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CU-5 Instant Close-up Camera System

❒ Product overview
❒ Features and benefits
❒ Components and accessories
❒ Common configurations
❒ Customer applications

CU-5 Instant Close-up Camera System 3

❒ Produces high-quality,
close-up color and black
& white images of small
❒ Handheld modular
system with precise
lense, built-in ring flash,
& snap-on attachments
for framing, focus,
reductions, and
enlargements up to 3x.

❒ User builds different
configurations for
different applications

CU-5 Instant Close-up Camera System 4 Description ❒ Flexible system gives customers the freedom to choose from a variety of picture types and formats to meet specific close-up requirements .

CU-5 Instant Close-up Camera System 5 Modular Camera System Camera body Lens/shutter attachment Framing attachments. ratio multipliers Power pack .

7 CU-5 Instant Close-up Camera System Features & Benefits ❒ Easy-to-use ❒ Versatile ❒ Portable .

CU-5 Instant Close-up Camera System 8 Easy-to-Use 1:1 ❒ Pre-set reproduction ratios. framing kits and supplemental lenses are used. ratio multiplier attachments are 3:1 added between the lens and camera body. For reproductions greater than 2:1 1:1. ❒ Benefits • Eliminates focusing calculations • Simplifies cropping subject • Enables user to shoot at almost any angle . For less than 1:1.

.CU-5 Instant Close-up Camera System 9 Easy-to-Use ❒ Focusing and framing is automatic. ❒ These frames automatically assure proper focus and determine field size by outlining the precise area to be reproduced in the finished photograph. The correct lens-to-subject distance for each picture ratio is determined by framing attachments that snap on to the lens housing.

It produces even. balanced subject illumination. ❒ Benefit: • Eliminates guessing at exposures .CU-5 Instant Close-up Camera System 10 Easy-to-Use ❒ Built-in Xenon electronic flash ring encircles each lens. ❒ Intensity can be varied by controls on the AC/DC portable power pack.

CU-5 Instant Close-up Camera System 11 Versatile ❒ Modular components allow users a choice of configurations to match application needs. ❒ Exposure settings are pre-calculated. Users position the selector lever on the lens housing for the appropriate film. exposure can be set manually. . and sets the shutter speed. ❒ This eliminates the need to calculate distances for each frame. For special situations.

and balanced for convenient. ❒ Battery pack allows in-the-field operation . portable.CU-5 Instant Close-up Camera System 12 Portable ❒ Every configuration is lightweight. hand-held operation.

black & white or transparency film types. ❒ The 4x5 Camera Body allows users to shoot large format pictures on a variety of Polaroid instant 4x5 films. and a Model 550 for 4 x 5 pack film.25 pack films are available. The system accepts two film holders. Many 3. A Model 545 for individual sheet film. including a variety of color. .25x4.CU-5 Instant Close-up Camera System 13 Choice of Camera Bodies ❒ The Pack Film Camera Body is the most versatile system.

CU-5 Instant Close-up Camera System 14 3.25 Pack Films ❒ Types 669/108 Polacolor • Color prints. high-speed. daylight balanced ❒ Type 667 • B&W prints.25x4. coaterless ❒ Type 665 • B&W prints and high resolution negative ❒ Type 611 • B&W for video recording ❒ Type 691 Colorgraph • Color overhead transparencies .

CU-5 Instant Close-up Camera System 15 4x5 Film Choices ❒ Pack films for #550 holder • Type 559 Polacolor • Type 552 • Type 553 ❒ Sheet films for #545i holder • Type 57 • Type 55 • Type 52 • Type 53 • Polapan 400 .

CU-5 Instant Close-up Camera System 16 Choice of Lens/Shutter ❒ 3” lens • For life-size and magnification photography ❒ 5” lens • For reduction photography .

CU-5 Instant Close-up Camera System 17 Choice of Framing Attachments ❒ For life size and magnification • Three frames • Ratio multiplier ❒ For reduction • Two framing kits ❒ For dental work • “Dental Kit” w/chin mounts and mirrors .

CU-5 Instant Close-up Camera System 18 PowerPack ❒ Powers electronic flash ring light on 3” and 5” lens units ❒ AC/DC capability .

photographs or illustrations. maps.CU-5 Instant Close-up Camera System 19 Polarizing Filter Accessory ❒ Used with the 3 inch and 5 inch lens units to reduce ring light reflections when photographing reflective objects such as glass and metal. ❒ Optional filters—3" and 5" lens units accept standard series 6 filters for color correction and contrast control. or flat copy such as line charts. . ❒ The filters drop into a seat in front of the lens and are held in place with a Series 6 retainer clip.

3:1 ❒ 1/4:1. 1/2:1 ❒ Dental ❒ CRT . 2:1. 1/3:1. 20 CU-5 Instant Close-up Camera System Camera Configurations ❒ 1:1.

ratio multiplier. . two ratio multipliers. the system requires a camera body. 3 inch lens unit and 2x frame. 3 inch lens unit and 3x frame. the system requires a camera body. 3:1 Camera ❒ For pictures that are 3 times life-size. 2:1 Camera ❒ For pictures that are 2 times life-size. the system requires a camera body.CU-5 Instant Close-up Camera System 21 1:1 Camera ❒ For life-size pictures. 3 inch lens unit and 1:1 frame.

