F) glasses
7. Women usually wear this, but men don’t. ______ G) jeans
8. You need these if you do not see very well. ______ H) skirt
9. You need this if you want to play tennis. ______ I) suit
10.Young people usually wear these informal trousers all the time. ______ J) watch

FOOD. VERBS Bite Climb Draw Give Laugh Brush Cry Drink Hit Look Catch Cut Drive Jump Mop Clap Dance Fly Kick Open . 5.4.