Movement Melee Attack Ranged Attack
Move a distance up to your speed. 1) Roll to see if you hit: 1) Roll to see if you hit:
You can break up your movement between Roll 1d20 and add your proficiency Roll 1d20 and add your proficiency
doing other things. For example: move 10 bonus + your STR* modifier. If the total bonus + your DEX* modifier. If the total
feet, attack, and then move 15 more feet. equals the target’s AC, you hit. equals the target’s AC, you hit.

You can also climb or jump as part of your 2) Roll for damage: 2) Roll for damage:
movement. Your GM can explain the rules Roll the damage die for your weapon and Roll the damage die for your weapon and
for doing so. add your STR* modifier. add your DEX* modifier.

*If you’re throwing a melee weapon, you
use whichever modifier you would normally
*You can choose to use your DEX modifier use when attacking with that weapon. For
instead if you’re using a finesse weapon, example, you’d use STR when throwing a
e.g. a shortsword. handaxe.


Use an Object Cast a Spell Other Actions
Some interactions with objects require you A) If the spell says to make an attack: Dash: Double your movement.
to spend your action: Roll 1d20 and add your proficiency Disengage: Avoid opportunity attacks.
• Drink a potion or feed one to an ally bonus + your INT, WIS, or CHA modifier Dodge: Disadvantage to hit you.
• Use a spell scroll (depends on your class). If the total equals Grapple: Athletics contest to grab a target,
• Use other special objects the target’s AC, you hit. Then roll the reducing its speed to 0.
damage dice for the spell. Help: Advantage to an ally’s check.
Trivial interactions don’t use up your B) If the spell says the target must make a Hide: Stealth check to hide yourself.
action. You may do 1 of these for free: saving throw: Make something up: You can try anything
• Draw or sheathe a sword Roll damage dice for the spell. Your GM will as long as your GM allows it!
• Take an item from your pack make a “saving throw” to see how much of Ready: Set an action to be triggered.
• Open or close a door that damage the target takes. Search: Attempt to find something.
• Pick something up C) If the spell doesn’t say either: Shove: Athletics contest to knock a target
• Throw a leaver or switch Healing spells, helpful spells, and certain prone or push it 5 feet.
• Hand an item to someone else offensive spells like Magic Missile always Stabilize: DC 10 medicine check to stabilize
• Other trivial interactions hit. a dying ally.

Light 1d8 their bonus action to do the following: MOVEMENT Dagger 1d4 • If you’re wielding a light melee weapon in ACTION Greataxe 1d12 each hand. e. Roll to see if you hit and for damage as normal. you get 1 of each: Weapon Damage Die A conditional extra action. Anyone can use Crossbow. you get 1: Quarterstaff 1d6 / 1d8 2hand You may also have special spells or Rapier 1d8 abilities that use a bonus action. you can’t take another until the start of Warhammer 1d8 / 1d10 2hand • Hunter’s mark (Spell) your next turn. you can use your bonus action BONUS ACTION Handaxe 1d6 to make an attack with your second Javelin 1d6 weapon. After you take Shortsword 1d6 • Healing word (Spell) one. Not all are shown. You may also have special spells or abilities that use a reaction. • If you previously readied an action. Bonus Longbow 1d8 don’t add your STR or DEX modifier to the actions are situational and your class may Longsword 1d8 / 1d10 2hand damage. See rules for more. you can make a melee weapon attack of opportunity against it. e.: REACTION Shortbow 1d6 • Cunning action (Rogue ability) Reactions are situational. Roll to see if you hit as normal. Mace 1d6 On or outside of your turn. not use them very much. Anyone can use their reaction to do the following: • If an enemy moves out of your reach. • Martial arts (Monk ability) REACTION Reaction A conditional extra action used on or outside of your turn.: • Cutting words (Bard ability) • Protection (Fighter ability) • Shield (Spell) • Uncanny dodge (Rogue ability) .g. but You can do these in any order.g.GAME HELP GAME HELP BONUS ACTION Turn Overview Weapon Damage Bonus Action On your turn. you take it using your reaction.

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