Chapter Management MCAT-ECAT

S.No Subject Chapters Topic Professor T. MCQ (R) T. MCQ (P)
1 English Synonyms Synonyms
Antonyms Antonyms
Fill in the Blanks Fill in the Blanks
Sentence Correction Sentence Correction
Reading Comprehension Reading Comprehension
2 Physics The Scope of Physics Definition of Physics
Islam and Science
Contribution to Physical Sciences by the Islamic
Physics and Society
Measurement and the System of Units
Measurement of Time
Basic SI Units
Significant Figures
Scalars and Vectors Scalars and Vectors
Addition of Vectors
Multiplication of a Vector by a Number
Division of a Vector by a Number (Non Zero)
Unit Vector and Null Vector
Free Vector
Position Vector
Properties of Vector Addition
Resolution and Composition by Rectangular
Addition of Vectors by Rectangular Components
The Dot Product
Commutative Law and Distributive Law for Dot
The Cross Product
Some Physical Examples of Vector Product
Properties of the Vector Product
Motions Displacement
Chapter Management MCAT-ECAT
S.No Subject Chapters Topic Professor T. MCQ (R) T. MCQ (P)
Velocity from Distance- Time Graph
Acceleration from Velocity - Time Graph
Equations of Uniformly Accelerated Rectilinear
Motion Under Gravity
Laws of Motion
Motion of Bodies Connected by a String
Momentum of a Bady
Law of Conservation of Momentum
Elastic Collision in One Dimension
Coefficient of Friction
The Inclined Plane
Motion in Two Dimension Projectile Motion
Maximum Height of the Projectile
Range of the Projectile
Projectile Trajectory
Uniform Circular Motion
Angular Displacement
Angular Velocity
Angular Acceleration
Relation Between Angular and Linear Quantities
Tangential Velocity
The Period
Centripetal Acceleration and Centripetal Force
Some Important Relations of Linear Motion and
Angular Motion
Torque Angular Momentum
and Equilibrium
Centre of Mass
Equilibrium and Conditions of Equilibrium
First Condition of Equilibrium
Chapter Management MCAT-ECAT
S.No Subject Chapters Topic Professor T. MCQ (R) T. MCQ (P)
Second Condition of Equilibrium
Location of Axis
Angular Momentum
Conservation of Angular Momentum of a Particle
Gravitation Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation
Mass and Average Density of Earth
Variation of g with Altitude and Depth
Weightlessness in Satellites
Artificial Gravity
Work, Power and Energy Work
Work Done Against Gravitational Force
Potential Energy
Absolute Potential Energy
Interconversion of P.E and K.E (Freely Falling Body)
Law of Conservation of Energy
Law of Conservation of Energy
Wave, Motion and Sound Vibratory Motion
Motion Under Elastic Restoring Force (Hooke's
Characteristics of SHM
Energy of Particle Executing SHM
Examples of SHM
Generation of a Wave Pulse
Travelling Waves
Transverse Wave
Analytical Treatment of Travelling waves
Energy in Waves
Standing Waves
Fundamental Frequency and Harmonics
Chapter Management MCAT-ECAT
S.No Subject Chapters Topic Professor T. MCQ (R) T. MCQ (P)
Longitudinal Waves
Speed of Sound Waves
Laplace's Correction
Musical Sound and Noise
Superposition of Sound Waves
Doppler Effect
Nature of Light Dual Nature of Light
Wave Fronts, Huygen's Principle
Interference of Light
Young's Double-Slit Interference
Interference in Thin Films
Newton's Rings
The Michelson Interferometer
Diffraction Grating
Diffraction of X-rays Through Crystals
Polarization of Light Waves
Geometrical Optics Lenses
Image Formation
The Thin Lens Formula
Combination of Thin Lenses
Power of Lenses
Lens Aberration
Linear Magnification
Magnifying Glass
Compound Microscope
Galilean Telescope
Terrestrial Telescope
The Eye
Heat Heat as a Form of Energy in Transit
Chapter Management MCAT-ECAT
