DLA2 - 3.

This translation document assumes the user has the following: PSEUDO-RANDOM DETAILS
• Player’s Handbook (3.5 Edition) The numbering I used to identify in which paragraph a
• Dungeon Master’s Guide (3.5 Edition) change has been made is always in reference to (a) the start of
• Monster Manual (3.5 Edition) the section, (b) the start of a subsection, or (c) the number of
• Dragon Knight – DLA2 (AD&D) paragraphs after something which makes counting paragraphs
• Dragonlance Campaign Setting (3.5 Edition) ambiguous – like a creature stat block or spell description. If a
• Dragonlance Age of Mortals Campaign Expansion (3.5 Edition) section spills over between pages, the count is still from the
• Dragonlance Beastiary of Krynn (3.5 Edition) section beginning and not the start of the page.
• An Internet Connection or Hardcopy Printouts of Trampas Also in most cases the original sentence, phrase, or partial
Whiteman’s Dragon Knight PrC and James O’Rance’s Traag sentences are given in order for the DM to know exactly what is
Draconian, Horax, Skyfisher, and Stag from the Dragonlance being changed out. Sections that do not have changes are not
Nexus: http://www.dl3e.com. listed in this document, but the order of the sections is preserved.
• A tolerance for typos and occasionally inconsistent formats Page breaks also help in separating the chapters.
between stat blocks. Be cautious when going through this adventure with your
party. It is possible that the difficulty of several challenges may
have changed with the new edition. If something becomes
This is the second adventure in a three-part campaign. The first apparent as unfairly difficult, do not hesitate to curb back the
module DLA1 Dragon’s Dawn also has a 3.5 translation document assault or give a bit of luck in favor to the heroes. Of course, if the
available for download. Attempts to keep information consistent difficulty just comes from poor rolls or errors in judgment by the
between the first module’s translation document and this one have players, any changes to the challenge level is completely up to the
been made. DM. Nothing put in this module has been made exceedingly more
difficult in an obvious fashion, but the chances are always there
Even though this adventure takes place during Krynn’s 4th Age, that something just happened to edge up in difficulty a little too
the DL Age of Mortals Expansion is included in the list of above much. Remember the warning from airlines: “Watch your head.
sources due to the fact that the expansion includes a number of Some contents may have shifted during travel.”
useful non-Age Specific elements, like feats or PrCs for example. And still most importantly, keep having fun.

It should also be noted that this translation has been created prior
to any official Taladas Campaign Setting/Expansion being
published. If/When such a blessed thing occurs, I do hope to come
back and update this document with the new official material, but
until I can do so, much of what is in this document is just ‘winged’,
‘slapped together’, ‘borrowed and/or stolen’, or ‘just tossed around
in such a manner because the translator (a) thought-it-was-neat
and/or (b) was-lazy-and-didn’t-feel-like-putting-more-effort-into-

The main purpose of this document was to at least have
something to make a DM’s life easier. I’ve tried to keep as close to
the official rules as possible, but in some places where that wasn’t
possible or convenient I did what I could to hold up to the original
flavor of the adventure. Still, in a few spots, some tiny liberties
may have been taken for whatever random reason.

Suggestions are welcome, and I can be reached via the contact
information given at the end of this document. This is my second
time doing a translation in this depth and at this scale, so I hope
you like it.

If not, my response is the same as in the first module. Namely,
“Oh well.”

Bret Sheeley
(a.k.a. Carteeg Struve)


Gabus: Male young adult copper dragon; CR 11; Large Dragon
PROLOGUE: (earth); HD 17d12+51; hp 161; Init +0; Spd 40 ft., fly 150 ft.
(poor); AC 25 (-1 size, +16 natural), touch 9, flat-flat-footed 25;
TRILON Base Atk +17, Grapple +25; Atk +20 melee (2d6, bite), +20
melee (1d8, 2 claws), +20 melee (1d6, 2 wings), and +20 melee
(1d8, tail slap); Space/Reach 10 ft./5 ft. (10 ft. with bite); SA
NEW PLAYERS breath weapon, damage reduction 5/magic, frightful presence,
spells; SQ: darkvision 120', immunity to acid, low-light vision,
Tavin Longspear: Male human fighter 4 / dragon knight 2; CR 6;
spell resistance 21, spider climb; AL CG; SV Fort +13, Ref +10,
Medium humanoid (5 ft. 11 in.); HD 6d10+6; hp 44; Init +3; Spd
Will +13; Str 19, Dex 10, Con 17, Int 16, Wis 17, Cha 16.
30 ft.; AC 14, touch 9, flat-footed 13; Base Atk +6/+1; Atk +11
Skills: Appraising +23, Bluff +13, Concentration +16,
melee (1d8+6/x3, +1 lance), +9 melee (1d8+4/x3, spear), +7
Diplomacy +9, Intimidate +7, Jump +21, Knowledge(geography)
range (1d10+1 19-20/x2, heavy crossbow w/+1 bolts), or +6
+13, Knowledge (ancient history) +23, Knowledge (nature) +12,
range (1d10 19-20/x2, heavy crossbow w/normal bolts); SQ:
Listen +16, Perform (oratory) +14, Search +16, Sense Motive
Empathic Link, Dragonfear Save Bonus +2; SA: Spells; AL N; SV
+16, Spellcraft +16, Spot +16, Use Magic Device +18.
Fort +8, Ref +0, Will +2; Str 16, Dex 9, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 13,
Feats: Combat Expertise, Hover, Multiattack, Power Attack,
Cha 17.
Snatch, Wingover.
Skills: Climb +11, Knowledge (history) +9, Ride(dragon) +8,
Languages: Copper Dragon, Auric, Marak Kender, Bronze
Survival +10.
Dragon, Hitehkel Gnomish.
Feats: Improved Initiative, Leadership, Mounted Archery,
Sorcerer Spells (Spells per Day: 6/7/5; Spells Known: 6/4/2;
Mounted Combat, Point Blank Shot, Track, Weapon Focus(Lance),
as 5th-level sorcerer, save DC 13 + spell level): 0th- acid splash,
Weapon Focus(Heavy Crossbow), Weapon Specialization(Lance).
daze, detect poison, detect magic, flare, light; 1st – alarm, color
Languages: Auric, Copper Dragon, Hoor.
spray, magic missile, obscuring mist; 2nd – flaming sphere, (Melf's)
Possessions: studded leather +2 (w/leather helm), lance +1
acid arrow.
(in dragon lair), spear, heavy crossbow, dagger, 5 +1 crossbow
Breath Weapon (Su): 80-ft. line, damage 10d4 acid, Reflex
bolts, 24 normal crossbow bolts, potion of dragon sight, boots of
DC 21 half; or 40-ft. Cone of gas, slow 1d6+5 rounds. Fortitude
striding and springing.
DC 21 negates.
Dragon Knight Spells: (Spells Per Day: 3/1, Spells Known:
Frightful Presence (Ex): 150-ft. Radius, HD 17 or less. Will
5/2, save DC 13 + Spell Level) 0th – Resistance, Detect Magic,
DC 21 negates.
Flare, Light, Mending; 1st - Burning Hands, Magic Missile.
Spider Climb (Ex): Can use spider climb (as the spell) on
Dragonfear Save Bonus: Dragon Knights get a +2 bonus at
stone surfaces.
1st level, +4 bonus at 3th level, +6 at 5th, and +8 at 7th, and
+10 at 9th against Dragonfear checks.
Empathic Link: The Dragon Knight has an empathic link
with the dragon partner out to a distance of up to one mile. The MEETING WITH AMANTHUS
Dragon Knight cannot see through the dragon's eyes, but they can
communicate telepathically. This is a supernatural ability.
Paragraph 4:
”as he cast know alignment and ESP to determine their intentions”
is changed to “as he cast detect thoughts to determine their
Derry Althen, Daughter of Baron Althen: Female human
fighter 1; CR 1; Medium humanoid (5 ft. 4 in.); HD 1d10-1; hp 9;
Init +2; Spd 20 ft.; AC 16, touch 12, flat-footed 14; Base Atk +1;
Amanthus: Use Venerable Gold Dragon in the Monster Manual,
Atk +4 ranged (1d4+1/x2, sling w/ +1 bullets, additional +1 with
30'); AL NG; SV Fort +1, Ref +2, Will +1; Str 7, Dex 15, Con 9,
Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 16.
Skills: Handle Animal +6, Ride (horse) +6, Search +4,
Survival +3, Swim -2. IN TRILON
Feats: Combat Reflexes, Point Blank Shot, Track.
Languages: Auric, Kothian, Hoor. Paragraph 4:
Possessions: Chain Mail (oversized, but not enough for stat Ignore the 2nd Edition Player’s Handbook reference, but the 400
changes), sling, 24 +1 bullets, potion of charm animal (affects gp (stl) limit still applies for the equipment listed in the 3.5 Edition
mammals and avians only). Player’s Handbook.
Note: Although normally unarmored, Derry wears oversized
chainmail (scavenged from a guard's cast-offs) if she thinks she
might meet danger in the woods (stats above assume the
chainmail is being worn). She carries 24 +1 bullets for use in her ALL ABOUT ELLA
sling, although she uses stones from commonplace targets. Her
greatest prize, a present from Eldic, is a potion of charm animal Paragraph 5:
which affects mammals and avians. She carries it hidden in a “guns” is changed to “hands” or “goons” or “thugs” or anything
pounch beneath her tunic. else which is not an anachronism.


3 . DLA2 .3.5E .TRANSLATION DOCUMENT QUESTIONING TAVIN Couldn’t we just read her mind and find out the name of the master of the dragon-killers?: All references to the spell ESP should be replaced by Detect Thoughts.

