1. Visa Approval Letter (VAL) Application

New International Students are required to apply Visa Approval Letter (VAL) before arriving in Malaysia. The visa application
process will take about 3 – 4 months to be ready so you are advised to meet all the requirements below. Please provide all
the required documents in HIGH RESOLUTION, IN COLOUR and kindly save all documents in PDF file ONLY.

i. Pre – Entry Medical Screening and Laboratory report. Please use MOHE Medical checkup form provided. (Kindly
ensure the examining doctor furnish all section in the medical form) – Sri Lanka, India & Bangladesh are required to
perform the Pre Entry Medical Screening at EMGS Panel Clinic only. Please use this URL:
ii. Final Official Transcript of Bachelor Degree
iii. Scroll /Graduation Certificate of Bachelor Degree
iv. NOC/LOE for (Iranian and Sub Saharan Country)
v. Yellow Fever Vaccination certificate
vi. O’ Level Certificate for Nigerian (For NOC application)
vii. Photo– Photo passport size photograph with blue background (3.5cm x 5cm)- please follow the guideline below to
avoid any delay in processing of your visa application

 In color and identical, not black and white
 Taken against a WHITE background
 Your photos must be professionally printed and 50 millimeters (mm) high x 35 mm wide. Please do not use photos
that have been cut from larger pictures. The image of the student – from the crown of the head to the chin – must
be between 34 mm and 39 mm high. In the examples below the image on the left shows the correct proportions.
The image on the right shows incorrect proportions.

 Be free from reflection or glare on spectacles, the frames of which must not cover the eyes
 Free from shadows
 Digital enhancements or changes are not acceptable
 Taken with the eyes open and clearly visible (with no sunglasses or tinted spectacles, and/no hair across the eyes)
 Recommend photographs without spectacles to avoid the risk of rejection because of glare or reflection
 With the subject facing forward, looking straight at the camera
 With a neutral expression with the mouth closed (no grinning, frowning or raised eyebrows)
 Of each person on their own (no objects such as dummies or toys, or other people visible)
 Taken with nothing covering the face.
 In sharp focus and clear
 Be free from “redeye”
 Be taken of the full head, without any covering unless worn for religious or medical reasons
 Be printed professionally or taken in a passport photo booth. Photos printed at home are unlikely to be of an
acceptable standard.
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2. Perak. Open Page 2 of 8 . We do not accept Western Union money transfer Bank Info: Payee: INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY PETRONAS SDN BHD Bank Account Number: 8004852703 Banker’s Name: CIMB Berhad Swift Code: CIBBMYKL Banker’s Address: 20. It will be forfeited if applicants fail to register at the University or withdraw from the program after registration.40 3. (please refer to the screen shot below) ix. 31000 Batu Gajah. failure to submit any of these documents may result in an incomplete application that cannot be processed. Please note that.000 (refundable) Student Pass Application RM2. Jalan Pos Baru. Full payment as per details below. Your passport should be valid for at least 48 months from the intended date of entry into Malaysia.411 **Note: 1. Clear cover to cover scan of all passport pages including blank pages and cover page (both side). Rate for USD 1 = MYR 4. Malaysia All required DOCUMENTS must be upload in application dashboard and must be submitted within 3 weeks upon receiving the offer letter. PARTICULARS INTERNATIONAL Personal Bond (International Student Only) RM3. Commitment fee is part of tuition fees. ATTACHMENT I – ADMISSION INTERNATIONAL viii.120 *Commitment Fee (Upon acceptance of offer) USD 200 / RM880 Insurance (On Campus Only) - Registration Fee RM 400 Log Book (Research Mode Only) RM 11 NOC (No Objection Certificate) payment RM100 (if applicable) (For Nigerian & Sudanese ONLY) NOC (No Objection Certificate) payment RM120 (if applicable) (For Somalian ONLY) TOTAL RM 6.

