Abdallah Albarrak

ID#; 800056649
Class #5

Q1: -
1- There should be a definite and fixed place for all tools and materials.
2- Gravity feed bins and containers should be used to deliver materials close to the
point of use.
3- Materials and tools should be located to permit the best sequence of motions.
4- Tools and materials should be propositioned whenever possible.

Q2: -
1- 1- Tools, materials, and controls should be located close in and directly in front of
the operator.
2- The hands should be relieved of all work that can be done more advantageously
by a jig, a fixture, or a foot-operated device.
3- Two or more tools should be combined whenever possible.

Q3: -

Filling = H/A
Obtain caps = H/A
Place boxes = H/A – L/F – B
Receive orders = B – Ey
Pick up juice = H/ A - B
Filling = H/A
Place cup = H/A – B
Pick up tray = H/A – B

Place all tools and materials by each other.
Develop best way of working and smoothest.
Improve best communications with orders.

- Get a machine for filling the juice to cut down some working.
- Get all places of tools and materials near by each other.
- Improve the way of receiving orders to get the work done faster.

Filling = H/A
Obtain caps = H/A
Receive order = B – Ey
Pick up juice = H/A – B
Pick up tray = H/A- B