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Question 1 (10 marks)
Given the following network, construct the routing table of router R4:

Rest of the

Default Router
m0 R2
m1 m0 m1 m0
m1 m2

Question 2 (15 marks)
A companyhas been granted a block of addresses starting with the address

The company decides that it needs5 subnets (subblocks)according to needs, as follows:

Subblock 1 – needs 62 addresses
Subblock 2 – needs 59 addresses
Subblock 3 – needs 28 addresses
Subblock 4 – needs 12 addresses
Subblock 5 – needs 12 addresses

a) Calculate the total number of addresses available in the block of addresses granted to the
company. Show your working or reasoning. (5 marks)
b) Create the five subnets for this company, for each one, show the first and last address
with correct subnet mask in CIDR notation, that is Show your
working or reasoning. (2 marks per correct subnet, for total of 10 marks).
Question 3 (15 marks)
A large company (more than 1,000 employees) is considering moving their web server offsite –
that is, moving it into the 'cloud'.

a) Research three cloud providers including: Amazon ec2 (Amazon Elastic Compute
Cloud),Linode (Linode Cloud) and one of your choosing, making three in total. Compare and
contrast their major features and offerings with emphasis on networking benefits. (6 marks).

b) From a networking point of view, discuss several possible major costs against possible
significant benefits, and finish by recommending, with reasons, whether the company should go
ahead or not, and with which cloud provider. (9 marks)

Instructions for answering Question 3:

Remember to use correct referencing in Harvard style including in-text citations and the
reference list. Marks will be deducted on a per-question basis for incorrect referencing.

As a rough guide, aim for about 800 words in total not including references, it doesn’t matter if it
is a bit less or more than that. This question will be marked on clarity, logic, sound reasoning,
and adequate addressing of the issues raised, not on the number of words.