Instructions for Installation and Use

Aquarius FDW60 & FDW65
60cm free standing



If you sell or pass the appliance to someone else. Morley Way. make sure this Book is also provided so the new owner can become familiar with the appliance and safety warnings. Peterborough. or move house and leave it behind. If the Book is lost or damaged a copy may be obtained from: Indesit Company UK Ltd. D ISHWASHER Contents Electrical Connection 4 For Your Safety 5 Installation 6-7 Before Using your Dishwasher 8-9 Loading your Dishwasher 10 What Can I Was 10 Getting to know your Dishwasher 11 How to use your Dishwasher 12 Programme Chart 13 Care and Cleaning 14 Troubleshooting 15-21 Information for Test Labs 22 After Sales Service 23 Hotpoint Guarantee 24 Notes 25-26-27 Key Contacts Back Cover Retention of this Instruction Book This Instruction Book must be kept handy for reference as it contains important details on the safe and proper use of the appliance. PE2 9JB 3 .

. IMPORTANT: WIRES IN THE MAINS LEAD ARE COLOURED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE FOLLOWING CODE: Green/Yellow . this could damage the door or cause the appliance to tip discarded plug into a socket anywhere else. ensure that it conforms to the latest regulations. Cut off and dispose of the supplied plug if it does not fit your socket. from breaker. DO NOT allow children to play with the appliance or tamper Brown . Live with its controls. replace the fuse. Use the dishwasher solely in a domestic environment. If you need to At the time of delivery.. . tampering with even a single component or from the use of non- original spare parts. . electricity supply while installation is being carried out. Neutral . a replacement factory. Keep detergents and rinse aids away from children. the colour of the wires in the mains lead may children away from the open door of a dishwasher. Electrical company. they will disappear when the appliance is used for the first time. If you lose the fuse cover.. The manufacturer declines all responsibility for damage to persons or If the domestic wiring includes a residual current-operated circuit property resulting from failure to observe the above precautions. It is strongly advised that this work is carried out hazard to the user. DO NOT stand or place heavy objects on the door when it is WARNING: To avoid a shock hazard DO NOT insert the open. forward. WARNING: DO NOT use the plug unless the fuse cover is fitted. Keep If you change the plug. only those rated at 13A and ASTA approved to All functions of your dishwasher have been thoroughly tested at the BS1362 should be used. This appliance should only be connected to a 230/240V AC Changing the Plug source. Fuses Safety Information Your appliance comes fitted with a plug and a 13A fuse.. Blue . which if not still be some detergent left inside. coloured. could be: EARTH ‘E’ or NEUTRAL ‘N’ LIVE ‘L’ CAUTION: Changing the Mains Lead The dishwasher meets the requirements set out by the regulations in A lead can be ordered from Hotpoint Service force concerning safety and electrical equipment. . by a qualified electrician.D ISHWASHER Electrical Connection WARNING: This appliance must be earthed. as well as posing a potential charge will be made. 4 . Earth If your family includes children. . A small number of water marks may have been left as a may be obtained from your local authorised Service Centre or result. UK: 08709 066 066 or Any technical checks should be conducted exclusively by a trained Republic of Ireland: 1850 302 220 and authorised technician: Repairs carried out by unaithorised If you have damaged the existing lead or require a longer one a persons will invalidate the guarantee. Correct replacement is identified by colour coding WARNING: The dishwasher must not be connected to the or the marking on base of plug. via a properly installed earthed socket. there could not correspond with the terminal markings in the plug.

serial number and markings. 4. 7. For your own safety ensure the door is closed when the dishwasher is in use. in compliance with the regulations in force. 12. check to make sure your appliance thunderstorms. If the appliance is not operating properly or if maintenance operations 11. then call Hotpoint Service (see KEY CONTACTS. DO NOT drink any water residues from inside the dishwasher. Then read the section qualified technician. supply wire is not long enough. If the appliance malfunctions. It must always be kept handy for reference. The mains plug must be easily accessible after installation. Read through all the instructions contained in this manual before using the dishwasher. 2. such as alcohol or turpentine which may children to come near or play with the controls. After removing the packaging. 6. 3. entitled "Troubleshooting". cause an explosion. is visibly positioned on the inner edge of the door. then have it replaced with one of the 9. DO NOT allow 1. If installed on a carpeted or covered floor. The dishwasher is designed for washing and drying dishes. door when open. turn off the water inlet tap and 4. back page). Cutlery and sharp utensils should always be inserted in random are necessary. 5. is intact. The rating plate. Seperate the various packaging materials and dispose of safely . sit or stand on any part of the dishwasher . contact a qualified professional. Do not touch the heating element during or straight after a wash correct length and remember that it should be free of bends or cycle. If in doubt. 10. DO NOT use solvents. DO NOT install outdoors. Keep all packaging material away from children. disconnect the dishwasher from the mains power order with the blades pointing downwards (take care with knife supply (unplug it!). including the prevention and elimination of radio frequency interference.this could cause injury and/or damage the appliance. The manufacturer declines all responsibility for uses other than those described above. DO NOT remove the rating plate. featuring the technical data. 8. 5 . ensure that the openings 3. it is extremely dangerous to leave it exposed to rain and 2. DO NOT use extension leads and multiple plugs. Installation must be performed by a qualified technician. If you cannot resolve the problem. The dishwasher is intended for use by adults. If the electricity on the underside are not obstructed. wax or Keep children away from detergents and clear of the dishwasher paints. dangerous kinks. any other use shall be considered improper. In the event of any damage to the power cord have it replaced by a disconnect the plug from the wall socket. 1. not even if the area is covered by a roof: DO NOT leave discarded packaging material around the home. blades). D ISHWASHER For your Safety This manual forms an integral part of the appliance. DO NOT load dishes to wash that are soiled with ash. DO NOT lean.

