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if pivot. You can’t be path. That’s 8. fulfillment. Jeffry Weicher Productions 18 I THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE . find a differ. Know when to quit. up the corporate food chain. but it’s often squandered. If you need others for validation life is gonna be a doctor without going to medical school and if there’s no lonely. Everybody’s got something to say. makes people do crazy stuff. why they’re incapable wrong. He who speaks loudest first is oftentimes do. for all the Stay the course until the odds are low and then pivot. And if you’re dedicated and to look at them and accept them. For- people telling you how great they are there are even more get all the stories of people who believed but were broke who are self-deprecating. of being interested in you. When some. run. Let it slide off your back. but it does not always yield rewards. and the sooner you realize this the quicker you’ll be listen to someone’s story. stabbing you in the back. but with moments of intersection. 4. work on your skills of integration. Sure. grab the mic and blather on. so Everybody’s got a story. of rich. something not what you need. selves out of a gig or hit a ceiling. cheat and steal. on more than their public behavior. they’ll be your best friend forever. after being inundated with the ravings of the social media entertainment 1. but too you’ll buy stuff. times you shouldn’t. Evaluate people on ent audience. there’s all this fake 7. making you wince when they say and then triumphed. If no one is listening. I’m not sure why these people act the way they 6. that does not mean you should. but even not inhibit you. and completion comes first. If you worry about what others say you’ll more search out your peers. They’re gonna Peter Principle them- one tells you they got divorced yesterday and are over it to. We all want to be listened to. Or. This is complicated. remembered and no one is judging you in the end and the Remember the dot com era? You couldn’t find anybody who longer you live you realize it’s all about forging your own said it was gonna come to an end. sucking up to the boss. Just because everybody else is jumping off the challenge of life. money. hierarchy. they blow up their life or their world utilizing their assets to get ahead. Emotional scars run deep. Stop worrying about those plain when they fail. a plethora of people are doing jobs they dislike while others are thrilled just to have a job. winners who tell you they’re losers. Do what satiates you. If you famous. Tell your story. unfortunately you’re in this all by yourself. Not everybody can win and there is no score- card. The corporation does not care about or their back is up against the wall and they do. obvious revenue stream chances are the business will fail. shelter and love. you’ve got to are afraid to take a risk. That’s another problem with America. the won’t run away from you. but it did. and if you’re not one of them.The Lefsetz Letter The John Oates Book 5. Life boils down to dreamers who act and 9. home and you feel that you can’t relate to a certain group. But it also inspires you to jump off the cliff. But to honor your commitments. The Lefsetz Letter is powered by WordPress. on the road to happiness. Then there are those who doing good work and not reaping the rewards. We’re led to believe there’s a never get started. because too many people can’t complete anything. What you think you want is often You’ll bond. popular and good-looking. advantage. America is about making you feel inadequate. never ever. What you need is someone who listens you find of interest. Either they never end up taking one change your situation. believe it. Unfortunately that comes af- ter food. Not everybody’s gonna like you. why they refuse to be reciprocal. But no one is gonna be the bridge. But for those who can finish. Also. They’re to be avoid- ed at all cost. It’s to their detriment. you’ll draw people to you. everybody wants to tell it. person who only talks and never listens. There might be a first mover Look for the openings. Desperation you. some- 3. The myth is we’re all alike. you’re a loser. But beware of the taker. People know when you’re day. When you sit at more than their image. Some people are afraid of blowback. ignore them. like lie. Even if many are afraid dedicated and do good work. complex. You’re no more inadequate than the rich and few people have the patience to extract it from them. Life’s too short to do something you hate. But since money is king. And then there are those who always 2. But it won’t make you a success. Perseverance is key. We’re looking for honest connection. The dreamers who take a chance believe it’s easy but com. The key is to always be looking for the they’re just lucky. Some people are incapable of speaking up. Sex and cunning and flirting will move you dreamers who are afraid. who’ll call you on your b. and walk away like there are no consequences. you’re honest. nerddom going around.s. Life Rules This is hard to fathom after years of schooling. everybody got here on a different path to you who’ll support you.


youth advocate. She always sees the glass as half-full and aspires to one day learn a fifth language. MALIK SHAHEED / INTERVIEWER Hails from Montreal. she’s been studying Literature at Dawson College and never goes anywhere without her Canon dslr. Having a plethora of inter- ests. Being a creative person since childhood. music re- cording artist and party/event promoter. Pink. reporter. Sean Paul. playing video games and sweating it off at the gym. Working at The Vocalist Magazine has helped her grow as a writer and open doors as a journalist.On camera interviews with the following stars: Eminem. Des- tiny’s Child. . her time is spent between working as a cosmetician. Roots Canada & Tommy Hilfiger 20 I THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE . Hosting Concert & Events : Emi- nem. Also. MELISSA SIMBOLI-GIBBS / WRITER Nineteen year-old Melissa Gibbs has been with The Vocalist Magazine since the Summer of 2014 and has since then gotten the chance to meet and speak with many talented people about music. LL Cool J. IAM. Suffering from a severe case of wanderlust. Jay Z. producer and ce- lebrity interviewer. Wyclef Jean & Snoop Dogg. Fugees. her ipod and a note- book. Usher. Jay Z. Anna Kroupina has been with The Vocalist Magazine since September 2013. He is an accom- plished TV host. DMX. Puff Daddy. DMX. Canada. L’il Kim. Master P. Beastie Boys. CONTRIBUTORS ANNA KROUPINA / JUNIOR EDITOR With a degree in Journalism under her belt. if you don’t like cats. she will fight you. Anna lives to travel and relishes finding new adventures around the world. volunteering at an animal shelter. 98 Degrees.

She loves film. swimming. Claire enjoys writing. she will al- ways go that extra mile to squeeze in Piknic Electronique on Sundays. and is often eating one too many pieces at a time. mu- sic. she was fascinated by the world of pop culture and that quickly translated into a passion for entertainment news and music. Being a mu- sician herself. food. She began vocal lessons at 11 years old and has been writing songs all of her life. she enjoys chocolate just a little too much.CRISTINA SANZA / WRITER / HOST / INTERVIEWER Cristina is studying both writing and broad- cast at Concordia University. CLAIRE LOEWEN . Being a huge house music lover from Montreal. video. she is constantly on the hunt for new music and ideas. she has greatly en- joyed the opportunity of doing broadcast journalism with The Vocalist Magazine on such segments as ‘Get Featured’ and ‘Icon Countdown. KHEANNA WALTER / PRODUCER / WRITER Kheanna is a communications student at Concordia University who has an enormous passion for journalism and the entertainment world. she can be found on her bike roaming around the park or going for an exhilarating run.WRITER / HOST / INTERVIEWER Claire Loewen is a very tall journalism stu- dent at Concordia University.’ and multiple on-cam- era artist interviews. When she is not recording music in the comfort of her own make-shift studio. sports and dancing. Though in a textual specialization. Always holding a camera in her hand. Aspiring to one day be a TV host. Despite her love for fitness activities. capturing moments has always been one of her guilty pleasures. She currently writes for several publications. walking around the Plateau and thrift shopping THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 21 . she thrives in finding new challenges and adven- tures that will bring her closer to her desired career. Growing up.

entertain and inspire those around her by actively chasing her dream of becom- ing a TV host. Proficient with Final Cut Pro X & Adobe Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas Pro. codecs. Life is easygo- ing around her. a humanitarian and hopes to empower. from historical and industrial documentaries. post production. CONTRIBUTORS LYLIANE COULOMBE / ASSISTANT COORDINATOR / PHOTOGRAPHER After three years of hard work and determina- tion. She is now the assistant coordinator and photogra- pher for The Vocalist Magazine. Lyliane has graduated from Université de Montréal with a degree in Science of Commu- nication with a specialization in Media. She is passionate and colour- ful. She is a visionary. music videos and promotional videos. as- pect-ratios and bitrates. MORTEZA YAHOO VIDEOGRAPHER / CAMERAMAN Morteza Yahoo is a freelance documentary director. Presently she is a video jour- nalist and is passionate about interviewing individuals that intend to leave an impact on people’s lives which is exactly what she hopes to do by working in media 22 I THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE . He has worked a plethora of projects. video editor and videographer since 2002. TIFFANY THOMPSON WRITER / HOST / INTERVIEWER Tiffany Thompson is currently completing her bachelor’s degree at Concordia University in Human Relations with a minor in Marketing. compressing. She has a particular love for big romantic Hollywood productions. In-depth knowledge of video production.

Curiosity and self-reflec- tion have been great motivators behind Ka- lika’s passion for interviewing and listening to the stories of others.She is a Research Assistant at Con- cordia University and a CSI Staff and Union Representative at Carillion Canada Inc. Fidel is in pursuit of a career that combines journalism and the latest social media platforms. ANDY FIDEL . Infographics and the classic elements of storytelling. Her background in Communications Studies provided her with a foundation for creative expression through a variety of media: written as well as visual. NANA O YEBOAH / WRITER Holds a Bachelor of Arts Honours in English Language and Literature w/ Minor in Wom- en’s Studies from Carleton University and Is in fanalizing a Masters Degree in Journalism Studies . aussi surnommée la « ville rose ». THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 23 . video producer and editor. She lives and works in Montreal but comes from the south of France. Fidel holds a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and a Graduate Diploma in Journalism from Concordia University.WRITER is a freelance journalist. she has been fortu- nate to have interviewed an array of talented artists and professionals in the music industry. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Com- munication Studies. video-photographer and editor: a content creator. photography and videogra- phy. At The Vocalist Magazine.KALIKA HASTINGS / WRITER Is a freelance journalist. Toulouse.




he met songwriter and producer Philip poverty and set-backs. and reached can and Eastern European Jewish. Aaron Bay-Shuck in 2006. tember of 2010. he got his family. Jimi Hendrix. will help you move forward in the Smeezingtons. Mars then released “Just of his confident personality and because. small window of time young artists have. Prince. dancing well can help position you as town. Performing on stage constantly pigeon-holed as a latin artist. including Eventually. deal in 2005 with Steve Lindsey at Westside 4. Mars began performing with his such hits as Grenade. he was named “Artist of the Year” the world’s youngest Elvis impersonator. 2. bum. was performing five nights a week. Mars signed to Motown Records and was dropped a year later. Mars.o.Bruno Mars was born Peter Gene Hernan. be in it. the Beatles father (a Latin percussionist from Brooklyn. If you’re in the game. The Love Notes. every co-founded a writing/production team The day. performed cover songs with his band around 6. Mars added songs by Michael Jack. keyboard. creates a level of natural comfort. Little Richard. dez on October 8. Finding mentors and collaborators ing hit songs. bass. he has sold over 12 million albums son and The Temptations to his nightly act. and 68 million singles worldwide. it took the label three years to actually sign Mars since they felt he needed more time de- veloping as an artist.Bs and impersonations for enthusiastic crowds. His lice. LA. The focus of Mars’ early years stand out. also an Elvis imper. His influences include Michael Jackson. The Po- one of six children from a musical family. Nothin on You and Travie McCoys Billionaire. by Billboard and ranked number one on the couraged by his uncle. The song a pudgy baby. be memorable was a focus in the art and science of writ- 5. At the age of 3. While at Mo. Forbes 30 under 30 list. Philip Lawrence and Ari Levine Working your butt off all day. Having a catchy name can help you Independent. sometimes Lawrence which led to a music publishing success is the outcome. Led Zeppelin. Hawaii. and the doo-wop and reggae music he was New York) and his mother (a hula dancer exposed to as a child. He replaced his last name Hernandez with Mars after feeling 1. family’s band. Locked Out of Heaven. 1985. and at aged 4 and When I Was Your Man. ing career. and guitar. Peter was nicknamed Bruno at age 2 because both Top Ten hits. Mars father is Puerto Ri. Though Mars met his future A&R manager at Atlantic Records. he is crucial. Mars began performing as In 2014. Mars moved to Los Angeles after high school TAKE-AWAY POINTS: to pursue a musical career. as the Way You Are” in July of 2010. They performed doo-wop medleys chance to sing as a featured singer on B. Doo-Wops & Hooligans. while his number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in Sep- mother was from the Philippines. James Brown. Playing multiple instruments and In 2004. Throughout his sing- sonator. As Mars became proficient at playing drums. he resembled the wrestler was the lead single from his debut studio al- Bruno Sammartino. and talented vocalist) formed a Vegas-style revue which featured the entire Hernandez After producing multiple R&B acts. THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 27 . in Honolulu. en.

ICON The Bruno Mars Guide to Quickly Growing a Massive Audience of Raving Fans By Kate Beaudoin 28 I THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE .

ing how to become better will reward yourself. teach every day. Once you regard to how important writ- their game. spend time then choose one specific action Lesson for audience learning how to be an excellent to apply in your business. reach thirty consecutive days. If you’re some ways to spend more time a teacher. taking courses. ? Lesson for audience Action plan: Secret #3: Have a Love builders: Make a list of three to five of Competition for your custom- the most successful people in Affair With Your Work ers’ attention is fierce. identify an additional ele- er. For example. builders: And yes – you may need to out- Never stop being a raving fan Action plan: source. ter that element. ing and practicing how to mas- You have to practice your craft. but he’s certainly no slack- you truly enjoy what you do. If you’re a writer. So learn Bruno Mars is living his dream. Then do anoth- pay handsome dividends. in those times when the build a stronger connection going gets tough. if you are a top- their audiences respond so fa- vorably. the pro- or paying close attention to the each day. write every day. and notch strategist. no matter what. Spot the trends. don’t worry. Then make a list of and what they did to delight skills quickly is to work on your the things you do that zap all their audiences. er 30 days. most joy. doing work you love. Then make a deal to conferences. There’s no way around this. This could write at least a thousand Secret #4: Accessorize may mean reading books. skill. So vote at least thirty minutes a builders: spend as much time as possible day for the next month study- You have to put in the work. for verbial light bulb came on with actions of those at the top of at least one month. You Action plan: must spend time working on Take notice of the actions in getting insanely good at what your business that give you the you do. new skills to increase your at- your field. It’ll doing what you love most. Study those who Identify a specific thing you will doing those energy-zapping have succeeded at what you do. do each day to get better at tasks! ? or what you need to do well to your craft.Secret #1: Stay in School at four years old. going words a day.000 hours in And when you love what you ment that will be essential to performing when he was four. builders: copywriter as well so you can Your business requires a ton of better communicate your value to your raving fans. and Lesson for audience make a massive difference. Your Outfit with yourself to do that task At about 18 years old. or just stop and a student. delegate. you best serve your customers. they consistently do that makes ways wanted to do. So why not have fun while you work? Blue Suede Shoes Bruno may sing about being Besides. you feel all warm. The best way to improve your alive inside. Brainstorm writer. craft every day. do. tractiveness to your audience. Then de- Lesson for audience pushing. fuzzy. Because you love it. fun is contagious and Action plan: your customers can feel when Once you’ve declared your core lazy. Secret #2: Work Your your time and energy. And if you didn’t start THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 29 . The ones that make Bruno Mars has been a long. Then identify what doing work that he loves and al. and time student of musical greats. He began his 10. ing would be to Bruno’s career. It’s never too late to get started. So if you’re a the life out of you. Your quest in study. you’ll keep with your audience. less time doing what you loathe.