Init +2. 19-20/x2. flat-footed Sleight of Hand +7. Skills: Concentration +6. Atk +6 melee (1d8+3. flat. Swim +7. Int 13. touch 12.. Spot +1. Int 12. Ancient Elf. AL LE. Int 15. Languages: Auric Feats: Power Attack. Medium Humanoid (5’ 3”). +3. DRUNKEN BEGGAR Skills: Climb +2. base DC = 14 + Languages: Auric. Con 14. HD Weapon Finesse (dagger).. history) +4. AC 18. Combat Reflexes. potion of Str 13. Ref +3. (1d4+1. charges). 19-20/x2. blowgun. Point Black Shot. Jump +6. 2nd – Hideous Laughter*. hp 7. penalty to all attack rolls. Endurance. AC 13. Listen +1. x2. Skills: Concentration +8. combat Possessions: Club. and dizzy for 2d4 turns. Languages: Auric. Medium Humanoids. Medium Humanoid (5’ 7”).. Wizard Spells Prepared (4/4+1/3+1/2+1. HD 4d10+4. Uigan. Feats: Blind-Fight. Spd 30ft. touch 13. Survival +8. CR 4. touch 12. Use Rope +8. Init Invisibility. Ref +5. battleaxe) or +5 Possessions: Battleaxe (with serrated edges with give a +2 melee (1d4+4. Wis 5. club). Light. spell level. Str 7. Jump +6. (+2 dex). flat-footed 10 Fort +0. Int 16. Agile. style. 19. SV Fort +1. AC 12. Jump +4. Perform (song) +6. Diplomacy +6. flat-footed 11 (+2 dex. Use Rope +3. Str 17. +5. 19-20/x2. Atk +7 melee (1d8+3. Wis 12. Medium Humanoid (5’ Focus (Battleaxe). x2. or +4 melee Feats: Combat Reflexes. Atk +0 melee (1d4. dagger). dagger. AL NE. Search +7. Disable Device +5. Weapon Finesse (Battleaxe). (+2 dex). Beggar (human male): CR ½. Summon Swarm. Feather Fall. hp 5. blowgun w/poison). CR 3. HD 4d4. touch 12. Init +0. Will +3. Shedra: female elf Wiz (Enchantress) 4. Dex 15. Ref +5. Tumble +7. Con 13.. Con 8. Int 15. Kothian. victim must make a Fortitude Save (DC 15) or else be sluggish Skills: Climb +7. the Cha 14. trapfinding. Fort +5. Str 13.. dagger). +1 armor). Auric. SV Fort +5.3. Sense Motive Skills: Bluff +6. Run. Cha 15. Ref +1. longbow). Wis 14. Wis 10. Hide +7. 19-20/x2. dagger. Padded Armor. Dex 10. Intimidate +9. Hide +6. Wis 7. SQ sneak attack +1d6. 1d4+1. Atk +0 melee DISTRESSED DAMSEL (1d6-2. Escape Artist +7. Diplomacy +5. track. AC 13. Weapon Sanch Garrax: male human Frt 4. Skills: Balance +7. touch 10. Init +0. Cha 9. Weapon Focus (long bow). SV poison). Jump +3. Spot +4. longbow. Con 11. Possessions: Battleaxe. Atk – (no weapons. Knowledge (ancient Dex 15. HD 1d6+1. Weapon Focus (dagger). Search +7. SV Fort +2. Listen +4. Artist +8. or +5 ranged (1. HD SQ immune to sleep. Init +2. Ventriloquism. Hypnotism*. Spd 30ft. x2. Con 12. Languages: Panka. dagger. Feats: Combat Reflexes. Str 10. specialized poison. x3. x3. hp 9. Fort +1. 8”). Elvish. Will +2. Perform (dace) +6. SQ 1st Favored Enemy (minotaurs). Open Lock +7. drunk to fight with his fists). Spot +8. dagger). AL LE. Cha 17. hp 19. Dex 10. Dex 16. Medium Humanoid (6’ 2”). Cha 8. Possessions: Dagger. Touch of Fatigue. Auric. Search +5. gem of brightness (3 melee (1d6. Heavy Mace. AL NE. Move Silently +8. AC 12. Will -2. Quarterstaff) or +0 melee (1d4-2. Medium Humanoid (5’ 10”). Str 11. Elvish. SQ sneak Cha 16. CHAPTER 1: HD 3d10. AL N. Will -2.TRANSLATION DOCUMENT Hol Horth: male human Ftr 3: CR 3. +2 to DC for Enchantment Spells. Init +0. attack +1d6. 4 . Spd 30 ft. Spd 30ft. breathing (as by 5th level caster). Draconian. or +6 ranged (1d8+1. Atk +0 Possessions: quarterstaff. Listen +8. Cha’t Irs: male human Ran3. Languages: Tamire Elf. Hide +8. Move Silently +7. charm animal (fish only) (as by 5th level caster). potion of water Skills: Climb +3. Grease. Cha 14.5E . Swim +4. Battleaxe). or +4 melee (1d4+3. Will +4. Dex 10. Dex 15. Init +6 (+2 dex. Abjuration and Evocation): 0th – Daze. Ray of Frost. hp 35. Kothian. Climb +4. Ref +4. HD 3d8+6. trapfinding. Will +0. See Muggers (4): CR 1. Knowledge (local) Feats: Combat Casting. dagger). bonus to damage). Poison: If a victim is struck by one of Cha’t Irs’s needles. Atk +3 GRIDMIRE melee (1d8. dagger +1). Improved Initiative. scribe scroll. heavy mace) or +7 melee (1d4. Run. Feats: Acrobatic. AL LE. Spd 30ft. flat-footed 10 (+3 dex).. Wis 10. Str 10. AC 10. hp 7. too Languages: Auric. Spellcraft +9. Con 13. DLA2 . Int 8. SV 1d6+1. 20 needles (already prepared with 20/x2. During this period the victim has a -2 Ride +7. Ref +0. full plate. Languages: Auric. 19-20/x2. Damsel (human female): CR 1. +4 improved initiative). Spd 30ft. Ref +1. dagger). Scare. endurance. dagger +1. AC 10.. Negotiator. Escape +2. Int 6. Medium Humanoid (4’ 10”). Will -1. Spd 30 ft. 1st – Charm Person*. Intimidate +6. x3. Handle Animal +5. Con 14. THE INTERVIEW Feats: Power Attack. footed 18 (+8 armor). Improved Unarmed Strike. AL LE. Wis 8. Restricted Schools: Possessions: Dagger. hp 26. SV Fort +3. summon familiar. Weapon Specialization (long bow). Tumble +8. CR 4. wild empathy.

heavy mace). SA charge. SV Fort +5. ENCOUNTER KEY 3. 11. Int -.” is changed to “if he rolls a successful climb check (DC 13). Str 17. Weapon Focus. Str 4. hp 21. Will +1.dl3e.. Huge Animal. +4 improved initiative). 20 Sling Bullets Zaz: Use ‘Draconian.3. Init +6 (+2 dex. vulnerable to cold. scent.” 9. SV Fort +6. bite). Atk +8 melee (2d4+7. Small Vermin. Atk +5 melee (1d8+3. SQ: Darkvision 60 ft. Swallow Whole: See Monster Manual. AC 14 (+2 dex. 92-93. +2 natural). +2 natural). DLA2 . Ref +6. Con 14. Con 10. SA: poison. Init -3. Skills: Survival +0. x2. Paragraph 1: “must roll a successful Dexterity check” is changed or +5 melee (1d6+3. Base Ark +1. Note: The immature horax is based on James O’Rance’s Horax (see above). HD 2d10+4. touch 7. Medium Humanoid (6’ 9”). pg. However the giant catfish can only swallow whole any person or object up to 3 ½ feet in length. AC 13 (+1 size. HD 4d8+8. Skills: Climb +6. use the ‘Aquatic Terrain’ rules in the Dungeon Master’s Guide. Ref -3. Use the information on the given Horax web page except for what has been changed here. Scent. Move Silently +4. Cha 5. Ref +2. SV Fort +4. AL LE. AC 9. Atk +2 melee (1d6-3. Str 24. Hide +7. Dex 10. (swim). Wis 10. HD 1d8. pg.com/fan/rules/12775. Will -3. Instead of using the 2nd Edition rules here.aspx. Spd 30ft.. swallow whole. Sling.aspx. 7. RANCID CHAMBER Horax (3): Use ‘Horax’ entry by James O’Rance on the Dragonlance Nexus: http://www. flat-footed 12. Feats: Improved Initiative. Possessions: Heavy Mace. you can use the climbing rules explained on pages 122-123 of the 2nd Edition Player’s Handbook. Init +0. Dex 5. 19-20/x2. Paragraph 2: “can climb or has a similar special ability” is Feats: Endurance. AL N. bite). changed to “can make a climb check (DC 15)” or use some other Languages: Kothian.. x2. Spd 30ft. to “must roll a successful Reflex Save (DC 13)”. Dex 14. Poison: The poison acts as described in the module. Wis 9. Con 14. Cha 3. Cha 6. LARGE POOL Giant catfish: CR 4. Spd 40ft. -3 dex). hp 36. Traag’ entry by James O’Rance on the SPECIAL UNDERWATER RULES Dragonlance Nexus: http://www.TRANSLATION DOCUMENT Brutax: male minotaur Ftr 2. Will +1. however the saving throw is Fortitude (DC 13) for half. CR 2. Wis 4.com/fan/rules/12729. gore). SLOPING PASSAGE “if he rolls a successful Dexterity check (alternatively. Skills: Swim +15. SINK HOLE 12 (+2 natural.5E . 315. EGG CHAMBER Immature horax (3): CR 1/4. special ability”.dl3e. AL N. hp 4. 5 . Int 2. Int 6.5.

