1- What’s the correct question?

a) Have you got finished your project?
b) Have you finished your project?
c) Are you finished your project?
d) Did you finished your project?

2- What’s the correct question?
a) I’m trying to eat a healthier diet
b) I’m trying to eat a more healthier diet
c) I’m trying eat a more healthier diet
d) I try to eat a more healthy diet

3- What’s the correct question?
a) Are you studied Chinese before?
b) Are you studying Chinese before?
c) Have you studied Chinese before?
d) Have you studying Chinese before?

4- When did she decide _____ married?
a) to got b) got c) to get d) get

5- I don’t mind ______ up sometimes
a) wash b) to wash c) washing d) to

6- _________ make you a coffee?
a) Will you b) Let c) Shall I d) Do I

7- Have you finished with the newspaper ......
A. still? B. already? C. now? D. yet?

8- If I want to pass my exam, I ...... study harder.
A. will have to B. would have to C. had to D. want to

. A. A. a car. you didn't said that. We told that he goes to the doctor.. doesn't cost much as C. doesn't cost much than D... by c. until B.I wish . early A. for d. C. They are used to go to bed D.A motorbike .He hasn't got ... a. a lot D. few C. C.. D. We told him to go to the doctor.. We told him he go to the doctor.. They usually to go to bed C. B.. you don't say that.. B.They …….. time for a coffee.. you haven't said that.. much 11.I need your decision . eight o'clock.. D.. A..Which is the correct sentence? A.9. doesn't cost as much as 12. in ... 13. you hadn't said that.Why don’t we ________ to take them to the airport? a) suggest b) warn c) offer d) agree 15. doesn't cost so much as B.. We told him going to the doctor... many B.. They are used to going to bed 14... They are use to go to bed B.. 10..

a) ordered b) managed c) decided d) aimed .He is one of the _________ successful actors in cinema history a) More b) Most c) Best d) less 25.Which is the odd one out? A. fridge D. put up 18. tell d.. cooker B. Cover 17. to tell B.. titles B.Don't forget ..16.. headlines C. telling c. him to come to dinner on Friday. raise B.Which is the odd one out? A.. A. The government is planning to .Some people argue that in zoos which are not _______ properly. words D. a) mustn’t b) had c) did d) must 22. branch B. A. leaf C.. a) Anyone b) Nobody c) All d) Something 24. device D..Student Exchange programmes are a fantastic way to give students the ________ to live somewhere else a) Cause b) Opportunity c) Occasion d) Reason 23.... tells 21.They didn't want to do it but the boss said they _____ to. taxes again soon. root 19. animals live in filth and are given unsuitable food to eat. The . and___ connected with it was in danger..Many institutions at that time were afraid of science. Up D.... sleeve C. rise C. dishwasher 20.. of the newspapers were full of the scandal. A.