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ONE DAY 18. PHILANTHROPY Company Company 9. PHILANDERING 17. DAY ONE 12. EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU Phil & Company Phil 5. SEEING YOU Phil. DAY TWO 13. THERE WILL BE SUN 11. EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU (REPRISE) Phil & Healers Phil 7.MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. NOBODY CARES 16. PUNXSUTAWNEY ROCK Rita. ENTR’ACTE Orchestra Orchestra 2. HOPE Phil & Company Phil & Company 4. NIGHT WILL COME Gus. DAY THREE 14. Phil & Company Ned Ryerson 8. Ralph. Rita & Company BARRETT DOSS . IF I HAD MY TIME AGAIN Phil & Company Rita. Phil & Company Piano Teacher 19. STUCK 15. Phil & Company 6. PLAYING NANCY Company Nancy 3. OVERTURE 10.

always made me cry. The four years that I spent with Tim and Danny. and I looking at a map and somehow knowing where the gold is. Like a pirate a romantic comedy with surprising dimensions. Repeatedly. And a good smart good musical adaptation to be written. Here is a piece of work that comes from the heart. from several hearts. enough to sing about. In fact. And the way he systematically rebuilt Groundhog Day into a landscape of songs was a remarkable thing to behold.BIG ENOUGH TO SING ABOUT I’ve always loved a good comedy. for me. Who doesn’t? But a guess that’s part of what made me think there could be a good. and Chris Nightingale (our Music Supervisor). smart comedy is even better. I hope you enjoy listening. But it would need an exceptional the perfect combination. developing this musical were filled with a lot of deep thinking and a lot of laughter. Anyway.. Hence my undying love of Danny composer and lyricist who could do complexity and humour Rubin’s Groundhog Day story. The ideas were big comedy with the ability to move you to tears is. – MATTHEW WARCHUS . And watching a person being given infinite on Matilda The Musical so I knew that he had an uncanny second chances. In other words.. And as for the emotion that was poured into the writing and then into the stage production as a whole. Or maybe more like a wise fisherman who looks at the ocean and knows instinctively where to catch which fish. I had previously worked with Tim wisdom. he’s good. until their eyes are finally opened to ability to stare at a story and divine exactly where the songs the simple beauty of life. This is should go and what they should be about. On behalf of all of the many people involved. the laugh-out-loud funny and smart to the point of actual extraordinary Tim Minchin. well I hope it speaks for itself. I found the 1993 movie plus just the right amount of emotion.


the same cast of small-town characters and their phrase “You gotta love life. Meanwhile. without a scratch. As Act II begins (ENTR’ACTE) we are given a surprise moment PA. Phil Connors (Andy Karl) – fling from one of Phil’s more lecherous rewinds of the day a veteran weatherman for a Pittsburgh TV station – makes the (PLAYING NANCY). saying and doing the same things that infuriated him tries to use the hours in the day to help as many of the locals the day before (DAY THREE). Rita Hanson (ONE DAY). but this time simply as a friend. He embarks on a hedonistic and Rita break through into tomorrow as the sun rises. And Phil is the only one who knows it. and when they spend the whole day together Phil starts to learn how to see things differently (EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU When he awakes the next morning. He seeks help. no hangovers. He does everything he can think of to end is jaded and sarcastic. As alone as he to the end of his rope.SYNOPSIS After the OVERTURE. one thing still out of reach. is in a mysterious time warp: it is Groundhog Day all over again – in every maddening detail. the cycle repeats itself. again (NIGHT WILL COME). he becomes the sort of man that Rita could solace in a local dive bar. in particular the enthusiastic results in him awakening. back in his bed. Phil gradually discovers he (REPRISE)). spree (PHILANDERING) which ultimately leads him back to the on February 3rd. suddenly takes a different turn he goes to bed. and when they meet up at the Groundhog Gala because every day resets to the start. . at last. the monotony of Phil’s daily annual trek to Punxsutawney to see the groundhog reveal his rewind and his many futile attempts to win Rita have driven him annual “prediction” about the arrival of spring. Finding ONE). and he begins to understand Ned’s catch and again. Rita Hanson (Barrett Doss). she nevertheless sees an Punxsutawney. a February 2nd (THERE WILL BE SUN). but attempt after attempt to kill himself simply the assignment or for his crew. and first remote broadcast to cover the groundhog festivities (DAY tells her of his predicament (EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU). a major snowstorm descends on it understandably hard to believe. it means there are no (PUNXSUTAWNEY ROCK). or an explanation. as possible with random acts of kindness (PHILANTHROPY). Once their work is done. He encounters. Phil his life he is free (NOBODY CARES). (DAY TWO). we begin before sunrise in Punxsutawney. For the first time in contents of her purse for one dance together (SEEING YOU). Seeking Without realizing it. There is no way out of town so Phil is trapped array of positives in such an unlikely scenario (IF I HAD MY TIME there for the night. from various local “experts” but to no avail (STUCK). Phil can barely conceal his contempt for it all (HOPE). she astonishes him by bidding the consequences. AGAIN).” Now everything shifts and Phil quirks. a sudden realization dawns on him… fall in love with. where Groundhog Day is officially commemorated every alone with local girl Nancy Taylor (Rebecca Faulkenberry). Every time Ned Ryerson (John Sanders). just as it occurred the day before Phil’s daily encounter with an annoying old acquaintance. an associate producer posted on her He turns once again to Rita. no regrets.