HD 2d10+2. Ignore the page numbers for the AD&D Player’s Handbook. hp 22. Will +0. Auric. Will +0. Wis 10. Medium flat-footed (+2 dex. Human. SQ taunt. CR ½. Skills: Ride (horse) +5. LAW LEVEL Hobgoblin. Wis 10. short READING NO. Medium Equipment Merchant: humanoid.. Init +0.. Atk +2 melee (1d6+1. x2. Languages: Goblinoid. HD 1d4+1. battle axe) or +3 melee (1d8+1. 13)”. AL N. Power Attack. CR 2. hp 5. touch 13. AC 13. SV Fort +4. AL N. AL N. Atk +0 melee (1d6. GENERIC NPCS Kender. Spd 20 ft. +4 improved initiative).5E . hp 20. GOODS Swim +5. SV Fort +0. Auric Possessions: Bone armor w/metal reinforcement. Skills: Climb +7. CR 1. Auric Possessions: Bone knife. Dex 11. Atk +3 ranged (1d4+1. Cha 10. Exceptional Villager: humanoid Ftr 1. HD 2d10+2. AC 10. Init +2. touch 11. Str 13. +5 armor).3. Dex 14. Int 10. touch 11. 3 “roll a Constitution check” is changed to “roll a Fortitude Save (DC 13)”. READING NO. +7 armor).. Str 8. +1 size). Atk +4 melee (1d6+1. Init +5 (+1 dex.. Str 15. x3. Possession: Stonebow. stonebow)..” is changed to “(If the party lacks any decent hunting Skills: Climb +6.. 19-20/x2. Spd 30 ft.. Str 13. 19-20/x2. Str 11. Exceptional Villager: Kender (Marak) Ftr 2. Int 10. DLA2 . Quick Draw. Will +0. Languages: Goblinoid. 9 spear). Init +2. long sword.5 LE. Ref +3. but Feats: Combat Reflexes. Spd 30 ft. 19-20/x2. SOUTHERN STEAMWALL Medium humanoid. Possessions: Battle axe. or fishing abilities – i. Wis 10. +4 improved initiative). club). Con 12. Jump +7. humanoid. Str 11. Spd 20 ft. Atk +4 melee (1d6+2. 6 . hp 11. Init +2. Kender. Cha 10. Cha 13.e. Con 13. Wis 11. Dex 13.5 edition. Spd 20 ft. Typical Villager: Hobgoblin Com 1. SV Fort +1. low Survival scores and no Track feat -. Dex 13. flat-footed 15 (+1 dex. Feats: Run. READING NO. short sword) or +5 ranged (1d4+1. Dex 12. AC 18. Dex 15. Ref +0. HD 1d4+1. hp 5. flat-footed 17 (+1 dex. AL instead use the equivalent equipment tables listed in the 3. /x3. AC 13. 19-20/x2. Atk +2 melee stonebow – range 50’). Weapon Focus (long sword). CR ½. “roll a Constitution check” is changed to “roll a Fortitude Save (DC Skills: Climb +5. Languages: Kenderspeak. 19-20/x2. SQ taunt. Will +0. Cha 10. Ignore the page numbers for the AD&D Player’s Handbook. SV Fort +1. short sword or spear. +1 size). CR 2. Medium magical weapon (Table 7-9 in the DMG)” humanoid. bone knife). Wis 10.” Feats: Improved Initiative. Init +5 (+1 dex. Languages: Goblinoid. touch 13. Con 13. short sword) or +3 range (1d8. READING NO. Int 11. Str 13. such as hunting 13. Cha 10. AC 11. Cha 12. Ref +1. Wis 9. AL LE. Swim +5. Auric. Will +0. Medium humanoid. Typical Villager: Kender (Marak) Com 1. 19-20/x2. Will +0. Ride (horse) +5. touch 11. AC 16. Will (1d8+1. Languages: Auric. SV Fort +5. HD 1d10+1. Atk +1 (1d4. spear). Ref +3. HD 1d4. x3. sword). Int 10. Con Languages: Kenderspeak. Small humanoid. 12 From Table 3: “A magical weapon (Table 110 in the DMG)” is changed to “A Human. Ride +6. Int 10. Ref +1. short sword or spear. 2 sword) or +2 range (1d8. Con “(If the party lacks the appropriate proficiencies. hp 11. SV Fort +2. Exceptional Villager: Hobgoblin Ftr 1. ABOUT THE VILLAGES Int 14.TRANSLATION DOCUMENT CHAPTER 2: Hobgoblin. Wis 12. Cha 10. CR 1. edition. Spd 20 ft. Power Attack. Ref +1. Sleight of Hand +8. Small humanoid. or fishing. Ride (horse) +6. AL LE. Run. x3. use the equipment tables listed in the 3. 14. Power Attack. Con 11. AC 10. AL N. but flat-footed 10 (+1 dex). x3. CR ½. Con 12. Typical Villager: humanoid Com 1. Auric Possessions: Bone armor. long +2. Int 10. short sword) or +0 melee (1d6. Dex 13. flat-footed 11 (+2 dex. HD 1. Possession: Stonebow. Init +1. hp 4. Hobgoblin Chief: male hobgoblin Ftr 2. Ref +1. Feats: Improved Initiative. Spd 30 ft. SV Fort +1.

Hobgoblin Thug: male hobgoblin Ftr 2. AC 11.” Is changed to “3. club) AL LE. Con 12. ENCOUNTER ZONE 20 ft. Ref +4. Potion Merchant: Ignore the table and page number given for the AD&D Dungeon Master’s Guide. Dex 13. 63. Int 10.5E . Skills: Climb +7. 4. 272. Atk Vultures (2d4): Use ‘Eagle’ from the Monster Manual. Spd 9. Skills: Intimidate +7. ENCOUNTER ZONE Giant Boar: Use ‘Dire Boar’ from the Monster Manual. Run. hp 2. “a successful system shock roll. 289. stonebow. pg. AL N. Medium humanoid. Ref +1. touch 11. Int 11. hp 11. Blue Ridged Lizard: CR 2. Cha 10. Str 15. Monster Manual. Ref range 50’). 274. Languages: Auric. +4 melee (1d6+2. Will +1. pg. Skills: Climb +6.” Fortitude Save (DC 13). flat-footed 15 (+1 dex. Wis 10. Wis 10. Small Magical Beast.. Large’ from the Monster Manual. Spd 20 ft. flat-footed 10 footed 11 (+3 dex.” Employment Offer: Dragon Scholar: Medium War Horse: Use ‘Warhorse. x2. Giant Scorpion: Use ‘Monsterous Scorpion. +4 improved initiative). Huge Viper’ from the Monster Languages: Goblinoid. pg. Possessions: Stonebow. Law Level 3 Villages 3. hp 17. Cha 11. Power Attack. Dragon Reaction: The red skin turns black when within 100 275. yards of any dragon.5 edition. kender villager statistics)” Paragraph 1 (after the Horse block) Mysterious Travelers: “and rolls two successful proficiency checks” is changed to “and Sivak Draconians (2): As in the Dragonlance Campaign Setting.5 edition. rolls two successful ride checks (DC 13)”. AL LN. 7 . Feats: Improved Initiative. Wis 10. 2. Cha 13. +4. Int 6. Init +5 (+1 dex. Monitor’ from the Monster Manual. Spd 20 ft. Combat Reflexes.” is changed to “he must roll a Resistance (fire).. Small Humanoid (4’ Human Thug: male human Ftr 3. Atk (none). HD 1d10+1. Will +2.” Is changed to “a successful Fortitude Save (DC 13). Str 4. CR 1. Lightning Reflexes. Wolves: Use ‘Wolf’ from the Monster Manual. Improved Feats: Point Blank Shot. AC 16. Unarmed Strike. Law Level 2 Village Mountain Lion: Use ‘Lion’ from the Monster Manual. but ENCOUNTER KEY instead use the weapon list in the 3. 221. Dex 17. Str 17. Will +0. Medium Humanoid. flat- 3d10. Possessions: Club. Dex 10. pg. Ride (horse) +6. Black Market Goods: Light Rain: “3. club). (+1 dex). AC 10. hp 19. SV Fort +4. AC 14. pg. Endurance. SQ: Breath Immunity. HD 2d10+2. Con 13. CR 3.. Dex 13. SV Fort +1. MARAK VALLEYS Thug’s Challenge: Pickolus: male kender (Marak) Ftr 1. Con 10. HD 1”). +1 size). Poisonous Snake: Use ‘Snake. pg. +5 armor). pg. Cha 10. 287. club. Sleight of Hand +9. touch 14. AL LE. HD 1d4. A ring of fire resistance. Str 13. Atk +6 melee (1d6+3. Int 2. Auric Manual. Possessions: Bone armor. Init +3. x2. 280. CR 2. DLA2 . Use instead the potion’s listing in the 3. x2. pg. Kenderspeak. Wis 12.3. Dragon Reaction. pg.TRANSLATION DOCUMENT Weapons Merchant: Ignore the page numbers for the AD&D Player’s Handbook. Init +0. SV Fort +3. Feats: Blind-Fight. Init +1. SV Fort +1 Ref +2. Spd 30 ft. Atk +5 range (1d4+1. A ring of Energy “he must roll a Constitution check. touch 11. SQ taunt. pg. Will +1. 1. Con 10. except maximize their hit points to 9. 283. Large’ from the Also ignore the pricing method given in the module. 274-275.. Breath Immunity: Immune to all forms of dragon breath Giant Lizard: Use ‘Lizard.” Giant Trap Door Spider: Use ‘Monsterous Spider. Light’ from the Monster “(use typical halfling villager statistics)” is changed to “(use typical Manual.

he has a single horn centered in his head. similar to that of a unicorn.” 8 . or Bardic Knowledge (DC elongated in a fashion similar to a sabre-tooth tiger. Con 8. Survival. Greater Spell Focus (Evocation). Read Magic. Knowledge (local) +12.TRANSLATION DOCUMENT Cave Bear (with Steamwall modifications): Use ‘Bear. Paragraph 2 “or otherwise immerses himself in the stream must roll a “If the check is successful” is changed to “If the character makes successful Constitution check” is changed to “or otherwise the save”. Knowledge (DC 15)”. Giant Stag (with Steamwall modifications): Use ‘Stag’ entry by Paragraph 3 James O’Rance on the Dragonlance Nexus: Ignore the tracking page reference to the AD&D Player’s http://www. Holy Woman: Possessions: Dagger. SV Fort +1. Medium Humanoid (5’ 11”). 13) recognizes these as drawings of draconians)”.dl3e. 1d8 respectively down the list. 1 – Burning Hands. immerses himself in the stream must roll a successful Fortitude Save (DC 13)”. CR 7. 19. Instead use the standard tracking rules in edition 3. Gust of Wind (x2). HD Paragraph 1 7d4. Mending. poison” is changed to “If Ash Eruption: he makes a Fortitude Save (DC 13)”. 3 – Fireball. AGORHAM Paragraph 2 “If he rolls a successful saving throw vs. 12.3. KLEEG Windy Doom: Jajaj: male human Wiz 7. 1d6. Wis 12. of the party must make a Fortitude Save (DC 13). 2 – Spider Climb.5E . Atk +2 melee (1d4-1. and its teeth are successful Knowledge (nature). Spell Focus (Evocation). 19-20/x2. pg. GRANNIN details: Paragraph 1 Speed: 20 ft. scribe scroll. except for the Handbook. Stinking Cloud. base DC = 14 + spell level): 0 – Acid proficiency in religion” is changed to “(Any PC who rolls a Splash. 14. poison” is changed to “Fortitude Save (DC 13). Spell Penetration.” Burning Rain: “he must roll a Constitution check” is changed to “he must roll a Fortitude Save (DC 13)”. Spd 30 ft. 20. Brown’ from the Monster Manual. AL NE. drawings of draconians)” is changed to “(any PC who rolls a The Cave Bear is covered with ulcerous sours. Shocking Grasp (x2). 1d4. touch 8. Knowledge the save suffer 1-2 points of damage.” is changed to “Each member Dex 7. Languages: Auric. AC 8. opposite side. successful Knowledge (Religion) check (DC 15) or Bardic Magic Missile (x2). “and must roll a saving throw vs.com/fan/rules/12769.aspx. for evocation magic. “If the check fails” is changed to “If the character fails the save”. Instead of antlers. SQ summon passing the check suffer 1-2 points of damage.. Those dex). flat-footed 10 (-2 “Each member of the party must roll a Constitution check. hp 18. 2d4 points of damage. Decipher Script +12. check suffer 2d4 points of damage. The stag is covered with ulcerous sores. “(any PC who rolls a successful Wisdom check recognizes these as Attack: 2 claws +11 melee (1d8+8) and bite +6 melee (2d8+4). Combat Reflexes. Spellcraft +12. Str 8. For Dmg (S) the damages changed to “he can attempt a Reflex Save (DC 13) to grab the are 1d3. Rock Fall: “A character who rolls a successful Dexterity check” is changed to “A character who rolls a successful Reflex Save (DC 13)”. hooves 1d6+2. base DC = 12 + spell “(Any PC who rolls a successful Wisdom check – or any PC with a level. Ray of Frost. except with the following 10. dagger).” Feats: Combat Casting. Init -2. SADDLEROCK Crack: Table 16 “he can attempt a Dexterity check to grab the opposite side” is The base damage given is for Dmg (M). Ref +0. 269. Those failing the famililar. Invisibility. Paragraph 2 Wizard Spells Prepared (4/5/4/2/1. Int 15. Will +6. Those failing the save suffer (arcana) +12. Those making Skills: Concentration +9. KORCHOCH STREAM Paragraph 1 “saving throw vs. DLA2 . 4 – Ice Storm. following details: Damage: Horn 1d12+4. Cha 14.5. breath weapon” is changed to “and must roll a Reflex Save (DC 13)”.