0. Sponsored Students Students are fully responsible for their sponsor’s failure to settle any outstanding amounts during their study in UTP.0. 4. Open Page 3 of 8 .550. TOEIC – 700  Please take note that University have the right to cancel or postpone the offered programme if the number of student is less than feasible as approved by the Admission Committee 3. TOEFL . Non-Sponsored Students Students and/or their parents/guardian are responsible to bear all cost incurred during their period of study in UTP. ATTACHMENT I – ADMISSION INTERNATIONAL 2. TOEFL . International students will be required to return to his/her home country at his/her own expense. valid to be used 2 years from the examination date. UTP Admission Requirement (Registration) Research Students:  Complete of your Bachelor/ Master Degree (subject to Senate Approval) by or before the date of the Registration Period in the offer letter  Approval of your Student Pass by the Malaysian Immigration Department  Pass English requirement with a minimum score of IELTS – 6. TOEIC – 700. The completed MOHE medical check-up form must be submitted as one of the documents for student pass application. Coursework Students:  Complete of your Bachelor/ Master Degree (subject to Senate Approval) by or before the date of the Registration Period in the offer letter  Approval of your Student Pass by the Malaysian Immigration Department  Pass English requirement with a minimum score of IELTS – 6. ii. Any candidate who is found to have any of the diseases/disorders that prohibits registration during a verification process by UTP’s Health Centre will not be admitted to the University. Student also requires performing another medical checkup after reaching Malaysia. Student must undergo a medical examination and kindly use the MOHE Medical Check-up Form (provided in the offer package). The medical check-up must be conducted at student’s home country by a licensed doctor and the medical report must be produced in English. each candidate is required to fulfill all health requirements as per the Guidelines for Medical Examination and Insurance issued by The Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education.550. Health Conditions for Entry of Students Into UTP / Medical Check-up Before being offered admission to the University. Fees i. Students are also required to submit a financial affidavit prior registration in UTP.

120 Medical Check Up (On Campus study only) .200 Graduate Seminar (Social Science) RM 1.660 RM 75.000 (International) MSc in Drilling Engineering RM 70.0 / TOEFL – 550 / TOEIC – 700).020 MSc in Electronic System Engineering RM 24.000 (International) MSc in Offshore Engineering RM 25.500 RM 1.000 RM 1.000 (Malaysian) RM 50.000 (International) MSc in Petroleum Geoscience RM 50. ATTACHMENT I – ADMISSION INTERNATIONAL 5.000 (International) MBA in Energy Management RM 50. the tuition fees are as follow: - Master Programmes PhD Programmes Annual Tuition Fee On Campus Off Campus On Campus Off Campus Engineering RM 6. at their discretion may terminate any student at any time in the event they fail to meet UTP’s enrollment requirements.500 Research Methodology (1st Semester) RM 1.200 RM 9. English Proficiency Certificate English proficiency certificate (IELTS/TOEFL/TOEIC) is COMPULSORY for ALL international students with a minimum requirement (IELTS – 6. - Note: All fees are subject to change at University’s discretion.000 (Malaysian) RM 100.000 (Malaysian) RM 31.000 (International) MSc in Process Safety RM 70.000 (Malaysian) RM 70.200 RM 8.40 Open Page 4 of 8 . 6. Exchange Rate: USD1=RM4. 7.020 RM 75. Reliability of Information Information and documents furnished to UTP must be true and correct.500 RM 1.000 (Malaysian) Note : Fee charges are based on the credit hours taken on every semester.000 RM 1.000 (Malaysian) MSc in Asset Management & Maintenance RM 24.200 RM 6.200 Technology & Science RM 5. For Masters and PhD by research.500 Examination @ Viva Voce (1st Semester) RM 1. RM 2.500 RM 1.500 RM 1. UTP.000 (International) MSc in Process Integration RM 31.500 RM 1.200 Management & Humanities RM 4. Cancellation of Offer / Study UTP reserves the right to withdraw the offer in the event of any information/document(s) furnished to UTP found to be untrue. PROGRAMME TUITION FEES Programme by Coursework Fee Per Programme MSc in Petroleum Engineering RM 59.500 OTHER RELATED FEES PARTICULARS LOCAL INTERNATIONAL Application Fee/ Processing Fee RM 20 USD 50 Insurance RM 36 RM 300 RM 100 Special Pass - (If renewal of student pass is late) Re-registration Fee (every subsequent semester) RM 100 RM 100 New Student Pass Application . The University reserves the right to change the programme fee without prior notice.