S.No Subject Chapters Topic Professor T. MCQ (R) T. MCQ (P)
Scales of Temperature
Themometric Properties
Thermal Expansion
Volume Expansion
Bimetallic Thermostat
Gas Laws
General Gas Law
The Properties of Gases:Kinetic Interpretation
Interpretation of Pressure on Kinetic Theory of
Derivation of The Gas Laws
Specific Heat Capacity
Determination of The Specific Heat Capacity
Molar Specific Heat
Heat and Work in Thermodynamics
The First Law of Thermodynamics
Special Cases
Applications of First Law of Thermodynamics
Derivation of Cp-Cv=R
The Second Law of Thermodynamics
The Carnot Engine
Entropy and The Second Law of Thermodynamics
Electrostatics Electrostatics
Coulomb's Law
Electric Field
Electric Lines of Force
Electric Flux and Field Intensity
Gauss's Law
Applications of Gauss's Law
Electric Potential
Absolute Potential at a Point
Electric Potential Near an Isolated Point Charge
Relation Between Electric Field and Potential
Chapter Management MCAT-ECAT
S.No Subject Chapters Topic Professor T. MCQ (R) T. MCQ (P)
Electron Volt
Equipotential Surfaces
Capacitance and Capacitors
Parallel Plate Capacitor
Combinations of Capacitor
Different Types of Capacitors
Current Electricity Electric Current
Direction of a Current
Electric Resistance and Ohm's Law
Combination of Resistors
Power Dissipation in Resistors
Electromotive Force
Magnetism and Electro
Magnetic Field Due to Current
Force on a Current Carrying Conductor in a
Uniform Magnetic Field
Torque on a Current Carrying Rectangular Loop
Placed in a Magnetic Field
Magnetic Flux and Flux Density
Force on a Charged Particle Moving in a Magnetic
Ampere's Law
Electromagnetic Induction
Lenz's Law
Self Induction
Alternating Current Generator ( Dynamo )
D.C. Generator
Electric Motor
Electrical Measuring
The Moving Coil Galvanometer
Ammeter and Voltmeter
Wheatstone Bridge
Chapter Management MCAT-ECAT
S.No Subject Chapters Topic Professor T. MCQ (R) T. MCQ (P)
Meter Bridge
Post Office Box ( P.O. Box )
The Ohmmeter
Electromagnetic Waves and
Electromagnetic Waves
Production of Electromagnetic Waves ( Radio
Waves )
Information Carried by Electromagnetic Waves
and Their Reception
The Band Theory of Solids
Semi Conductors
Atomic Binding in Semi Conductors
Preparation of Semi Conductors
Crystal Lattice and Unit Cell
The p-n Junction or Semi Conductor Diode
Semi Conductor Diode ( Crystal ) Rectifiers
Light Emitting Diode ( LED )
Solar Cell
Transistor Operation
Transistor Characteristics
Transistor Characteristics
Advent of Modern Physics Frames of Reference
Inertial Reference Frame
Frames of Reference in Uniform Relative Motion
The Principle of Relativity
Postulates of Special Theory of Relativity
Consequences of Special Theory of Relativity
Black Body Radiation and Quantum Theory
Planck's Law - Quantum Theory
Chapter Management MCAT-ECAT
S.No Subject Chapters Topic Professor T. MCQ (R) T. MCQ (P)
The Photon
The Photo Electric Effect
Einstein's Explanation of Photo Electric Effect on
The Basis of Quantum Theory
Photo Cell and Their Uses
The Compton Effect
Pair Production and Annhilation of Matter
The Wave Nature of Particles and De - Broglie
The Davisson and Germer Experiment
Wave Particle Duality
The Uncertainty Principle
The Atomic Spectra The Spectrum of Hydrogen Atom
Bohr's Model of The Hydrogen Atom
Excitation and Ionization Potentail
X - Ray Spectra
X - Ray Contnious Spectra or X - Ray
Introduction to Lasers
The Laser Principle
Operation of Ruby Laser
Applications of Laser
The Atomic Nucleus Introduction
Nuclear Structure
Radio Activity and Nuclear Changes
The Disintegration of Radio Active Elements
The Law of Radio Active Decay
The Half Period or Half Life of The Radio Active
