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Job Title: Research & Policy Specialist

Department: WSUP Ghana

Reporting to: Country Programme Manager, WSUP Ghana (line manager)
[But note also strong functional liaison with Research & Evaluation Manager
and Director of Research & Evaluation, both in London]

Duration: Full-time: 40 hours per week

Location: Accra, Ghana

Salary: GHS 60,000 to 70,000 per annum plus benefits as per WSUP Staff Handbook

Contacts: Internal
WSUP Ghana - Country Programme Manager; other colleagues in WSUP
Ghana team
WSUP London - Programme Director Ghana, Research & Evaluation
Manager, Director of Research & Evaluation

Technical specialists, managers and senior managers in utilities, regulatory
agencies, municipal government, national government, and in international
agencies and development banks active in Ghana; Ghanaian researchers
and academics; Ghanaian individuals and civil society organisations involved
in advocacy for improved urban basic services including WASH; national and
municipal politicians; journalists.

WSUP is a not-for-profit company that helps transform cities to benefit the millions who lack access
to water and sanitation. We were created in 2005 as a response to the unprecedented urban
explosion that has left cities unable to provide basic services, such as access to a toilet or drinking
water, to low-income communities. We are based in the UK with offices in seven countries in sub-
Saharan Africa and Asia. Since inception we have helped over 10 million people access better water
and sanitation services.

WSUP has grown rapidly to a £10-12m organisation and has plans for greater expansion over the
next few years. The organisation is now at a pivotal stage in its growth. In the business plan period
2016-2020, WSUP’s ambition is to raise £65 million (an annual turnover of up to £18-20 million in
FY2019-20), but more importantly be recognised as a key player in the water and sanitation section
sector globally. It presently operates six well-developed, respected country programmes in Africa
and Asia to strengthen public and private sector service providers to improve the delivery of
affordable services to low-income consumers. WSUP has recently expanded its portfolio of
operations to include the building and strengthening of private sector provision in urban water and

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The Research Strategy document is centrally important to understanding the Research & Policy Specialist role. see WSUP Business Plan 2016-2020 and WSUP Ghana Business Plan 2016-2020. notably the ERL team and the Programmes team. Main Responsibilities 1. For more details on WSUP’s overall vision and plans for Ghana 2016- 2020 (including policy influence). For more information about WSUP's vision and approach. h) close liaison with sector influence partners in Ghana. For more details on the vision and aims of WSUP’s research in Ghana 2016-2020. see www.sanitation services and the sale of consulting services on all aspects of low income urban WASH (Water. To lead ongoing development and implementation of WSUP Ghana’s sector influence strategy 2016-2020. WSUP will place strong emphasis on policy influence in the urban WASH sector in Ghana. d) day-to-day management of strategy implementation including technical briefings and progress reports for WSUP team. e) technical briefings and other support to WSUP Ghana Country Programme Manager and other WSUP team members with public voice. i) close liaison with WSUP’s ERL and Programmes teams in London. f) participation as WSUP representative in meetings.wsup. acting as key support to WSUP Ghana’s Country Programme Manager in this ABOUT WSUP’S RESEARCH AND POLICY WORK Over the current business period 2016-2020. and will implement a major programme of research designed to drive urban sanitation change.] 2. c) strategy development and planning. All of these operations are supported by research. Sanitation and Hygiene) to disseminate learning and increase impact. JOB DESCRIPTION Job Purpose To coordinate WSUP’s sector influence and research activities in Ghana. To play a lead role. This work component is likely to include a) close consultation with WSUP colleagues and external actors. in workshops or one-to-one. [WSUP Ghana’s sector influence strategy is currently in outline form only. g) writing externally directed publications and press releases supporting WSUP’s sector influence and research-into-policy aims in Ghana. This work component is likely to include a) coordination of inputs from key stakeholders around Page 2 of 5 . b) detailed analysis of relevant documentation. in design and management of WSUP’s research-into-policy programme 2016-2020 in Ghana. funding and finance and resources teams. Al of these documents are downloadable from our website. see WSUP’s Research Strategy 2016-2020. workshops and forums with sector influence aims. so a key start- up task will be to develop this strategy in greater detail. in close liaison with the WSUP Ghana team and with London teams. in close liaison with the WSUP ERL team in London. communications.