screwdriver to turn the screws in the clockwise or anti-clockwise direction to increase or decrease DO NOT position the standpipe the height respectively. Standpipe: 800mm (31/2”). inlet could get blocked. Sink Waste System: your dishwasher. the water information:. Untie the end of the GREY of at least 38mm (11/2”). it will help ensure will prevent the pipe from jumping its correct operation.D ISHWASHER Installation Choose where you want to install Cold water connection. If this essential to comply with the following sealing bung is removed. The hose precaution is not taken. you can place it Connect the cold water supply WARNING: Connect your For under sink drainage: so that its sides or back panel are hose. Drain hose connection. damage to your dishwasher. ENSURE that the drain hose is not kinked and it is routed as shown in the diagram. it is waste spigot and ensure that the appropriate installation. near an electrical outlet. out during installation and use. If the which connect to the foul drain remove any internal restrictions - against the wall. 3. Height Adjustment Insert the appliance into the cutout and then adjust the height using the NOTE: Ensure the sink outlet screws located on the front bottom pipe has a minimum diamtere of part of the machine. membrane. cut out the surface water drain. have a trap the appliance. This appliance is level. causing raised to a minimum height of Once the appliance is positioned. should be routed. want it and to level it so that it is If the end of your drain hose is fitted horizontal. If fitting an under sink waste It MUST NOT be connected to a disposal unit. adjust the feet by screwing them in Ensure that the hose is not pushed or out depending on how high you too far down the standpipe. to prevent it coming away while the machine is in use and causing a flood. bung or blanking plug. Reposition the ‘Hooked End same drain system as your Support’ as required along the household sink. let the water run to make sure IMPORTANT: For the correct Remove any restrictions from the towards the left or right to facilitate it is clear and free of impurities operation of your dishwasher. such that it is Levelling. which can be directed time. side by side with furniture or up fastened tightly in place . 6 . The standpipe should have a bore 1. fitted and must discharge into the 2. If the inserted fully into the standpipe. hoses. Use a 32mm. Ensure the drain hose is securely attached. The dishwasher is water hoses are new or have been system and not to surface water This will prevent a build up of debris provided with water supply and drain out of use for an extended period of drains. Make sure that it is not with ‘retaining flaps’. and making sure that it is dishwasher drain hose to pipes Before connecting the drain hose. ensure they are inclined more than 2 degrees. before making the connection. which could cause a blockage. GREY drainage hose. It should drainage hose from the rear of be installed as shown.

Your free standing dishwasher can be installed in modern kitchens as follows: l to stand next to furniture units or other electric household appliances (Please read the chapter on “Installation” in the instruction manual. – Open the door and. The structure of your dishwasher makes it impossible to fit it under a hob. remove the 3 plastic plugs used to hook the shelf on (fig. 2) – Glue on the small soundproofing adhesive spongy strip onto the top crosspiece (photo 3) and. A small part of the spongy strip protruding onto the outside will block any light left between the dishwasher and adjacent cabinets. Should it be necessary to remove the top shelf of the dishwasher. thus improving the soundproofing.5). checking that the inlet and outlet pipes do not get bent or squashed (please read the instructions provided in the “Installation” chapter). in order to allow for maintenance to be carried out safely. glue on another one underneath the base (photo 4).1) – Discard the polystyrene rectangle. –Open the dishwasher door and glue on the two equal-sized adhesive spongy strips on the front edge of the appliance cabinet. – Straighten up the appliance and adjust the front and back feet by unscrewing them in an anti-clockwise direction to raise the dishwasher to the required height. after unscrewing the fixing screws. D ISHWASHER 1 2 3 4 600 min. let it slide out and remove it (see fig. Warning: The dishwasher plug must be within access once the appliance has been built in.) l to insert or built-in under the one worktop. with a light push forward. – Insert the appliance underneath the worktop (fig. after tilting the appliance.820 60 0 5 600 INSTRUCTIONS FOR INSTALLING THE DISHWASHER IN FULLY-FITTED KITCHENS. proceed as follows: – Unscrew the 2 rear screws and then. Begin from the top without leaving out any spaces and make sure the strips adhere all along the length of the edge. 7 .