Nuclear Changes and The Conservation Laws
Mass Energy Relation and The Mass Defect
Mass Defect and Binding Energy
Nuclear Reactions
Nuclear Fission
Chapter Management MCAT-ECAT
S.No Subject Chapters Topic Professor T. MCQ (R) T. MCQ (P)
Nuclear Fusion
Nuclear Reactors
Breeder Reactor
Nuclear Radiations Interaction of Nuclear Radiations With Matter
Wilson Cloud Chamber
Geiger Counter
Solid State Detectors
Radiation Exposure
Radiation Damage
Effect of Radiation Damage
Biological and Medical Uses of Radiation
Radiation Techniques in Other Fields
Introduction to Fundamental
3 Chemistry Introduction
Concepts of Chemistry
Significant Figures
Use of Exponents
Error and Deviation
Empirical Formula
Molecular Formula
Mole and Avagado's Number
Calculations Based on Chemical Equations
Limiting Reactant
The Three States of Matter
Kinetic Theory
(Solid, Liquid, Gas)
Gaseous State
Gas Laws
Ideal Gases
Change of State(Liquification)
Liquid State
Surface Tension
Vapour Pressure
Change of State- Boiling
Solid State
Types of Crystals
Chapter Management MCAT-ECAT
S.No Subject Chapters Topic Professor T. MCQ (R) T. MCQ (P)
Change of State- Melting
The Atomic Structure Faraday's Experiment
Crookes's Tube or Discharge Tube Experiments
Positive Rays -Protons
Chadwick Experiment
Spectroscopic Experiments
Planck's Quantum Theory
Rutherford's Model of an Atom
X-Rays and Atomic number
Bohr'sTheory and Hydrogen Atom
Determinition of Energy
Hydrogen Spectrum
Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle
Energy Levels and Energy Sub-Levels
Orbitals and Quantum Numbers
Pauli's Exclusion Principle
Shapes of Orbitals
Electronic Configuration
Atomic Radius
Ionization Potential
Electron Affinity
Chemical Bonding Energetics of Bond Formation
Electrovalent or Ionic Bond
Covalent Bond
Dative Covalent Bond or Co-ordinate Covalent
Dipole Moment
Ionic Character of Covalent Bond
Bond Energy
Chapter Management MCAT-ECAT
S.No Subject Chapters Topic Professor T. MCQ (R) T. MCQ (P)
Sigma and Pi Bonds
Shapes of Simple Molecules
Hydrogen Bonding
Energetics of Chemical
Thermodynamic Terms
First Law of Thermodynamics
Sign of Enthalpy
Hess's Law of Constant Heat of Summation
Heat of Formation
Chemical Equilibrium Extent to Which Reaction Proceeds
Equilibrium State
The Law of Mass Action
Determination of Equilibrium Constant
Applications of the Law of Equilibrium
Factors Affecting Balance of Chemical Equilibrium

Industrial Applications of Le Chatelier's Principle
Solubility Product
Common Ion Effect
Solutions and Electrolytes Concentration of Solutions
Theory of Ionization
Conductance of Electric Current Through Solution
Electrode Potential
Oxidation Number
Oxidation and Reduction Reactions
Balancing Oxidation Reduction Equations
Strength of Acids and Bases
Chapter Management MCAT-ECAT
S.No Subject Chapters Topic Professor T. MCQ (R) T. MCQ (P)
Introduction to Chemical
Rate and Velocity of Reaction
Rate Constant and Rate Expression
Types of Reaction Based on Reaction Velocity
Determination of Rate of Reaction
Factors Affecting Rate of Reaction
Periodic Classification Introduction
Dobereiner's Triads
Newland's Law of Octaves
Lothar Meyer's Classification
Mendeleev's Periodic Table and Periodic Law
Modern Periodic Law- Modern Periodic Table
Classification and Long Form of Periodic Table
Types of Elements Based on Electronic
Hydrogen Introduction
Position of Hydrogen in Periodic Table
Industrial Preparations of Hydrogen
Atomic Hydrogen
Binary Compounds of Hydrogen
Isotopes of Hydrogen
S-Block Elements Introduction
Group Trends in Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals
Chemical Properties of s-Block Elements
Occurrence and Extraction of Metals
