Second Written Work for Ist year Name:________________________

1.Choose the right word:

1.The ceiling in the cave was so low that we had to climb /fly/ crawl.

2. We managed to recover/ survive / achieve after the crash.

3. They couldn’t stand the heat so they dealt with/ gave up / adapted to.

4. Teenagers load / download /surf when they are bored.

5. You shouldn’t waste /pass /take your time watching TV all day.

6.His pain confronted/ disappeared /vanished after he took an aspirin.

7.It was so cold outside that we started to adapt/collapse/shiver.

8. I promise I will do/take /make my best in the competition.

9.He was taking to/showing off/calling for about his new car.

10.She wasn’t listening to the instructor and she got calm/lost/missing. Points:_____/10

2. Translate the sentences:

1. The passengers survived the crash. __________________________________________________________

2.He was standing at the peak of the mountain.___________________________________________________

3.You must keep calm before you go bungee jumping.


4.Her favourite leisure is painting._____________________________________________________________

5.This video was not very educational but it was entertaining.



3.Complete the sentences with the correct form of the word in brackets:

1. This is a _______________________ of our 10th anniversary.(celebrate)

2.The performance was very _____________________.(impress)

3. Mum wasn’t very _______________________when I told her that I’m going to England.(support)

4. I forgot to turn off the _________________.(cook)

5. The _____________________ in the competition were very happy. (participate) Points:_____/5

2. He _________________ (play) 100 matches before he won the cup. There are lots of apples here. He must/ can/could be in the library. I’m sure! 2. They _____________________(have) breakfast before they arrived. It’s raining . Choose the right modal verb: 1.You must/have to/mustn’t smoke in the hospital! 5. I _____________________(not/watch) this type of a movie.4. You couldn’t/ needn’t/ mustn’t buy any apples. She ________________________(never sing) in front of an audience until last night. 5. The doctor said that I have to/must/ought to take my medicines after every meal. You needn’t/ should/ must be more careful with your car. 6. 3.Put the verbs in the Past Perfect tense : 1. Points:____/6 . 3. 4. I noticed that someone ______________________(use) my computer when I was not at home.Must/Can/Might I borrow your umbrella? 4. Points:_____/10 5.