we still recommend you pour extra salt into the relevant dispenser to prevent the formation of white streaks on your dishes or on the interior of the appliance. and combine detergent. put it in container "D". it is normal for the salt and rinse aid indicator lights to flash permanently after a certain number of cycles. Take care when you It is normally set to 4. press button B. turn cap C You can choose from six different positions. If you want to achieve perfectly dry dishes. The dishes appear dull or you can rinse aid container is situated on the see circular stains. you may add rinse aid as long as the dosage adjuster is set to no. . dry place. If using a tablet. salt and rinse aid all in one. aid indicator light "T" on the control D panel flashes. . please read the manufacturer's instructions on the packet. 8 . If the water in your area is hard or very hard. In any case. Warning Three-in-one dishwasher tablets are now available on the market.The amount of rinse aid Rinse aid makes dishes sparkle F needs to be increased if the C more as it improves their drying. safely Adding detergent away from children.2. anticlockwise. To open the dispenser. Remove the excess. A Rinse aid. To open lid A. If you use only these products. You can regulate the amount of rinse aid used by the dishwasher. Adding rinse aid. The detergent should be put into the two containers C and D.The amount of rinse aid You should fill the rinse aid container needs to be reduced if the when indicator D lights up on the dishes are sticky or you can container (see right) and the rinse see white streaks. move the adjuster F which you will find under lid C. If it won't close Check whether there is any detergent residue on the edges of the dispenser. Now you can close the lid: press it down until you hear it click. pour in the rinse aid to avoid it overflowing. C • Store your detergent and rinse The detergent D aid in a cool. inside of the door.D ISHWASHER Before Using your Dishwasher • Use the right amount of detergent (see programme B chart). Using a three-in-one product means it is no longer necessary to put rinse aid into the relevant container.

you can optimise and customise your dishwasher's salt >71 > 89 > 8.This will “S” flashes. unscrew and remove the container cap 2. to the "+" setting.17 0 -1. incrustations would Clarke Selector consu- my form on your dishes.14 0 . salt. The dishwasher will remind you to do so for five consecutive wash cycles.8. Unscrew the salt container cap IMPORTANT: 2. To adjust salt consumption. Always use salt which is intended for dishwasher use.4. Salt Filling the salt container. It is normal that some water comes out of the container.Pull out the lower basket completely. Select the arrow position depending on the water hardness.44 1. without water Salt Autono- softening. This way. 4. Your °fH mmol/l mption degrees position (cycles- dishwasher is fitted with a water (grams/- kg) cycle) softener which uses special salt to get rid of limescale in the water.36 18 . The salt container is situated underneath the lower basket. cooking salt as they contain in your home is? Ask the company clockwise from the "-" setting insoluble substances which could that supplies water in your area. 14 .89 4. Screw the cap back in place carefully.71 45 .9 MED 40 40 ness of the water in your home. If the water in your home is hard. 0 . do as follows: 1. harm your dishwasher. first fill the container up with water (you won't have to do this again next time) 3. referring to the table.5 . 9 .8 . turn the arrow anti. fill it up as follows: 1. D ISHWASHER Before Using your Dishwasher Water hardness varies according Water Hardness to where you live.4 "-" 20 60 Your dishwasher can adjust its salt consumption according to the hard- 36 . There is an arrow on the neck Only use recommend dishwasher of the container (see figure): if salt DO NOT use everyday table You don't know how hard the water necessary.9 "+" 60 25 consumption.7 / 0 / Adjusting the water softener. destroy the water softener. Put the dishwasher funnel on the hole and pour in approximately two kilos of salt. When to add salt: WARNING: The salt container should be filled up when the low salt indicator light DO NOT pour detergent into the special salt container . If it is the first time you add the salt.