Industrially Important Compounds of s-Block
P-Block Elements
Boric Acid
Metallurgy of Metals
Chapter Management MCAT-ECAT
S.No Subject Chapters Topic Professor T. MCQ (R) T. MCQ (P)
Lead Pigments
Nitric Acid
Allotropic Forms of Sulphur
Hydrogen Sulphide
Sulphuric Acid
D-Block Elements (Transition
Occurrence of Transition Elements in Pakistan
General Characteristics
Metallurgy of Copper
Chemistry of Silver Nitrate
Copper Sulphate
Potassium Chromate
Potassium Dichromate
Potassium Permanganate
Corrosion and its Prevention
Stainless Steel
Silvering of Mirrors
Tin Plating
Introduction to Organic
Introduction to Organic Chemistry
Natural Sources of Organic Compounds
Classification of Organic Compounds
Homologous Series
Chemistry of Hydrocarbons Open Chain and Closed Chain Hydrocarbons
Chemistry of Methane
Chemistry of Ethane
Chemistry of Ethene
Chemistry of Ethyne
Chapter Management MCAT-ECAT
S.No Subject Chapters Topic Professor T. MCQ (R) T. MCQ (P)
Molecular Orbital Treatment of Benzene
Alkyle Halides Classification of Alkyl Halides
Mechanism of Nucleophilic Substitution Reactions
Carbon Compounds with
Oxygen Containing Functional Alcohols
Aldehydes and Ketones
Carboxylic Acids
Chemistry of Life Definition and Introduction
Food and Nutrition
Amino Acids
Digestion of Food
Absorption or Assimilation
Chemical Industries in Pakistan Fertilizers
Rayon (Fibre)
4 Biology Introduction to Biology Biology and Its Major Fields
Level of Biological Organization
Biological Methods
Chapter Management MCAT-ECAT
S.No Subject Chapters Topic Professor T. MCQ (R) T. MCQ (P)
Applications of Biology for The Walfare of
Concepts of Biological Control and Integrated
Disease Management
Biological Molecules Introduction to Biochemistry
Organic Molecules
Conjugated Molecules
Enzymes Energy of Activation
Characteristics of Enzymes
Types of Enzymes
Factors Affecting Enzyme Activity
The Cell Cell as Basic Unit of Life
Eukaryotic Cells
Cytoplasmic Organelles and Membrane System
Variety of Life Classification
The Kingdom Prokaryotae Bacteria
Importance and Control
Immunization and Vaccination
Uses and Misuse of Antibiotics
The Kingdom Protoctista Protista
Main Groups of Protists
The Kingdom Fungi The Body of Fungus
Classification of Fungi
Land Adaptation of Fungi
Economic Importance
The Kingdom Plantae Classification of Plants
Adaption to Land Habitat
Chapter Management MCAT-ECAT
S.No Subject Chapters Topic Professor T. MCQ (R) T. MCQ (P)
Evolution of Leaf
Evolution of Seed Habit
The Kingdom Animalia Animal Classification
Phylum Porifera
Phylum Cnidaria
Phylum Platyhelminthes
Phylum Nemathelminthes
Phylum Annelida
Phylum Mollusca
Phylum Arthropoda
Phylum Echinodermata
Phylum Chordata
Bioenergetics Need for Energy in Living Organisms
Process of Photosynthesis
Cellular Respiration
Energy Flow through the Ecosystem
Nutritions Introduction
Autotrophic and Heterotrophic Nutrition
Autotrophic Nutrition
Mineral Nutrition in Plant
Heterotrophic and Special Mode of Nutrition in
Heterotrophic Nutrition in Animals
Holozoic Nutrition
Digestion and Absoption
Nutrition in Amoeba, Hydra, Planaria and
Human Digestive System
Disorders of the Gastro-Intestinal Track
Parasitic Nutrition
Gaseous Exchange Introduction
Chapter Management MCAT-ECAT
S.No Subject Chapters Topic Professor T. MCQ (R) T. MCQ (P)
Respiratory Media
Gaseous Exchange in Plants
Gaseous Exchange in Animals
Respiratory System of Man
Breathing in Man
Transport of Gases in Man
Transport Introduction
Transport in Plants
Upatke and Transport of Water and Minerals
Water and Minerals Uptake by Root
Ascent of Sap
Translocation of Organic Solutes
Transport in Animals
Circulatory System
Transport in Man