and it’s There’s nothing more Punxsutawney. One little store selling plaid shirts TOWNSPEOPLE MRS. Who can see today what we won’t see night. Who doesn’t dig a crocheted pillowcase I’ve not a bad word to say about And I learned me a sayin’ Bright eyes and laughter like this? small towns per se. one cop But if not tomorrow. And if it’s not tomorrow. And small don’t come Ahh–ahh-ahh-ahh I’d hold the tide at bay. or tomorrow… of bed at all Shaman of the shadows! that might There will be sun To face another day in a Springer of the spring! Tempt me to stay and wake up in the shit-hole this small. There’s nothing more depressing than PHIL Small Town U. Pointless erection Punxsutawney on Groundhog Day race like this? I’d will these clouds away my love Dried flowers. I’d wave my hand. what’s not to like in a quaint little In a Punxsutawney dawn Tomorrow. reveal the stars Small towns. I have a hope of a better career than this. I admire their balls. Tomorrow..S. DEBBIE Lumpy bed. LANCASTER & CHUBBY GUY No reception and rakes. Cast spells or cry DAY ONE Offer your prayers Their dumb superstitions and vacuous chat – On your way to somewhere else… CLOCK RADIO JINGLE I swear there was a pack of Xanax in this To the unfeeling sky Pretty much anywhere else Who is that? (who is that?!) jacket The spring will arrive And I’ve no qualm at all with your Emerging from his burrow? You couldn’t pay me to stay here one more When the winter is done small-town people. damp towels. one bank. PHIL Perhaps the day after It’s Groundhog Day! How can they bear it. one store. Oh if I could. one cop Punxsutawney on Punxsutawney on I was born And all I have to offer is… Groundhog Day! Groundhog Day! I mean. And one bar. That folks ’round here always say: Tomorrow. big rears This is the last time I’m broadcasting here. one clock PHIL TOWNSPEOPLE ELDERS But clouds will come and tides will turn One diner.S. One diner.. Kinda both. but not quite either! there should be golf courses Bright eyes and laughter CLOCK RADIO RADIO DJS Punxsutawney! Ba-da-bup. spring will come. Painted by octogenarian spinsters. there will be sun! That’s right woodchuck chuckers. Shallow talk. my friend. Huntin’ and fishin’ and half-pounder depressing than Pennsylvania U. But if not tomorrow.A. DEPUTY & RALPH Big mouths. ugly curtains. much smaller than Jesus .S. and then Is it a squirrel?! Is it a beaver?! morning in – All haystacks and horses where There will be blue skies. my love Cold fronts. getting out until tomorrow? Swear that there is no check you could write Then tomorrow.THERE WILL BE SUN ALL One bar. tiny minds. one store. spring will come.A. and then place like this? PHIL At sunrise on a sunless day There will be blue skies. one bank. or at a stretch half a day TOWNSPEOPLE Perhaps the day aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh – And all of the people just getting together And they’re perfect for a stop-off You can curse For relentless analysis of the weather on your way. deep snow. there will be sun! Watercolors of bucolic vistas They’re nice for an hour. small ideas steaks and if Small Town U. one clock Tomorrow. my friend. And small don’t come much smaller than Separate from the whole human Oh if I could. to live in a place like this? FRED.A! NANCY.

.A. aaaaaaaaaaaa – Is it a squirrel?! Is it a beaver?! Kinda both. the famous Which is kind of fine – There will be blue Tomorrow I’ll wake and I’ll call up the smaller than town greater than Phillip of Punxsutawney skies station Punxsutawney on Punxsutawney on The gifted sniffer of future mornings It’s a sweet town and And tell them I’m not coming back! Punxsutawney on Punxsutawney on TOWNSPEOPLE People are kind and My friend..A.S. I speak with ease February 2nd: Is a little town with a heart On Groundhog. the U. beavers! With a heart as big If we should dress for sun or snow BUSTER When I’m done. etc. And if not PHIL The prophet of PA! Who can see today what we won’t tomorrow.A. as big as any town as any town Please stand-by for imminent translation GHD in Punx. but not quite either! prognosticator of prognosticators. And there is no town greater than ELDERS Depressing than As any small town Seems we’re staying Spring will come Punxsutawney on Groundhog Day This brown log contain-eth Small Town U.. Small Town U. Shaman of the shadows! be an asshole… PHIL & TOWNSPEOPLE BUSTER And he is Perhaps the day Springer of the spring! Punxsutawney! Punxsutawney Phil. There’s nothing more Unexpected weather.. Never again will I wake in the Prognosticatin’ Punxsutawney Phil! see until tomorrow? They all told me he would morning in – Who is that. etc.S.S.. seer of seers.I have been forecasting too many years PHIL TOWNSPEOPLE Cannot match this little guy’s uncanny skill TOWNSPEOPLE To be talking to hicks about magical Is a little town We can guess but we won’t know Ohhhhhh.A.. Every year for a hundred years And there is no town There is no town All the meteorologists. A heart as big Both Engerlish and Groundhog-ese! First remote broadcast. tomorrow Tomorrow. PA As any small town in the U. in the U...A. Day! The ground-est hog that ever lived Every morning I wake to the TOWNSPEOPLE The roads will be cleared There will be sun dawning of – A hundred years and he is still And we can go home Who is that? (who is that?!) The pride of Punxsutawney! Emerging from his burrow? Working with Phil Connors. has Luckily he’s funny-ish. And then PHIL There is no town And there is no One groundhog.S. TOWNSPEOPLE We’ve bent our heads and lent our ears smaller than greater than To listen to his famed prognostication RITA TOWNSPEOPLE Punxsutawney Punxsutawney Punxsutawney Lucky for you. Here for another night. All the meteorologists the world declared in Groundhog-ese that he did Thinks he’s too good for this has ever known indeed see his shadow! . gonna call up the station as any town Until we hear it from ol’ Punxsutawney Six more weeks of winter! And tell them I’m through with this crap There’s nothing more Phil And never again will I wake in the Depressing than As any small town in TOWNSPEOPLE BUSTER Awwwwwww! Yaaaaaay! morning in. Tomorrow.S. And never again will I wake in the Punxsutawney on Punxsutawney on The finest specimen you will find The bartender’s kind morning in – Groundhog – Of Rodentia: Sciuridae of hot TOWNSPEOPLE Just kill me now Our own uncanny whistle-pig Hopefully.

