Abdallah Albarrak

ID#: 800056649

Company of Iron

There is a big company of iron and iron related in Saudi Arabia. The company is called AlMudhish and it has some Branches in

some cities. There is a big profit in this company but the owner of this company is always looking forward to increase the profit. In this

company, after creating the model, as it is required the model needs to be placed in the storage and the place of the storage is 10 min

away from the factory. Thus, every time the workers are done with some amount of models they have to deliver the package to the

storage by a car. This work job will need the employees to carry the package when it is ready and put it in the car and deliver it to the

place of the storage and the take it out of the car to place it in the storage.


1- Improvement is never enough.
2- Work smarter not harder.
3- Decision should be made at the lowest level.
4- Work in process cost money.
5- The time to complete a project is the longest path of activities from start to end.


1- The distance must be always short from station to other.
2- After the model is done should not be carried to a car and delivered to be stored.
3- The storage must in a place where it can be reached in a minute or less to make the work fast.