Standing Judo

The Combination and Counter Attacks
by Mikonosuke Kawaishi

In matters of training. however. but is always the more or less conscious exploitation of an opportunity. But let us return after these considerations to the discipline of training. are to be rejected equally . perfection and beauty. and if you practise. is always the result of very persevering training. the movement badly done ends by correcting itself. because as in life.or almost equally . once widespread. is not isolated in its perfection from what has gone before. he must always practise. The 'Tokui-waza' is a sort of magic formula which permits you to penetrate . facility may be in the beginning a springboard but very quickly becomes a handicap.. this instantaneous adaptation to opportunities. physical effort. a controversy divides the supporters of hard. this momentary action which could not be other than it is without losing its efficacy. in Judo as in life. therefore.The combination will lack purity . Indeed. to a nostalgia for Perfect Movement which we must always search for and which comes so rarely. one can say that in the end. For this reason. This rather over- simplified idea. that it should be. level with the ground. a gifted individual needs more character to perfect himself to a higher grade than one less endowed. Judo is practically without limit. Mikonosuke Kawaishi This exploitation. paradoxically. and. one very often sees that the ones who succeed have more than facility: tenacity. to the Tokui-waza (one's favourite technique).. happy coincidence or prepared in advance.when. this does not mean to say that it should be disordered or thoughtless. if O-UCHI-GARI becomes the lateral flight which. you could tire yourself very much and for a long time without making any improvement. without analysing from time to time the reasons for your checks as well as your progress. to combinations and counters. Whatever the aptitude of the Judoka may be. The action which succeeds is made up of all those which have missed their mark. you fix your mind on the heart of the movement in a way that will enable you to progress in the right direction .for experience has taught me that occasionally the body is more intelligent than the head. But it is also quite evident that if you practise in a haphazard manner without selecting the movements. it should be. the counter will not be Judo. It is quite evident that if you isolate the 'line' of a throw in your thoughts. again. as varied as life itself. 'There is no miracle but which is merited'. and those of a more intellectual approach: the 'sweaters' and the 'visionaries'. and that the disordered repetition finishes by disciplining itself. These two extremes. 'Imagination is more important than knowledge'. if KO-UCHI-GARI really becomes for you the dive. The movement which succeeds. corresponds perhaps to our need for the Absolute.