Secret#5: Serenade Lesson for audience view of your business to trans- form yourself into the producer. presentation. Then pick one idea clone. Action plan: awesome. the number of doors that open both sets of customers. Perhaps it’s curat- reer. or it’s too this ers of success that will signal Mars’ formula for success. If you don’t Action plan: believe in yourself and what Brainstorm three ways you can reflected on the reasons behind you can do. you’ll give yourself the shots social media. That’s ok. pect you to be confident in what but was soon dropped. ing Cee-lo Green (F*@! you). and enhance the down at least one reason why for other popular artists. brainstorm some ways you can sure of himself. Sure. choosing to share the biggest a specific box. As you spend time with them. or any box for Perhaps it’s spending ten hours television stage in the world that matter! Build the business on a blog post. Not a your stage. up for you when you do. and yourself a high-five for being so B. or blog Collaborations have long been unconventional. collaborate. And it shows. a key ingredient to Bruno to characterize. Bruno out of the spotlight to help oth. Others may feel it’s too audience – be it a customer Cake meeting. or getting a with another band. and not a watered down and start implementing it. Bruno Mars made a name partnerships that will expand customers’ needs. Next. So don’t go it alone. write for himself by writing hit songs your reach. self-confidence is to be pre. Then give Travie McCoy (Billionaire). (Nothin’ on you). or laser tag match. By doing ing others people’s work via Lesson for audience so. And or not enough that. that’s best suited to highlight thumbs-up from your mentor the best of who you are. make you different from other Before launching his solo ca. shar- pared (see secret #2). “Just the Way You Are“ Your customers need and ex- Mars signed with Motown early. dience. Then make sure you Lesson for audience customers who appreciate the allow plenty of time to hit those kind of awesomeness you ooze markers. and his abilities And you might be surprised by work together to add value to to please a crowd. Make a list of three to five peo- Lesson for audience ple who also serve your custom- Secret #6: Be too Sexy builders: ers. ing content on your blog. The or coach. He later you do for them. Then build a relationship Sometimes success comes with them by having a coffee. Secret #8: Share Your For your next gig with your someness that only you can bring. So don’t be afraid to take a broader 30 I THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE . and build available options to meet your reer. Whenever he performs. why should they? showcase the talents of others those early struggles in his ca- The best way to improve your in your field. for Your Shirt more quickly when you step Skype chat. He’s quite er people achieve their dreams. or it’s too hard post – write down two mark. Network. version of someone else. delight you deliver to your au- those levels of uniqueness mat. you can go quite a ways on your own. Mars owns the stage.o. ter to your audience. includ. great things. builders: will flock to you. or using your pod- builders: of confidence you need to own cast to interview people doing Your audience needs you. But you’ll get fur- Secret #7: Stop Taking Action plan: ther faster when you work with Write down three things that Selfies others. that you’re ready to knock your he proved that once again by Don’t force yourself to fit into performance out of the park. They Action plan: need that unique form of awe. Yourself Daily With builders: instead of just the artist.B.

write down how you You don’t have to be born into the venue. The your story. you want them to love you). Don’t next gig. front of an audience. builders: Then build a plan to deliver an You just have to put in the right Any chance you get to be in experience that makes your work. to Mars Them See You Sweat Bruno Mars is known for daz- Action plan: Remember. And again for the one Then your star will shine. Strategically. ICON Secret #9: Always Let And you never know who’s Time for Your Business to Shoot watching. Ready to go to Mars? THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 31 . less than your best. for you. them. Success isn’t lim- zling his audiences wherever he Before your next gig with your ited to a select few. want them to feel during and any special circles. Give it all you’ve got. You’ll phone it in. delight customers fall head over heels And passionately. Then repeat for the Don’t take short cuts. performs. No matter and everyone will want to know what size the audience is. Tirelessly. be the one with the raving fans. people who are receiving what you’re giving deserve your best. or have rock- Lesson for audience star hair. have partic- after their time with you (note: ularly great looks. no matter the size of audience. Don’t give anything after that.

11 or higher).1/2. It comes with a two year warranty and is compatible with Windows 8. USB 1. interviews. 64 MB RAM (minimum). It is very easy to set up the Yeti. The only drawback here is the large size of the Mi- crophone. adjust its direction and even pack it and take it with you.1/2. Windows Vista. USB 1. instrumental music and concerts with its tri-capsule technology and four modes of recording. 32 I THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE .0.4. XP Home Edition or XP Professional.0.MICROPHONE + GUIDE The Best Recommended Microphone for Vocalist – 2017 Blue Yeti USB Microphone – Blackout Edition Blue Yeti USB Microphone – Blackout Edition is well suited to record podcasts. Windows 7. If you have a Macintosh then Mac OSX (10. 64 MB RAM (minimum) are the necessary platforms. You can adjust the volume on the microphone.

THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 33 . And the neatest part is the pop screen design which cuts the breath from hitting the diaphragm thereby minimizing the audible breath during singing. the Heil PR 40 is great for live recording and broad- casting. With an ability to reproduce sound as low as 28 HZ.Heil PR-40 Dynamic Studio Recording Microphone When you are looking for a great tonal quality you can straight away reach for the Heil PR-40 Dynamic Studio Recording Microphone because it is the best microphone for vocals. The large diaphragm ensures that the mike has a large frequency range and low distortion.

MICROPHONE + GUIDE Sennheiser e945 Supercardioid Dynamic Handheld Mic Probably one of the best microphone for vocals the Sennheiser e945 Super- cardioid Dynamic Handheld Mic is all about class. The 10 year warranty on this microphone is Sennheiser’s assurance about the durability of the mic. style and quality. 34 I THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE . The Supercardioid pattern ensures that the microphone does not pick up other ambient sounds on the stage. The sound is crystal clear and the mike is built to handle the loudest stage.

Shure SM7B Vocal Dynamic Microphone. THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 35 . There will be no interference from other electronic devices around the mike. This microphone is built to last. Cardioid The Shure SM7B Vocal Dynamic Microphone is dynamic and cardioid then how can it go wrong? It is the most suited for studio setting and broadcasts as the voice is clear. The Shure has a wide range frequency response and dynamic range making it one of the best microphone for vocals. From several tests it has been deduced that the SM 7B is ideal for Hip Hop too. no mechanical noise and no need for expensive add-ons.


Voice is probably the most recognizable sound source of all and we can easily detect whether it sounds authentic or not. On top of the dynamic range. Sounds pretty simple and easy – but you need to know this piece of equipment and its possibilities and limitations. Vocal microphones on stage are normally used within 10 cm. its surroundings and the charac- teristics of the tools you use to record it. Not only is the recognizable quality a concern. the two most important concerns are: The human voice can easily produce SPLs above 135 dB peak in the direct sound field. It will certainly need a good micro- phone and playback chain to sound similar to what we hear. Apart from the microphone’s tonal character and finding the right acoustic surrounding to fit the voice and style. A microphone is a device that transforms acoustic energy into an electrical voltage. the range between the microphone’s self noise and the SPL where 1% THD occurs. Microphone technology and characteristics The human voice is a pristine instrument that should not be changed by the equipment being used. which will challenge the microphone’s ability to handle sound peaks. The human voice will create heavy wind turbulence. but other special phenomena occur around the human voice that calls for special attention when selecting the right micro- phone for the job. also referred to as pop noise. Here are some of the parameters to know of and choose from: Sound color – do you consider the microphone a tool or an instrument? Should the microphone add something to the voice or should it reproduce the sound? Transducer principles Directional characteristics Proximity effect – the bass level will change depending on distance Diaphragm materials Sensitivity to handling and wind Dynamic range. VOCALIST + MICROPHONES When using microphones it is important to know some of the parameters characterizing the source you are recording. a particular headroom is obtainable before clip- ping occurs. THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 37 .

Instead.provides a number of advantages. ing acoustic distortion. microphones worn on the head became the solution. A matters better resolution to this problem is to Audio design in modern theater re. in front of the mouth.speaker. having the mouth to close to Speakers the microphone will result in an annoy.Common to all auditoriums. The main challenge here is that the ponents that do not derive from the placement of the microphone is not in voice. which may cause excessive Visual appearance – when size sensitivity to acoustical feedback. A headset microphone used stage talent. grid of the microphone head. they can cause unwanted com. VOCALIST + MICROPHONES Vocal microphones in practice ed on the forehead. trained to speak in a clear and well-ar- experienced singers perform with a ticulated manner. you can- short distance from the microphone – not be certain that the speaker knows which in turn might influence on the how to properly use a microphone. Sometimes. but does not allow for in connection with a wireless system visible microphones. phone series. Unfor- tunately. When high qual.use a microphone that is worn by the quires close microphones on all on. churches. which are pressure-gradient the ear. like the d:screet™ In a typical stage setting. ity miniature microphones entered pro audio. These are often miniature microphones mount- 38 I THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE . high-quality create a more intimate performance) headsets have a frequency response singers often have their lips on the tailored to this exact position. While soft diaphragms are more com- pliant. causing it to classrooms. artists rooms. Therefore. is should try speaking with a finger right that one or more people address an au- in front of their lips. Moreover.The immediate solution is to gain the sure gradient) microphone. most stage micro. an artist will 4060 Miniature Microphone. or head- select a standard directional micro. quency from the voice. signal in order to obtain adequate am- plification. conference sound a bit squeezed. like pop and wind noises. when it’s a cardioid (pres. courtrooms and theaters. lecture halls. right solve this problem. Headsets placed phones are used with windscreens and on the cheek will capture less high fre- pop filtering. which will provide dience. because the high frequency from the voice is very In order to obtain higher output (or directional. bass level. To the standard reference location. the speaker is not the desired audio result! Alternately. like the d:fine™ Headset Micro- types that utilize a softer diaphragm. sets with mounting solutions around phone.


How to select the right type – omnidirectional or cardioid headset? Choose an omnidirectional Choose a cardioid When you need a microphone that is not sensitive to posi- tioning When the microphone is used by untrained personnel When the background noise is not an issue When feedback is not a problem When background noise is an issue (especially low frequen- cy sounds) When feedback is a problem When high-level is needed close to the speakers 40 I THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE . Furthermore. Furthermore. some background sound is wanted. This is especially advantageous if several microphones are used simultaneously. teachers and presenters can move freely in front of screens. black/whiteboards and other presenta- tion materials. the microphone will not require as much gain. the low-frequency sounds from equip- ment such as loudspeakers and drums will be reduced to 1/10 or less. Traditionally. This is why a directional d:fine™ Headset Microphone is an excellent first choice in this situation. Com- pared to an omnidirectional microphone.First. the design of the cardioid microphone allows for half as much background noise. the singer’s voice should sound as nice as possible. however. there are of a lot of sounds radiated from musical instruments and monitor speakers which interfere with the sound of the singer’s voice. it provides the benefit for the speaker to move about freely as they are not restricted to standing only at a hardwired microphone in one location. At the same time. With this solution. Singers During a typical stage performance. As a result. the microphone is always close to the sound source.


VOCALIST HOW TO GUIDE Top 8 Ways to Record Your Gig 42 I THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE By Bill Evans .

mid-priced and the “I have a great day gig and can spend whatever I want to” And speaking of Marked. You need something with yes. What this basically does is splits the digital file at 1. A big but- it is important to find one that is made for ton on the side starts recording or playing music recording. (Al. there’s a headphone out so this is a to- a quality mic that will take high volume lev.HANDHELD RECORDERS: AUDIO Recording is as simple as pressing a single You can get a cheap “voice” recorder for button and you can use the good-but-not- next to nothing and find them virtually any.) The beled Play Marked or All. There are audio input into digital bits and bytes. the point in time where the button is pushed. there is 20-buck range at my local Walgreens. There is a big but- ranges ton on the front of the unit called Mark. 1/4? input and output. tally self-contained unit if you want it to be) els without distorting or the unit has to offer this allows you to play everything recorded the ability to control the overall input level to the unit one after the other or you can use or have auto level control. great built-in condenser mic or if your just where. you can put it on your strap for ting one file–or group of files if we are multi- super easy access. I have seen no-name models in the worried about your own instrument. The issue is not features or depending on if the on-off switch is in the On even the basic process of converting analog position or the Play Only position. A small one on the side is la- to use higher quality ADA convertors. But a looped. at the end of a total ease of use which stems from the fact gig or rehearsal. Line 6 Backtrack. In Play mode (and issue is the mics. two other switches that help set the Back- though purpose built music recorders tend Track apart. The great thing about the Backtrack is the What this can do is give you. a bunch of individual files that it is purpose built and designed for use for each song which is a huge timesaver on on a gig or in a rehearsal. If you’re a guitar or the backend. the cheap. I have spent so much time split- bass player. THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 43 . tracking–into individual song files to be used for various purposes after the gig that it’s just depressing to think about. Here are three in it to playback one recording in a loop.

high resolution. About go for a bit under two bills and a new one $750. Recording is to an SD pay a hefty premium for that style. You get a lot for the ex. The built-in mics are the best you’ll is closer to $300. Used ones corders. And the recordings are extremely directions. depth and sampling rate so you can choose then the Sony is a Bentley or a Maserati.GUIDE 2. Tascam DR-100 3. You get line inputs as either XLR but one does it in a bit more style. Sony PCMD100 Sony PCMD100 This recorder adds a ton of features and a The gold standard of handheld digital re- pretty hefty increase in the price. card which makes capacity literally limitless. And you or a stereo mini-jack. Ei- between optimizing for quality or for small. And your gonna pay for it. find on a handheld unit and the swivel into tra dough. If the Tascam DR-100 is a Lexus. You also get 32GB of inter- nal flash memory for recording to as well as You can also choose between options for bit the SD slot.ther one will get you where you want to go er file size. You get are selectable in pairs for either a cardioid a bunch of accessories like a soft case and pickup pattern like a typical vocal mic or an wind screen for the mics and a wireless re- omni pattern that picks up evenly from all mote. 44 I THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE . Four mics that X-Y or wide stereo configurations. Stereo operation.

on the recorder. you can use it as a 4-track Good for viewing on a computer screen but audio recorder with no video. Video is at 1080p (which is as greater distances.some neat extras. capsule with a pair of condensers in an XY configuration is removable and can be in- Zoom Q4 Handy Video Recorder terchanged with one of five different con- Form factor of a typical video camcorder but figuration option including a shotgun mic for the emphasis is on audio which records at capturing quieter sounds like speech from 24-bit/96KHz. If you ports five different video modes including see a musician shooting video on a gig and it 3M HD which will make uploads tZoom Q8o is not with their phone. The mic cheap to pricey. But there is one company that con. again.ual level control and a switchable low-cut fil- ity than dedicated camcorders of just a few ter.Zoom Q8 Handy Video Recorder tinues to do pretty well selling portable video Looks pretty much just like the Q4 but adds recorders while bigger name camera compa. Again. Video resolution increases nies have pretty much abandoned the mar. three choices from But the big stuff is. And. In fact. then take a look and YouTube much faster as it does not require you will almost certainly see the name Zoom extensive processing after upload. And they do well because the focus is 60fps for way smoother motion. the bottom has fallen out of that market. It also sup- on video with really outstanding audio. THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 45 . Under $200 new years ago.HANDHELD VIDEO high-motion stuff may feel a little jerky on a As the video camera built in to the average large hi-def TV. there are two line good as most smartphones but not the 4K level inputs on combo XLR-1/4? connectors that some of the highest end ones record) and the Q8 will record FOUR track of audio and the frame rate is 30 frames per second.to 2034 x 1296 and the frame rate goes up to ket. at once. You get either auto or man- smartphone has become of higher qual. audio.

they are still just not made for high vol- ume situations or audio content with a lot of low-end.Zoom Q2HD Handy Video Re. gigs. why does so much you five DSP modes for different types band footage shot with them look and of recording ranging from speech to sound like crap? It can be a million music plus you can adjust everything things but generally lower frame rates from input gain to stereo width to wind don’t help and the hard truth is that the reduction plus five bands of EQ and mics in even the most expensive smart. If you’re using it phones are… Well. different positions and the app (that’s the only drag is that when you break it APPS out of the box. (Because the Rev. You are still limited by the mics but we’ll get to that… 46 I THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE . The MV88 than the Q8 in terms of video resolution is tiny. All of that means that the to 64GB where the camcorder formats stereo imaging is phase-correct and support 128GB cards. Line inputs but high-quality matched cardioid and bi- on 1/8? mini jacks rather than an XLR. Made by the good folks at McDSP who produce some of the most highly-regarded audio plug0ins for high end systems out there. it will make many of bit better over the past few years but those adjustments automatically. you still need to down- So if smartphones are such great re. they have gotten a with a video app.compression/limiting. You Android folks will have to do your own research…) Retro Recorder The best 99 cents you’ll ever spend for your phone. Retro Recorder marries a cool cassette deck retro vibe to some rocket science au- dio processing to vastly improve the audio capabilities of an iPhone. But users report exceptionally clean. is an iOS guy this is all iPhone stuff. It swivels so it can they still get about 2 hours of video at be used with the the iPhone in various 24/96 audio on a card of that size. It plugs right into the Lightning/ 1080p at 30fps and 720p at 60fps.load the app from the App Store) gives cording devices. But there are a few add ons that can make an enormous differ- ence. But charging port of an iPhone and sport the same 24/96 audio.Shure Motiv MV88 corder. Probably my favorite piece of new gear The specs are actually a little lower from last year’s NAMM show. directional element in a mid-side ar- 1/4? And it only supports SD cards up chitecture. I carry one everywhere I go in but the physical format is something the courier bag that holds my life for you can carry in a front jeans pocket.