31000 Batu Gajah.  Students whose fees are paid in part or in full by external agencies/sponsors who find that there may be delays in receiving funds to inform FFM for consideration and approval. a. Registry Office. C. Malaysia 8. For student who has withdrawn from UTP: Refund shall be made within four (4) months from the date of Clearance form (UTP-REG/ADM/008-15) submitted. Withdrawal from UTP Students who intend to withdraw from UTP are required to complete the Clearance form (UTP. Withdrawal before registration day. MODE OF PAYMENTS The visa processing fees as well as all the necessary payments can be made to Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS with the following account details: Payee: Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS Bank Account Number: 8004857910 Banker’s Name: CIMB Berhad Swift Code: CIBBMYKL Banker’s Address: 20. Fees are to be paid by end of week 4 (after add/or drop courses)  Students who still have outstanding dues may not be allowed to register for the new semester and results may be withheld. b. ATTACHMENT I – ADMISSION INTERNATIONAL FEES REGULATION AND CONDITIONS  Fees will be collected per semester basis (currently UTP practices two intakes session for Research and trimester intake session for Coursework)  Candidates accepted to pursue graduate studies in UTP are required to pay the stipulated fees upon registration and penalty will be imposed for late or non-payment. Refund Policy Refund Category Quantum of Charges Imposed A. Withdrawal within two (2) weeks in academic semester. Jalan Pos Baru. 9. Perak. Visa Processing Fees No request for refund will be entertained once the visa application process has been submitted to the Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS). Student are advice to carefully consider the University’s offer before making any related payments. Withdraws after two (2) weeks in academic semester. B. 2% of Tuition and Annual fees for one (1) semester. 16% of Tuition and Annual fees for one (1) semester. Open Page 5 of 8 . 100% of Tuition and Annual fees for one (1) semester.CGS/V2) that can be obtained from Admission Unit. For student who has accepted the offer but does not register at UTP: Refund shall be made within four (4) months from registration date.

please ensure that all required document(s) for entry to Malaysia are in your possession that include but not limited to passport. Transportation Guideline (From Kuala Lumpur to Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS)  Train (From KL Sentral to Ipoh Railway Station). many things about the way of life in Malaysia may seem unfamiliar to you. ATTACHMENT I – ADMISSION INTERNATIONAL INFORMATION FOR NEW INTERNATIONAL STUDENT Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) warmly welcomes you to our Campus and we wish you every success in your study. the capital state of Perak Darul Ridzuan.00 – RM50.00. The taxi fare shall cost you approximately RM50. wide-open spaces and abundant lakes make these serene surrounding an ideal place for study.00. In addition. Take a taxi from Ipoh Railway Station to UTP. It is advisable to shop for your clothing when you reach Malaysia to ensure clothing suitability to Malaysia weather and at a reasonable price. education and research & development. Prior Leaving Home Country Before leaving your country. all new overseas students are required to attend an orientation programmme before the beginning of the semester. Our normal temperature ranges from 28°C to 32°C. amidst the new township of Bandar Sri Iskandar. the capital city of Malaysia. Take a taxi from Batu Gajah Railway Station to UTP.  Bus (From Kuala Lumpur to Aman Jaya Ipoh Express Bus Terminal). The Campus The University is located in the state of Perak Darul Ridzuan. pharmaceutical.00 – RM80. Bandar Seri Iskandar Situated 40 km southwest of Ipoh. You will need to know more about the rules and regulation affecting your stay if you are to proceed smoothly to the completion of your studies. Its peaceful environment.  Train (From KL Sentral to Batu Gajah Railway Station). The campus was established in a beautifully landscaped setting. PREPARATION TO STUDY IN MALAYSIA Introduction When you arrive. We recommend you to exercise discretion in your choice of clothing for your comfort. about 200km from Kuala Lumpur.00 – RM80. Open Page 6 of 8 . The taxi fare shall cost you approximately RM50. The taxi fare shall cost you approximately RM30.00. insurance coverage. medical requirements and letters. Take a taxi from Aman Jaya Ipoh Express Bus Terminal to UTP. the township of Sri Iskandar is in the midst of development towards an integrated technological park that comprised of manufacturing industry. . Climate and Clothing Bandar Sri Iskandar’s climate is often warmer in the day and cooler at night.