I was twenty There will be blue skies. still. etc.. HEALER by nine... I mean he acts kind of asshole-ish. Punxsutawney PHIL Keystone Lake TOWNSPEOPLE Is a little town with a heart as big as any What does that mean? If we hurry I’ll be drinking decent coffee Punxsutawney! Ba-da-bup. and then Punxsutawney.. It’s energy. I’m out! February 2nd: That’s nice . PA In alternative therapy There will be blue skies..S. spring will come. etc. I have a degree PHIL PHIL RITA PHIL What? Suck my balls. spring will come. wake up! Get it together! Perhaps the day God damned amateurs What’s Chi? It must be the weather! It must be the aaaaaaaaaaaa– There’s nothing more depressing than stress! HEALER Small towns… DAY THREE I just need a moment. and then Who is that?. bad bed and breakfasts.. Pennsylvania U. etc..TOWNSPEOPLE TOWNSPEOPLE First remote broadcast. Seems we’re staying Reiki? There’s nothing more depressing than and snow Here for another night There will be sun small.S. PHIL Bright eyes and laughter They all told me he would be an asshole Ok PHIL Tomorrow. Unblock your Chi Of the year since last Groundhog Day Which is kind of fine – you’re so fired! PHIL Come on Phil. I just need a rest It’s doo be doo be tra la la Tiny minds… CLOCK RADIO TOWNSPEOPLE It’s holistic therapy I’ll tell Larry to take the 210 via Beyer and Who is that?... CLOCK RADIO & TOWNSPEOPLE Groundhog! Groundhog! HEALER Now piss! Punxsutawney! Ba-da-bup-bup-ba… Who is that?. HEALER Tomorrow. And never again will I wake in the Phil! Phil! Phil! Phil! PHIL! And there is no town greater than Vibrations and something magnets morning in Puuuu – Punxsutawney on Groundhog! STUCK And doo-be-diddly-pom-pom-pom. town.A. or even half past eight Phil! Phil! Phil! Phil! Phil! Phil! Phil! Phil! As any small town in the U. HEALER Five: I’ve had a stroke and lost my memory And if not tomorrow Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.. HEALER One: I’m still sleeping and this – Took an online course for a week or two Perhaps the day aaaaaaaaaaaahhh – I think he might be mentally ill I’m just dreaming it PHIL DAY TWO Two: it’s a prank and everyone’s in on it TOWNSPEOPLE Maybe we should – CLOCK RADIO Three: it’s a flashback from when Tomorrow. Ahhh – Working with Phil Connors. there will be sun Okay And he is But if not tomorrow. HEALER And ate magic mushrooms and thought Bright eyes and laughter I think we should begin with a nice bit PHIL of Reiki I was Aquaman RITA TOWNSPEOPLE Idiots! Four: it’s some kind of reality show Unexpected weather Tomorrow PHIL They’re playing yesterday’s tape About forecasters. my friend. my friend.A! GHD in Punx.