pans. only purchase table or kitchenware that has been confirmed . • Some types of glass can become opaque in appearance after they have been washed too many times in a If the rack has side baskets. as well. Position all cutlery printed on these items will not be dishwasher proof.They may become faded and unsightly in appearance.dishwasher proof. utensils with sharp blades or tips should be positioned • Avoid washing horn handled and bronze cutlery in the machine. • Copper and Pewter utensils. special antique or irreplaceable china . wax. place the most difficult to The top rack can be adjusted clean items on the bottom using the two rack heights rack: pots. glasses. individually into the • If in any doubt. open up the tabs as shown in the figure to the that lock the guides and pull right. This will elimi. check with the manufacturer on items suitability for dishwasher’s. which results in reduced perfor. lids.Especially long utensils the dishwasher. Close the tabs to lock 1 the rack in place (see Fig.D ISHWASHER Loading your Dishwasher Load examples Before placing the dishes in . The upper rack is designed If the pots and pans have to hold more delicate and baked-on food that is lighter dishware. touch. -This basket is equipped with two removable grids: insert the cutlery one by one into the slots. the spoons should be loaded • Highly absorbent materials such as sponges and towels should never be placed in a dishwasher. How to Use the Lower Rack How to adjust the Upper We recommend that you rack . as well allowed to soak before they as plates. shallow pans (as long as nate the need for extra wash they are not too dirty). Aluminium and Sliver objects. with the sharp parts at the • Delicate/decorative glassware and vases.the decorative patterns bottom. remove the should be placed in the Bottom Rack Top Rack larger food particles to horizontal position at the prevent the filter from front of the upper rack. 2 .Pots. appropriate slots (see fig. cookware so that they do tate loading the dishwasher.Position the dishes and Pull out the racks to facili. out the rack. . etc. How to Use the Upper Rack mance. coffee and tea we recommend that they be cups and saucers. lubricating grease or paint should not be put in the dishwasher. Our recommendation: In future. small bowls and are washed. 10 .. serving bowls. cycles. items so that they don't • Plastic objects that are not resistant to hot water. (top and bottom). .Deep pots should be slanted to allow the water to 3 Fig. dishwasher. F).. A). To adjust serving dishes and bowls. the rack. becoming clogged. must always be placed top down. not get moved by the spray of water. Arrange the rack It is preferable to place with the back wheels in either serving dishes and lids on the top or bottom position and the sides of the racks in then insert it along the guides order to avoid blocking the until the front wheels are on A rotation of the top spray arm. such as extremely hard to remove. knives and What can I Wash Items not suitable for the dishwasher: • Cutlery and tableware made from wood or part wood . WARNING: Dishes or cutlery soiled with tobacco ash. F 4 flow out.

This light warns you that it is time Press this button to switch the whereas a. T. they E A also indicate the amount of time left P C until the wash cycle starts. 9. one of the cycle indicator lights to add more rinse aid. 60 • 73/23/EEC of 19/02/73 (Low Depth cm. Upper basket I. Salt container cap H G. Height cm. B F. Low Salt indicator light This light informs you that the half With Start the wash cycle begins. to add more salt. 85 • 89/336/EEC of 03/05/89 Capacity 12 standard place settings (Electromagnetic Compatibility) and subsequent Mains water pressure 4. D ISHWASHER Getting to know your Dishwasher E G F E. Washing filter J K H. ON-OFF Indicator light This light informs you that the Each time this button is pressed. Bottom spray arm F. This dishwasher conforms to the following European Community Technical characteristics Directives: Width cm.. load is selected.3 psi. E. C. Detergent and rinse aid dispenser I L The Controls A.145 psi . Cycle select button cleared with Reset. Cycle indicator light H R F This light informs you which cycle S G you have selected or the one in D progress. T If you have set a delayed start.3 ÷10 bar) modifications Power voltage See data plate • 97/17/CE (Labelling) Total absorber power See data plate Fuse See data plate • 2002/96/CE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment 11 .rinses. Cycle phase and delayed start indicator lights Thes indicator lights inform you which cycle phase is underway (prewash. P. 60 Voltage) and subsequent modifications. G.wash.drying). Delayed start select button This button delays the start of the wash cycle you selected by 12. Half load selection button To allow you to wash a half load in the upper basket. D. the settings are appliance on. Start / Reset button S. Top spray arm J. Door opening handle “E” will come on in sequence Use this handle to open the door. ON-OFF Button H. Basket height adjuster K. Half load indicator light R. 6 or 3 hours. This light warns you that it is time dishwasher is on.30 KPa÷ 1MPa (0. Lower basket L. Low Rinse Aid indicator light B.

