Task 05

Digital Marketing Plan


The plan is specially designed for digital marketing activities where for Keels Super it is to
develop efficient online shopping interface to the customers. Basically this particular plan is
designed for coming 3 months period from 1st of July 2017 to 30th September 2017. It
specifically focuses on developing existing marketing mix to digital application where to make
necessary changes accordingly.


1. Increase the average order value by 20% per within 3 months period.
2. Increase the number of new visitors by 20% within coming 3 months period.
3. Increase the social media presence by 50% within 3 months period.
4. Increase repeat customer visits by 30% within 3 months period.

Digital Marketing mix

Product- In the online shopping platform also, all the products and services which are offered at
the physical store to be displayed along with the prices and with tags for different promotions.
Accordingly Household products, Home wear, Vegetable, fruits, fish, meat, frozen foods, liquor
and beverage are come under product mix should be presented separate tabs to select and once
the main tab is opened separate sub tabs as well as under them various product items under that
sub categories are to be presented. For each item price per unit as well as “Buy this item” tab to
be added to select the item by the customer. However the product mix should be composited
with all possible different brands to enhance the choice of the customer.

Place – In addition to the headquarters and another nearly 100 outlets which are spread over the
country including remote areas of the country Keels Super provide a solid offline place to their
customers with the digital marketing platform an online place also can be provided. With the
mobile application which can be installed by following few simple steps, wherever the customer

The process of keeping customers happy by speedy billing. . ‘half price’ etc. This is to be achieved by employing competent staff. Further special. This advantage is to be increased for online shopping activities more as the average cost is generally cheaper than offline ones. Price. attractive offers are provided to customers all year round. Promotion – The biggest advantage is its low prices. Process . delivery services and easy acquirement of product in stores through online. People – Keels Super employees are highly responsible to be competent and well compensated for their contributions in making the online shopping task successful. paying attention to customer grievances and addressing issues through online shopping activities. Further online search engine promotions are to be introduced to make customers aware about frequent promotions effectively. to money at a later stage which is included in to the online shopping platform as well. which can be converted. In order to pass all cost advantages to its customers and keep them happy. it uses a number of measures which includes the economies of scale it enjoys. At the same time few price promotional strategies are to be introduced online customers who visits frequently through online shopping application. new promotions and other information such as new market outlets and all.Keels Super is to maintain as low prices as possible without reducing the quality of its products or running itself in loss. The privilege card system (Nexus) is to allow its customers to gather points for its purchases. thus increasing sales without affecting profits much. This serves as an excellent price-promotional strategy of providing loyal customers with extra discounts. Especially in online shopping activity a set of well trained set of employees are to be deployed to track every online order and process them real time as well as make them delivered in a minimum lead time to satisfy the customer making them convenient regarding their online shopping experience.is located customer can make it available the supermarket at their door step as with it the delivery facilities are also available for free. Also technical set of employees are deployed to update the online shopping site regarding new product varieties. It is very easy for any customer roaming the online shopping platform to find offers like ‘buy one get one free’. This kind of pricing strategy helps reduce prices further.

mobile phones where the access can be taken in anywhere to the customer. The online interface is to be very attractive with easy options to create an online order by putting buttons to different options. Also the set of workforce who are dedicated to take online orders as they are made on time and arranging delivery for those orders at a very short period will make customer experience more attractive to those consumers. Through product portfolio available it makes them convenient and enhanced to purchase anything they need as a wide range of products are available which is almost similar to the physical product portfolio of the supermarket itself. Then firstly all required changes and developments for the web site is made while all online and social media appearance is developed. it will enable customers informed and aware about frequent promotions where it will increase the sales opportunities of the super market. Specifically during this 3 months online sales campaigns are arranged to popularize the digital marketing applications of . Implementation plan The plan is designed for the upcoming 3 months period from 1st of July 2017 to 30th September 2017 where within the month of June is allocated for pre market analysis regarding the online shopping platform of the super market and required awareness and sources of marketing activities are identified. Also as special offers are available for online customers they are more attractive towards using online shopping option rather going for physically visit the place. Also there should be one option to repeat the same order again and again to facilitate the frequent customers of the super market. At the same time online shopping promotions are informed to customers through different channels. As the process of getting access is very easy for anyone through any source of digital device it will make the customers more convenient to their day to day shopping functions.Physical evidences The online shopping application is to be compatible with any kind of digital devices such as tabs. Through this overall marketing mix a novel experience is to be introduced to customers of Keels Super though online shopping. At the same time the unique design of the online surface will position the super market brand and its online existence in the consumer mind to enhance the loyalty level of the consumer towards the company which will pave the path for long term profitable relationship with them.

Digital marketing plan . Instagram Discounts Campaign Month 3 100.the company among every level of customers.000.000.00 Social media advertisements Twitter 25.000.00 .00 Website 40.00 Campaign Month 2 150.00 Mobile App 500. Facebook 15.00 Radio 30.000.Budget Activity Estimated Cost Web Development and modifications 1.00 Advertising Online 500.00 Mobile Alerts 50. Special discounts are introduced to offer to online customers to encourage others to move to online shopping to attract new customers from other competitors and enhance the revenue.000.00 Online sales Campaigns Campaign Month 1 200.00 Online Blog 50.000.00 Other 500.00 Television 100.620.00 Print 600. Market Research 500.00 Total Cost 4. At the same time offline marketing activities are also designed to aware people who are not using digital devices currently and make them aware about online shopping and use of digital devices.000.

Increase the social media presence by 50% within 3 months period. Increase repeat customer visits by 30% within 3 months period.  Number of new customers created within the period 3.  Number of increased orders within the period  Total revenue increased within the period 2. 4. Increase the average order value by 20% per within 3 months period.  Number of new online advertisements circulated in social media applications during the period.Key performance measures 1. .  Number of new likes and shares to the online pages during the period. Increase the number of new visitors by 20% within coming 3 months period.  Number of repeat orders came from same customer during the period through online.