(A. of pro-poor years) in a role in an international policy influence/advocacy/lobbying work in organisation or research institution in a development context (A. this will feed into wider decision-making about research strategy and design. and external researchers and advisors). I) Knowledge ESSENTIAL: DESIRABLE: • Strong understanding of approaches to • Knowledge of urban WASH. 4. Test (T) Qualifications ESSENTIAL: DESIRABLE: • Undergraduate degree (A) • Research experience at PhD level or above (A) Experience ESSENTIAL: DESIRABLE: • Substantial experience. but in line with broad time allocations agreed with WSUP’s Director of Research & Evaluation. To ensure close coordination between WSUP Ghana and WSUP London regarding research and sector influence. it aims to ensure fluid communication. identification of research needs (key stakeholders include urban WASH institutions. in which the primary activity involved both a) pro-poor policy influence work and b) primary research or research management. to ensure close and timely researcher understanding of relevant WSUP plans and activities. but not identical. c) rigorously effective management of out-sourced research and research-into-policy work in Ghana (at commissioning stage. Other related activities of similar nature as may arise. citizens voice organisations. and other international organisations active in urban WASH in Ghana. 5. because (i) and (ii) are very closely related. requiring careful analysis of what types of research project can generous rigorous academic findings and at the same time genuinely and substantially drive urban sanitation sector change in Ghana. Interview (I). also drawing on inputs from the WSUP ERL team. I) Ghana. other WSUP teams. as the central • At least 2 years’ recent experience (last 5 component of a full-time role. To ensure intelligent and effective coordination between i) WSUP’s research and research-into- policy work in Ghana and ii) WSUP’s sector influencing/advocacy work in Ghana: this is important. [This does not imply micro-management of research projects by WSUP: rather. I) Page 3 of 5 . b) own inputs to research strategy thinking. PERSON SPECIFICATION The essential criteria will be assessed by the following methods: Application (A). and notably during implementation). this will involve acting as primary liaison with Ghanaian researchers involved in delivery of WSUP’s research programme. (A.] 3. Ghanaian academics. and WSUP understanding of research plans and activities. under line management of the WSUP Ghana Country Programme Manager.

research methodologies across a wide range of domains including epidemiology and quantitative social sciences. December 12th 2016 Page 4 of 5 . I) routes. are critical to effective pro- poor urban sanitation. • Knowledge of research methodologies (A. (I) APPLICATION DEADLINE Monday. and efficient and equitable allocation of this investment to support services for the poor and very poor. commitment to a vision of urban WASH which understands a) that commercial thinking and market solutions. (A. especially via research-into-policy and technical advisory routes. November 28th 2016 INTERVIEWS Monday. (A. and the poor householder payments implied by this. T) Other ESSENTIAL:  Commitment to the vision and aims of Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor. including via • Knowledge of urban planning and urban research-into-policy and technical advisory governance. (A. I) across a wide range of domains including epidemiology and quantitative social sciences. (A. but b) that equally critical is massively increased national and municipal government investment. T) • Strong analytical writing skills (A. achieving policy influence. or demonstrable capacity to understand. I. I) • Strong current understanding of. as opposed to public campaigning. as opposed to public campaigning. I. (I)  In particular. whether through direct part- subsidy or part-subsidy of components of the sanitation service delivery chain. I) Skills ESSENTIAL: DESIRABLE: • Strong capacity to design and implement policy influence work.

Please note: This job is based in Ghana.To apply for this position. Applicants must have the right to work in Ghana at the time of application. CVs will not be accepted. Please do not apply if you are ineligible. WSUP does not use agencies for recruitment. please visit this link. Page 5 of 5 .