New prosthetic Feet

This book is including upon two new design, manufacturing and modelling
of prosthetic feet. The new feet is most suitable foot for the patient
conditions chosen both in energy storing potential and energy return
efficiency. The dorsiflexion and eversion angle for the new foot are better
than those of the SACH foot. By comparing the characteristics exhibited by
prosthetic foot to those of a human foot , a selection of these prostheses
was undertaken based on their favorability to the characteristics of a
human foot , the new foot has good characteristics . The transfer force
from foot to pylon by impact for the new foot is less than that for SACH

Hasan Saad

Work experience:Sep 2011 - Mar 2012 diyala governor
New Design of Prosthetic
diyala, Iraq. Education:Mechanic Bachelor - Jun 2011
AL-Kufa, Iraq Mechanic Master - 2014 Bagdad ,Iraq Feet Made of New Materials
Start of the study Mechanical PhD in 2015-2016 Skill
and abilities AutoCAD and ANSYS Workbench .
Mechanical Good and design of prosthetic foot .
programmer C++,html


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