spots. drink/food deal. FORE show day. your point person the night of (bar manager) has no knowledge of that and nothing was You can’t just assume everything is going to reserved. sound check so they added a few more local openers onto time. and any other informa- ed. if times have shift- the night to get paid. TOURING + STRATEGY HOW TO PROPERLY ADVANCE YOUR SHOWS buyer who booked you no longer works at Advance the show! the venue or the promoter you worked with What does advancing the show mean? It had a falling out with the venue and they are means calling or emailing your point per- moving your show to a different club. Maybe tickets haven’t been selling night: load in time and location. parking. Especially since you’re trav- who you should settle up with at the end of eling from another city. the bill which changes your set length and compensation. since you booked the show. lodging situation. door time. Maybe the talent THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 49 . seated or standing show). who the front It’s best that you work all of this out well BE- of house sound engineer is for the evening. you should assume ev- must ask. you need to know this well in advance tion they need to know about your night (VIP to plan your travel days accordingly. Maybe son for the evening about a week prior to the club went out of business and no one the show and confirming every detail for the told you. guest list times. A lot of time has passed the night. extra lights you’re bringing the talent buyer promised 3 hotel rooms but in. all hotels are sold out and now you go smoothly. Maybe backstage hangs. Actually. your day-of contact person’s cell phone number. show time. sheepishly over the mic if anyone erything will be complete chaos unless you has couches or floor space to lend you for advance the show. openers.

long to send one over. Attach a stage plot/tech rider talent buyers (bookers) won’t take the time and a promo photo with this email (so they to do this. and if you had been corresponding with 50 I THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE . Just send them an email that looks don’t use an old grainy photo from 4 years something like this. respond with when booking directly with the artist. ter DMs to find the correspondence. Instagram. cussed in previous correspondences) and In your advance call. make sure to go through highlight the areas they need to fill in. If they start typically work with contracts . You may need to be able to go back and call. reference part of the conversation and you Once you have a show confirmed you should definitely don’t want to have to sift through send one final email that includes all of the Facebook. have them sign it. every detail from this final confirmation email. it takes way too email me?” If they refuse to work over email.especially the conversation on Facebook. can you they do work with contracts. Oh. Fill in all the information ago they found on Google). Most venue sue the show. Even if a polite “This sounds interesting. This acts like a contract. All busi- Most venues with capacities under 600 don’t ness should be done via email. make sure you finish the conversa- advancement email or phone tion and confirm the show only via email. Note that your that you are certain of (what had been dis- band’s promo bio is included at the end. text messages or Twit- necessary details. send it’s a serious red flag and you should not pur- it back and confirm everything. the talent buyer via Facebook Messenger Work out every detail in your or text.

TOURING + STRATEGY Final Confirmation Email to send Door Time: Set Times/Length: to the talent buyer (booker) Curfew: to confirm the booking: Compensation: Date: Drink/Food Deal: City: Number traveling in band/crew: Venue: Load in Time: Bill Title: Sound Check Time: Ages: Advance with: (Name) Phone: Email: Cost: Venue Day of Contact Phone #: Capacity: Sound Engineer Contact #/email: Venue Website: Artist Day of Contact Phone #: Artist Websites: Venue Address: Advance Tickets Link: Load in directions: On Sale Date: Parking: Tickets available at box office? Other instructions: Box office phone #: YouTube video to embed on venue Box office hours: website: Box office location: Promo Bio: Guest List #: THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 51 .

There’s much more to do than just promote. Organization is key if you’re putting together your own show. From my experience leading groups and working with group leaders who were incredibly organized (or not). it’s also a lot of work to put together and promote a big gig. here’s a basic checklist of the crucial communication and organization elements I’ve picked up. However. and have all the responsibility fall on you. How to Best Prepare for Your Gig By Bill Evans Playing your own music under your own name (or stage name) is an incredibly satisfying experience. By Shaun Letang 52 I THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE .

some details from the club. Depending on the chord charts if you have them. As you acquire a larger list of players to call. Get all the details from the who play around town. for very long. to call somebody on short notice. so be open and transpar. you should to start asking you musical friends who some probably just find somebody else for the gig. then it’s safe to as- planning on splitting the door. it might be you need to call a sub. The earlier you have these de. get in touch with the players you want on the gig. band? If you have consistent players who Don’t make people have to ask. and the sooner you do it – the more you can rest assured that they’ll actually have their 2. the easier it will be to coordinate with ers in your backing band. and be Are you going to rehearse with the backing sure to include what the pay is right away. obviously need players. fans. but many pros will only take the will go well prior to the gig. However. how long you’re going to be playing. your first about somebody not being available when goal should be getting as many details out of you need them for a gig. If you have a group bring them to the gig and any rehearsals you of go-to players that you use. Even if you club. They might be needed as a ref- be an issue unless you have to find a sub due erence. This includes your load-in time. this might not be a big deal calling folks you don’t always play with. and parts/lead sheets/ nicate with than others. then you’ll downbeat. If that’s the case. you’re going to band members. how you’ll be paid. Set up rehearsals as much info up front as possible. or are just recently getting into Try to keep the dates flexible. tion requirement. my recommendation is hard time scheduling with them. Some venues will be easier to commu.have a consistent backing band. If you’re just meet on a regular basis. Give them 4. then this won’t might have. Send out charts and tracks anything else you can think of that you might with plenty of time need to know. The more If so. of their favorite local players are and to start going to shows and meeting the musicians THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 53 . somebody has a conflict. especially if you need that they haven’t established the details yet. cided how many rehearsals you plan to have. As soon as you have body happens to lose or forget their music. Once you’ve de- gig if you meet their minimum compensa. they should you haven’t been involved in the music scene be included in your initial contact with them). get them tentatively scheduled and send the ent when it comes to the financial business. If you have charts for your songs. VOCALIST + TOURING 1.If you don’t have a consistent group of play- tails. and any PR help you need to send out some demos to the play- have. just try to keep in touch with them and detailed the material is that you send them – get the details as soon as they’re available. your options will venue up front expand and you will have to worry much less Once you have the gig in the books. and 3. a re- if you’ve got a consistent group of players hearsal is a great way to make sure things that you call.ers you’re calling.If dates out to the players (ideally. set time. just in case bringing other players on board to back you. If the gig is good idea to have this material ready in case booked out pretty far in advance. you might have to bug them persis. and it will be good insurance if some- to availability conflicts. Rally up your musicians parts prepared by the time you hit the first If you aren’t playing the gig solo. if some- you might not have a big list of people to body is just too busy and you’re having a call. it’s a very tently until they give you the info. If you’re about it. Again. the venue as they will give you. be honest sume you’ll be rehearsing for the gig.


you email your mailing list. you’re putting up flyers. the set list. You may or to be back to load up onto the stage. make note of it in your contact sheet. I’m tardiness. it’s time to book leases sent out to social media. WA.When all’s said and done. He down on show day currently plays in multiple Seattle bands. 7. or venue issues such Of course. If there were any issues with any of the road. and protects show follow-up them from getting stiffed financially. and when you told them you would prevent you from getting swindled down the do it. There really isn’t a downside 8. Dylan Welsh is a freelance musician and music journalist. More than anything. I’d recom. This could include issues such as somebody showing up late. it’s probably time to start calling very into the idea of having easily accessible somebody else. Make sure you get the money her and get help putting some templates to. you’ve got press re. Coordinate promo not knowing their parts. etc. Anything you have to spend to make you pay your players what you told them you that happen will likely pay for itself. and make they will receive what they asked for: a band sure that if people need to run out for food.that the venue promised you. as you’re coordinating with the as crappy communication or shady business venue and the band. to play for X amount of time that won’t flake you have a firm time set for when they need out on them at the last minute.messages to the venue. on the ball with your promotion. where they’ll contract. and make sure gether. as it will would. Take note of any Do you need contracts for a casual gig with players who are late – late is bad. Make sure that you have all your social media pages fir- ing off reminders. Take care of all the post- to it. or 6. and you’re another gig and start back at step one! getting set up to have a great turnout. Try to get to the venue earlier than you need interns at Mirror Sound Studio. and writes to be. Visit his website for on the road that prevents you from getting more information. That said. based in Seattle. If you’re After the gig.) go. players or the venue. it protects you from having somebody flake out on you last minute. food. may not want to use contracts with the play- ers you hire. there on time. and play- mend calling a buddy who went through law ers (you are sending out thank-you mes- school and having a sit-down with him or sages. Do a quick verbal rundown you will get exactly what you were promised of any tunes that were rough in rehearsal as far as payment and any amenities (drink (this is another place where having easily tickets. send out your usual thank-you looking to start using contracts. right?). you should have Once folks are loaded in. This also ensures that accessible charts come in handy). You don’t want anything to happen for the Sonicbids blog. and if you a bunch of your friends backing you down find that somebody has a chronic issue with at the local pub? Perhaps not.5. intoxicated. This protects you and ensures that be standing. promoter. contract templates to use for any live perfor- mance. sit with the group contracts ready to present to the club and/or and make sure they know the plan for the promoter if they themselves don’t give you a night – the set time. Give everyone a full run. you’ll also need to be practices. Get contracts signed parking for the venue is. etc. since the show can’t go on without you! Keep an eye out for your band and try to keep folks posted on where the THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 55 .


Moto Kapia. Rachid Taha. for the first the motherland in all its splendor. a mix of jazz.attention. 7 nights 7 artist showing off ceived the Nuits d’Afrique Award. yet again. a few of the artists truly gave outstanding Manu Dibango/ Veeby Papa Manu who re- performances. time in history! The legend was honored by many artists including Elete. energetic. Time flies. Congo. She worked the stage urban. with her guitarist and Dj. showed off missed. the lead singers definitely made it THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 57 . play. troubadour was no doubt in honor. Yael Naim. the unforgettable Inna Modja. 4 2016 Rio Olympic Games. looks. Meiway. bert took over the stage performing the most The most attended summer festival came to expected single Haiti Cherie. Inna Bocoum owing her art.Jab Jab. musician. tasies by becoming Moto de Kapia. It was ers. and it was not to pearl of the Antilles because of its natural be missed! Many big names in attendance. The night was not to be ist name. The Ivorian artist ended the festival off stage turning the audience into a disco. making eye contacts with the crowd. singer Jonah Sam- celebrated their 30th years extravagantly. Worthwhile expe. dancer. Ta- bou Combo.Saturday night that. co-signing tire show on the last day of Nuits d’Afrique . missing! Manu. even came down Sunday. more than 35 different artists from dif. by blowing out its 30th-anniversary candles. Signing alternately. that said the French-Malian singer. singer. fire(Metaphorically) opening the night for Celebrating the wonderful sounds of Africa Tabou Combo. Rookie Inna Modja Recently dropped Motel Bamako. in Montreal “Hello Montreal.is what Meiway projected throughout the en- ing on her instrumental keyboard. notably compas/zouk.long-awaited.The International Festival Nuits d’Afrique looks like easy. inspired by the an end on July the 24th. later came on stage after from Outlaw. Dancing. Moto grew inspired to start a group name Kapia. My People and Water. The group has been performing for many years now at the festival. the Fairmount Theatre. expected! Originally from Haiti. Rook. tou.Noted that the singer will later release a new ed that the audience was delighted to see album in correlation as an ambassador of the her. ” Meiway Party animal. Veeby. To finish. and the one that captivated the most her third album. as the crowd shouts and claps. vibrant. French Cancan to Tombouc. Initially from Kasai. including Soul. The popular festival which gathered hun. Veeby and Moto de Kapia Composer. It must be not. he owes his stage name from his early fan- dreds if not a thousand of world music lov. definitely her African roots were not while performing various of her hit singles. as Veeby sets the stage on fire by and wrecked the stage of Nuits d’Afrique at performing in various style.in a majestic way. Moto accompanied ferent country performing in approximately by his brother James set the Metropolis in 110 various venues at the heart of Montreal. Modja to her mother. I must say that I am very happy to be here.ing up the air. the group is composed of seven men (three lead vocal- ists) gave a round of beautiful sensations to the multicultural audiences. giving one of the Tabou Combo was definitely one of the most best show of Nuits d’Afrique. Manu Dibango. Comparable to the defunct Coupe Cloue. etc. White handkerchiefs mov- theque while performing. years ago I was here and I’m back. Meiway and his background rience! dancers lit the Place des Arts on fire by showing off their talents.

VOCALIST + TOURING 4 Best Strategies To Streamline Follow Up By Jeri Goldstein 58 I THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE .

or many weeks. automatically over a period of a week Face it. call cient and begin to have positive results over the next day to make sure it arrived.1. tracks your follow-up for you. date sent. Use the Email auto responder ca. it’s your busi- entering your workspace. more about this later). tact aware of you as you demonstrate your professionalism. A once a ed 5-10 prospective venue bookers. schedule a callback short- missions that you can keep in a visible ly after your initial email arrived or the next place where you’ll see it everyday. having this follow-up YOU. Use what you are 4. what you The point is—YOU must call or reconnect in sent and the date and time you intend as short a time as possible to keep your con- to re-contact them.For instance: If you sent a Fedex packet. plishing something rather than being over- whelmed by the enormity of the task of try. Then a shorter span of time. then send to a target. schedule a time to talk for a day or two later giving them a short time to review your in- 2. your follow-up connections and sub- If sent by email. you must be the one to follow- 3. your offerings and your act and how you Do your research first. even better. Create a simple chart to record formation. The more time that slips by. You are then able to track that submission and set of your prospective bookers and you strategic follow-up calls or emails for those don’t have to think about it. Start with SHORT Lists of bookers. can be of service to them. another short set of lists and do the same thing. more effi. If you have a program that have been. But. If you have a pop-up program in your calen. This is sometimes one else can do adequate follow-up called a Legacy Series. be a consistent reminder of you. then ing to follow-up on a huge list of contacts. media month email can keep you in the minds or industry professional at one time. schedule your follow-up calls based on the method you sent your material or informa- When you have success with those. If sent by regular mail. few contacts. (Again. It won’t happen often! Plan on information buried in your computer. Set it and forget it. ness. It is automat- on a 400 piece mailing or emailing let ed to send once it is written and pre- alone a 4000 piece mailing or email. no dar that opens first thing and gives you your matter how wonderful that contact might callback list. You could set up an email THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 59 . give it a few it. DO NOT EXPECT THEM TO CALL comfortable with. days depending on the recipient’s location. emails. (More about that below). You will be more productive. scheduled. You are the one who is and visible. then. if you are not there yet technically. On day. Let it ing and get the results you want.But. may be being the one who initiates all follow- less helpful than having something printed up contact. indicate the contact name. sequence to send follow-up emails media or other industry professionals. You’ll feel like you are accom. there is no way you or any. great.the more forgettable your initial contact.up pabilities of your Email service or program. that hits you immediately upon asking for something. start tion. phone numbers.


he wouldn’t “devil is in the details. a vision and hope. hear it. but age the compass. Work- strategy. By the time he had revised his goal plan. Shane wanted to devote can sometimes magnetize attention himself full time to his art. smell plan and remind him of his vision. deeply personal become re-energized. a former coaching client who has soared to greatness using this Make no mistake. VOCALIST + STRATEGY SUCCESS PLANNING Step 1: Clarify your What he needed was detailed plan- ning. It had to be He knew that it was too important powerful enough that during times of to give up! If you’re not “all in” with immense disappointment.a goal. then you are apt to wanted to. touch it. goal.R.M.” If your vision be able to gift the world the way he and plan isn’t clear.” His goal was to become you believe to be most important financially self-sufficient with his mu. you probably won’t achieve it. all essential to effective goal setting. and passionately felt. Shane had a dream.sometimes is not. tangible and sensational. Life happens and sic career. The first of three steps that ing the plan required daily persistence. even it and taste it. he had a timeframe that was re- Let me share with you the example of alistic. What a “day job. Set the compass firmly in place with a clear and S. flect on his motivation for change and It has to be powerful. it wasn’t easy. feel it. Shane is a musician who had to keep There’s a catch with CLARIFY.T. He knew he away from the goal. he could re. I would redirect him to his to see it. meaning the towel. The rest will follow. Shane.A. be when he didn’t “feel” like working it. lose course. It had to come alive. The trick is to man- had the potential for greatness. helped Shane get from point A to point On the days Shane felt like throwing in B was to CLARIFY his goal. THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 61 . Understand that the without a full-time focus. clearly attainable and relevant.

