Mold Prevention

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Research Question
Will the presence
of salt, prevent
mold from growing
on our bread?
why does it matter?
Well i personally have a lot
of love for bread. Without
bread we couldn't have grilled
cheese sandwiches, soup and
sandwiches, grilled paninis
ect. I had previous knowledge
that bread already had salt,
so then I wondered why it
still became moldy..
Variables to consider....
→ Independent Variable is the salt
that we will be adding to each
piece of bread.

→ Dependent Variable is the
potential mold growth upon the

I’m expecting that the bread
without salt added to its jar will
grow visible mold. And the bread
with salt will not mold.
If we add salt to different types of bread, it will stop
mold prom growing over a period of time because salt is a
known preservative.

I intend to test this theory on three different types of
bread to consider the different ingredients within the
bread. I’m also thinking there should be different types of
air flow to the bread to see if this will change the results
of the bread in the weeks to come. There will also be a
control set of each type of bread without salt, to compare
the difference.
The materials needed will include

● Rye bread
● Wheat bread
● White bread
● Salt (Sea Salt)
● Jars with lids
● Measuring spoons
● Ruler
● Notebook
Design and Study Site
I knew I needed to test this experiment in an area that had
a consistent temperature of about 70 degrees, normal room
temperature. So I decided to keep it out of any sort of
sunlight or exposure to extreme temperature or moisture
change in my closet.

The bread was measured at 2 by 2 inches, put in jars of all
the same size. there were 18 test subjects all together. 3
types of bread each tested 6 different ways. Half of the
test subjects had a teaspoon of sea salt added to the
different ways they were tested
★ The subjects WITH salt were tested
- open jar
- closed jar
- ventilated jar
★ The breads WITHOUT salt were also tested
- with an open jar
- closed jar
- and a ventilated jar

SO that’s each type of bread (x3) tested 6 ways = 18
By controlling the temperature, light exposure, moisture
exposure, the amount of salt, type of bread and air exposure
i believe my method is secure. I will have different sets of
data from each type of bread and hopefully my experiment
will be successful in determining if salt will actually
prevent mold from growing on these pieces of bread.
I have brought in my test subjects...

All of these bread loafs

had an expiration date of

Feb 4th 2016 and they were all country oven brand

Wheat → no mold

White → no mold

Rye → no mold
Week Number

1.The salt on the bread drops to the bottom of the jar

2.Bread has no change

3.Bread is super stiff

4.Still super stiff

5.The jar containing mold is the white bread with no salt

6.Still no mold on the bread with added salt

7.Wheat and Rye without added salt have grown mold
interpretation of results

Even though bread has salt already included in the
ingredients, there is still mold growth whether it is
ventilated, open exposure or enclosed in a airproof jar.None
of the three breads that had sea salt added produced any

has my data supported or refuted the hypothesis? YES, it
supported my hypothesis, because in the beginning i
predicted that the bread with sea salt would not be able to
grow mold.
Problems, explanations, improvements.....
Problems that I encountered included the lack of rich data,
i felt like it was kind of boring because nothing super
exciting happened & so next time I would choose an
experiment that wasn’t so boring.

I didn’t have any unexpected results, i am kind of surprised
that the breads within the enclosed jars that didn’t have
added salt actually grew mold as well.

The experiment could be improved by trialing the breads with
different types of salt instead of just different types of
What could be next?
A related question that could add depth to clarify the
relationship between the variables I found could be....

Is there a potential for mold to grow using just regular
table salt instead of sea salt? What about sugar? would
sugar added provide a bread that harbored mold growth even

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