I’m. I’m not depressed I just want – How about It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give PSYCHIATRIC PHARMACOLOGIST HEALER PHIL giving an answer a go You’re not? I’ll analyze your isotopes I can’t seem to find my way out of. NATUROPATH Now open your buttocks a wee bit No quantum. What? PHIL NATUROPATH Statistically... course of Fluoxital HEALER PHIL I don’t have a frickin clue what I’m doing Piss into this I think I’ve lost my mind Though there are things that PHIL PHIL NATUROPATH we just don’t know. but he is desperate PHIL Piss! Soup? and he’s paying. Essentially. something. I’m – PSYCHIATRIC PHARMACOLOGIST I feel like I’m trapped in a loop... quantum An enema?! PHIL PSYCHIATRIC PHARMACOLOGIST PHIL PHIL I’m not sure how this will help You must be delusional I’m stuck! I’m just – What? NATUROPATH & HEALER So take some Acepromazine and NATUROPATH I just want to get to the bottom of it a couple of Clocapramine NATUROPATH And quietly I’d advise ya’ I think you’re allergic to gluten Would you like an enema? PHIL to try this tranquilizer PHIL PHIL I’m stuck! I’m just stuck! Although maybe you should just take half Stuck! I’m.HEALER PHIL This guy is clearly nuts. NATUROPATH I’m not a – Organic teas I specialize in mental illness – NATUROPATH PSYCHIATRIC PHARMACOLOGIST PHIL PHIL And half for calves! Is the smartest solution Oh good Who needs enemas with friends like – ? ALL THREE PHIL PSYCHIATRIC PHARMACOLOGIST Fine NATUROPATH & HEALER I don’t even know if I believe I don’t even know if I believe what In cows what I’m saying.. Existentially. PHIL NATUROPATH I have a PhD Okay Like I’m unstuck in time Essential oils PHIL PSYCHIATRIC PHARMACOLOGIST NATUROPATH Finally Well I think cutting out gluten PHIL It says whole ones for cows. This guy is clearly nuts. It’s like. I’m – PSYCHIATRIC PHARMACOLOGIST PHIL PHIL In psychiatric pharmacology. NATUROPATH PHIL And something.. he might as well be sitting PSYCHIATRIC PHARMACOLOGIST I just – Made of rhino foreskin home and praying We’ll treat your depression with a For all the good that I can do. but That or a diet of soup . NATUROPATH I’m saying.

RALPH & PHIL I think I am losing my. Every evening. I eat a piece of toast In my medicine cupboard This I’m just dreaming it This guy is clearly nuts Every morning. it’s always shut mouth We just need a sample of your Thought I was Aquaman I don’t have a frickin clue I pick him up and drive us up stool and your semen GUS To Running Rock and shoot some cans What I’m doing Swallow it.. etc. I don’t have a frickin clue Fuck. Oh. they don’t want it The weather or a sports team or a car… we must exorcise your demons! Five: it’s amnesia It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t GUS RALPH And after that. ok – I don’t even know if I little wheely things I often git a little bit on the floor SCIENTOLOGIST One: I’m still sleeping and Believe what I’m saying. Mind Read this book! don’t matter cos it’s I wake with a headache I take a piss PHIL That’ll be 500 bucks NATUROPATH Pointless having Pointless having I often miss I often git a little bit on the What the f. For all the good that I can do. Take this pill! You just have to open your a point there point? SCIENTOLOGIST But the point is. Ron Hubbard Two: it’s a prank and But he is deperate and I start drinking at ten In the toaster Everyone’s in on it He’s paying. he is desperate and he’s paying. man. That I found toasted There’s a bunch of L. the pain. I just gone thrown up in my a block NATUROPATH mushrooms and To Ralphie’s shop. statistically And by noon I’m not feeling things Then I goes-ta AA GUY Three: it’s a flashback He might as well be sitting And nobody cares what I’m talking about Get my jacket by the rack by the back door There are only twelve steps and they shouldn’t take long from when I was twenty Home and praying for all RALPH And then I get into my truck and drive And ate magic The good that I can do.. I go to bed smashed I take a piss. A check is fine! It’s your karma! Cos But for whose sake am I making all this PHIL Nobody cares what I say NATUROPATH effing effort for? Fine Nobody cares what I do It’s just toxins! I wake up each EXPERTS What’s the point of bothering PHARMACOLOGIST If no one else is bothered? ALL Karma! Toxins! Enema! Oxen! Jesus! Xenu! It’s for constipated oxens! I was born in this town Morning to the same damn day! GUS & RALPH There seems to be jack shit that And I’m gonna die here too Alcohol! .... ALL EXPERTS NOBODY CARES I wake Statistically.?! floor Eat your vegetables uncooked! points anyway points anyway PRIEST I sometimes try to clean the mess HEALER GUS & RALPH I makes from my mistakes. it What is your GUS. sitting home and praying PHIL I wake up hungover. of reality show That we just don’t know. Either way.. shit. the same. he might as well be Well that oughta loosen you up GUS With a headache. I am stuck! EXPERTS Like an alcoholic hamster on one of those I often miss. just swallow it And crack some cans and shoot the PRIEST Four: it’s some kind Though there are things Your opinions or ya vomit – breeze about You have Satan within you. the bar PHARMACOLOGIST Six: it’s a stroke Give giving an answer a go And I think I had What’s your Nobody cares.