indicator light For your own safety. beep.D ISHWASHER How to use your Dishwasher First of all. start will begin. Indicator light "G" will go out to show all the settings will have been cancelled. shows which stage of the wash prolonged beep will sound. wash half a load. each light in for approximately 5 seconds. The indicator lights will keep button "P". wash cycle phase that is underway. You've left out a dish? Delaying the start of a Half load. underway. ing the On-Off button "A". press button "D" you. The end of the wash cycle is indi. press button "D". Each time you press it. Modifying a wash cycle in Cycle phase and delayed progress. 12 . cle will started.Select the wash cycle consequently be easily "G" will stop flashing and the wash ensure the door is closed most suitable for the type of dishes accessible. you hear the have selected you will hear a short beep and indi. pressing button “A”. not reset the wash cycle. hours. followed by the others if set. followed cycle is in progress. .. Close the door and press the Start If you change your mind and you button after a few seconds.. . cycle will begin. When you shut the door. to save water .Press the ON-OFF button "A": flashing of the drying phase indica. if it has only just started. not in use.You can modify the wash cycle in dishwasher door delayed start. just open Turn off the water tap.. Wait a few minutes before unload- ing the dishes: they are very hot! If you want to cancel the delay set and you wish to start the wash cycle The dishwasher informs If you wait a little while. If.Check that the spray it. will hear a short beep and indicator NOTE: When set the dishwasher . lit constantly. a back on or when you close the door.Turn on the water supply Interrupt the wash cycle by press. for example. unplug in sequence until the set time delay Select the wash cycle by pressing the appliance from the is up. then When you have loaded the dishes. you have set a 12 the cycle in progress indicator light ing instructions. There's been a power start indicator light "G" If you have chosen the wrong cycle failure or you opened the (1) Flashing to indicate a . Press button "D" to delay the start Before setting a wash cycle . cated by 2 short beeps and the Select the desired wash cycle. Select the wash cycle. a beep will sound and indi. you need hear a short beep and the wash cy. You are now free to re- set the correct wash cycle. The cycle will cycle desired. if you press button "F". Your appliance is now on and await. you come on.. Keep the Reset button "R" pressed restarts when the electricity comes (2) On. Cycle end light "G" corresponding to the will wash on the upper basket only. . programme. tor light. you will wish to set a different delay. arms rotate freely. the door. sequence. press correctly. To see the settings you . Each time this button is electricity socket to cut off you informed of the countdown pressed. once you have selected will light up for a few seconds. press the dishwasher before setting the wash half the amount). cator lights “E” will come on in power supply cable should Once this time is up. when the dishwasher is to wash (see ‘Programme Chart’). better due to the steam.Add the correct amount insert the dish you had forgotten.Close the door securely. indicator light "H" will of the wash cycle by 12. 6 or 3 . indicator light "G" corresponding to "G" which light up to indicate the the cycle start phase comes on. The wash cycle stops and then have set a delayed start. Warning: hour delay. they dry immediately. 9. you can choose when to start your electricity and detergent (use only of detergent. Your dishwasher also allows you to tap completely. by three short beeps. repeatedly until the cycle starts and Your dishwasher has indicator lights Empty the lower basket first. the countdown to the delayed At any time. the power supply. Turn the appliance off by a wash cycle the 12 hour indicator followedbythehalfloadindicatorlight light will flash. Press the Start button. when the cycle is cator light "B" comes on. the progress at all times. to remind you that you progress. selected delay will come on.Load the baskets On-Off button again. start up from where you interrupted button "F".

Hot rinse at 62°C 25g 25 PRE-WASH Preliminary wash cycle for dishes Short cold wash to prevent food while awaiting completion of the from drying onto the dishes. DELICATES Special cycle to be used for more Wash at 50°C delicate items which are sensitive Rrinse at 45°C 25g 98 to high temperatures. 13 . AID DURATION WASH & WASH in minutes (Tolerance ±10%) INTENSIVE Very dirty dishes and pans Pre-wash with hot water at 40°C (NOT to be used for delicate Extended wash at 65°C items) 2 cold rinses 5 + 25 g 120 Hot rinse at 70°C * Drying NORMAL Cycle for normally dirty pans and Wash at 55°C dishes. suitable for normally dirty pans and dishes. D ISHWASHER Programme Chart Select the most suitable programme for the type of dishes and how dirty they are. Short wash at 40°C Run cycle immediately after use. Hot rinse at 65°C Drying * FAST Economic and fast cycle to be used for slightly dirty dishes. use the pre-wash to avoid caked on food and build up of bad odours. To select the wash programme see the chart below: CYCLE CYCLE SELECTION CYCLE DETERGENT RINSE WASH CYCLE INSTRUCTIONS DESCRIPTION FOR PRE. Hot rinse at 70°C Drying * ECO Environmentally friendly cycle. Hot rinse at 65°C Drying * To optimise wash performance and save on energy. Cold rinse 30 g 88 Standard daily cycle. 12 load with the dishes from the next meal. Run cycle immediately after use. If it takes some time to fill your dishwasher. 2 cold pre-washes with low energy consumption Wash at 45°C 5 + 25g 145 levels. try to use the dishwasher with a full wash load.