+2 dex. pg. Spd 40 ft. Medium Speed: 20 ft. hp 32. except with the following details: Exceptional Villager: Fianawar dwarf Ftr 2. Int 10. Special Attacks: - Giant Weasel (with Steamwall modifications): Use the ‘Dire Giant Ram (with Steamwall modifications): CR 4. Possessions: Short Sword. 19-20/x2. “he must roll a successful saving throw vs. Dex 10. Weapon Focus (short 24. hp 19. Auric. AC 17. Ref +0. except for the normal megalo-centipede. and its teeth are 20/x2. Brown’ from the Monster Manual. 9 . Craft (Any One) +5. short sword).” Megalo-Centipede (with Steamwall modifications): Use ‘Monstrous Centipede. 2 claws) and -1 melee (1d8+2. but its bite isn’t poisonous. Wis 10. Medium Shallow Swamp: humanoid. “he must roll a successful saving throw vs. 25. AC 10. 93. Con 14. Will +0.TRANSLATION DOCUMENT Typical Villager: Fianawar dwarf Com 1. Cha 8.3. Str 11. SQ stonecunning (+2 on checks involving elongated in a fashion similar to a sabre-tooth tiger. humanoid. SV Fort +5. 269.5E . The description however remains the same n the module. HD 2d10+4. poison” is changed to Languages: Finawar Dwarven. Jump +2.” is changed to “Any party member coming in physical contact with a Prerge hobgoblin must roll a successful Giant Black Squirrels (with Steamwall modifications) (2d4): Use Fortitude Save (DC 13) or suffer 1 point of damage. horns). flat-footed (1d6+2. 286. x2. Power Attack. “he must make a successful Fortitude Save (DC 13)”. Init +0. Spd 20 ft. ENCOUNTER ZONE The centipede has two huge leathery wings that enable it to Two-headed Giant Poisonous Snake: Use the ‘Snake. Atk +4/+4 melee Armor Class: 18 (+4 Dex.” is changed to “he must Manual.” Dex 10. hp 6. 270. Huge fly at a speed of 40 ft. It has a single the Monster Manual. +2 shield). Str 15. light vision..dl3e. except for the following: 27. Skills: Climb +9.. 10. Spd 20ft. 23. Will +1.” is changed to “All characters who walk involving stone work). pg.” is changed to “he must roll a successful Fortitude Save (DC 13) or suffer 1 point of damage.. poison or suffer 1 point of damage. SV Fort +2. Con 13. HD 1d4+2. stone work). Languages: Finnawar. 268. touch Attack: 2 claws +11 melee (1d8+8) and bite +6 melee (2d8+4). SV Fort +5. Auric. CAVE Possessions: Dagger. pg. AL LN. AL CN. PRERGE 21. poison or suffer 1 point of damage. Warthog (with Steamwall modifications): Use the ‘Boar’ entry in Notes: The ram is covered with ulcerous sores. Int 10. touch 14. The Cave Bear is covered with ulcerous sours. x2.” ‘Badger’ from the Monster Manual. pg. Large’ from the Monster Manual. Cha 8. Feats: Endurance. -1 size). Feats: Endurance. Listen +3. Craft (Any One) +4. 65.com/fan/rules/12767. through the swamp must roll a Fortitude Save (DC 13). STOTTA sword). except for the following: eye centered in its head and has long claws on its front feet. SQ low- 14. CR ½. hobgoblin must roll a successful saving throw vs. Large Animal. Init +0. touch 11. pg. AC 13. Wis 11. Con 14. AL LN. Skills: Climb +2. Atk +3 melee (1d6. Weasel’ entry in the Monster Manual. Skills: Climb +5. Atk +0 “All characters who walk through the swamp must roll a melee (1d4. 19. except for the HD 4d8+4. poison. DLA2 . SQ stonecunning (+2 on checks Constitution check.” Full Attack: 2 claws +7 melee (1d6+4) and bite +2 melee (2d8+2). except for the following: roll a Fortitude Save (DC 13). Jump +7. dagger). It has longer and sharper fangs than a Viper’ entry in the Monster Manual. following: Attack: Bite +3 melee (2d6+1) Attack: Bite +6/+1 melee (1d6+4 plus poison). Int 3. pg.279-280.aspx. +4 Natural). Speed: 50 ft. ENCOUNTER ZONE Paragraph 1 Skyfisher: Use ‘Skyfisher’ entry by James O’Rance on the “Any party member coming in physical contact with a Prerge Dragonlance Nexus: http://www. flat- following: footed 11 (+2 natural. Full Attack: Bite +3 melee (2d6+1) Full Attack: Bite +6/+1 melee (1d6+4 plus poison). CR 2. flat-footed 17 (+5 armor. pg. Cha 3. Ref +0. Dex 15. Wis 11. Str 11. Cave Bear (with Steamwall modifications): Use ‘Bear. Ref +6. Will +0. Poison Rain: Giant Eagle (with Steamwall modifications): As in the Monster “he must roll a saving throw vs. Init +2.

SV Fort +4. 10 .” Mud Pit: Paragraph 2 “All characters within 75 feet of the pit when it erupts must roll a Constitution check. suffering 1 point of damage for every failed check. Spd 20 ft.5E . suffering 1 point of damage for every failed save. Small Humanoid.TRANSLATION DOCUMENT Steam Chasm: Paragraph 2 “a character climbing up or down a wall must roll a successful Dexterity check” is changed to “a character climbing up or down a wall must roll a successful Climb check (DC 13)” Gas Eruption: Paragraph 2 “For every hour a character is exposed to the rain. Int 10. Possessions: Battle axe. Languages: Gnomish. Skills: Climb +4. Str 9. +1 size).” 28. Init +1. +1 dex. HD 2d8+2. touch 12. he must roll a Constitution check. x3. CR 2.” 29. Feats: Improved Initiative. Auric. Dex 12. Will +2.” is changed to “For every hour a character is exposed to the rain. flat-footed 16 (+5 armor.. Atk +2 melee (1d8-1. Cha 12.” is changed to “All characters within 75 feet of the pit when it erupts must roll a Reflex Save (DC 13). battle axe). ICHABRUTICHACH BORDER Gnome Warrior: male gnome War2. Wis 14. hp 18.3. Breastplate. Con 13.” is changed to “regardless of the results of their Reflex Save. AL LN.” “regardless of the results of their Constitution check. INDANALIS SHORE “they must roll a Constitution check every hour. Ref +1.” is changed to “they must roll a Fortitude Save (DC 13) every hour. AC 17. DLA2 . Jump +4. he must roll a Fortitude Save (DC 13).

5E . If the value is less than 2. 79- descends to the ground to retrieve his fallen rider. Str 13. DLA2 . but he continues to defend himself with his claws and breath weapons. Atk +2 melee (1d6+1. Move Silently +3. Example: Assume the rider has no rank in Ride (dragon). Wis 9. Cha 8. To avoid falling Feats: Alertness. +1. Hobgoblins (8): male hobgoblin Ftr 1. -1 for each Str Mod and Dex Mod point. it takes the 80. pg. SV Fort +4. +5 armor). is using a saddle that wasn’t Jari’s. If the value is greater than 18. ENEMY FACTIONS DRAGON PREPARATION RED DRAGON FACTION Young Red Dragons (2): As in the Monster Manual. AC 16. The dragon remains stationary if he loses his rider. no damage is suffered. has a +2 Str Mod and a -1 Dex Mod. the DC cannot be less than 2 or more than 18.. pg. Spear. If the check is made. for instance. he falls. pg. A PC may fall of his mount in the heat of battle. 1. If he then rolls a successful Climb check (DC 13). base DC 13. breath weapon means no damage from dragon breath” is changed to “The shield magically protects its wielder so WIZARD FACTION that a successful Reflex Save (DC 15) means no damage from Hill Giant: As in the Monster Manual. Int 10.TRANSLATION DOCUMENT one round to remount. -4 if the rider is using any type of saddle other than Jari’s. during which time he can take no other actions). Otherwise. +1 for each negative Str Mod and Dex Mod point. the PC must make a Ride (dragon) skill check. If the dragon is on the ground when the PC falls. pg. hp 12. use DC 2. CHAPTER 3: A PC slipping from his airborne mount can roll a successful Grapple check (DC 13) to grab the saddle or the dragon and PIRIM prevent himself from falling. Handaxe. Regardless of the resultant value. flat- footed 15 (+1 dex. rider one round to remount (assuming the rider wasn’t turned into a meat pancake upon impact). Once combat begins. CR 1. 123-124. It takes a rider 11 . spear). x3. Init +1. The DM has the option of increasing or decreasing the frequency of these checks as he sees fit. Spot +2. checks might occur more often if an airborne dragon is fighting several opponents. use DC 18. An airborne dragon immediately Very Young Brass Dragon: As in the Monster Manual. Will -1. x3. Skills: Hide +3. 1d4 points of damage is taken by the PC. touch 11. 75-77. he pulls himself back aboard the dragon (this takes one round. AL LE. Dex 13. If he DRAGON DREAM fails the Climb check. Medium Humanoid. The DC is modified as follows: +4 if the rider has no rank in Ride (dragon). Marlaine (mature brass dragon): As in the Monster Manual. 79-80. dragon breath”. (13 (base) + 4 (no rank) – 4 (saddle) – 2 (+2 Str Mod) + 1 (-1 Dex Mod)).3. Ref combat is changed to the following. A PC falling from an airborne dragon suffers normal falling damage. The resulting DC is 12. has the PC roll a Tumble check (DC 13). This presumes that the mount is participating in combat and that the PC’s hands are freed to use a weapon and are not being used to cling to the mount. The check has a Possessions: Bone Armor. a PC’s chance of falling is checked every three rounds while the PC is engaged in combat or whenever the dragon is performing a difficult maneuver (DM’s determination) or has suffered a blow. “The shield magically protects its wielder so that a successful saving throw vs. Listen +2. Spd 20 ft. Con 14. CHANCE OF FALLING HD 1d10+2. The method of determining if a PC falls from the dragon during handaxe) or +2 ranged (1d8.

