Course: EE 222

Fall 2016
Section: 013
Date: September 8, 2016
Lab No: 1
Lab Name:

Submitted by: David Mihalko

Group Members: David Mihalko, Justin Rush, Kevin Louer, Kimberly Lopez

Fasten each end of the wire to the proto board 5. or 21. Twist the wire neatly around a pen/ pencil to create the wound wire resistor 4.806 ft. The type of wire used is nichrome wire that cannot be recut nor soldered. Calculate length of wire needed to create the 5 ohm resistor using the proportions from the resistance equation and the Nichrome wire rated with 2. 2.Objective: The objective is to create a resistor that has five ohms of resistance measured at the banana jacks. Cut the wire the length of 1. We can calculate the theoretical length of the wire to get a certain resistance which comes out to 1. .67 in 3.769 ohms per foot resistance. Procedure: 1. Read the ohm observation off of the multi-meter. Connect “connecting wires” to proto board and connect banana Jacks to the multi-meter 6. and L is the length of the wire.806 ft. A is the area of the wire. or 21. Calculations: ρL R= A Where R is the resistance.67 in. r is the rated ohms per foot resistance.

Circuit Diagram: .00 Ω with a length of 28 millimeters for the coil length. Conclusion: Our wire resistor was accurate to 5.00 Ω.Final Readings Observed in Lab: Final Reading: 5.

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