After every wash. Moving the appliance. DO NOT use solvents or Going away Before carrying out any cleaning or Food residue may become abrasives to clean the exterior and If the dishwasher is not going to be maintenance on the dishwasher. dishwasher. anticlockwise to remove it. or a cleaning product allow to drain. any water remaining inside may The dishwasher is not to be used seep into the control module and withoutfilters. always remember to turn off the of the appliance interior. if there are allow water to run under running water. B 2 A • turn off the water supply. to prevent the build up of unpleasant odours The filter assembly inside the dishwasher. dampened with lukewarm soapy empty. water supply tap and to leave the dampened with water and a little disconnect the inlet hose and appliance door ajar. Check there are no wash. • switch off at the electrical socket When the wash cycle has ended. withdrawing hoses at the same C time.D ISHWASHER Care and Cleaning Unplug the appliance. • fill the rinse aid dispenser. becleanedthoroughlyonceamonth: cup C + semi-circular filter A + Disconnecting the cylindrical filter B. carefully. Whendisconnectingthedishwasher For cleaning. shown in the figure) and reinsert the Secure all loose parts. Position it into its • If not kept upright during transport. prevent this from occurring. Use a cloth • run a cycle with the dishwasher and clean them once in a while. Only whole assembly into the transport in an upright position. Reconnect the trapped inside the cup “C” and the unpleasant odours to form inside the inlet hose and turn on the water semi-circular filter A after each dishwasher is food that remains supply tap. Check the spray arms regularly cleaning products. do used for some time. Just rinse them cleaning using a damp sponge will pipe. you need to Before using the dishwasher after a clean the filter assembly. from the supply tap for a few • The entire filter assembly should minutes. trapped inside. 1 • switch off at the mains and remove the plug from the socket. moisture and bad odours will not be specifically made for dishwashers. Periodic deposits of rust inside the water to remove them. housing and press downwards. long break. • If you want consistent good results from your dishwasher. pull the cup handle upwards trapped in the seals. carry out the always remove the plug from the block the holes where water comes not use solvents or abrasive following: electricity socket. white vinegar. If there are any stains on the surface andunplug. This way. use a non metallic it is important that tasks are carried brush. encrusted onto the spray arms and rubber parts of your appliance. water only. use a cloth • turn off the water supply tap. Cleaning the spray arms. Reassemble the filter parts (as Drain water from the dishwasher. Rotate filter “B” dishwasher. • disconnect drain and water inlet hose. efficiency of the wash and even damage your dishwasher. plug in and switch on at • Remove the larger food particles One of the factors that cause the electrical socket. • leave the door ajar. 14 . The seals.Improperreplacement cause subsequent errors with of the filters may reduce the programme functions. out. • pull out the dishwasher. out in the correct sequence.

9hr Delay Set Drying -12hr delay Set Follow the instructions below to cancel:- Step 1: Press the “Delay Start” Button until all light are out.If you are using 3 in 1 tablets and do not add salt then the salt refill light will flash periodically for several consecutive cycle. 15 .If 3 in 1 dishwasher tablets are used we still recommend the that you add salt to prevent limescale deposits on your dishes. Salt Refill Light Flashing/ Salt refill light will flash if:. check to see if other appliances working. . The Salt refill light will flash when your dishwasher is switched on for the Not Going Out When Salt . . (See “Cycle Phase Indicator Lights Flashing”below).6hr Delay Set Rinse .Is the door closed properly? Cycle phase indicator IIf a delayed start has been selected then the cycle phase indicator light Cycle lights flashing: corresponding to the lenght of time delayed will flash.S You are using the Machine for first time and again when the salt levels become low .The salt refill light will remain lit after the salt has been lt rethfill added for several consecutive cycles. Fault Area Issue Cause/How to resolve… The Dishwasher Will Not Possible Installation/Electrical Check Start Supply Fault . D ISHWASHER Troubleshooting In the unlikely event that you have problems with your machine. .The salt level is low Please Note: .3hr Delay Set Wash .Check the fuse. time) .follow the instructions Added the first time on “Before Using Your Dishwasher” page on how to add salt to your Or dishwasher.Is there a fault with the water supply/is the water supply tap turned on? .Is the inlet hose kinked? . .Is there a power failure. .Is the dishwasher plugged in and switched on? (Particularly if the machine is being used for the first .Is the water pressure supply sufficient? . Delay Start Button Please Note: The “Drying” light will also flash to indicate the end of a programme. the following guide will enable you to resolve many problems without having to call out a service engineer.Has time delay been selected? For example:- Pre wash flashing . Step 2: Select wash programme as normal.