Medium Undead. Possessions: Falchion. Dex 19. Cha 6. Con 11. “if he fails his saving throw vs. Str 15. Wis 10. Languages: Auric. +1 light shield).” Is changed to “plus an additional 1d6 points of poison damage if he fails his Fortitude Save (DC 13). use the Beastiary of Krynn. use the Beastiary of Krynn.TRANSLATION DOCUMENT CHAPTER 4: “A victim who attempts to escape a pit by climbing up the sides must roll a Dexterity check with a -4 penalty” is changed to “A SARGOHGG victim who attempts to escape a pit by climbing up the sides must roll a Climb check (DC 17)”. 51. Note: For details on the ‘Acid Spit’. Slig Champion: Slig War4. Int 10. Will +1. 18-20/x2. STRETCHED VINE Paragraph 3 “Contact with the mud causes burns that inflict 1d6 points of Slig Warrior: Slig War1. SQ acid spit. AC 21.” is changed to “if he fails Feats: Combat Reflexes. Languages: Auric. hp 25. CR 2. Atk +4 melee (1d4+2. GENERIC NPCS Wolves (2): As in the Monster Manual. if he fails the check. SQ acid spit. Wis 10. AL LE.” Is changed to “Contact with the mud causes burns that footed 17 (+3 armor. bite + acid spit). Int -. Dex 15. Medium Humanoid. DR Fire/10. HD damage unless the victim rolls a successful saving throw vs. Init +0. AL LE. he falls Skills: Craft (Trapmaking) +6. back in. name for an evil god worshipped by obscure sects. SV Fort +5. Draconian. Wis “A victim attempting to escape by climbing up the sides must roll a 10. Spd 30 ft. AC 17 (+1 dex. touch 14.” 12 . AC 16. or +1 ranged (1d6+1. Init +6 (+2 dex. +4 natural.” melee (1d8+3. x2. poison” is changed to “if he fails his 15. 20 ft. Note: For details on the ‘Acid Spit’. TREASURE PIT 19. CR 3.” Possessions: Battle axe. HD 3d8+1d4+1. Int 10. Feats: Toughness. 51.. hp 50. x3. x2. flat-footed 17 (+3 armor. Note: For details on the ‘Acid Spit’. Will +3. SV Fort +0. SV Fort +4. Paragraph 2 “plus an additional 1d6 points of poison damage if he fails his saving throw vs. AL LE.)” is changed to “(Any Ref +5. Spd 30 ft. Will +2. AC 19. 2 claws) and +2 melee (1d4+3. x2. flat- footed 14 (+4 natural. Ref +5. poison. Hide armor. or +3 Paragraph 1 melee (1d6. makes a Bardic Knowledge check (DC 13) recognizes this as a Feats: Combat Reflexes. Paragraph 1 Skills: Climb +8. +2 dex). Atk +3 melee EXPLORING SARGOHGG (1d8+2. Ref +0. pg. if he fails the check. battle axe). 3d8+1d8+4. CR 6. bite + acid spit). Dexterity check with a -4 penalty.)” Languages: Auric.”. +2 natural. 3A. Hide +9. AL LE. his Fortitude save (DC 13). Improved Initiative. touch 12. Cha 4. +4 dex). +2 dex). he falls back in. Hide +8.. +3 studded leather. HD except that it still has the ability to fight temporary when below 0 3d8+4d8+4.. Possessions: Spear. poison. touch 12. Str 16. x2. Con -. or +10 melee (2d4+4. x2. or +4 melee “(Any PC with the religion proficiency recognizes this as a name (1d8+2. 3D. for an evil god worshipped by obscure sects.” is changed to “A victim attempting to escape by climbing Feats: Combat Reflexes. pg. 2 Who’s Frugruras? claws) and -1 melee (1d4+2. +4 natural. 283. x3. Con 13. Slig Villager: Slig Com1. Medium Humanoid. Str “if he fails his saving throw vs. Dex 15. MAIN CAVERN Giant Boar: Use the ‘Boar’ entry in the Monster Manual. Medium Humanoid. Str 3F. bite + acid spit). Hide armor. Draconian. x2. Wis 12. x2.. falchion).5E . Draconian. DR Fire/10. Cha 1. pg. +4 improved initiative). spear). Cha 6. Con 13. Spd 20 ft. SQ: undead traits. 51. inflict 1d6 points of damage unless the victim rolls a successful x2. Init +2. 19-20/x2. Init +2. Hide +8. Atk +10 melee (1d4+4. javelin). SQ acid spit. pg. SV Fort +2. DLA2 . Int 9. DR Fire/10. up the sides must roll a Climb check (DC 17). hp 22. or +6 Fortitude save (DC 13). PC who makes a Knowledge (Religion) check (DC 15) or Bard who Skills: Craft (Trapmaking) +6.3. Ref +8. 3G. 2 claws) and +5 melee (1d4+4. Atk +7 melee (1d4+3. hp 9. 270. Spd hit points (as described in the module). Dex 11. Will +1. flat- poison. BURIAL PIT Hobgoblin Zombies (4): CR 2. slam). Fortitude Save (DC 13)”. pg. HD 1d12+3. use the Beastiary of Krynn.

“all characters in this area must roll a successful Constitution Skills: Concentration +11. DLA2 . However. AL LN. especially 2b. pg. Damage done to the 'body' only results in half-damage.3. hp 23. Heal +9. zombie immediately attacks PCs). Spell Focus (Necromancy). Init +0. or suffer 1-2 points of damage. Will +4. SR 14. Undead. base DC = 14 + spell 1. undead False Life. poisons. footed 16 (+7 natural. Wis 10. Atk +4 melee (1d4.5E . zombie immediately Components: V attacks PCs). Comprehend Languages. claw). AL CE. Zombie: Use ‘Human Commoner Zombie’ in the Monster Manual. Spd 30 ft.” is changed to “(each PC rolls a Feign Death Reflex Save (DC 13). 4 – Animate Dead. Darkness. Halt Undead.” is changed to “all Knowledge (arcana) +16. Wizard Spells Prepared (4/6/6/5/4/2. claw)]. The target of the spell 13 . Touch. Beastiary of Krynn)”. Sor/Wiz 3 points of damage on ligament to destroy it. Crack: book which makes a single willing target appear to be dead. Cha 1. characters in this area must roll a successful Reflex save (DC 13) Feats: Combat Casting. Move Silently +6. Cha 8. ABOUT THE CREATURE Paragraph 1 ARRIVAL “(see “Beast. Spd 20ft. See Invisibility. 201-203. Paralysis. etc. 5 – Blight. Craft Wondrous Item. Vampiric Int -. Spellcraft +16. Ray of Exhaustion. being forced to repeatively listen Skeleton: Use ‘Human Warrior Skeleton’ in the Monster Manual. HD Detect Magic. failure means the zombie gets to make an Necromancy attack [Atk +1 melee (1d8. Identify. Decipher Script +16.” in Volume Four of the Monstrous Compendium for details)” is changed to “(see “Stahnk” in the Alemnya: male human Nec 9: CR 9. Con 9. use this version which is based off of the 2nd edition feign death. Only paraphrasing (read: borderline “(each PC rolls a Dexterity check. x2. Init +0. Str 10. 19-20/x2. Possession: Dagger. lying at ground-zero of a super nova. Ghoul Touch. Ref +1. Gentle Repose. Dex 10. 225-227. Translator's Note: the spell feign death. x2. check or suffer 1-2 points of damage. Contagion. Spectral Hand. AC 16. 1d8 points of damage]). ENTRY ROOM level. the spell can end it at any time. HD 9d4. SQ forbidden schools (Abjuration. Fear. Illusion). Ochre Jelly: As in the Monster Manual. Trapped Zombie: since I've never seen it yet. AC 10. Con -. The spell offers no protection GENERIC UNDEAD from cases of certain death: drowning while in a locked box.. Int 18. but it requires a full round for the body to start back up again. however after the spell expires saving throws for introduced poisons are applicable. Large Undead. Detect Undead. specialization (Necromancy). Paragraph 3 Ref +3. Atk +6 melee (1d6+5. Craft Wand.. Chill Touch. is officially available 2. SV Fort +1. AHHAR and negative energy attacks have no effect during the duration of the spell. to music CDs sung by purple dinosaurs. Touch of Fatigue. 3 – Feign traits. Enervation. Str 21. Death. The cleric who casts pg. for Necromancy Spells base DC = 16 + spell level): 0 – Alemnya Dragon Hind Right Foot: CR 4. SV Fort +2. STAIRWAY as a 3rd level necromatic arcane spell in the 'Tome and Blood' 2a. Read Magic. to make an attack [THAC0 19. pg. if like myself the 'Tome and Blood' book is unavailable. Detect Poison. Moon Magic (Nuitari). 2 – Command Undead. Any similarities to the official version is coincidental. SQ: Immune to all nonmagical edged weapons. Ray of Enfeeblement. summon familiar.TRANSLATION DOCUMENT will still be aware of his surroundings as if awake with the CHAPTER 5: exception of there being no sense sof touch or sights.” Casting Time: 1 standard action Range: Touch Targets: One Person Duration: 1 turn + 1 round/level Saving Throw: Will negates (harmless) Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless) This spell puts any single person into a death-like state that is impossible to distinguish from true death. 1 – 4d12. hp 33. Wave of Fatigue. -1 size). failure means the zombie gets plagerizing) of the 2nd edition description is used here. touch 9. Dex 10. Init +0. or free it (need to inflict 10 points of damage on ligament to destroy it. 265-267.” Greater Spell Focus (Necromancy). dagger). Wis 17. Will +9. flat- Cause Fear. or free it (need to inflict 10 Level: Clr 3. Medium Humanoid. scribe scroll.