Identify next steps a direction and be time limited. goal equipment. If we like each other’s style. life into it. or task can begin. “The first thing I’ll fire method for successfully breathing do is call my friend.Step 2: Actualize your with the band. detailed destination plan. He wanted to capitalize on the resources the band could offer. What is the timeframe? What’s crucial is the connectivity of Create a timeframe for the accom- the steps – how smoothly one leads to plishment of your stepping stones. the band leader. Shane decid- ed that his first step involved gigging 62 I THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE . A the other – not the number of steps it stepping stone is nothing without a takes to reach a goal. Identify each step as- sociated with your goal. event. Achieving a I’ll get a feel for the kind of agreement goal may require taking many steps. I’ll vidual action. He explained. sure. gigs and increased expo- The use of stepping stones is a sure. or task that must have them play some of my songs be completed before the next action. event.” or a few. First things first. Stepping stones are an indi. it needs to have an identity. with me. and see if I can sit in on rehearsal. we want to develop. Even if it’s a small step.

mission. try the Stop and Start activity. I’ll meet with. As you think about that. THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 63 . and you will need to move some things out goes like this. you here next time to explore the third. anytime. and you are worth it. ing. you’ll Get a pencil and some paper. List three of write down one goal you’d like to ac. VOCALIST + STRATEGY Bonus tip – Stop and Start Now. It provides clarity. list three things you need to stop If you’ve identified a goal and feel doing and three things you need to stuck about what stepping stones to start doing in order to achieve your take. but you complish but have been struggling can do it. top of an old one. With that in mind. and final portion of the three-step suc- cess planning strategy. It can be a challenge. of the way before you can begin a new action. each. There can be no building on This is something you can do. with any issue. stop reading. Don’t cheat yourself. or more important than the start- write with and roll with us here! Now. get something to as. That’s realize that the stopping can be just right.

you In the meantime. them to be consistent and honest with ketball player to stay on the court in you in checking on your progress. 64 I THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE . As you develop You may even desire several account- new habits and routines. life will happen. or neighbor. coach. you and your ability partners. They must be yourself on a slippery slope. You must be able to trust tice daily. a coach encourages a bas. to beat his own time. Your accountability encourage you to stay on task. You’ll need to create an agreement with an hit potholes and get derailed. leader encourages a musician to prac. times it’s important to have a support Your accountability partner’s mission system to help you navigate. and a runner attempts have to be there when you need them. relative. VOCALIST + STRATEGY Step 3: Master your accountability partner must be consis- tent in pursuing progress. They season and off. In those as committed to your goal as you are. or find accountability partner. and keep is to look over your plans with you and you accountable. A band partner can be a friend. goal Before beginning your journey.

Shane discovered that confi- dence in the plan carried him through A solid time management system is a the toughest times. With goal achievement. or time itself and his website. a full time musician. the devil is in the details. The structure of the “plan” kept him on track. this emotional and confusing period. Between THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 65 . He control over how you manage the 24 was able to leave the day job and is hours you’re given in every single day. but stead of having his next steps drop off so are the keys to success! the radar all together.Time management the three of us.member. Having confidence must for reaching your goals. making money You need to decide how to spend this with each gig and selling songs from priceless commodity. Momentum fueled de- effectively managing his time during sire and desire sustained confidence. How you view time. and how you dem. Shane recently shared an its potential rewards will out smart you insight with me that he gained during and pass you by. I’m convinced how you manage it. There is in the goal achievement strategy creat- no shortage of systems out there! By ed momentum. the good news is you have tremendous Shane has since reached his goal. Shane continued to What is your relationship with time? make strides toward his goal. It was a winning circle to success. in. cess.that this insight is the key to his suc- onstrate respect for it is crucial. the coaching process. Re- Shane knew specifically what to do. despite Time can be your best friend. worst enemy. or your life.



How to Build
a Brand Empire
Like Nicki Minaj
By Jenna Markowski


Whether you know her from her qua- an interview with ‘Elle’ magazine
druple-platinum album, her Pink Fri-
day fragrance, her M.A.C. lipstick, No matter what business venture you
her OPI nail polish, or as a judge on are pursuing, don’t settle to be good.
“American Idol,” chances are you’ve Be the best! Yes, it’s true that setting
heard of Nicki Minaj by now. She is specific, attainable short-term goals is
taking the world by storm, and by no the only way to actually achieve them,
coincidence. Nicki Minaj is a smart, but you should have a vision for your
savvy business woman, and here are future and reach for the stars just like
some quotes straight from the Barbie Nicki.
herself to prove it.
Protect your brand
Have a plan “I just have to take control of my
“Everything I do, I do with business in brand because longevity is very im-
my head. If you’re not savvy, this busi- portant to me, and I wasn’t just go-
ness will eat you alive. A lot of people ing to please a couple of people then
see it as a big party. And when that look back, and think ‘Wow, what did I
party is up, what are you going to just do to myself?’” – Nicki Minaj in an
do?” – Nicki Minaj in an interview with interview with ‘Elle’ magazine
‘The Guardian’
When Nicki broke into the hip-hop
Whether she’s collaborating with oth- business she wasn’t just looking for
er artists on a new track or planning a her 15 minutes of fame. She’s in this
new clothing line, Nicki Minaj has her industry for the long haul and she un-
career planned out to a T. Everything derstands the impact that any wrong
in her life and career so far has all been move can have on her brand. She
a part of her plan to take over the hip- made a point early in her career to not
hop industry. collaborate on tracks with artists who
only wanted her to sing sexually ex-
Set your goals high plicit lyrics. She knew that she had to
My goal in the beginning was to buy be in charge of her brand’s image and
my mother a house. Now I realize, put her best foot forward as she was
Okay, if I really focus and become just starting out in the business. Now
a key player in business, then I can that she’s achieved superstardom
build an empire. I’m thinking of a leg- she’s more free to let her freak flag fly.
acy that I can be proud of and wealth
that my grandchildren can use to go
to college. So world domination— in
terms of providing for my family— is
absolutely my goal.” – Nicki Minaj in




’” – Nicki self! And that’s a great feeling. You able clothing for her fans. She has a Friday to capture her style. … ‘Nicki is not one of those Be fearlessly unique artists who allow her representatives “Just go for it! Stop limiting your- to make descisions for her. but afford. Her next style and sound unlike anyone else. If anyone can prove that it’s crucial to so she wanted everything about Pink be unique. I can’t play games with her. Never give up.you simply copy everyone else.” everyone to know. but I’m you’d like to be treated.ments. tribulations on her way to superstar- view with ‘Elle’ magazine dom. it’s Nicki Minaj. As a newcomer it’s crucial to command respect by be- of your brand ing confident and speaking your mind. If she had given up after her mix- tapes were rejected from thousands of This is probably the best advice Nicki producers. she’d never be where she has to offer. But for anyone just start. Demand respect “My advice to women in general: Even if you’re doing a nine-to-five job. “The fragrance people wanted to They always say treat others how choke me toward the end. “Your victory is right around without your knowledge. treat Never give up yourself like a boss.Be involved in every aspect taken seriously.” – Nicki Minaj in an interview duction of her fragrance from con. I have to do right by Nicki Minaj faced plenty of trials and this woman. it’s hard to be tooth and nail.with ‘The Guardian’ cept to conclusion. … My law- be treated. too – like a boss! yer gives the same speech to every- one who wants to do business with me now. and she’s said that she chose order to break into the business. It’s a Minaj in t ‘Elle’ magazine great feeling to not box yourself into anyone’s limitations or ideas or judg- Nicki Minaj was involved in the pro. You want the corner. Not arrogant. She knew that the fragrance would reflect on her brand. or “Barbz” can’t be afraid to break the mold and as she lovingly calls them. be successful. THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 71 . forge your own path. Don’t be afraid to take risks and don’t limit yourself to what has already been done before. but it’s impor- hands on with every single thing that tant to treat yourself how you want to has my name attached to it. Okay. especially for female en. So if you want your brand to trepreneurs. is now. Your to partner with K-mart specifically so brand isn’t going to go anywhere if that she could make stylish. you have to fight for it ing out in any industry.” – Nicki Minaj in an inter. Nicki Minaj stated allow people to run anything for you simply. business venture is a clothing line for and that’s exactly what she needed in K-mart. but When asked if she had any advice for be sure of what you want— and don’t struggling artists.

So What Do You
Do Again?
A Guide to Roles
in the Music
Industry By Angela Mastrogiacomo



Artists artists’ career and success.” – Jake Turner
It’s your responsibility as the artist to make (Loophole Management)
great music, but at some point you’re also
going to be everything else on this list. Managers are responsible for furthering the
artist’s career, and there’s a lot that falls un-
As daunting as that may seem, it’s going to der that. This means that, at least in the be-
come in really handy when your budget is ginning, many managers for emerging acts
too tight to bring on new team members, take on most of the roles listed in this article.
as well as when you do hire a team, because
you’ll know what to look for and you’ll have a What they don’t do: Just about the only
better understanding of what their jobs en- things they don’t do are grow your social
tail and what your role in all of that is. media numbers or handle the day-to-day
operations that connect you with your audi-
Hiring a team will allow you the advantage of ence.
having experts to guide you and tackle the
things you don’t know how to do or don’t The artist’s role: If you can’t provide them
want to do, but it doesn’t mean you stop with the tools they need to book you shows
working. Your team members are your part- and get you in front of the right people, they
ners, and how each of you works affects the can’t do much. Like everyone else on this list,
other. they can only work with what you give them.

So if you turn into dead weight, you can’t ex- So if you’re not updating social media, you
pect your team to perform miracles. Remem- haven’t had a new song in two years, and
ber this throughout the article, and whenever you’re furious your manager isn’t booking
you start thinking, “If only I had XYZ, every- you gigs every weekend and getting you on
thing would be better.” Having team mem- Stereogum, you might want to re-evaluate
bers is tremendous help, but only if you’re your role.
willing to work with them.
What they cost: Usually 15 to 20 percent
commission on sales, though some will work
Managers on a monthly retainer of a few hundred dol-
What they do: “Anything and everything lars, particularly for emerging acts.
that is necessary to develop and further our


Publicists Marketers
What they do: Publicists are your best friends What they do: They, alongside your publi-
when it comes to gaining you press and build- cists, are the brand builders. Marketers take
ing a name for yourself. While it’s out of their your event, your album, whatever it is you’re
control to guarantee you press (and if they “selling” and create a long-term strategy for
do, run the other way because it’s probably exposing that to the perfect audience and
sketchy), they’ll do everything from write accomplishing a certain action, i.e., ticket
and send press releases to personally pitch sales, fan growth, album streams, etc.
various media outlets in the hopes of secur-
ing you album reviews, guest blogs, features, What they don’t do: While they aim to get
news posts, and anything else that can high- you gigs via their marketing techniques, they
light your band. don’t actually book gigs.

What they don’t do: Most publicists don’t do The artist’s role: Have a strong work ethic.
radio promo, licensing, or booking, and most Again, this isn’t a case of hiring someone
of all, PR is not a sales tool. You should notand then sitting back and watching the sales
go into PR expecting to boost sales or social and gigs roll in. When your marketing team
media numbers – that’s marketing. member outlines the work you’ll need to put
in to make your career a success (things like
The artist’s role: A publicist relies on new daily social media posts, engaging with fans,
content, so without a new album, video, sin- etc.) you have to be willing to work.
gle, etc., there’s not as much they can do to
secure you coverage. PR campaigns around What they cost: Price varies a lot, but it can
albums and EPs start eight weeks ahead of be anywhere from $500 to $1,000 a month
release, so don’t wait until after your album and up depending on their services.
is out to get in touch.

Make sure you have all final materials (mas-
Radio promoters
What they do: Pitch your songs to radio. De-
ters, promo photos, etc) and then get in
pending on the company you hire, they may
touch at least 12 weeks before your release,
only pitch college and non-commercial, or
preferably sooner.
they may include commercial, community,
and specialty stations around the world. The
What they cost: This will vary, but most PR
exact reach will vary.
companies will charge anywhere from $500
to $800 per month on the lower end and up
If a station is responsive, they may also try
to $1,000-plus per month on the higher end
and set up contests, promos, interviews, etc.
with a six- to eight-week minimum for single/
It’s been my personal experience that one of
video campaigns and a 12-week minimum for
the best times to hire a radio promoter is just
album/EP campaigns.
ahead of or during a tour to start to build
buzz in the cities you’ll be playing and see
Don’t be fooled into thinking that hiring a
where your music is hitting hardest.
pricier agency will result in more placements.
While larger companies may have stronger
connections at the high-tier outlets, if your
band isn’t at the right stage of the game, no
one is getting you into Pitchfork.


A&R. they They also don’t do licensing. They’re in touch with venues and pro- moters to iron out all the details prior to a show. but most indie labels will do 50/50. engaging social media. Make sure your TM gets all that info up front and as it Labels comes in. A budget of anywhere publicist. print. VOCALIST + INSIGHT What they don’t do: They don’t reach out What they don’t do: While they’re excellent to digital press (such as blogs). and work with other team mem- bers (publicist. be in close touch with them to keep the tour running as smoothly as possible. That falls to the band or a booking agent. or travel. mercial campaign. but also because things like booking. the label. eryone else is sightseeing (or napping!).with other team members (management. agent. splitting costs and rev- enue. manager) before the band even hits the road to make sure every- one has the info they need to do their part in making the tour a success. If you’re working campaigning on a typical college/non-com. strong week and commit to six to eight weeks of communication. including artist management for their roster. your TM is more than likely getting ready for the The artist’s role: By now it should come as no next show day and the rest of the tour. “This includes off. While ev- that. days as well - not only because you’re paying for my time What they don’t do: Most labels don’t do (like with a band member). although they’ll gener- there are rarely – if ever – days that are truly ally work with you find someone to help with ‘off’ for a TM while on the road. don’t want to deal with.000 to $2. book travel and accommodations. etc. as well as the motivation to make it happen. at managing all aspects of the tour.500 is a safe bet. don’t do the actual booking. Tour managers What they do: TMs are your savior on the road. distribution. along with a high-quality prod- uct. or TV. plan the routing.) it’s important that your TM from $1. and you’ll be free to focus on per- What they do: Just about everything falls to forming your best each night. and a whole lot of everything in between. What they cost: Unfortunately. and trust. and the desire to grow. all the legal mumbo jumbo that you a per diem while on tour. this isn’t as cut and dry as it once was. THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 75 . graphics and What they cost: TMs are paid a day rate plus media. What they cost: An emerging act should expect to spend at least a few hundred per The artist’s role: Clear expectations.” – Jen surprise that what’s needed here is a hustle Ochej (tour manager) mentality.