Water tap turned off 16 . . and will continue to flash until the machine has completed the next full wash cycle (Note: The Fast & Prewash cycles are not full wash cycles). The Rinse Aid light will flash when your dishwasher is switched on for Not Going Out When Rinse . an error message indicated by one FlashingC or two wash cycle indicator lights flashing rapidly. programme.If you are using 3 in 1 tablets (or 2 in 1) and do not add rinse aid then the rinse aid light will flash continuously.Turn on the water tap and the dishwasher will start after a few a few minutes when starting minutes.The rinse aid light will remain lit after the rinse aid has been added.. Please Note: . . If however the errors indicated on your machine are not listed.D ISHWASHER Fault Area Issue Cause/How to resolve… Rinse Aid Light Flashing/ Rinse Aid light will flash if:. 1 Cycle Indicator Lights Your dishwasher is designed so that if a fault occurs. Leaking From Rear Of Possible Incorrect Fitment of Water ChCheck Machineeaking Inlet HosePossi Is the water inlet hose connection secured at rear of machine (Fig1) Machine Connection Fig. instructions on “Before Using Your Dishwasher “ page on how to add Or rinse aid. you will need to contact your Service Centre for assistance.S You are using the Machine for the first time and again when the rinse aid levels become low .follow the Aid Added the first time. See “Key Contacts” on the back page of the instruction book.The rinse aid level is low. Short beeps sounding for . . In many cases you can rectify these errors by following instructions in this section.

1 B 2 A C For additional advice on Cleaning your filter see “Care and Cleaning”section of the instruction book. to turn off your dishwasher. Follow the instructions below to cancel: . . and select required programme.Water tap turned off Step 1: Turn the dishwasher off by pressing the “On/Off” button. D ISHWASHER Fault Area Issue Cause/How to resolve… Wash cycle indicators lights 4 If you are not at your dishwasher when the short beeps & 5 flashing (Fast & Prewash). Step 1: Press the “On/Off Button”.Possible Filter Blockage Step 2: Remove filter from base of machine In Indicators 3 & 5 Step 3: Rinse filters under running water and ensure that large food (Eco & Prewash)dicators particles are removed from Area A Step 4: Locate filters back into the filter housing and firmly press downwards. then 3&5 flashing (Eco& Prewash). Step 4: Select wash programme as normal. Step 2: Indicators 4&5 Turn on the water tap (Fast & Prewash) Step 3: Wait approximately 20 seconds and then switch the appliance on by pressing the “On/Off” button. Step 5: Turn the dishwasher on by pressing the “On/Off” button. Please Note: If the above does not solve the problem. sound. you need to clear the filter of any blockages before programme can proceed. the dishwasher will switch to alarm mode and indicator lights 4 & 5 (Fast & Prewash) will flash. check that the water feed pipe filter is not blocked. 17 . Wash cycle indicator lights If wash cycle indicator lights 3 & 5 (Eco & Prewash) are flashing.

18 . BACK ON again after one minute.Indicates and of programme programme is complete.D ISHWASHER Fault Area Issue Cause/How to resolve… Wash Cycle indicator If indicator light 4 (Fast) flashes rapidly. the machine is illuminate. .) . The “Drying” phase indicator light will flash in the display to indicate the Lights Flashing . (i.Press the “On/Off” button to switch off the dishwasher.Check the loading of your crockery into the baskets (See “Loading You Dishwasher” Section of the instruction book). . the “Drying” phase indicator light will continue to flash ntil a new programme is selected or the machine is reset .Check that the filters are clean and in place (See “Care and Cleaning” Section of the instruction book.Is the lid of the salt container closed properly? . Is the rinse aid dosage correct? (See section “Poor Drying Results” below for instructions on adding or adjusting rinse aid to your wash). . using part of the rinse cycle to give the Prewash function). Is the selected programme suitable for the type of load and the Poor Wash Results degree of soiling? Cycle Complete. rather than the Prewash light illuminates is selected.This is normal. first turn off the water tap to avoid any flooding and then cut off the electricity supply and call for technical assistance.e.The Rinse Light. Please Note: When your dishwasher is switched back on.Water load solenoid valve malfunction alarm. When a “Pre-Wash” programme This is normal . the “Rinse” light will because Prewash is basically a “Cold Rinse” cycle. Residue On Dishes When Wash . TURN the dishwasher OFF AND light 4 flashing (Fast). . If the alarm persists. Indicator 4 (Fast) Cycle Phase Indicator “Drying” light flash.