. 5. -1 size). If the rib cage is reduced to Alemnya Dragon Hind Left Foot: CR 5. undead traits.. the object bursts into flame (no save). the rib cage springs open like a natural. Note: This 14 . skeletons. LEAKING ROOM SV Fort +6. Cha 1. Con -. SR 14. SV Fort +1. SV Fort +1. For every round the victim the ‘Stahnk’ entry (see ‘Rib Spurs’). Con -. tongue can extend into the stairway (area 9). room. SQ: Immune to fire. the tail makes a violent sweep across the room. Init +2. he automatically suffers 1d6+9 rib cage. touching a glowing bone with his bare hands suffers 1 point of damage. Str 28. Init +0. Use the ‘Human Warrior Skeleton’ 4d12. SV Fort +1. undead traits. Ref +1. Large Undead. SR 14. DR 10/bludgeon. hp 33. hp 22. AL CE. The skull can make All PCs inside the rib cage are attacked by the ensnared tongue attacks in the air and underwater with equal ease. status is for only the rib cage (the full dragon was larger).”. CE. Str 21. check (DC 14). Init +0. Dex 10. Str 28. Init +0. Init +0. The skeletons cannot attack PCs outside the rib cage. attempting to scoop up all creatures in the Immune to all nonmagical edged weapons. PASSAGE 10. Con -.TRANSLATION DOCUMENT points through its fast healing (5 rounds). Atk +5 melee (see below). STUDY skeletons escape. Will +4. Con -. Paragraph 1 (after the stat block): Floor Bound: Observant PCs notice that the tail is unable to “must roll a saving throw vs. Spd 20ft. Int 2. undead traits. Two companions working together can free a When the rib cage has been escaped from. Init +0. -2 size). Atk (special). Con -. touch 9. Cha 1. Large Undead. immune to fire. flat-footed 16 (+7 Rib Spurs: Every other round. roll a separate attack roll for every PC in the room who is AL CE. it crumbles to dust. Wis 10. AL CE. If the ensnared 3.. if the PC’s attack succeeds. Dex 10. HD 2d6+5 points of damage. SQ: pair of giant jaws. the object bursts into flame (no save). If the victim’s attack fails. SR 14. SQ: DR 10/bludgeoning. Wis 10. flat- footed 16 (+7 natural. HD 0 hit points. pg. Spd 20 ft. AC 16. Atk +10 melee (2d4+9.5E . touch 9. Str 28. The damage done upon Wis 10. Burning bones: The glowing bones are very hot. Spd 20 ft. AC 16. off the floor (for instance. HD 5d12. the skull or each other during rounds when the rib cage is making attacks releases the victim (who most likely falls in the water (Balance of its own). the rib cage of the Alemnya Dragon can hold more. The skeletons (ensnared characters are immune to the attacks of the tongue strikes with a +10 melee for its attack roll. The rib hp 40. Huge Undead. SV Fort +1. Large Undead. Atk +11 melee (1d6+9. any PCs who are two feet or more Reflex Save (DC 15). Int -. a character paragraphs within in the module. 226. SA: Burning bones. AL steel shields. Giant Rats: Use ‘Dire Rat’ from the Monster Manual. Will +4. wands. -1 size). Ref +4. DLA2 . Large Undead. it can still attack. a character touching a glowing bone with his bare hands suffers 1 point of damage. however. Wis 10. Sweep attack.3. claw). Will +5. but they do so with a -3 penalty to hit. entry from the Monster Manual. for the ensnared footed 16 (+7 natural. HD 4d12. SQ: Floor Bound. Ensnared PCs can attack the spends trapped in the skull’s jaws. not already trapped inside the rib cage. pg. they run to room 8. Int -. Dex 10. AC 15. touch 9. 64. SQ: DR 10/bludgeoning. SA: creatures. Int 2. Ref +1. trapped victim automatically. sweep slap). AL CE. SKELETON DORMITORY Alemnya Dragon Rib Cage: CR 6. x2. A successful hit inflicts Alemnya Dragon Front Left Foot: CR 4. Will +9. Note 1: This information duplicates and replaces corresponding Burning bones: The glowing bones are very hot. Init +0. If the tongue rib cage. SA: Tongue and Chew. ensnared characters can’t attack the rib cage hits. 3d12. Wis 10. striking a PC and the crushing damage done in following rounds is Tongue and Chew: The skull has a sticky tongue 15 feet long detailed in the ‘Rib Spurs’ attack for the ‘Stahnk’ in the Beastiary that it uses to draw victims into its jaws. HD 6d12. flat-footed 16 (+7 cage can hold up to 4 medium sized creatures or 8 small natural. Init +0. and the victim The only way that ensnared PCs can escape is also detailed in suffers 1d6+9 points of damage. Cha 1. However the skeletons do not have scimitars or heavy SA: Burning bones. Alemnya Dragon Skull: CR 5. SR 14. touch 8. Cha 1. Ref +1. Str 28. flat-footed 15 (+7 natural. if the bones are touched with any inflammable object Note 2: Although the ‘Rib Spurs’ section of the ‘Stahnk’ entry (such as a wooden staff). Sweep Attack: Every other round. fast healing 3. nor can PCs outside the rib cage attack the ensnared skeletons. Int -. -1 size). Dex 4. The victim can free himself if he rolls a Strength penalty if the ensnared PCs attack the ensnared skeletons. DEMOLISHED ZOMBIE ROOM creature standing or lying on the floor. 10. Spd (special). Only their claw attacks are available to them. Init +0. therefore. Atk +6 melee (1d6+5. Attacks directed against the skull but it can no longer ensnare victims until it has regained 15 hit have a 20% chance of hitting the victim instead. Dex 10.. Cha 1. Spd 20 ft. -1 size). states that there is only enough room in the rib cage for so many creatures of such and such a size. the victim can attack it. hp 47.” is changed to “must roll a rise from the ground. x2. This is in part due to the fact that the huge Alemnya Dragon Tail: CR 3. unlike the skull itself. there is no points of damage. AC 16. undead traits. claw). hp 33. the of Krynn. Ref +1. check (DC 19) to remain on his feet). SA: Rib spurs. undead traits. roll a separate attack roll against every 7. SR 14. if the bones are touched with any inflammable object (such as a wooden staff). flat. touch 9. the skull immediately drags the victim into its jaws. AC 16. x2. Will +4. if they can fly or climb walls) can’t be attacked.

There are no additional effects if a PC is struck by the green flames again while the bones are throbbing. It is an ice-cold cone of green fire ten feet long with a base diameter of two feet. a character touching a glowing bone with his bare hands suffers 1 point of damage. However the ‘rib spurs’ attack now acts exactly as specified within the Beastiary of Krynn except that the ribs are still large enough to hold 4 medium sized creatures or 8 small sized creatures. Victims must roll a successful Reflex save (DC 25) or suffer 2d4 points of damage and have their bones throb within their bodies for the next 2d6 rounds. if the bones are touched with any inflammable object (such as a wooden staff). however this does not affect the given scores and abilities beyond what is stated in the creature’s description and above in this translation document. The dragon can breath a particular breath weapon up to three times per day. though he still suffers the 2d4 points of damage upon a failed save. 4. 2. Paragraph 4 (after the stat block): “all characters in this area must roll a successful Constitution check” is changed to “all characters in this area must roll a successful Reflex save (DC 13)”. Burning Bones: The glowing bones are very hot. 3. the object bursts into flame (no save). causing -1 penalties to both AC and attack rolls. 1. 15 . pg.5E . The Alemnya Dragon is (once all put together) a Gargantuan sized creature (just short of 50’ in size). FINAL MANIFESTATION Alemnya Dragon Final Manifestation: Use the ‘Stahnk’ entry from the Beastiary of Krynn. DLA2 . 128-129. None of the Stahnk’s Special Attacks are retained except for rib spurs.3.TRANSLATION DOCUMENT information duplicates and replaces corresponding paragraphs within in the module. with the following exceptions.

ABOUT THE ETHEREAL PLANE The Manual of the Planes reference here is removed in favor of the description included in the module. Movement: Paragraph 2: “The maximum speed possible by this method is 30 feet per round per Intelligence point” is changed to “The maximum speed possible by this method is 70 ft. +4 improved initiative). eye flash. SQ pass without a trace. AC 17. Atk +6 melee (2d6. flat-footed 16 (+5 metal. pg. touch 11. +1 dex. Wis 11. Mind control is replaced with Command. electrical pole). Spd 20 ft. +1 size). a character suffers no 1d8+1. Special Attacks: All special attacks are described in the module with changes noted below. flat-footed 11 (+1 size).. HD 4d10. pg. HD “While under the influence of the potion. with missile weapons. fire jet. with various details of other-worldly description in the preceding pages. hp 9. SV Fort +3.” is AC 11. The intelligence check for a PC to realize he has the ability of mental movement has a DC 13. construct special qualities. Cha 1. AL LE.5 description of the ethereal is in the Dungeon Master’s Guide. DLA2 . AL N. The 3. Ref +2. Small Construct. Small Humanoid. warhammer).. Int 10. changed to “While under the influence of the potion. Ref suffers no range penalties for attacks up to 3x the given range +0. Atk +1 melee (1d8-1. Spd 20 ft. Str 9. Paragraph 6 (after the stat block): The fire wall spell is replaced with fire shield. Paragraph 5 (after the stat block): The AC of the device is 15. SV Fort +1. SA: Explodes at 0 hp. 16 . Int -. Con -. Init +1. touch 12. hp 20. Will -1. Con 13.5E . Will +1. per Intelligence point”. CONFRONTATION Drishurocol’s Mechanical Men (4): CR 4. 151. a character x3. THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES: Eyewing: As in the Beastiary of Krynn. Dex 12. CR 1.3. Dex 12. Feats: Improved Initiative.” Skills: Hide +7. Init +5 (+1 dex. Paragraph 3 (after the stat block): “(roll a successful saving throw vs. Intimidate +4.TRANSLATION DOCUMENT CHAPTER 6: EPILOGUE KOR ISLAND AND BEYOND THE ADVENTURE ENDS HERE: GENERIC GNOMES REUNION WITH AMANTHUS Paragraph 5: Gnome Warrior: male gnome War 1. Possessions: Warhammer. Cha 11. 111-112. dragon breath for half damage)” is changed to “(roll a successful Reflex save (DC 13) for half damage)”. range penalties for long-distance attacks with missile weapons. SQ: Darkvision 60’. Str 14. Wis 8.