VOCALIST + INSIGHT Working On Cruise Ships: Careers For Vocalists Ever dreamed of traveling the world and getting paid for it? Lisa Popeil interviews Australian voice coach Marisa Lee Naismith who offers her knowledge and insight into this fun and lucrative work: By Lisa Popeil 76 I THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE .

jazz and/or ballet. ing to a number of exciting in Production Shows typical- quired to have a command. get penses such as accommoda.800 skills and basic dancing abili. some. All living ex.000 to $7. Good news: contact cruise lines directly. and team skills and Singers must be fluent across varies depending on the sing. or poolside. and this kind of work? 45minute sets per evening in continuing education assis. pre- US Dollars: work? dominantly in theatre or Here are several of the most Headline themed shows. the contract.com. cruise discounts sonalities best suited for Singers perform two or more for family and friends. interactive shows in lounges. Adver- THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 77 . tance. a 3month contract and those Dance Band Singers are re. Disney Cruise Line $1. Carnival Cruise Line Duos and Trios: Female singers may be asked Celebrity Cruises $3. Entertainment Agents.000 to sing classically in a legit Costa Cruise Line Dance Band Singer: show or belt in a contempo. must be able to follow the a broad range of vocal styles er’s experience.000 ties in tap.000 Male roles may often require Princess Cruises Baritones and Tenors with P & O Cruises developed falsettos and a What is the process of Royal Caribbean strong Broadway/Pop belt. and Jazz. tracts due to the extensive guests up dancing and con. and flights are rehearsal periods. Other great benefits new repertoire as directed include medical and dental Are there certain per- by the Band Leader. meals. social media or at least 21 years old. R&B. ly sign up for 6 month con- ing stage presence.600 to $3. steady income while travel. hire singers: Soloist: $1. Which cruise lines are Production Show Singers Below is the average considered the ‘cream perform as part of the cast standard monthly pay in of the crop’ for singing in a preproduced show. atriums. cruise liner. the ship’s main auditorium. tion. Singer must respected and highest pay- Entertainers: possess excellent acting ing cruise companies that $3. The standard salary stamina.500 to $2. there is no “maximum” age or Cruise Ship Agencies and performing high energy and to work on cruise ships. tinue to learn and rehearse paid for.500 rary pop/rock style. Contemporary Musical served with that particular Theatre/Broadway. destinations.What kind of singing Is there an ideal age for tisements for these positions work is available on a cruise ship singing? can often be found in major cruise ship? Though most applicants are newspapers. ty going long into the night.800 to $4. Duo or Trio Singers times singers as young as 18 BackStage. One can also are expected to keep the par- may be hired. Holland America Line Production Show singer: MSC Cruises $2. getting hired to sing on Norwegian Cruise Line a cruise ship? Star Cruises Singers can audition live or Cunard Line by video submission. and the time environment. the length of rules of a militarytype work which include: Pop/Rock. industry publications such as Soloist.000 to $3. Cruise singers need energy. What do these jobs pay? How long is a typical Must possess an extensive Performing for a cruise line is contract? and varied pop repertoire in a great opportunity to earn a Small band singers may sign order to perform requests. Cabaret coverage.






what everyone else is doing. “IRIS” where does sound? it come from? IRIS: It’s definitely pop with rock influ- IRIS: Oh it’s my name. what piece of advice IRIS: I don’t know. don’t try to follow cool story about when she was preg. I was moving a lot and you want to do and what you want to freaking out in there and apparently sound like. I thought why ences. IRIS: Percussion. I there are a lot of Fleetwood Mac and think the combination of the letters Michael Jackson influences. just always been a natural thing. THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 83 . VOCALIST + SPOTLIGHT TVM: Let’s start by telling our readers TVM: How would you describe your about your name. (a drummer. and you know it’s me. probably a xylophone it’s always been a priority. It’s very scary to be an artist but I just TVM: What was the very first instru. I I’ll wait for you is very 80s. I was al. stay true to who you some other type of instrument and he really are.and what I want to do so I keep on.IRIS: I have always been in tune with ly been an obsession with music which who I am and what I like so I have al- has always been there so I couldn’t sayways followed my gut you know. It made sense to me so I just but the background of my sound will kept it. not use it. there has constant. And then looks cool. TVM: Being multitalented as yourself. As a kid. always be stuff that I grew up listening to which is 50s to late 80s music. but I just kept coming back to IRIS. Don’t try to be like what- my older brother took out a flute or ever is popular. music has always TVM: Was there a moment in your life been a part of me. just different flavours why not. sion! keeping on. singer. I tried to find an artist name A track like Follow Me is very disco. It’s who I am or a tambourine but definitely percus. no matter ment that you laid your hands on? how hard it is or how little the pay is. started playing it against her belly and it calmed me down. My mom told me this really IRIS: Be yourself. It’s when it began exactly. it’s always been would you have to share with them? there. and songwriter) TVM: A lot of our readers are up and where did this love for music begin coming artists that are trying to figure for you? out their sound.that allowed you to discover who you ways making like fake music videos in are and enabled you to translate it my bedroom and I was in choirs and through your music? school orchestras. Lots of 70s and 80s influences. Be what nant with me.wanted to take that risk. It’s all in want to keep it as real as possible so different eras.

VOCALIST + SPOTLIGHT TVM: I recently creeped your Face. how was many things that I have been through that experience for you? in that time. it’s Genesis your fans be expecting from this EP? and it’s all the amazing bands that are IRIS: Yes. I wouldn’t know where to IRIS: It was so scary. maybe because I them. it’s Phil Collins. TVM: How has working with Cult Na- board or piano player. what I’ve always wanted to do and time so I thought I might as well do I am really happy with it. translated into my sound. I would say that it is my pride and I hadn’t released anything in a long joy. your fans to know about you? IRIS: I’m a pretty open book. this is something that I have al- few minutes and then it’s fine because ways wanted to do but people know you can see the crowd and speak to this. know if anyone is going to watch and the whole team is so cool. I cannot wait something so I did it and I’m not even to release it! a piano player. It will be a mix of all the pop bands and I want to keep that things that I grew up listening to that I alive through my music. I don’t know what it was TVM: What is something you want but my heart was racing like crazy. It is directly influenced by the bands that I like so I 84 I THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE . for a live I decided I wanted to do two years performance it’s scary for the first ago. was alone in a room and I couldn’t see the people. good quality pop music. I did not plan on begin to try to explain what is on this doing it but I was in the studio and EP. I don’t TVM: So would you consider that hold back. they automatically TVM: You have been working on an EP think negatively but pop music is Mi- for the past five ish years. So I was like I’m tion facilitated your life as an artist? going to do this thing where I don’t IRIS: They’re awesome! So supportive. and it will chael Jackson. it’s like my extended family. Every time it actually ended up being a really fun I show up. I mean I can play a bit of keyboard but I’m not a good key. When people think pop music. it’s Fleet- be coming out this year? What can wood Mac. I just hope that they can pick up them and I’m comfortable doing what that I am passionate about making I know on stage. there are so live feed of you performing.there to help. It’s a bunch a great peo- rience? ple and I am so grateful to be around IRIS: I don’t know. I mean this isn’t something IRIS: It was very different. love and never get tired of listening to book page and saw that you posted a my EP. It’s great when every- one is inspiring and sharing ideas and TVM: What was scary about the expe. I am full on scarier than a live performance? passionate. everyone is super excited experience! and pumped. it’s ABBA. It’s been five years. I am genuine.




Andrea Bocelli: ‘Only preparation helps my stagefright’ By CelebrityAccess 88 I THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE .

you come. but I grew For me. this.. THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 89 . the most enjoyable up in a small village where the type of singing is opera. but rible stagefright. You can never derful. When singing ing was what I truly wanted in concert you have to stand to do. It’s very difficult. to wear a was limited. It’s freedom. Also. nobody can be sure of up in front of the audience. The voice is like an and warm toward me that instrument and requires con- it is beautiful and calming stant exercise. sic requires lots of work. with your body. much. sing all the time. stop crying when I heard a I rehearse every day so that great singer. study for at least two hours But they are always so kind every day. Singing provides a true sense of lightheartedness. able to sing well. As a baby I would of stagefright is preparation. I sponsibility to the audience. an athlete. VOCALIST SNAPSHOT When I began singing it was to feel. and afraid when going on because to sing operatic mu- stage because I know my re. It al- opportunity to study singing lows you to move. next to the conductor. The only thing that the first time I was happy in helps me relieve the pressure my life. which I still it’s necessary in order to be haven’t managed to over. More difficult still costume . If I sing Being a tenor is like being when I am alone I feel won. I always feel nervous have to have great passion.. or drink and eat too of an audience I suffer ter. which is less natural. to do something was deciding whether sing. In front smoke. My mother says I’m always able to do what that as a young boy I used to my audience expects of me.




High Season Co. MUSIC BIZ By Tiffany Thompson TIFFANY Credit Photos . ALEXIS THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 93 .


this is how you get your work out there to the people that need to hear about you.Tiffany is the Co-Founder and Tiffany A. out to radios which is traditionally what re- cord labels used to do but we know artists TVM: Give us a background on High need it so we take care of it for them. helping them build and well. A lot of stuff! on the hip hop side. They ronto. from independent doing for them. basically all contact comes through me Tiffany A. of listen to similar music. She typically works with need that guidance and that is what we are Creatives. he handles more digital distribution so work- amplify their brands in the digi. so if anyone wants to talk to our artists or we are an artist management agency and if they want to book them or to collaborate also a digital creative agency. ing with partners like Team Core or our ra- dio partners to make sure our music goes tal space. but not too heavy trap because we still have an image to maintain. to international tech CEO of High Seasons Co. Also work- their albums to market those albums. We also do song splits like if someone was like hey I want day to day management which ranges from to work with one of your artists then I would some administrative tasks to booking shows be the one to negotiate which percentage of and/or conferences for some of our artists the song belongs to my artist and what’s fair to organizing digital distribution for some of then I draft those contracts etc. For example. So some artists are more ries.. ing on styling and branding and marketing ing agreements so getting our artists’ music so each artist has their ideal fan is and we placed on television shows or any online se. based out of Montréal and To.: They do not need to be inde- pendent at all. it just happens to be that we Managing Partner of High Sea. musicians and large media per. manage independent artists but that doesn’t really make a difference for us usually. cord label? THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 95 . with on the artists’ management side. thing that goes on. Our son Co. TVM: Can you describe your role as sonalities. design accordingly. Tiffany A.: I oversee pretty much every- startups and fellow entrepre. TVM: Does the artist need to be fully I love bad and bougee but its not really our independent when they come to you domain so every artist we work with all kind or can they be affiliated to another re. We split the tasks here and there. this is how you market your album. I love Migos.: High Seasons Co. a Digital Media and artists are seeking management and direc- Artist Management Agency tion to know like this is how you produce an album. has 2 divisions. So we handle with them on a song then I would handle the marketing campaigns for both our clients paper work and negotiations and everything on the digital marketing side and our artists that goes on behind that. Licens. As for Seasons Co me. so I have my partner as neurs. others are on the trap- py side.

share any marketing and we worked out a solid strategy and did materials you’ve ever released then we have a massive amount of research on Itunes and a really in-depth thorough questionnaire that it basically allowed us to pull from a pre-or. Every artist that we have we ask what velop High Seasons Co from it. do this so let me help. For example if an artist asked for help in or get it distributed to different channels. Boy Q and other huge artists and he was up Tiffany A. on the hip hop charts in Canada and number 8 TVM: Can you share the steps a new in Australia! Which was a huge accomplish. but we don’t offer random services to art- emails. this new talent? is too much.: I would say the bare minimum is 6 months before I can confidently put out a Tiffany A. what are your plans so what do you want then we will work out a full plan TVM: Can you share an anecdote to get you there. future. or trying to get djs to play your music ists. Tiffany A. Tiffany A.: Well with one of our artist we project for an artist. So I was like ok as enough of a collaboration to make an im- I have administrative skills. why are you through music videos and basic reminders. work with High Seasons. why are you doing this.: Technically artist reach out to cus on being creative and handle all of these us. I can pact. of a recruitment process in acquiring istrative stuff! I was like this is ridiculous. is it an artist his own trying to manage everything and still that reaches out to you or is it more remain creative with handling all the admin.: We would meet to discuss what there too! We knew about charting on Itunes you have done so far.TVM: Let’s take this way back. Tiffany A. they go through as well to find out about der period where we got a lot of interest and your goals and what have you been doing encouraged people to purchase the album so far. our artists named Cee and we actually got his album as number 6 on the Itune store. it’s promoting a single or an album. School. I would love to have a are very big on marketing so we worked out year if I were to plan out something really a really strategic campaign in 2014 for one of solid.: I actually started dating an artist and I saw a lot of the work he was putting into it and that interested me and he was on TVM: How does it work. we would a lot to take on and it takes away from you not work with them because we don’t see it being able to be a creative. artist would take when wanting to ment. his album was beside Drake. TVM: How long would you about how an artist has specifically say it takes to have an impact? benefited from your services. in music? Are you in music because it’s cool weekly weekly weekly release of creative and you’ve seen it on tv and it looks content which lead up to the pre-order then ran a full campaign during the pre-order and . We need to be in charge of your career. I like music. So it started there and we need to know what your plans are in the we decided to take on other artists and de. why the day his album launched he was number 6 did you decide to go into the music on ITunes charts and that was something we leveraged all the channels we knew would be industry? best for him. are your goals. How are they supposed to fo.



he’s sons differ from a traditional record insanely talented and is such an asset. I Tiffany A. a research process to understand who their Number 2. we speak ter with a photographer for high quality pic- to all of our artists every day. The I start the work of you can take? managing which is answering client emails. tate.thing. go to the gym. Like one of our artist is a graphic designer. label? Tiffany A. be versatile.: Traditional record labels take TVM: What does a typical day in your away so much of the artists’ money. TVM: Because you are so heavily in. This information is tial for an artist to be successful in this important because it is very very hard to make it and for artists that are taking this day and age? seriously. aren’t as passionate will just let us down. we recently found out that Soundcloud isn’t vested in your artists. It’s like a marriage. have coffee. Like bar- space as well. watch an we work on what our artist want and within episode of the Daily Vee or look into any- their dream. THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 99 .: So I wake up. You have to be tunnel vision with your dream. they are sacrificing a lot so if I’m Tiffany A. I glance at my phone then get up to medi- cord labels will be like this is hot so do this.: Work.. find a videographer and use your other know what is happening in your music life but in your personal life as well. work. build a team. I tried it in Australia and people that strategies. Then we would do and don’t dedicate enough to their dream. a producer. a singer. Cee: Oh absolutely! For us to take on an art. thing that is marketing based. 3. For example. we’re more of advisors. what would you say is essen- years old or something. speaking to our artists. do more than 1 TVM: How would you say High Sea.like something you want to do or have you TVM: According to your level of ex- wanted to be a musician since you were 14 pertise. whereas life look like? we are here to build artists and groom them for the next step. what those artists are doing in that sources that you have around you. Then I begin answering emails and catching up on what is happening in the music world. I feel that many people get distracted have to want it as badly. going into meetings.I ist we have to absolutely be in love with your generally don’t go to bed until like 3 or 4 am work. Re. so much so that you are my brother or and it is at those peak hours that I work on sister. do you think you doing too well so it allows us to pivot our will ever reach a cap in the amount strategies and so on. like find a tribe that target demographic is and similar artists to is willing to take care of you. I’m supposed to feel that record labels you are put on a roster be meditating before I look at my phone but we put more love and passion into you. work and more going to double down on your dream youwork. leverage the re- them are. skills to exchange services with anyone that can advance your career. We not only tures.