Human Heart
Blood Vessels
Lymphatic System
Cardiovascular Disorders
The Immunity System
Homeostasis Homeostasis and Its Various Aspects
Thermoregulation in Mammals (Human)
Support and Movement Support in Plants
Movements in Plants
Role of Growth Substance in Plant Movement
Support and Locomotion in Animals
Skeletal System
Muscular System
Coordination and Control Coordination in Plants
Plant Hormones
Chapter Management MCAT-ECAT
S.No Subject Chapters Topic Professor T. MCQ (R) T. MCQ (P)
Coordination and Control in Animals
Nerve Impulse
Evolution of Nervous System
Human Nervous System
Chemical Coordination
Animal Behaviour
Reproduction Reproduction in Plants (Asexual Reproduction)
Sexual Reproduction
Alternation of Generation
Seed Dormancy
Transition to Flowering Stages
Reproduction in Animals (Asexual Reproduction)
Sexual Reproduction
Reproductve Organs of a Human Male
Reproductve Organs of a Human Female
Female Reproductive Cycle
Hormonal Control of Reproductive Cycles
Conception and Pregnancy
Test Tube Babies
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Growth and Development Growth and Development in Plants
Condition of Growth
Growth Correlations
Growth and Development in Animals
Cell Differentiation and Its Mechanism
Role of Nucleus in Development
Role of Cytoplasm in Development
Abnormal Development
Chapter Management MCAT-ECAT
S.No Subject Chapters Topic Professor T. MCQ (R) T. MCQ (P)
Choromosomes and DNA Types of Chromosomes
Chemical Composition of Chromosomes
Chromosomes as a Carriers of Genes
The Chromosomal Theory of Inheritance
Gene -The Unit of Hereditary Information
Cell Cycle Cell cycle
Variation and Genetics Genes and Alleles
Review of Mendel's Laws of Inheritance
Incomplete Dominance and Codominance
Multiple Alleles
Linkage and Crossing Over
Sex Determination and Sex Linkage
Diabetes Mellitus
Biotechnology Genetic Engineering
Tissue Culture
Evolution Theories of Evolution
Evidences in Favour of Organic Evolution
Importance of Natural Selection as a Possible
Mecanism for Evolution
Artificial Selection and Its Role
Gene Frequencies and Their Role in Evolution
Endangered Species
Ecosystem Levels of Organisation
Approches of Ecology
The Ecosystem
Biogeochemical Cycles
Interdependence of Organisms and Their
Ecological Succession
Some Major Ecosystem Life in Fresh Water
Life in Marine Water
Terrestrial Ecosystem
Chapter Management MCAT-ECAT
S.No Subject Chapters Topic Professor T. MCQ (R) T. MCQ (P)
Man's Role in Ecosystem
Man and his Environment Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources
Energy Conservation
Man's Impact on Enviroment
Effects on Agriculture
Deforestration And Afforestration
Non-Material Pollution
Protection and Conservation of Enviroment
Conservation of Organism and Their Habitat
Health and Diseases
5 Mathematics Sets Sets Revision
A Few Definitions
Operations on Sets
Properties of Operations on Sets
Some Important Laws
Real and Complex Number
Development of Number Systems
Distinction of Between Rational and Irrational
The Real Number System
The System C of Complex Numbers
Properties of Complex Numbers
Definition of Imaginary Numbers
Conjugate of Complex Numbers
Modulus of a Complex Number
The Subtraction of Complex Numbers
The Division of Complex Numbers
Geometrical Representation of the Complex
Number x + iy as Pair of Real Numbers
The Order Relations
Vector Interpretation of Complex Numbers
The Triangle Inequality
Real and Imaginary Parts of ( x + iy ) Power n
Chapter Management MCAT-ECAT
S.No Subject Chapters Topic Professor T. MCQ (R) T. MCQ (P)
Equations Quadratic Equations
Factor Theorem of Polynomials
Synthetic Division
Solution of Quadratic Equations
