Third Written Work in English for 3rd year Group 1


1.Put the words in the right sentence and in the right form: hold, turn, do, stop, catch.

1. She wasn’t expecting him to _________ up at the wedding.

2.I really like when she _______ up her hair in a ponytail.

3. We need to __________off at the police station.

4. I will be late because an annoying client is______________ me up .

5. I was very sick so I have a lot of studying to _________ up. Points:______/5

2. Put the words under the prefix they go with: appear, friendly, responsible, correct, patient, understand, literate

Un- Im- Ir- Il- In- Dis- Mis-


3.Translate the sentences:

1. Rome has a lively nightlife, bustling streets and delicious food.


2. The exploitation of women is usual in the poor countries.


3. The film industry is having its golden age.


4.If I were you I wouldn’t spend so much money.


5. It’s about time we stopped domestic violence.



I like _________________( watch) movies with my friends.4. 5. I hope he will remember________________(feed) the dogs. discrimination d.How about ________________(go) to the cinema this evening? 3. It’s amazing __________________( see) the dolphins swimming. 6. collide/hit violently with another obstacle or vehicle 5. 2. crash c. 7. Points:______/8 .After the given verbs put the right form of the word in brackets : to-infinitive or –ing 1. something exceptionally good 2. outstanding e. characteristics etc 4.inequality a. Match the definitions with the words: 1. a person with whom you spend time with or travel with Points:_____/5 5. We are planning ________________( buy) a new house. 8. difference in size. degree. the unjust treatment of different categories of people or things 3. companion b. I can’t stand _________________(do) nothing all day. She decided ________________(visit) her friend in the hospital. 4. I stopped ________________(work) and retired.