Medium Humanoid (7 ft. battleaxe). Will +7. 20 sling bullets. 19-20/x2. x2. Kothian. Str 20. so the DM should extend this ability as far as Lance)” is changed to “Weapon Specialization (Lance). completed in the number of months equal to twelve minus the Skills: Climb 10. battleaxe. Profession (cook) +11. SQ Perfect Mental Shield. Upon the (hopefully) eventual release of official Taladas products for 3. and all other types of mental probes. Int 14. and 9th). character's intelligence modifier. Wis 15.5. Cleric Spells Prepared (6/5+1/4+1/2+1/1+1. with an increase of +2 to the bonus Perfect Mental Shield: Immune to Detect Thoughts. Wis 15. scrying devices. 5th 7th.. sling. 2 in.com/fan/rules/11022. an official Dragon Knight class or prestige class will trump any details Wings: given here. Spd 20 ft.). Improved Initiative. Auric. Int character's INT. This is to prevent the PCs from simply pulling the information she has from The bonus feat at sixth level “Weapon Specialization (Heavy her ahead of time. touch 11. The bonus feat at first level “Weapon Focus (Heavy Lance)” is Hoor. and added is “Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless)”. DLA2 . Ilquar Goblin. 19-20/x2. manner: Track. Spd 20 ft. (harmless)”. Saving throw is now rebuke undead. hp 34. Trampas Whiteman's Dragon Knight PrC is altered in the following Improved Critical (club). Endurance.5E . Ride (horse) +13. Will +5. 17 . 19-20/x2. dagger) or +5 ranged (1d4. The maneuverability class is now (average). domain (Magic)): 0 – Detect Magic. Thenolian. Saving throw is now “Will negates (harmless)”. Boki Gnomish. Ilquar Goblin. Ref +1. x3. club imbedded w/steel changed in the following manner: needles) or +15/+10 melee (1d4+6. Weapon Dragon Message: Focus (dagger).aspx is used. Saving throw is now “Will negates (harmless)”. Str 8. http://www. Intimidate +11. dagger +1) or +14/+9 melee (1d8+5. 0 in.” is changed to “The basics of training are 17. Con 14. “Will negates (harmless)”. magical every two levels (3th. PLAYER CHARACTER DRAGON KNIGHTS Eye-Shield: The spell is of the Evocation school. AC 10. +1 dex). Weapon Focus (club). Knowledge (arcana) +9. The spell is of the Transmutation school. However the rules for the dragon's acceptance remains the same as that in the original module except for the following: “+/. Spellcraft +9. armor). Mounted Combat (Worg). Run.the character's reaction roll modifier” is changed to “+/.TRANSLATION DOCUMENT Dragon Fall: APPENDIX The spell is of the Transmutation school. +1 size). Cha 9. +3 cloak.. Possessions: Banded mail. Feats: Combat Casting. Survival +8. CD 7. Knowledge (astrology) +7. “Will negates (harmless)”. Leadership. Feats: Blind-Fight. 290 lbs). Tamire Elf. SV Fort +3. a negates (harmless)”. Languages: Thenolian. hp 80. touch 10. Init -1. Atk +6 melee (1d4. first given as +2 at first level. Small Humanoid (3 ft. cloak of dragon scales (+3 AC).” possible in order to keep the scenario going. flat-footed 19 (+6 armor. and added is “Spell Resistance: Yes Con 7. base DC = 12 + spell level. Weapon Specialization (dagger). Weapon Specialization (club).. Saving throw is now Languages: Auric. Greater Weapon Focus (club). dragon fear (Frightful Presence) is now of faith (Angomeith). club imbedded w/steel needles.3. Ref +4. leather coat (functions as leather (harmless)”. knowledge (religion) +9. +4 improve initiative). medallion of faith (Angomeith). AC 20. AL LE. Detect Poison. Init +5 (+1 dex. Saving throw is now “Will Instead of the specific class descriptions given in the module. Skills: Knowledge (agriculture) +9. Grott: male goblin Clr 7. The spell is of the Transmutation school. HD 7d8. SV Fort +8. and added is “Spell Resistance: Yes variation off of Trampas Whiteman's “Dragon Knight” given at (harmless)”. HD 9d10+18. and added is “Spell Resistance: Yes Possessions: Dagger. The time is takes to train to become a Dragon Knight is also Atk +16/+11 melee (1d6+10.dl3e. Dex 9. Swim +10. changed to “Weapon Focus (Lance)”. Silver symbol The bonus on saves vs. Dex 13. and added is “Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless)”. Cha 6.the SELECTED NPCS character's charisma modifier” Gezele Ella: CR 9. SA: Cause Fear up to five times per day Dragon Tongues: (functions as cast by a 3rd level caster – DC 15). dagger +1.” Knowledge (fine arts) +9. flat-footed 11 (-1 SPELLS AND DRAGON MAGIC dex. “The basics of training are completed in 24 months minus the AL LE. sling). SQ turn and The spell is of the Transmutation school.

Cha 7. Knowledge (nobility & royalty) Possessions: Control for Mechanical Men. Chorahh has dagger and short sword on his person. Con 7. x2. Chorahh can speak Draconian. with four throwing javelins. mace. handaxe. Mismatched Armor. AC 17. Ride +5. a composite shortbow of layered horn. Languages: Thenolian. track. Dex 14. is reinforced with leather at critical points (AC +2). Spd 30 ft. endurance. Endure Elements (Fire). touch 12. Appropriate adjustments to initiative and attack bonuses apply.5E . Grott and Drishurocol Specialization (longbow). Int 18. Spd 30 ft. x3. Str 16. Handle Animal +8. the spirit totem of his clam. Auric. Pass without Trace. His padded armor 3. x3. pg. Ref +7.. Grott immune to sleep. Harlin wears a ring of freedom of movement on his left hand. Mounted Archery. Grott and Drishurocol (1d6+3. Boli Gnomish. AC 14. short sword) or +4 melee (1d4-1. Nuitari does not allow Blank Shot. animal companion. 19-20/x2. flat- footed 16 (+5 armor. Weapon clerics. Listen +6. Cha 17. x3. Atk +6/+1 melee (1d10. Shield OPTIONAL PLAYER CHARACTERS of Faith. Move Campaign Setting. Read Magic. Kothian. and carries a rope of climbing in his pack. Ilquar Goblin. composite are exceptions to the rule. Int 14.hp 49. AL CG. Con 15. of Faith (Angothorolupolis). Magical Aptitude. 215-216. Far Shot. Ride +12. Survival +12. 4 Chorahh has Weapon Focus (dagger) and Weapon Focus (dagger).3. x2. AL CG. 3 – *Dispel Magic. Knowledge (navigation) +8. Ride-By Attack. short sword. hand axe. lance (reach)) Note: Under normal circumstances. SQ turn Harlin Reiver: Male Half-elf Fighter 6. Feign (5’ 5”). 2nd on this point. The background information is available in the original Drishurocol: male gnome Clr 6. Skills: Concentration +7. Angomeith has also been the center of his faith. dagger). Wis 14. Init +2. 14. x3. Improved Unarmed Strike. (6’ 2”): HD 6d10+12. Wis 14.TRANSLATION DOCUMENT Guidance. SV Fort +3. Craft (Alchemy) +15. Will +4. Magic Stone. sling). base DC = 12 + spell level): 1st – Detect Snares and Pits. Feats: Blind-Fight. Int 10. Medallion +6. Precise Shot. hp 45. Medium Humanoid Strength. hp 19. Cobos wears padded armor and a small metal cap in the form of a falcon’s head. Dex 12. AC 17. 1 – Bless. he truly doesn’t have any idea). touch 12. Cha 6. in. Hide Chorahh: As the ‘Draconian. DLA2 . a dagger. Cobos wears boots of Note: All special attack information given in the module is replaced elvenkind (not reflected in scores) and has a potion of bull’s by the appropriate information in the ‘Draconian. HD 6d8. Wis 12. Ranger Spells Known (2. SQ: immune to Feats: Combat Casting. Atk +12/+7 melee (1d6+5 18- with Spell Ability. javelins. Hoor. Auric. CR 6. AL LE. Bull’s Cobos The Lame: Male Elven Ranger 7. javelin) or +9/+4 ranged (1d6+3. pg. Resistance. However for this module’s purposes. CR 6. Tongue. 4 module. will act as if he has no idea what the PCs are talking about (which wild empathy.). melee (1d6. dagger. 20/x2. +2 dex). longbow. combat style. If somehow the PCs put two and two shortbow) or +9/+4 ranged (1d4+3. Cobos’ exceptional the Dragonlance Campaign Setting. Protection from Energy (Fire). Skills: Craft (bowmaking) +11. Jump +8. As far as Grott favored enemy (Humanoid (goblinoid)). short sword) or +6/+1 (Engineering) +15. lance (reach).. x2. Death (See Chapter 5). longbow Spellcraft +15. and a sling. Aurak’ entry of strength. Will +7. Resist Energy (Fire). Craft halberd) or +6/+1 melee (1d6. skill with the bow and on horseback are reflected in his scores and feats above. +1 size). dagger). 18 . x3. +2 scimitar) or +10/+5 melee (1d8+3. sleep. Spd 20 ft. a mace. Aurak’ entry in the Dragonlance +10. Small Humanoid (3 ft. handaxe) or +10/+5 ranged (1d8+1. Medium Humanoid and rebuke undead. Use Magical Device +0. flat-footed 16 (+6 armor. and a scimitar +2. Will +3. Point Note: Under normal circumstances. 1st favored enemy (Humanoid (Ogre)). 2 – Bear’s Endurance. except for the following. Instead of the feats Combat Casting and Improved Initiative. 215-216. +1 dex. 19- 20/x2. Knowledge (religion) +13. Short Sword. SV Fort +7. Disable Device +6. HD 7d8+14. 10 +1 arrows. Ref +5. Thenolian. SV Fort +7. Possessions: Composite Shortbow. Feats: Mounted Combat. *Identify. 2. light mace) or +9/+4 ranged clerics. As a nomadic elf of northern Hosk. improved combat style. *Nystul’s Magic Aura. Perform (song) +7. Str 6. Hitehkel Gnomish. Atk +3 melee (1d6-2. Str 10. 4 – *Imbue flat-footed 12 (+2 armor. Possessions: +1 chainmail. Inflict Minor Wounds.. CR 7. Init +1. Skills: Craft (leatherworking) +8. Ref +3. 1. touch 12. Thenolian. He is equipped and Hoor. 19-20 x2. Silently +10. Con Languages: Auric. Tamire Elf. Nuitari does not allow or +10/+5 melee (1d6+3. woodland stride. SQ: together in regards to this fact and question Grott about it. padded/leather armor. x2. Boli Gnomish. Dex 17. +2 dex). Improved Initiative. w/+1 arrows) or +9/+4 ranged (1d4. Search +7. +2 scimitar. are exceptions to the rule. However for this module’s purposes. Remove Fear. Init +3. knows. Dagger. Weapon Focus (longbow).

