2017-5-14 India’s tanks at LAC could affect investments: Chinese media | india-news | Hindustan Times


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India’s tanks at LAC could affect investments: Chinese media
China’s state media, on Thursday, cautioned that New Delhi’s decision to deploy combat vehicles near its border could lead to misunderstandings and
impact the flow of Chinese investment into India.


Sutirtho Patranobis
Hindustan Times

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http://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/chinese-media-cautions-that-india-s-tanks-at-lac-could-affect-investments/story-Ai0N7ZXj6eQyAXvGEpXUpK.html 1/3

“In an index on the ease of doing business.0/20 ovs. a Chinese state-run media report said on Thursday. http://www.com/) delhi (/delhi-news/) india (/india-news/) gurgaon (/gurgaon/) world (/world-news/) noida (/noida/) business (/business-news/) mumbai (/mumbai-news/) education LIVE (/education/) T20 . The opinion piece in nationalistic tabloid Global Times said it was “puzzling” that India was stationing 100 Russian second-generation T-72 tanks at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) at a time when it is also wooing Chinese investment. the nation has its work cut out for them.0/20 ovs. Ties between the two countries. The Indian report said the move was not aimed at China but rather to ensure the tanks stayed in fighting condition in the sub-zero temperatures typical of the high-altitude region of Jammu and Kashmir.com/india-news/chinese-media-cautions-that-india-s-tanks-at-lac-could-affect-investments/story-Ai0N7ZXj6eQyAXvGEpXUpK.” cities (http://www. The deployment of soldiers has also increased.” it said. India still strives to woo Chinese investment. adding to evidence that India cannot make itself a promised land for Chinese manufacturers overnight.hindustantimes. But despite their political differences. India had boosted its military presence along the Line of Actual Control with T-72 tanks in Ladakh. (vs)bhopalDelhi (/bhopal/) 151/10 20. “This new wave of Chinese investment only just begins to meet India’s rising import demands.7% in the first half of the year.(Twitter) New Delhi’s decision to deploy dozens of battle tanks near its border with China might lead to misunderstandings between the two countries and also impact the flow of Chinese investment into India. China remains one of India’s largest trading partners.2017-5-14 India’s tanks at LAC could affect investments: Chinese media | india-news | Hindustan Times Military officials at the Sino-Indian Border Personnel Meet held for the first time in the Daulat Beg Oldie area in Ladakh in August last year. the illiteracy rate in India remains high and continues to hinder the country’s efforts to improve its productivity. Despite India’s stated goal to rise to within the top 100 this year. it is puzzling that while deploying tanks near China’s border. The People’s Daily said Wednesday that the Modi administration has recently promoted a second round of reforms to attract more overseas investment by allowing foreign firms to increase their shareholding in local enterprises. The newspaper was reacting to reports in a leading Indian daily earlier this week that said the Indian army was deploying the tanks in Ladakh for the first time since the 1962 war between India and China.html 2/3 . “Additionally.hindustantimes. from the World Bank. India is deploying tanks!” said the opinion piece written by Hu Weijia. Thursday’s Global Times report suggested China was doing India a favour by investing in a country where people were illiterate and the business environment bad. China has also been ramping up its military infrastructure in the area. “On top of all this. prickly at the best of times. “However. Chinese outbound investment has gone up by about 58.FULL SCORECARD Bangalore161/6 20. Beijing has also been alarmed by New Delhi’s growing closeness with the United States as well as its expanding role in the South China Sea that the Chinese authorities consider as part of their sovereign territory. India currently ranks 130 out of 189. worsened after China stonewalled India’s membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group last month.

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