I can do or say! Point is it don’t matter I got no voice. cos… PHIL PHIL. not for that tree! GUS Ok. I’ve got dental GUS Though arguably. let’s drive Nobody cares Nobody cares what I do what I do PHIL. GUS & RALPH TOWNSPEOPLE Nobody cares (Nobody gives Nobody cares Nobody cares if I’m alive a flyin’ f–) what I say what I say Nobody cares (Nobody gives ALL about my life a flyin’ f–) Utterly uninfluential. no intent PHIL Utterly repercussion-free! RALPH Well actually. dude. No insurance. ALL Every turn inconsequential Utterly un-instrumental. But the point is. LEE. Not sure what the point is Every turn inconsequential Point is it don’t matter. GUS & RALPH TOWNSPEOPLE Fuck it. it don’t matter No consequence at all! ANDREW CALL. RAYMOND J. No regrets and no potential. Who gives a fig?! No regrets and no potential. ANDY KARL & SEAN MONTGOMERY . well that’s nice RALPH I think I pooped my dungaree! TOWNSPEOPLE And I’m not sure what the point is ALL But the point is. I got no way Cos – To change a goddamn thing! ALL GUS Nobody cares what I do I think that’s the pigs! Nobody cares if I’m alive PHIL Utterly uninfluential. it don’t matter No regrets and no potential. Every turn inconsequential ALL Nobody cares what I do TOWNSPEOPLE Nobody cares if I’m alive And I’m not sure what the point is Utterly uninfluential. I got no vote.

With a cat and a juicer. Jesus! He’ll just have to sell him And fighting his dragons Ba-dat da-doh.S. Punxsutawney on Groundhog. right? Oooooooooo finds some younger girl . I don’t care Is it a beaver? Wooing their knights in shining armor Her folks had a farm And his body would be toned. Pennsylvania. How will I tell him? Getting less handsome Who is that? I mean. With those pecs like you get at the gym And there is no town greater than You can bet they’ll be trapped.. Or at a ball with some harlot. ONE DAY Smart girl. I’m allergic to horses to cheat on me TOWNSPEOPLE And no creases. Punxsutawney. Spending nights in. -merging.. emerging from. a full head of hair. He’ll be good looking but not too aware at a bar Punxsutawney! Shacked up in a house in the hills of his looks. they say off my feet ludicrous PHIL Minuscule waists and huge boobs and it’s He’ll come riding up on the back of a horse And spend the next four decades wanting Yeah. And smart but not smug It’s a little town Romantic bullshit now that I’m older But the guy wasn’t quite the catch And attentive but not fawning With a heart as big as any town Although I don’t mind the thought of she thought she’d caught And he’ll smell good in the morning There is no town greater than being tossed over a shoulder He treats her like trash and then – And he’ll dance. U. he’d have Who is that? Especially at six I remember her well. emerging from My prince may come… but it And I’d rather be lonely than I was brought up in taffeta dresses Emerging. There is no town greater than Famous actor or producer. It’s pretty confusing. And trotted off to a mansion you know the drill – PHIL By some ruggedly handsome Takes his cat and his cash and This is a guy we’re talking about. it’s a little complex which she fills with regret Emerging from.A! But some nights down the track But she wouldn’t stay of course. I went to school with a girl. shining armor So she went to L. He’d know what to wear. Ba-dat da-doh. While their knights spend their nights Managed to seduce a He’ll be an excellent cook.. -merging doesn’t seem likely sit on my fanny And taught to be pretty and precious -mer -mer -mer -mer And even if he came and he liked me Waiting for my prince to come! And spending my playtimes with plastic -mer -mer -mer -mer It’s likely he’d be One day.. of course And he’ll love reading books. He’ll be tender but tough. -merging.. I can do whatever I want! All nipple-less and no pubes But..” And pretty as hell.. She wanted Prince Charming But he won’t spend all his time at the gym Punxsutawney on Groundhog. some day princesses -mer -mer -mer -mer Not quite my type He’ll come sweeping in and sweep me Who all had these bodies! Just utterly -mer -mer -mer -mer Some day.A. I’m not bitter.PHILANDERING Phillip of Punxsutawney! Man in a fireman helmet So she’s left with this stupid Corvette CLOCK RADIO Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh And have him just use me for sex! And an empty swimming pool Who is that? (who is that?) As I say. some day.... or green… well. but kind of dumb RITA One day. of course. Emerging from his burrow? In that fairy tale world all the girls end up She was pretty smart And his eyes would be brown… or blue… Who can see? “happy ever after. Punxsutawney! It’s just better that I don’t fall for all that And a fancy car and a tennis court.