5 inch lens unit. 5 inch lens unit. supplementary lens and 1/3:1 frame. the system requires a camera body. . 1/2 :1 Camera ❒ For 1/2 life-size reductions. the system requires a camera body. 5 inch lens unit and inch viewfinder (recently discontinued). 1/3 :1 Camera ❒ For 1/3 life-size reductions. the system requires a camera body. supplementary lens and 1/2:1 frame.CU-5 Instant Close-up Camera System 22 1/4 :1 Camera ❒ For 1/4 life-size reductions.

1:1 lateral buccal reflector. 2:1 occlusal reflector and snap-on intraoral mount. 1:1 chrome palatal reflectors for adult and child. .CU-5 Instant Close-up Camera System 23 Dental Kit ❒ Components designed especially for dental photography ❒ Consists of 1:1 and 2:1 plastic anterior extensions.

WI 53545 608-756-1615 Bob Perkins . Milwaukee Street Janesville.CU-5 Instant Close-up Camera System 24 CRT System ❒ Hoods for hard copy photography of computer monitors and oscilloscope displays (discontinued) ❒ PECA Products • 2522 E.

CU-5 Instant Close-up Camera System 25 Markets/Applications ❒ Primary • Medical (dental) ❒ Secondary • Scientific • Law enforcement • Business .

orthodontists. periodontists • Documenting patient conditions • Communicating treatment plans ❒ Dermatologists. medical specialists • Documenting skin conditions • Enlarging small specimens • Copying x-rays .CU-5 Instant Close-up Camera System 26 Medical Applications ❒ General dentists. pathologists.

CU-5 Instant Close-up Camera System 27 Scientific Applications ❒ Electronics manufacturers 1:1 • Documenting circuit board components 2:1 • Capturing oscilloscope screens 3:1 .

28 CU-5 Instant Close-up Camera System Scientific Applications ❒ Research scientists • Documenting electrophoresis gels .

crime laboratories • Photographing evidence • Making prints from surveillance videotapes • Copying booking photos .CU-5 Instant Close-up Camera System 29 Law Enforcement Applications ❒ Law enforcement agencies.

jewelers • Inventory • Appraisals • Catalogs ❒ Museums.CU-5 Instant Close-up Camera System 30 Business Applications ❒ Collectors. libraries • Inventory • Insurance • Presentations .

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each with its own PID number. and exposure settings are all pre-set.203 suggested list price APPLICATIONS 88-5 LENS: Fixed focus. f/4. Lighting. CU-5 Instant PURCHASE OPTIONS The CU-5 is a modular system comprising Close-up Camera dozens of components. plus “B” &“ T” Dental Accessory Kit $295 suggested ELECTRONIC FLASH: Built-in ring light list price NEED FEATURE BENEFIT General dental Ease of use Pre-set reproduction ratios Eliminates focusing calculations Electronics/circuit photography photography Ease of use Pre-calculated exposure settings Eliminates setting distances Ease of use Snap-on framing attachments Ensures correct framing of image Versatility Range of modular components Allows choice of configuration for project Compatibility Bodies work with all accessories Allows user to add/change system capabilities Crime scene Insurance appraisal documentation and documentation Portability Lightweight system components Facilitates hand-held operation CU-5 Instant Close-up Camera System . images of small objects. close-up color and B&W with #88-1 body. 127mm. and AC/DC power supply 88-3 LENS: Fixed focus.269 suggested focus. Common CU-5 kits include: Overview CU-5 pack system Takes high-quality.. list price Type 669 color print with CU-5 Dental Kit The CU-5 camera is used extensively for dental CU-5 4x5 system imaging with the accessory Dental Kit. $1.7–f/45 SHUTTER SPEED: 1/125–1 sec. f/4. with #88-45 4x5” body. 3” lens. and AC/DC system.5–f/45 $1. 75mm. allowing the user to build different power supply configurations for different uses. The CU-5 is a modular 3” lens.

CU-5 Instant MODULAR COMPONENTS AVAILABLE DEALERS/WARRANTY/SERVICE Close-up Camera bodies Lenses 3” lens for life- q Professional Products Dealers (PPDs) Camera Two models available size and magnifi- cation work. Available from Polaroid. accessories fit all CU-5 Available from Polaroid. lens/shutter tion work. NOTES QUICKTIP The CU-5 camera body models 88-59 and 88-51 (used with Polaroid AutoFilm) are no longer available. reduc. add/change capabilities. q Reduction photography framing kits • Type 665 B&W pos./neg. For use with five-inch lens. so q Fitted carrying case customers can always For basic camera elements and accessories. camera bodies. mirrors. QUICKTIP q Polarizing filter All CU-5 lenses and For reducing glare from reflective surfaces. Available from Polaroid. Available from Polaroid. and attachments Recommended dental photos Pack Films ACCESSORIES FOR SALE • Types 669/108 color prints q Dental kit • Type 667 B&W prints Contains chin mounts. One-year warranty System 5” lens for reduction work DENTAL IMAGING Framing Power pack attachments AC/DC power CLOSE-UP PHOTOS For life-size & for electronic magnification flash ring on work. such as jewelry. Available from Polaroid. • Type 611 (video recording) q Universal mount For building customized hoods and accessories. . etc.