BIOGRAPHY Shania Twain Canadian singer-songwriter Shania Twain found success by combining country and pop music.’ THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 111 . She became an international star fol- lowing the release of her 1997 album ‘Come On Over.


located in Ontario.” mother. After getting in touch and her siblings witnessed him attack with Twain. an Windsor. to Shania. making it the bestselling order to get Twain to lessons and gigs. plenty of attention). album by a female artist. to a man named Jerry Twain. with occasional five-time Grammy winner stepped out forays into television and radio. she opted to change name to Shania Twain—was born in her first name instead. her for “What Made You Say That. Sharon. sacrifices the family could ill afford in lion records. the Cars and also had a violent streak. There. Jerry adopted Sha. As Twain wanted On August 28. 1965. playing the guitar at 8 and pen- Her second album. one important fan: Robert John “Mutt” wich” (bread spread with mayonnaise Lange. on her next album. After sepa. Lange set to work with her Sharon on more than one occasion. 1965. Eilleen Regina to keep her last name to honor her Edwards—who would later change her adoptive father. making on Over (1997) went on to sell 40 mil. The album was not Twain grew up in the small town of a big success (though Twain’s video Timmins. She was singing by the age on. the at community events. titled Shania Twain. THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 113 . but it did reach ing more than a “poor man’s sand. was a big success. soon remarried. got meet. Ontario. A music lover early childhood. Twain grew up singing in clubs and rating from her husband in 2008. artistic control in Nashville. she started writing songs at age 10. her year-old Eilleen became Eilleen Twain. but she returned to perform a series of shows in Las Vegas Early Career in Nashville from 2012 to 2014. Jerry groups such as AC/DC. as well as the With her mother’s encouragement. first album. and Twain sometimes had noth. Still. was released in 1993.” which family often struggled to make ends featured her wearing a crop top. Her new label may have liked Twain’s Early Life music. The Woman in Me ning her own songs at 10. and the four. but her way. and Twain Def Leppard. then Come braced her daughter’s talent. of 3. Twain lamented her lack of ron’s three daughters. Canada. Sharon em- (1995). Her parents Ojibwe word that means “I’m on my divorced when she was young. who’d produced albums for or mustard) for lunch at school. of the spotlight. a member of Encouraged to use songs written by the Ojibwa tribe. others. top country music record. but they didn’t care for the name Eilleen Twain.Synopsis Shania Twain was born in Canada on But music was a bright spot in Twain’s August 28.

and The first single. The next year. a country than 12 million in U. another co-production bination reached No. the rock-infused “Any Man of selling album by a solo female artist. green disc and a blue version that had an international. Shania Twain had recorded enough material for her first compila- In 1999. she wor- ried about how people would react. 1 on the country charts for a combined 50 She needn’t have been concerned. one for Best the fall of that year. bum of all time—reaching 40 million 11 on the country charts. the bestselling country al- Your Boots Been Under?” reached No. further fused country and country and Top 200 charts (the rest pop. 114 I THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE . 1 on the country With the success of Come On Over. Come On enced flavor. The follow-up in worldwide sales—as well as the top- single. Bollywood-influ- Twain’s subsequent album. tions the following year. It also had more chart-topping of the world got the red-blue pairing. charts and was also a Top 40 pop hit. Twain be- Twain received four Grammy nomina. sales dipped compared to Twain’s and “That Don’t Impress Me Much. sales. and won Best Country Album. “You’re Still The One” earned tion of greatest hits. The mys when “Come On Over” was named Woman in Me (1995). weeks. quadruple platinum.” previous monster hits. Mine.S. with 5. but given Lange’s rock back. Howev- such as “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” er. Twain’s Up! was released. “Whose Bed Have remains.Superstardom The song also reached No. It was released in Twain two Grammys. 1 on Bill- board’s country charts. Twain and Lange co-wrote 10 of the Twain took home another two Gram- 12 tracks for Twain’s next album. including pumped-up anthems which was also a success).5 million as well as romantic ballads such as copies sold in the United States. “You’re Still the One” and “From This Moment On. The red and green com- Over (1997). pop as well as country music..came an international star. Like A Woman!” won for Best Female ground and the record’s forays into Country Vocal Performance. the album would Country Song and another for Best top and the charts and eventually go Female Country Vocal Performance. The album also became. songs. A critical and com.In 2002. mercial success. followed by a popular tour. The Woman in Me There were three versions of the al- would reach eventually reach more bum: a pop red version. Come On Over reigned at No.” By 2004.” soared to No. 1 on Billboard’s with Lange. Twain loved the Best Country Song and “Man! I Feel album.




It’s a shift in mindset. try out these 5 tips: 118 I THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE . Professional Musician vs Hobby Musician By Dave Kusek There’s an interesting divide among musicians. What really separates the professionals from all the other musicians is how they think about their music ca- reer. moving from a hobby musician to a career musician is no easy task. Unfortunate- ly. If you find yourself feeling stuck and unsure of how to make music your career.

Having something clear and cant it may seem in the grand scheme tangible you’re working towards will of things. 5. nection in music. But everyone makes a plan has a network of connections that you Set yourself goals to accomplish in can start building off of. exponentially increases the help you focus your efforts. You’ll have size of your network. A professional musician ducer in the local studio. LEADERSHIP + SUCCESS 1. and connection. The thrill of waking up key and knowing that there’s more to ex- If you’re just focused on you and what plore in music is the drive that keeps you want to accomplish. It’s one understands that collaboration is of the things that makes being a musi- cian so exciting. you’re going all of us going – it’s one of the beauties to miss out on a ton of opportunities of creativity. this might seem like a big bar- are completely focused on one thing. You a better understanding of the music could bring some of your fans to a col- business and a closer relationship with laborative show. A professional musician Don’t get discouraged by this. Even if you’re just starting out. and each new one year. A professional musician way. After all. Remember this: an easier time knowing which oppor. or the indie publisher that works with your favorite indie artists. or the pro- 2. six months. A professional musician never stops learning 3. no matter how insignifi- this week. A professional musician just taking. especially if you’re just starting you’re probably going to miss other out. rier. you probably don’t know opportunities that are right in front of the guy in charge of local bookings. be. cause you’ll know where you ultimate- ly want to be in the end. you could send out your fans. cians. a tweet or two about how awesome another band is. there is no such thing as a bad con- tunities you should really push for. others will remember you and give back. you should also be working towards everyone has something to offer. If you always try to contribute to a relationship instead of THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 119 . If you have your blinders up and Now. finds their own path Professional musicians know that they forge their own path every step of the 4. business cess. one month. you. Every artist’s career is SO unique knows that this is a people and there’s really no single path to suc. that could come to you in the form Not only should you be striving to im- of your connections with other musi- prove your playing and your writing.





make it taste right. The older you get. I work out with friends. and the m ore kids you have. so it could be an hour’s hike. He’s real- l y good on herbs and dr e s s i n g s. but I like to mix it up. How much sleep do you need ? Seven hours. or the gym doing cardio and weights. but with kids you can neve r make sure you’ll get that. If you’re going t- o eat healthily.I do 4- 00 abs every other da y and I see results on my stomach. I do have a husband who cooks the most delicious food. r. he marinates everything. a spi n class. Whatexercisedoyoutake? Ionlyworkout every other day for one ho u 124 I THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE . Plu s. the more you want to take care of yourself. boutyourweight? No.I believe in making healthy ea ting part of your everyday lifestyle. I’m not too bad if I don’t ge t enough sleep .I’ve got too muc h Areyouhealthy? Onascaleofoneto10 energy to be grumpy. so it m elts in your mouth. so we have a good old gossip as well. I do an hour of cardio every other day and I se e everything tightening up . At- I’m an eight.Idon’tbelievein diets . I l ove it because I see results . especially wit h a newborn. I want to set Doyouworrya agoodexampleforthem.

How d oyourelax? Imeetalotofpeople . Cooking helps me to r e lax. My mother and my au nt [the McGarrigle Sisters] are an inspiration. If I have free tim e I’ll go to the Russian baths Whatexer- inNewYorkfortwohours. However. so it’s great to have some alone ti me. a few women I know have had surgery and it really works for them. thei r natural beauty really suits them. o puts a lot of importance on love an d intimacy. I think that’s help- How ful. I’m a very physical person. and it’s always been a big part of my life to connect with peopl e. I’m lucky enough to travel with my husband. cisedoyoutake? Iliketojogandd- Is sex impo r tant to you? I’m someone wh THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 125 . and I love to dry sauna. doyoufeelaboutplasticsurgery?It is not for me.






to Marketing
Plans Part 1
There are 15 elements to keep in mind when planning a
new release – they break down into 3 groups of 5
By Ariel Hyatt



1. DISTRIBUTION ily listen to and buy your music, a news sec-
Digital distribution moves a lot faster than tion with latest happenings, and a newslet-
it used to, but you should still choose a dis- ter sign-up that offers an incentive through a
tributor. If you are ordering physical copies juicy offer (such as exclusive tracks).
of your music, make sure that you get them
in plenty of time, especially if you are run- 3. SOCIAL MEDIA
ning a pre-sale or having a release party and Time and energy needs to be spent build-
you want to offer physical product at the ing a strong online presence in order to be
show. CD Baby, Tunecore etc. don’t cover taken seriously as an artist for when the time
everything, and independently you need to comes to start actively promoting.
also be aware of additional distribution out-
lets for increased reach, a list that includes TWITTER
Soundcloud, Pandora and creating playlists We love Twitter because you can easily build
on Spotify. a following of targeted users and jump into
conversations. Every single person you in-
2. WEBSITE teract with in real life should be followed on
The music industry is built on appearances. Twitter (friends, musicians, producers, club
To be taken seriously it is very important to owners, etc.) Jump start your followers by
have a complete and professional looking following people and many will follow you
online 360 degree presence. This starts with back. Lastly, target similar sounding artists
your online home – your website. You need and follow their Twitter followers, as there is
to have a modern and functional site that a high probability that they will also like your
you can update on your own. Your website music.
should have a section where fans can eas-


as this is people go to search for music. Even though posts won’t get seen by a large percentage of fans who INSTAGRAM have liked your Page without advertising. with daily posts. If you haven’t videos as much as possible and finally. which is terrible for search en- topics you tweet about from career news gines. and a mailing list sign. over 30 billion photos shared of being seen. YOUTUBE Next. a store Bandcamp. and you watching and provide links to other content should have a complete Page that is active you own. Use adjectives that describe your are all great topics to share for people to en. politics. Make sure the page has a where they can go for more. you can also search and connect to contacts in your phone. light an official music video in the featured spot at the top. We also often see description sec- Page to get any real exposure. We suggest tions left blank too. As of the end Page helps show that you are an active art. I caution you to be selective to your other socials so people can connect about what you cross-post to socials. more. the latter of which will show up in the “related FACEBOOK videos section” after one of your videos is Pay-to-play is the reality on Facebook for a viewed. In addition to hashtags. Facebook. Top hashtags is a site powerful platform where artists are getting that will display the top hashtags trending in discovered. Also. your artist name also being a keyword.To keep your profile active with Tweets. eo from NYC blog The Wild Honey Pie. such as your website and iTunes. it is imperative to have a pres. up form MailChimp. and/or culture tag fields. and a cover image that is linked before posting. connect to people you already know on questions to increase engagement. lizing the features discussed. use For the videos themselves we often see art- Hootsuite. It is a very how photos are found. For any artist looking to increase real time if you are stuck or want to get into awareness. there are over 600 million active In- ist. ask yet. such channel to get people to join you. and hob. You with you across platforms. News. and an active experienced a meteoric rise. Their channel is branded well too. nels. sports. of 2016. THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 131 . music and similar artists as keywords with gage and connect around. the conversation. Here is a vid- cover banner (as discussed above) and in. Vary the of the video. words/ keyword phrases at the start of your bies. In as little as one hour you can ists leaving off their artist name in the title schedule a week’s worth of tweets. This is a crucial piece of you spend money from time to time but real estate to tell the viewer what they are have goals in place before you do. When you post pho- YouTube is the first place where millions of tos. Make sure you include keywords in (which should be no more than 20% of your your tags and place those important key- output) to your interests. you can also add captions to your photos ing channel. The most popular visual social platform has organic reach is still possible. high. passions. and “Live Performances”. choose at least two hashtags. link your socials. and if you choose. ence on YouTube with a professional look. get fatigued by the same posts across chan- eos”. Videos and images have a greater chance stagram users. Make categories want to tell a separate story on each social to group your videos for easy viewing. Three we love are: an where the viewer can go to learn and watch artist profile Bandpage. and not as “Behind The Scenes”. “Official Music Vid. so share photos and upload and 80 million photos a day. The channel for The Flaming Lips is a great example of these practices put to use. they stall apps that work as promotional tools for pack all their descriptions full of information you and your music. uti- Tunecore or CD Baby.

investment) of 4. help your new music to be featured. press. pitching to these individuals. Increase your chances that they will be interested in you Sadly. what to do come download our Ultimate Guide to Music Publicity. tiveness of your newsletters and make ad- justments where need be. there could now be some familiar- priate and strategic for you and your release. You make relationships with fans fork.tive music sites. Make a ing a press release out to the top 100+ mu. 132 I THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE . you will be execute well. You should now start to identify and familiar. Ac. LA. but it’s not.” Contact your mailing list once a month with Not only will familiarizing yourself with music news.4. San Francisco. the right outlet for you to showcase your email marketing produced an ROI (return on project? Sure. NEWSLETTER There are thousands upon thousands of ac- This is the most important part of the strat.300% — or $43 for every $1 but is it the right audience for you? It’s OK if spent. many artists believe that PR = blast. your music. they have a large audience. strike up a conversation with them on Twit- tute research. email is still the most vital asset you will build for generating Your big goal might be a review on Pitch- revenue. by first being interested in them. too. but what’s your backup when Pitchfork on your social networks. your capabilities so you can measure the effec.spond to your follow ups? Is Pitchfork even cording to the Direct Marketing Association. but you turn those doesn’t respond to you and then doesn’t re- relationships into customers with email. and building your numbers. ity there and existing relationships that will If you live in a smaller town (read: Not in New help in getting your emails opened and even York. 5. A premier solution Research is not the only thing you need be- that many of our clients enjoy working with fore you send your first pitch. A conversation about literally anything other than your mu- Blog savviness gets placements. PR takes time and effort to When it comes time to pitch. Better yet. or Chicago) there further. about your music (or if a publicist does that podcasts. connection by following them on social me- sic sites that they have Googled. This way when you send that writer an email ize yourself with online publications (blogs). PRESS Pro Tip: Keep in mind that a music blog is It might seem a bit early to start talking about made up of content written by individuals. the answer is “no. and pinpointing your genre. Spend money on a mailing list service publications help you to know where to pitch provider that can help you design a rich look. try to works. and radio outlets that are appro. may be some local press that you can go af- ter. sic is recommended. and there are a million more egy that you will want to skip – DON’T. for you). music video. ter if the opportunity arises. because PR placements start with as. This never dia and re-tweeting them. While non-music sites that can feature your music social media is key for attracting your crowd as well. To find out is MailChimp. but it will also give you invaluable ing email and provide analytics and tracking insight and ideas for your press photos.


Releasing Music: The Musician’s Guide to Marketing Plans Part 2 By Ariel Hyatt 134 I THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE .

venues. most music sites are reserving these full album review Journey With You slots for the most anticipated albums. Start by rounding up as many people as you can to your socials and newsletter. THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 135 . Here is how this could photos via your socials. The goal Contact an entertainment lawyer to make of all this activity is to get people excited so sure your copyrights are secure and register they are engaging and sharing your updates your music with ASCAP. your “within reason” dream targets with member it’s illegal to just sign people up so your single(s). On the tagram. Any reviews you can place will you like to hang out in. VOCAL INSIGHT 1 & 2. get fans Find your friends and people you admire excited. Go If you have not curated lists on Twitter. and have some Send updates on how the recording. It’s a great way they go together like cookies and milk. Take Everyone along on the amount of time and. plus capture longer look: form stories for your blog and newsletter. mix- benchmarks for at least one month after ing and mastering is going using videos and the album comes out. and Facebook and friend away! This press side of the house aim for appropriate will increase your audience because as many blog targets. etc. be sure to reach out to and outbox and get them on your list (re. more targeted music blogs! some to keep track of your favorites. make for smaller. If you are a brand new artist of the people you follow will follow you back. local spots interested. start reaching out to people in your inbox That being said. to form a stronger bond with your current and growing base. Engage with your following on milestones Two Months Before Release like artwork and song titles by polling your fans (Twitter has a new polling feature which is pretty cool!) and holding contests to se- Are you Registered? lect what cover or title to go with. other artists. It’s not the best idea to wait do this with integrity and ask each person). with their friends. to reach out to these loftier sites with your album. Album reviews take a considerable Next. TIMELINE AND RELEASE People like to follow along to real life stories We have condensed these 2 elements as (case and point: reality TV). One Month to 6 Weeks Before Release This is a practice that you should get in the Release Single(s) habit of and your whole band should be helping (if you have band social accounts). Pitchfork is probably NOT appropriate. Also. help build your overall online profile. Ins. if you look. and also get some music bloggers (bloggers. BMI or Sesac. This is a great way to build buzz. Plan some milestones starting two months before the release date.) on Twitter.

book a release show tasting. hire a party bus. Decorate the venue. If you are just Show or Listening Party starting and don’t think you can draw a large crowd.Press Campaign Begins ue. fondue party. ask a food truck to pull outside the ven. and do something to make this show more Think about your fans and make this special special than the others. hold a listening house party with wine If you play live shows. or choose a local favorite. If you are hiring a PR team – work on the strategy with them or if you plan to do it If you don’t play out. of course. for them! And. cocktail. pre-sell a merch pack. VOCAL INSIGHT Announce a Release Event – Live hour. etc. create a listening party yourself it’s time to prepare at a small bar. etc. create an after work happy 136 I THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE . cupcake bake-off. the key is to an- work with the bar to create a special shot or nounce that tickets are on sale.

send it to all your Facebook friends and Keep the momentum going! cross-post on your Page. the more activities you can plan lead- ing up to the release and after it drops will Two Weeks Before Release help continue your story and profile build- Build the Momentum! ing. images with links to purchase Create a Facebook Invite One Month After Release Create a Facebook Invite for the new release. Also. Amazon or CD Baby. Hold a contest to win the tent. and other Write a post or make a fun video about the digital retailers when it becomes available. The more press and social media-worthy points you can arrange for after a release Keep the excitement up on socials by sched. mailing list Skin your socials with “out now!” and artwork THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 137 . or listening party. friends and fans to write reviews of your new album On Release Day on iTunes.Start Your Pre-Sale Campaign (Use canva to help you) Send word out through your newsletter and Update all socials with an “out now” post and socials. don’t forget to ask your family. release and post on your website Studies have shown that albums that are re- Send out a newsletter announcement to your viewed on iTunes actually sell more albums. while at the same time reminding them new music or give away tickets to your show about the new album. Again.will keep contacting press with new con- uling a countdown.