Cutlery/Cutlery Basket . to ensure that they can not come into contact with the Dispenser. .Casseroles Dishes/Pans Etc.4) and if upper position required bottom wheel will be in runners (Fig.5) )LJ )LJ )LJ )LJ )LJ Poor Drying Results Fast Wash Programme Selected .3) Step 3: Select required position. To adjust the upper basket position. Step 2: Push the basket runners back into the dishwasher with the stoppers still pointing outward (See Fig.1 & Fig.There is no drying cycle on the Fast Wash Programme. follow instruction below:- Step 1: Push the white stoppers at the front of the basket shelves outwards and remove the basket (See fig. Spray wash jet 26 cm 21 cm holes 26 cm 31 cm With the upper basket in the lower With the upper basket in the upper position. 2). Poor Wash Results Spray arm Obstruction Upper Basket Upper Spray Arm . the maximum height for position. if lower position selected top wheel would glide into the basket runners (See Fig. D ISHWASHER Fault Area Issue Cause/How to resolve… Tablet Not Dissolving Wherever possible the following should be positioned away from dispenser.Crockery . plates is increased to 31 cm. the maximum height for plates is 26 cm. 19 .Prior to starting the programme ensure the spray wash jet holes are not blocked and also that the spray arms can rotate freely.

Rinse Aid level set too low? To add rinse aid to your wash follow instructions below: Step 1: Rotate cap anti-clockwise and pull to remove. Blanking plug in the sink trap connections: Which must be removed. Rinse Aid Adjuster The Dishwasher Will Not Possible Installation Fault Check Drain (Particularly if the machine is being . 2.Is the sink trap blocked? (If this is the case you will experience problems whit your sink drainage). 20 . Using small coin rotate adjuster to desired setting. 1.Ensure the blanking plug/closed end connector has been removed if connected to a sink trap (this is the most common fault when installing a dishwasher). Ensure drain hose is not kinked Remove blanking Note: plug/closed end There are two types of sink trap connection from drain hose connection.Is the drain hose kinked? used for the first time) . Rinse Aid Levels 1 (lowest) to 6 (Highest) Rinse Aid level adjuster is located under dispenser cap. . &DS The level of rinse aid used during your wash cycle can be adjusted to ensure best results. Step 2: Pour rinse aid into container and secure cap back into position.D ISHWASHER Fault Area Issue Cause/How to resolve… Poor Drying Results Is Rinse Aid being used or is the Using rinse aid in your wash will improve the drying performance. Which must be removed. sink trap. Closed end connection: Which must be cut off. (We recommend setting to 4).

Have you spilt rinse aid when fill the rinse aid compartment? If yes. Dishwasher Stopping During Has there been a power failure. D ISHWASHER General Unusual Amount of foam is created Has the correct detergent been used? (Use only Dishwasher powder or tablets). Has the water supply been interrupted? Knocking Noise coming from Spray arm knocking against dishes (See “Loading Your Dishwasher” Dishwasher Section of the instruction book). If your cold water mains pressure is set too high. check other appliances? Cycle Your dishwasher will stop and start throughout the wash programme. See “Key Contacts” on the back page of the instruction book. the noise level will be increased. This is normal. this will clear on the next cycle. If you have completed all of the above checks and your appliances is still not operating. 21 . then please call your Service Centre for assistance. Knocking Noise Coming from Inlet This is caused by the way you have the water pipes laid and has no Valves effect upon the dishwasher functions. Crockey has not been stacked correctly.

22 . with the handles 1 2 at the bottom. Position 3 3 them so that they don't 1 2 touch. 25 5 IEC/ DIN Eco+extra dry * 30 gr. D Comp.3 F 8 7 3 2 1 6 4 5 This basket is equipped 3 3 3 3 3 3 1 with two removable 2 grids: insert the cutlery 1 4 4 4 4 4 4 2 one by one into the 1 6 5 55 555 7 2 slots. B d in n e r p la te 26 cm . h saucer 14 cm . bow l C d e s s e rt 19 cm . C 1 2 1 2 7 8 1 2 3 3 1 2 1 3 555 555 3 2 1 2 4 4 4 4 4 4 1 2 door side Cycle Total detergent Comp.3” (see table at the end by turning the dose adjuster ‘F’ which you will find under lid of the page). ‘C’. f s e r v in g 19 cm .3 EN 50242 Eco 30 gr.There are 6 different settings. 30 * Press the “extra dry” button. the normal dosage is setting 5.D ISHWASHER INFORMATION FOR TEST LABS Load for 12 Standard Settings tests (upper rack at top position)  lower basket upper basket   12 3 & $ % i 4   h k e ' e & & g g f g   $ g e & 6 5  1 3 2 Low er basket U pper basket Type Ite m D ia m e te r V o lu m Type Ite m D ia m e te r /V o lu m ( a p p r o x im a te ly ) ( a p p r o x im a te ly ) A s o u p e p la t e 23 cm .2 Comp.2 0 l. bow l i s e r v in g 16 cm .2 Comp. e cup 0 .2” and “Comp. p la te D o v a l p la t te r 32 cm . k s e r v in g 13 cm . if existing. bow l Loading the detergent Loading the Rinse Aid The cleaning detergent should be introduced into the two The amount of rinse aid used for each cycle can be regulated containers “Comp. g g la s s 2 5 0 m l.

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