The Cube Roots of Unity
Properties of the Cube Roots of Unity
Equations Reducible to the Quadratic Form
The Theory of Quadratic Equations
Nature of the Roots of a Quadratic Equation
Relaltions Between the Roots and the Coefficient
of a Quadratic Equation
To Form a Quadratic Equation When its Roots are
Problems Involving Quadratic Equations
System of Two Equations Involving Two Variables
Solution of Different Types of Systems of
Matrices and Determinant Introduction
Special Types of Matrices
Algebra of Matrices
Properties of Matrix Operation
Determinant of a Square Matrix
Determinants of Order Two and Three
Properties of Determinants of Order Two
Alternate Method For Expanding a Third Order
Properties of Determinants of Order Three
Minors and Cofactors of Elements of a Given
Matrix A
The Multiplicative Inverse of a Square Matrix
Distinction Between Homogeneous and Non-
Homogeneous Systems of Linear Equations
Chapter Management MCAT-ECAT
S.No Subject Chapters Topic Professor T. MCQ (R) T. MCQ (P)
Solving a System of Three Non-Homogeneous
Linear Equations in Three Unknowns
Groups Binary Operations
Multiplication ( or Composition ) Table
Properties of Binary Operations
Algebraic Structure
Sequence and Series Introduction
Arithmetic Sequences or Arithmetic Progression (
A.P )
Standard Form of an A.P
Arithmetic Series
Arithmetic Means
To Insert Arithmetic Means
To Find the Sum of n A.M
Geometric Sequence or Geometric Progression (
G.P )
Standard Form of a G.P
Geometric Series
Infinite Geometric Series
Geometric Means
To Insert Geometric Mean
Harmonic Sequences or Harmonic Progression (
H.P )
General Term of an H.P
The Characteristic Relation for an H.P
An Important Theorem
Harmonic Means
To Insert Harmonic Mean
Relation Between Means
Permutation, Combination and
The Counting Principles
Introduction to Probablity
The Factorial Notation
Permutations and Combinations
Chapter Management MCAT-ECAT
S.No Subject Chapters Topic Professor T. MCQ (R) T. MCQ (P)
Number of Permutations
Circular ( or Cyclic ) Permutations
Number of Combinations
Introduction to Probability
Basic Terminology
Definition of Probability
Addition Law of Probability
Mathematical Introduction and
The Principle of Mathematical Inducion
Binomial Theorem
Sum of Positive Integral Powers of Natural
Binomial Theorem
The Binomial Theorem for a Positive Integral Index
Some Important Observations
The General Term
The Middle Terms
The Binomial Series
Fundamental of Trigonometry Introduction
Radian Measure
General and Its Measure in Degree and Radians
Relation Between Radian and Degree Measure
Relation Between Arc-Length, Radius and General
The Radian Function
Signs of the Trigonometric Function in the Four
Values of Trigonometric Functions
Trigonometric Identities Trigonometric Identities and Their Applications
The Distance Formula
A Fundamental Law
Chapter Management MCAT-ECAT
S.No Subject Chapters Topic Professor T. MCQ (R) T. MCQ (P)
Deductions From the Funndamental Law
The Sum and Difference Identities
Identities for Sin2A, Cios2A and Tan2A
Identities For Sin A/2, Cos A/2 and Tan A/2
Sum and Product Identities For Trigonometric
Graphs of Trigonometric
Trigonometric Functions
Periods of Trigonometric Functions
Graphs of Trigonometric Functions
Solutions of Triangles The Law of Sines
The Laws of Cosines
The Laws of Tangents
Solutions of Triangles
Half Angle Formulae in Terms of the Lengths of
the Sides of a Triangle
Area of a Triangle
Circles Associated with a Triangle
Circum-Radius in Terms of the Measure of a Side
and the Measure of the Opposite
Circum-Radius r in Terms of the Measure of three
Sides of a Triangle
Circum-Radius r in Terms of the Measure of three