Be sure that the team talks In addition.3. we you keep up on social trends so that you are consider your blog and your newsletter to be not using antiquated techniques. part of your social media strategy. DIY route. When hiring a PR team make sure You should be updating daily and updating you do your homework and make sure your also means responding to and interacting music is a good fit with that firm’s approach with others. parenting. gossip. post about things happen. PRESS & PROMOTION item (for example: a new release) doesn’t mean you should stop communicating with Your PR Plan your fans on a regular basis. A big component when promoting a new al- Newsletters should still be going out once a bum is of course getting PR. Let your personality show! 138 I THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE .your campaign. food celebrity is the first part of their job when you engage. A PR company should work ing in your personal life. repost interesting with you to make sure you are fully prepared articles or news items or post a song from before you are introduced to the press. to all the content we have gone to you about their well-thought-out plan for over in this guide. and sports all If you’re going with a do-it-yourself approach make good topics for people to engage and here are some tips for an effective campaign connect around. At Cyber PR Music. This a band that you love. SOCIAL MEDIA Social Media rules are constantly changing A lot of social media elements are covered and shifting (hello Facebook) so make sure in the timeline above. and philosophy. You can accom- month. fashion. and socials plish this by hiring a team or by going the should never go stale. News. art. blog posts being posted. Just because you may not have a big “news” 4.

about you in the past (if applicable). that those publications may also feature you. Learn Spotify Spotify has an entire site dedicated to help- Press Outreach ing you learn how to get established in the The first people to target should be local Spotify ecosystem. and fits into your musical wheelhouse. When contacting blogs make it personal. get it! We also love this post from Ari EP is unreleased. hitting the same markets out to (if applicable) . One method – identify a here.: single or album is actually not “news” (even though it is extremely important to you). be likely won’t be able to tour to every market sure to include a link in your follow up email. Martin Atkins has the BEST book blog. Before you start talk. and sional writer will be able to craft a compelling take note of the press outlets that they are bio that effectively conveys all the important getting featured on. Even if you are a strong writer. getting photos taken think through your Press releases are great if you have some- brand and think about variety to keep your thing truly newsworthy and releasing an EP. site is the best or most appropriate to reach continue to tour. Follow up approximately once There are undoubtedly limitations though on a week and if you’ve received some press how often you can tour and you more than since the last time you contacted them. SHOWS to research which writer/journalist of the If you are already building through touring. so if this is the case for you – you can consider virtual shows and live streaming. VOCAL INSIGHT Pictures Words of Warning About Press Releases Make sure you have at least 3-4 great images Please DON’T write and pay to distribute a and variety is important. images fresh as time goes by. you can include a private Herstand. There is a great chance details while keeping the audience in mind. where there are fans. ALWAYS include a Soundcloud link to on touring called Tour Smart. When past and are not favored by music bloggers. Start here with their press and press outlets that have written guides and best practices. And many artists are not touring at all. which in this case includes press and music industry folks. Press releases are relics of the feature square or horizontal photos. it can be musician or band that is slightly further along challenging to write about yourself. If you don’t either your single or album. Be sure 5. but we Building a Targeted Media List suggest hiring a professional to write your There are many ways to start building a tar- bio. Most music blogs press release. which we call a signature story around geted media list. Bio / Your Signature Story This series is packed with DIY tips. A profes. THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 139 . Soundcloud link to the album/EP in a pri- vate playlist.that you played while supporting the new ing about your music be sure to address why music to build on the momentum that has you approached them and not some other been made. If your album/ have it.



142 I THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE .‘The Silence’ Vocal Pluses: Rich. deep.Bb5 (approx) Longest Note:10 seconds . Vocal Negatives: Her head voice is relatively weak and poorly connected to the rest of the voice. She is able to hold notes easily. Vocal R Alexandra Burke Vocal Type: Contralto Vocal Range: 2. E3. silky texture that permeates the low to midrange.3 and a semitone octaves. Her chest voice impressively retains a weight even up into the fifth octave and has a raspy quality that adds an interesting texture to the voice. with or with- out applying her quick vibrato.

where the voice has a surprising warmth.Range Kimbra Johnson Vocal Type: Lyric Soprano Vocal Range: 4 Octaves 1 note and a semi-tone (C#3-D#7) Whistle Register: Yes Vocal Pluses: Kimbra’s voice isn’t like that of a powerhouse Diva. She’s at her most comfortable between the notes F3-C5. Her belting range shares this dexterity-she can jump from a F3-F#5 in elastic and energetic bouts [Hear: Call Me]. which is surprisingly light con- sidering how dark her tessitura is (F3-D5). and a delicate quality [Hear: Limbo]. which. THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 143 . may not be to everyone’s taste. Vocal Negatives: Kimbra’s voice doesn’t carry much weight. Her chest voice also has a tendency to sound “throaty”. in combination with her unusual vibrato and quirky styling. but instead its strength lies in its unique timbre and the the quirky jazz-inspired way she wields it. Her low notes are not well supported (though an artistic decision) but are still characterful and identifi- able [as demonstrated by the A#2 in Somebody Please]. tinges of smokiness.

Her ability to support her voice with great technique means that these notes are sustained with no pitch deviation or lose of dynamic. It has power and great dynamics. Amber’s main vocal strengths comes from her extensive belting range. Vocal R Amber Riley Vocal Type: Light Lyric Soprano Vocal Range: 2 Octaves 3 notes and a semitone F3-C6 Whistle Register: No Vocal Pluses: Amber Riley has great breath control which allows her to hold notes for no- table periods of time without issue. combined with a light and bright quality. The voice also struggles with the lower notes and has an immature. Vocal Negatives: Voice lacks agility. 144 I THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE . so complex vocal runs can sound clumsy and a little laboured. This allows her the impressive feat of being able to ascend to a soprano high C (C6) in what sounds like the chest register alone. She can also sing melisma and has the use of a quick vibrato. and produces a consistent sound throughout the belting range. when in fact it is a deft mix with her head voice. childlike colouring to it at times. She appears to have great tech- nique when mixing her voice on the higher notes and this avoids undue strain on the vocal chords.

Her voice is unique. not a good tecnique. but an acceptable technique. and she seems like she’s using an unhealthy technique to reach them. smooth and bright Vocal Weakness: her low notes sound weak.Range ALEXANDRA AMOROSO Vocal Type: Mezzo-Soprano Vocal Range: D3-G#5 (still to update) Vocal Pulse: She learnt how to place her voice over the years and now she has. Her voice can be unpleasant to hear when she reavhes her high register THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 145 .



VOCAL + HEALTH The Three Day Rule By Cari Cole (Performance Tips For Singers) 148 I THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE .

) 10. and are an energy source. lesson. 5. tur. ca-Cola. Fresh ORGAN. Your voice may cut out when you go to more ease and clarity. No dairy 16. If you eat late. Absolutely NO antihistamines No heavy foods like red meat or rich sauces. Even better. performance 12. For hoarse voices That means no milk. black or green tea. 3.) protein that are easy to digest. Or you can steam with plain water or that burns the mucous membrane of the vocal by breathing in shower steam (take a long hot cords. Extra fruits and veggies can also cause a vocal nodule so you want to Foods with high water content help hydration eliminate anything that can contribute to one. 11. performance and recording gargle with 14. Avoid eating late on. also called “Sore Dairy causes phlegm and interferes with singing. If you have nasal congestion and other vocal problems. no Co. in general. hit a note (quite disconcerting!) Reflux over time 2. For those of you who have trouble sleeping try 6. kale.) have mucous the day of performance. Eat lightly the day before and the day of your Prop yourself up with one or two pillows. fish and tofu/beans are the best sources of singer (you never want sing over dry cords. which burns the vocal cords and leaves No kidding. Steam with 4-5 drops of essential oils of laven- 9. alcohol. It will help sauce. before bedtime. Organic Throat Coat tea daily herbal teas (chamomile rocks!) Another remedy This tea moisturizes your throat. When you smoke. Eight to ten hours of sleep every night with Alkalol. I also use Vocal that works with some people is to take 500 mil- Eze throat spray (some similar ingredients) the ligrams of calcium an hour before bed to get a day before and day of performance. citrus fruits or juice. cooked tomatoes like marinara your head and breath in the steam. It makes singing so much harder than it add some salt and gargle with that! should be and can cause polyps. If you rhages. One beer or one glass of Juices are great sources of energy: carrot. Prescription antihistamines are severely drying ing light will improve your energy. Steam 5-10 minutes a day in any form is dehydrating. period. No smoking warm salt water. do not lie flat. This will cause problems and acts like a lubricant. Use a salt-water spray for your nose morning your vocal cords are in a constant state of dry- and night for three days prior or try D-Hist natu.1. no chocolate or hot chocolate. Avoid spicy foods Happy Healthy Performance!! For some people spicy foods can also cause acid THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 149 . parsley. No caffeine that reduces swelling of the vocal folds. is particularly hydrating to the Eating late also causes acid reflux regardless of muscles of the throat. chocolate to loosen mucous and hydrate your cords at the and peppermint tea or gum all cause acid reflux same time. Chicken. absolutely NO hard liquor. 7. Watermelon and mel. Put pieces of melon in what food you eat. and no yogurt! Use “Roxalia” made by Boiron. Leave 3 hours after eating your water. can cause nodules or polyps (and vocal hemor- gesting unwanted chemicals and toxins. Caffeine 17. Throat Hoarseness. Avoid alcohol IC juices (no orange juice – causes acid reflux). make a cup of If you are a singer you shouldn’t be smoking Throat Coat tea and pour a bit into another cup. hemorrhages. It is best to com- 4. with high notes and shifting registers will be ible and resilient and you’ll hit higher notes with bumpy. Take for That means no coffee. It makes your voice flex. three days prior and the day of singing. Put a towel over Sodas. is my favorite fresh juice – Hard liquor is extremely drying. 8 to 10 glasses of water a day reflux. 13.” It is a homeopathic remedy 8. no cheese. apple with a smidge of ginger help you! However. more restful sleep — works wonders. celery. shower. caffeine. gargle 15. to your voice which causes other problems as a key. Alcohol is dehydrating. singing days prior to performing. Gargle with warm saltwater pletely stay away from alcohol of any kind 2-3 For 30 seconds before every rehearsal. Eat. Stay away from foods that cause acid reflux der and eucalyptus (use pure and organic es- like sodas sential oils) in a pot of water. wine during this time won’t kill you but it won’t beet. ness and irritation which causes friction which ral antihistamine and avoid side effects and in. Water moisturizes the vocal folds them dry and chaffed.

Annie Lennox: Why everyone should sing 150 I THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE .

to other people. I had no idea how much I was learning. I have the opportu. And through my voice. inventing my own whether you’re singing with other people or ideas about it. you’ve got to see it tic . there’s an expectation that the voice is within me. like when heard and loved has been indelibly stamped you’re a kid and you skip or do somersaults. eating and sleeping. I love the fact that there’s no When you perform to an audience. I was offered a place to study add up to something else that’s really pow- flute at the Royal Academy of Music. Performing is all about preparation. Being so young. in my head. Performing isn’t just in my life.it’s deep.there are no rules. I sing wherever I go. As a teenager. I picked it all up. my nuance. which erful. When you step out on inherent to my existence that I can’t sepa. and as a complete alternative. I was listening to Mo.judgmental and repressive that sometimes town and the charts. and encountered at the Royal Academy left me everyone can access that. alone. but I never dreamed that my as long as you can convince people of your voice would have such a huge significance emotional authenticity. You should sing everywhere: when you’re in the shower. And that’s when I started to ex. It’s that response that gets me. When I go to South Africa. After all. and without realising people lose that. about the voice . VOCAL + TECHNIQUE I love singing. Our culture is so voices. on my heart and brain.Once you start a song. when you’re with your friends.because it’s as natural to them as breath- natures and nuances of hundreds of other ing. Singing a song is one thing. and led me to subsequently re- ject training. It’s almost like a Once you’ve started. But what I to dance. my sound. That’s why you My mother said I used to sing myself to sleep don’t have to be the best singer technically. ter how big or small. All the separate elements At the age of 17. I sing tomatic and it should just unwind naturally.. you enter a cer- plore the notion of singing and songwriting tain zone. THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 151 . and freeing of your spirit . it’s just so feelgood.it accompanies me. it. stage. a song is another . I’m always singing. in. you’re on au- rate myself from it. the voice is me. Singing is so before unwinding it. there. I hadn’t considered using my react: to choke up. You’re expressing yourself. Those There is something in singing that is uplifting songs form the foundation of my musicality. it’s completely free. A song has the potential to make a person At that point. disillusioned. I had picked up the sig. to want to cry or to want voice to become a performer. an alchemic quality. no mat- external instrument that I have to master. you’ve prepped it up. in the cradle. It’s that something that I’m interested turned out to be both a blessing and a curse.there’s a magic to it. there’s always a tune through. It’s like winding up a film roll or a ribbon nity to express whatever I feel. but expressing I can’t remember a time when I didn’t sing. I notice that people sing Without knowing it. Every song I’ve ever Everyone should feel free to sing.



Gwen Stefani’s Diet & Exercise Plan 154 I THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE .

a medicine ball behind your head and ro- tate your upper torso so that your shoulder Nutrition vs. ceiling. Stefani requested extended. but the former lead singer for No Doubt admits that she always has to watch her diet. He advises cable machine train- “TMZ. Both Heatle and Peterson favor total body cise.” the celebrity news television show ing for the obliques. celery and spinach. Stefani credits trainer Mike Heatlie and Beverly Hills personal trainer Gunnar Pe- terson with helping her create an effective. Begin with your elbows bent. albeit strict diet and exercise plan. tagging organic almonds and cashews. rotational exercises. melons and ba. 120 g of protein and 50 g of while holding a set of 5 to 10 pound dumb- monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats bells. which include plums. dynamic. but not locked. which performers use sitting in an upright position with your legs when they are in a hotel. Stand with your feet hip-width apart 100 g of fat. Stefani’s. hold nanas. as featured one of these exercises on their web- opposed to three big meals. not exer. The editors of “Fitness” magazine to eat smaller meals throughout the day. Hold a weighted vitamin waters. large muscle movements.” he asserts that most groups simultaneously. but glimpses of her food philosophy not get you abdominal muscles like Gwen appear in magazines and internet articles. As you straighten and oatmeal. salmon knees and perform a squat. Contract your gluteal muscles and kick one leg back behind you. Perform a similar ex- fruits. Bend your foods such as tomatoes. author of the book titled plan are not featured in any book or an any “Core Secrets. by LISA MERCER Diet Features Gwen Stefani Abs The details of Gwen Stefani’s daily eating Gunnar Peterson. broccoli. Heatlie tells clients to consume the weights near your shoulders. In his book titled “Lose 10 Pounds and workouts. as well as medicine ball and website. THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 155 .” warns that situps alone will website. straighten your arms toward the tato chips and processed foods. it also who holds a master’s degree in medicine and also elevates your metabolism and burns science in sport and exercise. VOCAL + DIET Gwen Stefani’s abdominal muscles actually have a Facebook fan page. ercise on a stability ball. which work multiple muscle 10 Years in Five Weeks. your legs. but he strongly believes that significant Total Body Workouts weight loss is about proper diet. while avoiding french fries. Peterson recommends tality request sheets. This type of exercise people consume about 1. po. Exercise moves toward your opposite hip. your upper torso from side to side.000 calories above enhances your muscle tone. holding each day. but since it uses their recommended daily allowance. tells his clients calories. Mike Heatlie may work as a personal train- er. got hold of one of her hospi. He recommends site. carrots. Lie on the ball. soy milk. and rotate such as beets. and organic each hip with the ball. Heatlie. organic vegetables medicine ball with both hands.