. Power Attack. Spd 30 ft. 19. 2 claws) and +1 melee (1d6+2. Rebuke or command plant creatures as an evil spells: Blindness/Deafness. Misdirection. Cha 11. 19- 10 Sling Bullets. Str 13. Wis 8. CR 8. Atk +5 melee (1d6+1. inspire competence. cleric rebukes or commands undead. Resistance. Decipher *Entangle. The other is put into her pack).. glass dart). SQ: summon familiar. +4 Possessions: Glass Darts. float-footed 14 (+4 armor). This Possessions: Druid’s Robe (Cloak of Protection +2). SA: bear shape. Swim +9. explosion. sling. Bear Shape (Su): Due to her commitment to the Bear 2nd – Blindness/Deafness. Dex 12. Con 15. SQ: low-light vision. sling) or +7 ranged bear form. short sword. turn spirit. +2 natural). 1 – *Calm Animals. Uigan. Auric. Feats: Deft Hands. Disable Device +8. hp 32. silver dagger +1). Potion of Claws of Swimming and Climbing: These items appear to Glibness (works as cast by a 5th-level bard). Medium (greatsword). Init +0. Climb +10. Will +5. Thus he Knowledge (nature) +13. touch 13. Search +6.Cure +4. Knowledge (history) +11. Hold Person. Bardic Spells: Bards of the 4th Age cannot cast magic due to Skills: Climb +12. HD 8d10+16. SQ: Missing Scent. fascinate. Endure Elements (Fire). Intelligence. Use Magic Device +12. Cha 16. Wis 12. included in scores above). Ring of Mind Shielding. base DC = 13 + spell level): when worn they acts as Gauntlets of Swimming and Climbing 0th – Dancing Lights. 3 . 19-20/x2. sling). disappear. touch 13. Freedom of Movement. Cure Minor Wounds. Will +5. Open Lock +8. Skills: Climb +9. number of times per day equal to 3 + her Charisma modifier. Greater Weapon Focus (greatsword). scribe scroll. trap sense +1. AC 14. Sleight of Hand +12. Int 16. +3 dex). Int 17. Combat Casting. Languages: Ancient Elvish. touch 11. Knowledge (arcana) +10. hit (1d4. 4 – Cure Critical Wounds. Ride (horse) +12. Will +2. +4 improved Languages: Panak. outer sandsuit (AC +1) (Note: only one sandsuit can be worn longsword) or +14/+9 melee (2d6+6. SA: gore. Knowledge (nature) +10. Shining Lands indoors sandsuit (AC armor. HD 7d8+7.. Lesser Restoration. Spell Mastery (3 spell-like ability. obsidian darts. Ref +1. and feats remains the same while in the 20/x2. Hoor. hp 37. Palissara: Female Human Bard 6. Diplomacy +12. pg. Listen +8. Atk +4 melee (1d6. initiative). 43. Cure Light Wounds. Sling. a colorful Cloak of Protection +4. Cha 13. potion (1d6+4. Dragonlance Campaign Setting. Protection from Evil. Dancing Lights. Weapon Focus Suldrun: Female Elf Cleric 5/Nomad Shaman 2. Cha 10 in. inspire courage +1. Spd 30 ft. touch 10. low-light vision. Medium Auric. but their affects still will be in operation during her time Con 14. Ref +7. (weaponsmithing) +10. 20 sleep. SV Fort +5. Jump Wounds. DLA2 . Move Silently +8. SV Fort +3. flat-footed 11 (+1 sandsuit. Wis 18.3. turn undead. Resistance. CR 6. Hoor. Cha 17. base DC 14 + spell sneak attack +2d5. great sword) or at a time. *Plant Growth. CR 7.. Use this ability a total Languages: Auric. Detect Poison. Spot +7. Medium Humanoid (5 ft. hp 74. Magic Circle Against Evil. AL: LG. AC 17. saves. SQ: immunity to Possessions: Longsword. Profession (armoring) +10. spirit sight. Silver Dagger +1. Suldrun is able to change into a black bear at will. Scale Mail (Hurdu-hide). +2 armor). Str 12. scent. *Dominate Animal. and other ability scores do not increase as Suldrun levels. x2.TRANSLATION DOCUMENT she also suffers 1d8 points of damage each time she does so. Sleight of Hand +8. *Hold Animal. bardic knowledge. Cure Moderate Script +10. Profession the lack of ambient magic. 5 in. However Wizard Spells Prepared (4/3/2. Languages: Kothian. Great Cleave. Init +3. Boli Gnomish. AC Specialization (greatsword). Init +5 (+1 dex. Auric. Feats: Dodge. x2. uncanny dodge. Hide +6. 4 in. However the bear form’s attack bonuses. Tumble +7. (stats are not included in the above scores). Atk +12/+7 melee (1d8+4. Dex 16. Listen +6. Chyrub has lost all sense of smell and taste. Spd 30 ft. Heal +14. Str 11. Search +6. Improved Initiative.5E . Decipher Script +11. 20/x2. totemic insight (ancestral bolts. AC 13. Dex 16. Purify Food and Drink. 1st – Chill Touch. short sword) or +7 ranged (1d4. Perform (song) +12. Wis 12. quarterstaff) or +4 ranged (1d4. SV Gore: This is the natural attack as described in the Fort +5. decanter of endless water. x2. HD 3d8+6. 2 – *Barkskin. providence). AL NG. skills. Will +7. AC 15. Spellcraft +10. Concentration +9. Kothian. SV Fort +4. Prestidigitation. Track. Comprehend Languages. AL NG. Dex 10. Atk +6 melee (1d4+4. bite). As a PRE-GENERATED PLAYER CHARACTERS bear. Survival +14. Knowledge (religion) +14. Possessions: Bears Claws of Swimming and Climbing (not Spd 30 ft. Will +11. Spd 40 ft. flat-footed 16 (+1 dex. Con 12. Int 17. Ilquar Goblin. Divine Favor. points. Rapid Shot. Spell Mastery (3 spells: Domain Powers: Use Speak with Animal once per days as a Dancing Lights. Ref +4. hp 19. Quarterstaff. as a bear. Prestidigitation. Magical items that she is wearing at the time of transformation suggestion. Thenolian. Greatsword. 14. Medium Humanoid (7 ft. 19-20/x2. quarterstaff) or +7 ranged (1d4+2. x2. Str 19. Missing Scent: Due to being too close to a gnomish Skills: Concentration +4. SQ: bardic music. does not have the ‘scent’ feat given to all minotaurs. *Summon Nature’s Ally IV. Perform (chimeboard) +12. granted power is a supernatural ability. hp 44. of healing. Point Blank Shot. Resistance). Con 15. Guidance. However 19 . Weapon Focus (heavy crossbow). Misdirection. HD 3d4+6 (Wiz) plus 4d6+8 (Rog). Init +3. Weapon Humanoid (5 ft. Atk +5 melee (1d6+1. Protection from Evil. Listen +10. Handle Animal +4. Feats: Alertness. Chyrub: Male Minotaur Fighter 8. AL level): 0 – Create Water. +1). Eschew Materials. flat-footed 12 (+3 dex.. Heavy Crossbow. Humanoid. Escape Artist +6. Wis 16.). Quarterstaff. CR 7. Tamire Elvish. Spirit. Dalemont Half-Hand: Male Human Wiz 3/Rog 4. Feats: Cleave. heavy crossbow) or +12 melee chimeboards (horax shell with suspended obsidian chips). Dex 13. be ordinary bear paws that Suldrun wears as gloves. +10/+5 ranged (1d10. countersong. 6. Clerical Spells (6/5+1/4+1/3+1/2+1. Int 15. 19-20/x2. HD 6d6+12. Ref +8. Str 19. Skills: Appraise +6.). Serious Wounds. x2. Protection from Evil). SV Fort +8. gore). Ref +3. trapfinding. NG. Con 15.). Precise Shot.

Dart of Honing. Livia The Shrewd: Female Gnome (gnomoi) Ill 7. Fianawar Dwarvish. Cha 8. trapfinding. Staff of Illumination (30 charges). AC 16. Spd 20 ft. Shocking Grasp. Bracers of Armor +4. *Invisibility Sphere. Spell Focus (Illusion).*Displacement. Listen +5. Scroll of Barkskin. Con 11. and Expeditious Retreat.3. Rope Use +7. Atk +8 melee (1d4+3. Str 14. HD 7d4-7. Search +6. *Silent Image. hoopaui. DLA2 . +1 size). Languages: Boli Gnomish. Will +6. base DC = 14 + spell level. Atk +6 melee (1d3+2. Iron Will. *Major Image. Wis 8. touch 14. Slight of Hand +12. *Rainbow Pattern. Spot +6. Ref +8. *Invisibility. Init +6 (+2 dex. 20 . Languages: Marak Kender. flat-footed 14 (+2 dex. studded leather +1. flat-footed 15 (+3 dex. Panak. Ref +5. Profession (engineering) +9. 19-20/x2. Dex 16. Small Humanoid. ranged 80 ft. SA: taunt. sling). hp 27. 1x2. Move Silently +11.). Scribe Scroll. AL NG. Spellcraft +9.5E . Str 16. Skills: Climb +12. CR 6. Possessions: Wand of Magic Missile (7th) (13 charges). 10 stone pellets. HD 6d6. sling. Perform (ventriloquism) +7. +2 to DC for Illusion Spells. Disguise Self. Profession (cooking) +5. touch 13. *Minor Image.. Dex 14. Craft Wand. Open Locks +12. *Color Spray. Wizard Spells Prepared (4/5+1/3+1/2+1/1+1. Hide +7. trap sense +2. +4 armor. AL: LG. Summon Familiar. 3 . 2 – Darkness. Read Magic. Feats: Improved Initiative. Auric. dagger. SV Fort +1. sneak attack +3d6. Hide +16. Survival +5. Jump +12. +3 armor. Con 8. Knowledge (history) +10. *Hypnotic Pattern. Perform (juggling) +12. Feather Fall. Ghost Sound. +4 improved initiative). darts) or +7 ranged (1d4+1. AC 18. Int 12. *Disguise Self..TRANSLATION DOCUMENT Buckeran: Male Marak Kender Rog 6. hoopaui w/pellets. Init +3 (+3 dex). Scroll of Color Spray. quarterstaff. Small Humanoid.. Skills: Craft (brewing) +9. Cha 16. +1 size). Message. Craft Wonderous Item. uncanny dodge. SV Fort +3. Spd 20 ft. Int 15. 4 – *Hallucinatory Terrain. Restricted Schools: Necromancy and Abjuration): 0 – Flare. Possessions: Potion of Speed. hp 20. 10 darts. Disable Device +3. SQ: evasion. Run. Will +6. Auric. Wis 12. x2. x2. dagger) or +7 ranged (1d3. Feats: Empower Spell. 1 – Charm Person. CR 7. quarterstaff) or +7 ranged (1d3.