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and fly in the seat of your choice! VIP Lounge Make your wait at the airport as comfortable as at home. Special luggage Book your hotel in Casablanca 28 Hotels in Casablanca Save Up to 50% on Hotels with Vueling Hotels.vueling.Vueling https://tickets. skis.. 2 sur 3 21/07/2016 19:15 . save time. Change flight You can change the date or time of the flight up to 2 hour before departure. Your special luggage flies with you too. musical instrument. Bags Check in your bags now and save up to 40%! Seats Choose your seat now. or if you're flying to Spain from a country outside the Schengen territory.aspx Booking details Basic Fare Outbound Connection via Barcelona Operated by: Tuesday 2 august 2016 Flight VY7401 Bucharest (OTP): 04:10 Barcelona (BCN):Terminal 1 06:25 Operated by: Tuesday 2 august 2016 Flight VY7340 Barcelona (BCN): Terminal 1 18:00 Casablanca (CMN):Terminal 1 19:10 If you're flying to the UK. it is compulsory to fill out This information is required by the governments of these countries before starting a journey. Book your VIP lounge now! Insurance Travel with greater peace of mind: take out your insurance and be covered against contingencies.

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