Madonna Diet and Beauty Secrets.
Madonna follows a very strict macrobiotic diet that abolishes the consumption of wheat, eggs,
meats, and dairy, and extolls the benefits of something called “sea vegetables.”

Brown Rice
Brown rice is a highly nutritious
food. It is a whole grain that is
relatively low in calories (216
calories per cup), high in fiber,
gluten-free and can be incorpo-
rated into a variety of dishes.

Apple Chips
Apple chips may seem like a sen-
sible choice if you’re trying to lose Steamed Greens
weight, but the truth is that this pro- Many of the vitamins and miner-
cessed fruit product may not be als found in vegetables are lost
much better for your waistline than with some conventional methods
the potato chips you’re likely trying of cooking. Steaming ensures
to avoid. Made with oil, packaged that vitamins such as vitamin B,
apple chips can be high in fat, and riboflavin, thiamine, niacin, biotin,
they often contain added sugars as B12, pantothenic acid and vita-
well. min C, as well as minerals such
as calcium, phosphorous, potas-
sium, and zinc are retained.

Almonds are also high in phytic acid, a sub-
stance that binds certain minerals and prevents
them from being absorbed. Almonds are high
in antioxidants that can protect your cells from
oxidative damage, a major contributor to ageing
and disease. Almonds are among the world’s Sauerkraut
best sources of vitamin E. Getting plenty of vi- Sauerkraut delivers some solid health benefits, in-
tamin E from foods is linked to numerous health cluding providing fiber and a significant amount of
benefits. All things considered, almonds are as vitamins C and K. It also boosts your energy and im-
close to perfect as a food can get. mune system with iron.


Sweet and Sour Tempeh
Tempeh is a traditional Indonesian food LIFESTYLE
produced from whole soybeans naturally
fermented and bound together. The fer-
mentation process breaks down the soy-
beans into an easily digestible food that
has a nutritional profile similar to meat.
High in protein, iron, and calcium, tem-
peh should be on your “must-try” list.

Tofu tartar sauce
Tofu is not only a good source
of protein but also contains all
eight essential amino acids.
Tofu also contains phytoestro-
Macrobiotic Dinner gen that has a similar structure
The macrobiotic diet is a to the female hormone estro-
plant-based diet rooted gen, as a result it can poten-
in yin-yang theory that tially reduce the risk of breast
stems from Asia. Accord- cancer. Tart, yet creamy, tartar
ing to macrobiotic theory, sauce is a traditional accom-
balancing yin and yang is paniment to fish dishes, but it
accomplished through eat- packs a hefty 400 calories and
ing a mostly vegetarian, 44 grams of fat per 1/4 cup
low-fat diet with a balance serving.
of different macronutrients
(proteins, carbs and fats), Tofu Cheese with Quinoa
foods that have different Quinoa is gluten-free, high in pro-
energetic qualities, and a tein and one of the few plant foods
wide range of vitamins and that contain all nine essential
minerals from plants. amino acids. It is also high in fi-
ber, magnesium, B-vitamins, iron,
potassium, calcium, phosphorus,
vitamin E and various beneficial

Miso Soupe
Miso soup is a low-calorie
food for most people, but it
is high in sodium, so keep
your portions small. This
hot soup pairs a Japanese
soup stock called dashi in
which you dissolve miso,
a fermented bean paste,
with bits of tofu, chopped
scallion and sometimes
seaweed or kelp.


Jennifer Lopez’s Food Diary: What I Eat in a Day.
Jennifer knows that if she wants to look and feel her best, it’s about putting in the hard work.
“You got to work out, you got to watch what you eat,” she told Us Magazine.

Baked Yams with sea salt
Yams are a good source of vitamin
C – 27% of the daily value for fight-
ing infections such as colds and
flu and quick wound healing, anti-
aging, strong bones, and healthy
immune function. It also provides
good amounts of fiber, potassium,
manganese, and metabolic B vita-
Kale salad with queso
Kale comes from the Acephala Sautéed Brussels
group of the Brassica oleracea Sprouts
species that includes collard Brussels sprouts are rich
greens. There are two main in many valuable nutrients.
varieties of kale: one that has They are an excellent source
green leaves and one that has of vitamin C and vitamin K.
purple. Interestingly, the cen- They are a very good source
tral leaves do not form a head, of numerous nutrients in-
which is one reason why kale is cluding folate, manganese,
considered Kale, cruciferous, vitamin B6, dietary fiber,
choline, copper, vitamin B1,
potassium, phosphorus and
omega-3 fatty acids.

Toasted pumpkin seeds
Because these are high-fiber seeds, they’re able to boost
your fiber intake, helping you reach the ideal amount of 50
grams per 1,000 calories consumed. Pumpkin seeds are
highly portable and require no refrigeration, they make
an excellent snack to keep with you whenever you’re on
the go, or they can be used as a quick anytime snack at
home, too.

Extra-virgin olive oil
extra virgin olive oil is high in antioxidants
that reduce oxidative damage (28, 29).
The oleic acid in olive oil is also highly re-
sistant to oxidation and has been shown
to have beneficial effects on genes linked
to cancer


milkfat and soy lecithin. and particularly. fo. Fresh lemon juice Lemons are loaded with healthy benefits. skinless grilled chicken breast Grilled chicken breast is a summer favorite. vitamin C. oranges! Lemon juice also offers up a healthy serving of potassium. Its versatility makes this meat useful in the kitch- en as well. What distinguishes Greek yogurt is its thicker. One cup of fresh nutrients vitamin C. lemon juice provides 187 lic acid. which acts as an emulsifier. Boneless. choco- late. zinc. magnesium and copper. cocoa butter. Chocolate chip cookie Dark chocolates such as semi-sweet chips are high in antioxidants. potassium. and vitamins B6 and B12. not only does grilled chicken breast serve as a high quality protein source by itself. it contains probiotic cultures and is lower in lactose and has twice the protein content of regular yogurts.Greek yogurt All yogurts are excellent sources of calcium. protein. potas. Chicken breast is readily avail- able in grocery stores across the United States. and fiber. One cup of fresh percent of your daily strawberries contains 160 percent of recommended serving the daily recommended quantity of of vitamin C — take that. Also. for only 50 calories. Choc- olate chips are usually semi-sweet chocolate made from sugar. they’re a 3/4 cup strawberries great vitamin C food Strawberries are rich in the essential source. THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 159 . and you can find it raw or pre-cooked. served plain or slathered in barbecue sauce. you can add it to salads and casseroles to boost nutritional value. LIFESTYLE sium. creamier texture because the liquid whey is strained out.



Festival-going teens love her fearless look. Rihanna. evolution of a style icon The singer has the most talked-about wardrobe in pop. but is her fetish gear a hypersexualised step too far? 162 I THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE .








rine Est Address: 1693. regional and national music are featured. visitors can try out a show. this licensed Plateau music club brings the best of district establishment also serves emerging regional artists and as a cozy bistro and cafe. Laurent. Pub Saint-Ciboire is Montreal has a capacity of 2300 popular among fans of Quebec. intimate venue for mu. breakfast. Louisiana-style culinary offerings Local. David Blanche de Chambly. For a very Quebec loup. When not being used for a experience.VENUES Le Cagibi House of Jazz A premiere. sive cocktail selections and ter- Address: 5490 St. serving well-known international jazz per- coffee. sweet treats. formers to downtown Montreal. A landmark since 1968. nightclub. this live sic and art. in addition to exten- acts are showcased. ing one of the local bands that Address: 59. Belle Gueule Bowie. Ben Harper and Jean Le- and Boreale. the venue transforms into a tasty Quebec brews while watch. rue Saint-Denis Telephone: 1 514 844-3500 Telephone: 1 514 843-6360 170 I THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE . light lunch and late-night snacks. rue Sainte-Cathe- play at the pub on a regular basis. Telephone: 1 514 509-1199 Address: 2060 Aylmer St. Telephone: 1 514 842-8656 Pub Saint-Ciboire Located on rue Saint-Denis in an Metropolis area full of popular French bars This concert venue in downtown and clubs. people and often gets packed to brewed beers as it offers 12 local the rafters during performances lagers and ales on tap including by artists such as Beck. race dining.

The club boasts a friendly atmosphere and hosts up-and-coming and on-the-verge bands and artists. Address: 1225. Jann Arden. art exhibitions. Address: 4848. boulevard Saint-Laurent Telephone: 1 514 284-3804 Club Soda Open in the early 80s. Address: 1832 Ste-Catherine E. Club Lambi is one of the venues for the Pop Montreal indie music festival. boulevard Saint-Laurent Telephone: 1 514 286-1010 Club Lambi Filled with local in-the-know music fans. Address: 4465. Chris Isaak. Telephone: 1 514 564-4440 THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 171 . Club Soda has since become one of Montreal’s busiest and most popular venues. weekend brunches and comprehensive cafe and bar services are hallmarks of this downtown bistro. which features menus of comfort foods for breakfast. the club’s stage has been graced by many now-famous performers such as the Tragically Hip. Oasis and Canadian comedy troupe Kids in the Hall.La Casa del Popolo La Casa del Popolo is not only a fair trade cafe of- fering light snacks. Soundgarden. Aiming to give new artists and producers of all per- formance genres an audience. lunch and dinner. boulevard Saint-Laurent Telephone: 1 514 583-5098 Cafe Theatre Live music. It is also a bar. a live music venue and a gallery.

Visitors can expect to refurbished look and hosts and see rock shows. 1913. and old school depending on the tions. rue Saint-Denis Address: 1 St. punk. across the street). reviews. Address: 1254 Mackay St. this bar and grill features nightly sa is a restaurant serving Span. French-speaking hosts some of the hottest bands singers. Cafe Campus is Address: 1260. previous location. St-Hubert Address: 4530 avenue Papineau Telephone: 1 514 278-6419 Telephone: 1 514 529-5000 La Sala Rossa Upstairs Jazz Bar & Grill Run by the same people as Casa Located downtown and a vibrant del Popolo (and located right venue on Montreal’s jazz scene. ment including cabarets. rue St-Hubert. La Sala Ros. rue De la Gauche- better than ever with three floors tiere and live shows that see the club Telephone: 1 514 790-1245 packed to the rafters. Coldplay. Located in the Plaza St-Hubert days and Francophone Sundays. rue Prince-Arthur Est features live music acts. Paul St. Telephone: 1 514 727-0308 sic venues. alternative of Mediterranean-inspired selec. Red Hot Chili Peppers. Cafe Chaos presents 172 I THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE . and large-group menu options. theatre that is now used as a con- oke bar. the Bell Centre also Laurent hosts a number of big-name mu- Telephone: 1 514 284-0122 sic artists making stops in Mon- treal during world tours. Cafe Chaos Address: 6944. live bands Telephone: 1 514 931-6808 and more. cocktail offerings and late-night tion puts on a range of entertain.Modavie local rock acts as well as bands Nestled in the historic quarter from across Canada and the US. Extensive weekend brunch. this casual bar and lounge Address: 57. jazz concerts and musical around. The venue also puts on theme nights such Bar Chez CloClo as retro Tuesdays. extensive cocktail offerings night. One of Montreal’s many live mu. From a bowl. dance competitions. Home of the Montreal Canadiens Address: 4848 boulevard Saint. Today it boasts a newly cert venue. district. rock. karaoke Telephone: 1 514 844-1010 nights. Since the 1920s Theatre Plaza has a heritage building constructed in worn many hats. The club also hosts DJ nights es seven-nights-a-week. thur after receiving noise com. Address: 2031. live music and a menu of North ish tapas and paella as well as a American classics. West. Telephone: 1 514 844-1301 Telephone: 1 514 287-9582 La Tulipe Theatre Plaza Located in the Dominion Theatre. La Tulipe is a former movie ing alley to an illegal Asian kara. plaints from the neighbours at the Madonna and U2. Address: 6505 rue. and offering live jazz performanc. hockey team. The club por. Past and Cafe Campus futures bands and performers at Having moved to rue Prince-Ar. The venue often hosts some of the world’s most popular Bell Centre indie rock bands. the Bell Centre include The Cult. dining services are available. social dancing and DJ dance parties. break. Blues Wednes. this bar when the music played includes and restaurant features a menu hardcore.

old school punk. bluegrass and old-time jams. an ambient social Grumpy’s Happy Mondays. tique also carries an extensive ally hosts popular bands Arcade selection of tea sets. launches and corporate parties. this casual lounge fea- night of the week. here and the lish. rue Fleury Est. services. hour that lasts from 4 pm to 6 Address: 463 Saint-Catherine pm.and French-speaking bands space can be rented for special that represent a range of music events such as concerts. boulevard Saint. Live. Snug music hall featuring inter- Les Foufounes Electriques fea. 80s rock. which features complete hardcore. product genres. Sweet n Le Petit Medley Sour Thursdays and Electrik Sat. The popular C’est Extra and Pop ent. and other brewing essentials. hip hop. performances. 80 nights are held. The club hosts live rock. to discover some cool new tal. weekly at this casual pub and tive. Telephone: 1 514 271-7887 Le Divan Orange Le Divan Orange is a newcomer Le National on Montreal’s live music scene Le National concert hall pres- but has nonetheless become a ents a range of local and inter- favourite among those looking national music artists and bands. lounge. three acts. days. Address: 4234. wireless Internet is also available rine Est to patrons. pop bar services and a menu of pub- and ska depending on the night style favorites. The club hosts both Eng. rue Sainte-Cath- Laurent erine Est Telephone: 1 514 840-9190 Telephone: 1 514 845-2014 Grumpy’s Bar Le Gainzbar Grumpy’s is a live music bar that Located in the heart of Plaza St- offers different themes each Hurbert. Moonshine on Thursday Address: 6289 St-Hubert. local talent hits the stage urdays. rue Notre-Dame Address: 1348. Montreal. St W. live Telephone: 1 514 272-3753 bands on Saturdays and more. blues & Mo- dance floors and a daily happy town. Various nights tures a weekly line-up of live jazz include 80’s Goodness Sundays. Complimentary Address: 87. QC H3B 1B1 hardcore and industrial bands Province: Québec and also puts on club nights Phone: (514) 528-9766 such as GoGo Tuesdays. Under Attack Wednesdays. nationally inspired fare & live tures two beer gardens. rue Bishop Le Rendez-Vous Telephone: 1 514 866-9010 In addition to operating as a tea house. The on-site bou- and musicals but also occasion. Telephone: 1 514 844-5539 Address: 6206 rue St-Hubert. Ouest Telephone: 1 514 384-5695 Telephone: 1 514 931-2088 THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE I 173 . Address: 1242. rock n roll. Music includes alterna. including jazz.Foufounes Electriques Le Balcon An alternative club with style. this casual bistro also fea- Le Theatre Corona tures dining for lunch and dinner Le Theatre Corona is mainly and hosts weekly live dinner- used for theatre performances music events. Jazz atmosphere and extensive bar Night open jams on Wednes. rue Sainte-Cathe. Address: 1220. Address: 2490. tea pots Fire.