We Will Never Forget.

By: Kate Powell
Voyager and the rest of our motley
caravan have been traveling through a part
of space where gateways that lead to any
number of unknown parts of the universe
have been popping up and either sucking
in or spitting out ships. We the crew of with the power drains, we had other ships
Voyager, have taken it upon our selves to, tractor them through, and as for the
once again, help complete strangers. But sensors, we put buoys every 15 kilometers
we are, after all, in a strange situation. to act as road signs.
70,000 light years from home and the
leader of a caravan that brings enemy and Now, of course, we were all afraid of
enemy together to reach a common goal, to what might have been in there, or what
try and get home in one piece. Now more might have been waiting for us on the
then ever, we need to pull together, and other side, but no one was as afraid as the
find a way to get these people and Kuluuk. The Kuluuk were a kind and very
ourselves back home. timid species, but what might not be
known is that the Kuluuk’s physiology is
We’ve already lost several of those who so fragile that they quite literally could die
were in our caravan in the beginning. In of fright. It seems almost unimaginable,
one of the most tragic of circumstances, we that all a person had to do to kill a species
lost the Kuluuk. Captain Janeway asked that timid, is to go running through the
me to write this article to stress the corridors screaming. But it wasn’t
importance of the tragic details unimaginable to the person that killed
surrounding the death of those harmless, them. In fact, according to the evidence,
little creatures. that’s exactly what they did.

Several days ago we encountered a After the Kuluuk didn’t follow every
nebula that was not unlike the Mutara one else out of the nebula and had been
Nebula back home in the Alpha Quadrant. two hours overdue. Captain Janeway sent
In order to get past it, we would have to go Tom Paris and Harry Kim to find them.
through it. But, of course, there were two And find them they did. Tom transported
major problems. One was that there over and found the Captain with his neck
were ships in the caravan that, due to the broken and every one of the other Kuluuk
strange new power drain that all our ships dead of a cardiac arrest due to severe
had seemed to be experiencing, they fright. After we had towed the Eru, with
couldn’t even start up their thrusters much her dead crew, out of the nebula, Tuvok
less their impulse engines. The second was began a thorough investigation of the
that this nebula was so dense sensors murder of this gentle species. Then both he
wouldn’t go past more then a few thousand and Commander Chakotay made a
meters, and shields wouldn’t function disturbing discovery. They found only 246
inside the nebula either. So essentially we bodies including the captain’s, but the
were flying blind, and practically ship’s records said that there were 247
defenseless, but we figured out ways to Kuluuk aboard. So that led Tuvok and
overcome these obstacles. As for the ships

evidence. and Seven of like that. then who and her crew. Then we find the We. So. This led them to the food supplies. who could it be? Well the way Captain Janeway saw it. That searching eventually. If we remember their embarrassment they would ask for nothing else of this journey we are on. on the memory and the story of the Eru Well. hide the fact the Kuluuk had been murdered is the way of a coward not a hunter. First we have a dead Kuluuk crew with one missing. if it wasn’t the Hirogen. Oh. that were trophies of their hunts. And we all know with. no species that were on the ship for the Voyager. Tuvok. And according to Commander Chakotay. and then helped themselves to . and collect things of that nature as Hirogen and those from Voyager. Voyager. we can do now is hope and pray that he Tuvok also found something else that was will never do such a thing to anyone else surprising. then the death of the Kuluuk was it? Well first let’s re-examine the will have been for nothing. The Kuluuk’s food supply and ever again. they were so And with that I will leave you with one afraid of running out of food. After all. and someone could then have transported over. do here by missing body de-boned in a storage swear an oath to never forget what has compartment. hope that we will all remember the horrible death of the Kuluuk. and it turned out to be non They are a proud people that flaunt the other then the leader of the Todanians. killed them. trophies of their hunts for the entire galaxy Sinimar Arkathi. Or the killer was the one more searching. by flying directly into a gateway. Chakotay. The Hirogen. So again you’re asking. the Kuluuk could have veered off course in the nebula. we can narrow appalling thing about the missing Kuluuk down the list of suspects to the seventeen is that he didn’t die of fright. ceiling storage compartment. is that one of two things could have happened. All seem like something they would do at all. Lastly the food supply on the Kuluuk ship was completely gone. So with that in mind Captain of only one species that would do a thing Janeway. But why would the on the Kuluuk vessel for the exchange Hirogen do such a thing? What was their program. I assistance. After about four days we found motive? And why did they hide the body? the murderer. been completely depleted. Unfortunately he got to see. For if we do not carry Right now you’re probably asking. they are Nine began the arduous investigation of the only species in this caravan that are the fifteen species. This poor creature had its bones exchange program that Neelix came up and organs all removed. not including the hunters. One. who needed the help and they just killed lead them to the discovery of the 247th the Kuluuk and then stole the Kuluuk’s member of the crew. because trying to home. Tuvok found it in a supply of food. No the murder of the Kuluuk didn’t away. And the most Who is the killer? Well. the crew of Voyager.Chakotay to wondering. that despite more thought. And we know that it happened to the Kuluuk on their journey couldn’t be the Hirogen.