That start with Why couldn’t that be my her hating me! PHIL There’s only divorcées and weirdos left One day?! My prince may come. Phil. 3. With a girl I’ll stop dating men who are Some day I’ve had enough! That he likes me. Some day. you bought I brought you and laughter ELDERS Thirty years later it’s still in my head Unless I cut down on that chicken me candy! candies! Tomorrow. but perhaps some other day Ghostbusters II. RITA PHIL 5. Ghostbusters II. some day. My prince will come. 4. 3. And baking and biking with a girl. Well whattaya know? It’s Groundhog Day And weird is fine But not all the time! CHUBBY MAN But it doesn’t It just doesn’t seem ALL One day. the bay One day. These endless And ate half a LARRY My prince may come It was way first dates pound of pâté Twooooooooo – But I won’t hold my breath too much pâté Some day. one day! Can I get in your will be sun… cast spells or cry I will wake in a four-poster bed panties now? . And when When we were Ok. Smoked half a joint One day. It opens too quick… Who will love me I can’t be any more With a great rating from some dating Watched the sun Watched the sun I’ll do it next week! for all that I am I am! service. LANCASTER With all that he is! Some self-professing Mr. 2 One day.RITA PHIL JOELLE RALPH RITA PHIL .. and I like him Her name was twenty years older I’ll wake in the arms I’m not enough! And I’d rather be alone Janine… I’m not your If the only other option Or JaneAnn… SHERIFF Of an actual man Fictional man. I’m just me! With some condescending clown We drank piña coladas. 2 One day! We went back One day death will come to everyone! Pseudointellectual Back to my room Ok. Is succumb and settle down Or Joelle – It’s Joelle I’ll get a new safety clip for my holster. my friend. we’re on in One day! we were through NED Self-obsessing metrosexual through 5. Phil. I just ask I remember it well. Phil. we’re on in One day! Getting drunk and existential to her room DORIS 5. and then One day. some day. I’ll cut down on fried chicken take-away That I’m gonna There will be blue skies. 4. My doctor said one day my heart get her to like me Bright eyes So the fairy tales said will stop tickin’ Phil. I will buy her a ring LARRY ALL Another sexually ineffectual. That if I screw a frog. 3. 4. some day seem likely likely Tomorrow spring will come. Perfect.. setting over the bay setting over MRS. in the sand. we’re on in One day! Thanks. and like hiking There was a day There was a day One day I’ll stop drinking so much One day One day. in the sand. 2 One day! Every time the Steelers lose a game And watched One day I’ll learn how to sing! Ok. NANCY is not enough I’m not picky. there You can curse. Smoked half a joint. I will do it. I’ll get a new coffee maker This is all that Another narcissistic legend We made love We made love FRED there is! Made a million out of hedge funds.

And I’d rather be up dancing night stand Than sat against the wall Is it my destiny to be It’s better to be leered at A brief diversion? Than not desired at all Just a detour on the journey of some man? Who am I to dream of better? I’m not really one for asking To dream that one day I’ll play whatever role I’m cast in I will be Will smile with perfect teeth Something more than just collateral And grimace underneath In someone else’s battle.. etc. here I am again. That’s what they’ll want you dressed in REBECCA FAULKENBERRY . I will be There’s no point in protesting Something more than Nancy If you look good in tight jeans. So you take what you are given RITA One day! Just to feel the love again So throughout the endless week CLOCK RADIO And all through the weekend. Offer your prayers to It’s pretty hard to stop the unfeeling sky It isn’t easy to break free But if not tomorrow The spring will arrive Of playing Nancy when the winter I don’t really remember is done I guess I chose to be here And if it’s not I wasn’t quite aware that tomorrow I was put here to be stared at Perhaps the day Then tomorrow then But this world I chose to live in aaaaaaaaaa – tomorrow Is mostly run by men. giggly one. Then tomorrow. TOWNSPEOPLE ELDERS Once you’re known for low-cut tops. I learnt back in my teens. I know this person fits me.. And I’m grateful – I mean to say – The pretty but naive one There are worse roles you could play The perky-breasted. NANCY I’m pretty good at being pretty Well. Who is that? (who is that?) You will find me here Emerging from his – Playing Nancy PLAYING NANCY And look.

Never give up. that leaden dread: Never give up hope! And didn’t particularly like it Empty smiles in empty faces The fucking roads have all been trod RITA And there’s no way and there’s no God PHIL & TOWNSPEOPLE The same old places Phil. You play your part. you can Don’t throw in your cards Never give up hope… until you were twelve Try again A new day will follow Never give up hope… etc. And when you were nineteen defeated by your laces Your gaze upon the path you have to tread. who you named You’ll take your falls best and I – and rope Stephen. this goddamn weather Never give up hope This stunning stasis anyone. I swear to you I’ve tried EVERYTHING I know everything – And sometimes I just wanna give up. never give up And you like films. You like boats. you march the march. they should be ten minutes shorter There will be mornings you’ll be utterly The frozen pane of glass. never give up… etc.. And in your head.. TOWNSPEOPLE you kissed a girl… Days when every look looks condescending. never give up. I’ve done my After acid and gas and guns and razors Or walking your dog. but I’m not a quitter! Surrounded by a cast of half-wit bastards. Grinning masks amidst the grey end of the world . God. actually you never did tell me why Don’t give into sorrow There’s always mess but I – Baby don’t give up Apart from that… tomorrow But I’m so tired Hope I know everything about you An everlasting farcical disaster. never give up.. you could be talking about almost And. And you’re afraid of clowns. never give up. oh God. but Well. at the end of the day – TOWNSPEOPLE roasted chicken PHIL Never give up hope RITA You’re at the end of your rope Never give up hope! Never listen to the unbelievers Who doesn’t? Never give up hope Never let the odds overwhelm you! If it isn’t today have a little faith PHIL Never let yourself be defeated When the game gets hard. you try it again! PHIL Let all your troubles crumble and decay TOWNSPEOPLE A new day will follow! And you love the thighs of perfectly There’s more than one way out if – But you must never never never. but you That I will keep trying Another day don’t like deep water I’m a lot of things. Just give up and stay here and live ABOUT YOU You don’t complain PHIL But I know there’s no point in denying You find your way. you strain to cast never give up. because. but as a rule you think PHIL And through the pain. There’s always tomorrow And you slept with the light on If you tried it once. You’ll hit your walls I tried so hard to find a way out of this You may wanna live. Will last forever Never let yourself be defeated Just let your spirit slip away You try it once. and the I’ll never give up.HOPE And yet you stay sane.. Because you thought Jesus was going to A new day will follow TOWNSPEOPLE TOWNSPEOPLE PHIL appear from the dark There’s always Never give There’s always tomorrow Hold on to your faith And get angry with you for not helping tomorrow up hope Never listen to the PHIL You’ll find another way your mom with her mom unbelievers I’ve done everything I can.

