Clay Chipps HW #1 IENG 461 9/6/16

Evelyn and Jacky Lewy v. Remington Arms Co.
Background on the Case
On the cool fall morning of November 14, 1982, Mike Lewy left his parents residence to
deer hunt on his families land. With him he brought his Remington Model 700 30.06 rifle which
had been purchased from a K-Mart Corporation department store. Mike Lewy was out hunting
for the better part of the morning, return back to his parent’s residence somewhere around noon.
Upon returning to the residence, he entered his basement living space and placed his Remington
M700 onto a couch which was nearby. He went among his day as normal until it was later and
around the time he would normally go to rest. Before retiring for the night, Mike Lewy
remembered that he had left his M700 on the couch without unloading the rifle. He proceeded
downstairs to unload the rifle, where he had pointed the rifle at the ceiling. Mike

Alleged Design Defect (reword)

Court Decision / Discussion

Award Decision