Sides of a Triangle
Radii of e-Circles of a Triangle
Inverse Trigonometric Function Inverse Trigonometric Functions and Their
and Trigonometric Equations Domains and Ranges
Solutions of Trigonometric Equations
Function and Limits Introduction ( Numbers Systems )
Modulus Function
Chapter Management MCAT-ECAT
S.No Subject Chapters Topic Professor T. MCQ (R) T. MCQ (P)
Binary Relation
Inverse Function
Concept of Function in Terms of Variables
Algebra of Functions
Polynomial Function
Rational Function
Composite Function
Even and Odd Function
Circular Trigonometric Function
Inverse Trigonometric Function
Formulization of Functions
Graph of a Relation and of a Function
Limit of Sequence
Bounded Set and Monotonic Sequence
Exponential Function
Logarithmic Function
Logarithmic Function
Meaning of the Phrase 'x' Tends to 'a'
Limit of Function
Limits as x Tends Infinity
The Staright Line Cartesian Coordinate System
Distance Between Two Given Points
Division of Given Line Segment in a Given Ratio
Rules For the Choice of Axes
Curves and Equations
Slope (or Gradient) of a Line
Slope of the Line Joining Two Given Points
Condition For Three Points to be Collinear
Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
Chapter Management MCAT-ECAT
S.No Subject Chapters Topic Professor T. MCQ (R) T. MCQ (P)

Angle From One Line to Another in the Slope Form
Lines Parallel to the Axes of Coordinates
Various Forms of Equation of Straight Line
Deduction of One Form of an Equation of a Line
From Another
The General Equation of
The General Linear Equation
Staright Lines
Angle Between Two Lines From l2 to l1 in The
General Form
Points of Intersection of Two Straight Lines
Concurrency of Three Lines
Equations of Lines in the Matrix Form
Lines Through the Intersection of Two Given Lines
Position of a Point with Respect to a Given Straight
Distance of a Point From a Line
Area of a Triangle
Equation of a Pair of Straight Lines Through the
The General Quadratic Equation
Differentiability Derivative of a Function at a Point
Composite Function
Implicit Function
Parametric Function
Higher Derivatives
Application of Differential
Geometrical Meaning of dy/dx
dy/dx as a Rate Measurer
Increasing and Decreasing Function
Antiderivatives Antiderivation or Integration
Integration by Substitution
Integration by Completing the Squares
Chapter Management MCAT-ECAT
S.No Subject Chapters Topic Professor T. MCQ (R) T. MCQ (P)
Integration by Parts
Partial Fractions
Integation of Rational Fractions
Area Under a Curve
Differential Equations
Circle Introduction
Equation of a Circle
Equation of a Circle with a Line Segment as its
Tangents and Normals to a Circle
Equation of the Chord Joining Two Points on the
Points of Intersection of the Straight Line and the
Condition of Tangency of a Line to a Circle
The Equation of Tangents and Normals Using
Length of the Tangent from the Point to the Circle
Condition of Normality
Some Geometrical Properties of the Circle
Parabola, Ellipse and Hyperbola General Conic
The Standard Equation of an Ellipse
Equation of Chords
Equations of Tangents and Normals to Conics
TwoTangents and Condition of Tangency to Conics
Vectors Cartesian Coordinate System for 3D Space
Scalar and Vectors Quantities
Equal Vectors
Position Vector and its Direction Cosines
Multiplication of a Vector by a Scalar
Chapter Management MCAT-ECAT
S.No Subject Chapters Topic Professor T. MCQ (R) T. MCQ (P)
Vector Addition
Components of a Vector in a Plane
Application to Analytic Geometry
The Scalar and Vector Products of Two Vectors
Scalar Products of Three Vectors
Applications of Vectors to Mechanics

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