Every food and Delay the coming of the night I’ve stolen eighteen but still every drink and If I had my time again million bucks And learn to paint every I would do it all the same. Hustled forward.. again! Some times It’s so exciting! they claim. A new beginning Surely you’d wanna make a I would send my Jostled from behind by time Percent of women couple o’ fixes unsent letters And some times Every morning! All those boxes left unchecked. they say. And I don’t And I would punch Look at things from know why I always dreamt of learning how to a lot of men different angles.. To have the time You’d go back and put it right fights Trying to keep in time with time to strive for more I’ve always fancied If I had my And if you knew Between eighteen learning how to climb time again the endless nights But if I could stop the clock for just one and eighty-four… I once masturbated That I have wasted day. I have started It’s like I’m being dragged. I was bored I’d study math Contemplating A rest before the measure’s over If I had my time again In the bath different ways to Hold the beat for just one day. trodden. And I would worry And I would Cheat and every less about my looks A man my age But that’s insane! Just to know I can It’s nice to know I can choice a Wouldn’t you want to make a couple of And I guess I’d It’s nice to know I can! thousand times changes? do it again Bring joy to other And I daily eat Regrets? I’d not even have a few And I would be TOWNSPEOPLE people’s lives about a dozen If I could do this thing that you say you a lot more zen If I had my time again! If I had my time again! donuts can do When I’d sample all the samples. And I’d run up hills! I would ride To make mistakes and set them right. If I had my time RITA without pants I would do it all the same. And one dude when seven times getting wasted. Read a lot of books It wasn’t fun.. In one evening I would write and And I have tried Just a day to catch my breath. If I could freeze a moment for a moment. Avoid the crap I trod in. I’ve slept with ninety But that’s ridiculous! handle better. yet In Punxsutawney All the dreams you left neglected. seven hundred Always lagging. I’d take the path less And search for meaning suicide If I could wind it back and start afresh..IF I HAD MY TIME RITA PHIL RITA PHIL RITA PHIL AGAIN Some days I go out If I had my time again. And I would dance I I would not do it all the same learn piano If I had my time again Have my time again If I had my time again… Why? . The things I’d It’s like I’m stumbling forward.

the things And I. You stare right through her And the misery I On and on. behind before behind before And oh. the night will come time again! I have had it. NED RYERSON The things I’d try! On and on and on you stumble on I find the thing with Towards the evening sun these revolving She waits for you with open arms rides... you get this little If I had my time… crease on your nose ALL And I know that you think that I’m shallow Oh! If had my time again! But if you knew just how deep my shallowness goes RITA PHIL You’d be shocked I’d open all And I opened all And your toes go numb cos you wear the doors the doors inappropriate socks I never looked You never looked I know everything. RITA The Wind in the Willows And I would make a lot of friends And when you smile. fight or run If I had my Rest assured. NIGHT WILL COME I’d taste. still she draws you ’cause you know Ever to her they’re gonna end On and on and on you stumble on And I would make Towards the sinking sun a lot of friends Turn a blind eye. you grasp and guess my time again And search for patterns in the mess Of what has been and what is left EVERYTHING ABOUT To yet endure YOU (REPRISE) The jester shrugs and plays his part PHIL The fearful see only dark And you like Voltaire and The pious with their hope-filled hearts Sing Hallelujah JOHN SANDERS . you fall towards her could prevent Cold embrace in shadowed doorway They’re only fun Offers nothing. I have had On and on.

Groundhog. Until we’ve heard from old Phil Nothing Working with Phil Connors. fight or run With a heart as big as any town! Drove out of town For the first time Rest assured. For the first time You gotta love life.On and on and on you stumble on TOWNSPEOPLE SEEING YOU RITA PHIL Towards the cooling sun Punxsutawney is a little town PHIL If I’m seeing you Turn a blind eye. the night will come ROCK Trying to forecast the future That I’m here PIANO TEACHER Always staying a day ahead As for that.S. PA If we should dress for sun or snow I know now that I know… It’s a small town and people are kind and. Old Punxsutawney Phil! But I’m here and I’m fine And I’m seeing you for the first time I’m all right ...! I thought I knew I thought I knew If I had known what now I know All the power you may hold And there is no town greater than everything everything Maybe I would have taken a moment You won’t evade her Punxsutawney on Groundhog There was to know There was to know Maybe looked over my shoulder Groundhog Groundhog! About men like you And I was sure that All the steel. the night will come Punxsutawney is a little town Took a right onto a northbound highway I thought I’d I thought I’d All the love and all the gold With a heart as big as any town in the Was it really only yesterday? seen it all before seen it all before All you’ve built and all you’ve sold U.. Groundhog I thought the only The only way to All the carrots. Who can see today what we won’t Was sure by now I knew this place I’m all right You gotta love life… See until tomorrow I swear that I knew every hair. Groundhog way to better days better days Will not dissuade her Overwhelmed me some Day! Was through Was through On and on and on you stumble on time late this morning tomorrow tomorrow Towards the fading sun TOWNSPEOPLE Think I ignored the warnings Groundhog Day! ALL Turn a blind eye. FRED & DEBBIE PHIL All the math and magic tricks Groundhog. fight or run I’ve spent a lifetime seeking signs But I know now that I know – Rest assured. the night will come PUNXSUTAWNEY Reading lines Yes. I know now that I know… Rest assured. Emerging from his burrow I thought I’d seen it all. all the sticks A storm blew in.A. the rest is just a test of your And I’m fine Who is that (who is that?) Well that was the idea… endurance And I’m seeing you You gotta love life.. And I’m seeing you Shaman of the shadows Each line upon your face PHILANTHROPY Springer of the spring I thought the only way RITA Is it a squirrel? Is it a beaver? To better days February 2nd: Kind of both but not quite either! Was through tomorrow First remote broadcast We can guess but we don’t know But I know now that I know… GHD in Punx. all the bricks Maybe shed a tear… DORIS Now I’m here RITA.


2017. Matthias Winter Based on the motion picture Groundhog Day © 1993 Columbia Pictures Industries. Andy Grobengeiser. New York. Acoustic and Electric: Eric B.com 88985 43101 2 ℗ & © 2017 Sony Music Entertainment / Masterworks and Masterworks Broadway & Design are registered trademarks of Sony Music Entertainment. John Buzzetti. The Dodgers with Michael Watt Music Director / Conductor: David Holcenberg Directed by Matthew Warchus Associate Conductors: Michael Gacetta. Masterworks Broadway: Scott Farthing Arranged by Chris Nightingale A&R Operations: Lynn Lendway Music Technology: Phij Adams Product Development: Jennifer Liebeskind New York Music Copyist: Emily Grishman Music Preparation / Photography: Joan Marcus Emily Grishman. Michelle Farabaugh. Adriana Grace and Katherine Edmonds Special Thanks to Sarah Minchin. Orfeh. Annabel Bolton. Mixed by Doug Derryberry at Yellow Sound Lab. NY Groundhog Day The Musical was first performed at The Old Vic theatre on July 16. Bass Trombones. Angela Strohbeck. Mia Moravis Piano. Album Produced by Chris Nightingale. Bass Clarinet. Music and Lyrics by Tim Minchin Press Representative: Polk & Co. Euphonium: James Rogers Executive Producers: Tony Heyes. NY Stefan Schick. Stephanie Rosenberg Tenor. Baritone Sax: Deborah Avery Production Stage Manager: David Lober Clarinet. Music Coordinator: Howard Joines Simon Baker. . Assistant Engineers: Nate Odden. Alto Sax. Debbie White and to all at The Old Vic theatre. George Lane. Columbia Live Stage. Editors: Michael Croiter. Michelle Lotherington. Inc. Adrian Bryan-Brown. / Masterworks Broadway is an imprint of Sony Music Masterworks. Andy Grobengieser General Managers: Bespoke Theatricals/Devin Keudell and David Roth Violin. Luke Klingensmith Groundhog Day The Musical opened at the August Wilson Theatre on April 17. Keyboards: Michael Gacetta.ORCHESTRA GROUNDHOG DAY THE MUSICAL Music Supervisor: Chris Nightingale Producers: Whistle Pig Limited. Jackie Green. Melissa Spengler Trumpet. Production Manager: Jill Dell’Abate TM BROADWAY RECORDS groundhogdaymusical. Tim Sage.. Tim Ahlering. Larry Taube. Flute.com masterworksbroadway. Published by Kobalt Music Publishing Australia Pty Ltd o/b/o Navel Enterprises Pty Ltd (BMI) Shelly Bunge. Caroline Chiggnell. New York.com broadwayrecords. NY GROUNDHOG DAY™ Columbia Pictures Industries. Acoustic Guitar: Olivier Manchon Company Manager: Kate Egan Cello. Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper at Turtle Tone Mastering. 2016. All Rights Reserved. Michael Croiter and Tim Minchin FOR SONY MASTERWORKS Assistant Album Producer: Laurie Perkins VP. Acoustic Guitar: Clara Kennedy Assistant Company Manager: Susan Cody Piccolo. Davis Package Designer/Project Manager: Robbie Rozelle Acoustic and Electric Bass: Brian Hamm Executive Assistant/Marketing Associate: Tori Hartshorn Drums and Cajon: Howard Joines Intern: Britt Pearson Book by Danny Rubin Legal: Andrew Farber Esq. Recorded by Andy Manganello at Avatar Studios. Flugelhorn: Brian Pareschi FOR BROADWAY RECORDS Trumpet. David Holcenberg President: Van Dean Lead Guitars. Cornet: Scott Wendholt Producers: Van Dean. Tenor Sax: Greg Thymius Stage Managers: Michael Krug. Inc. New York.

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