 Copy of UTP Offer Letter  Recent passport sized photographs (4 copies). It will be forfeited if applicants fail to register at the University or withdraw from the program after registration. o Approval of student pass can be revoked or withdrawn if the pass holder fails in their examination or defies any conditions specified by UTP and the Government of Malaysia.40 3. You are also required to bring the ORIGINAL documents during registration. We do not accept Western Union money transfer 4. The students can only be registered with a FULL payment during registration.  Copy of Acceptance of Offer  Undertakings and Agreement Form  Copy of Official Academic Transcript / Certificates/ Academic Scroll (to be translated in English where applicable)  Copy of passport or traveling documents (all pages). Should the student choose to transfer to another institution/university. RM120 (if applicable) (For Somalian ONLY) TOTAL RM 947 RM 6. the student will be required to return to their home country and apply for a new student pass under the new institution/university. Note: Passport Expiry date must be not less than 1 (one) year from the date of entry to Malaysia  English certificate with a minimum requirement (IELTS . RM3. Rate for USD 1 = MYR 4.0 or TOEFL. Commitment fee is part of tuition fees. Student Pass Student Pass is issued based on the offer for study at UTP.120 *Commitment Fee (Upon acceptance of offer) RM 500 USD 200 / RM880 Insurance (On Campus Only) RM36 - Registration Fee RM 400 RM 400 Log Book (Research Mode Only) RM 11 RM 11 NOC (No Objection Certificate) payment . o Students must return to their home country upon completion of their studies.550 or TOEIC – 700)  MOHE Medical Check-up form (must be certified in English by licensed doctor)  Sponsorship Guarantee letter (for sponsored students) OR  Letter of Financial Affidavit for Non-sponsored students  Original receipt of payment for Application & Commitment fee FEES DURING REGISTRATION (for New Student) PARTICULARS LOCAL INTERNATIONAL Personal Bond (International Student Only) . 2.6. o Students are not permitted to be involved in any employment activities except those who have to undergo industrial training. ATTACHMENT I – ADMISSION INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTS TO SUBMIT DURING REGISTRATION Students are required to bring the following documents (refer to Registration checklist). Installment or partial payment will not be accepted. RM100 (if applicable) (For Nigerian & Sudanese ONLY) NOC (No Objection Certificate) payment . Open Page 7 of 8 .000 (refundable) Student Pass Application . Student Pass is not transferable. Copies of certificates and other documents must be certified (as true copies) by relevant authorities. The pass will be revoked if student change to other institution/universities. The issuance of the pass is governed by the following conditions: o Students must not be involved in any activities against the laws and regulations of Malaysia. unless it is a pre-requisite of the study.411 **Note: 1. RM2.

Accommodation Students will be provided with accommodation within the University for 1 Semester only (subject to availability).nasmi@utp. students are required to bring along medical reference letter from a licensed doctor. rules and regulations imposed by the University. Meor Ahmad Kasri norhasidah_meor@utp. Neither are perishable food.e. ATTACHMENT I – ADMISSION INTERNATIONAL Advice to Students Students who have been accepted to UTP must ensure that they have all the necessary documents and personal effects ready well before the time of departure. date of departure and expected date and time of arrival at least 2 weeks before leaving your home +605-368 8345 For information/inquiry on student visa. The average cost of living expenses at the university ranges from RM 500 – RM 1000 per month. students may contact the Office of International Student Monitoring +605-368 8346 Mdm Norhasidah Bt. LSD and cocaine are illegal and absolutely +605-368 8359 Mr Muhamad Faiz B Nasmi mfaiz. Hostel rental about RM 160 per month (changes of fee can be made without prior notice). Contacts For further information on admission and registration. original and copies of academic +605-368 8403 Ms Nurzaihan Zulkefly zaihan. Drug Laws The laws relating to drugs are strict and the penalties are extremely harsh.latip@utp. Appearance Students are required to adhere to Students Dress Code while they are within the University’s vicinity. Registry Department at the following numbers: Mr Raja Shoman Raja Rosdin rshoman_rrosdin@utp. Visa Approval +605-368 8408 Mr Mohammad Azahari B Roslan azahari. o Bring suitable clothing and medication if you are suffering from specific illness. passport. Students Card/Matric card must be worn at all +605-368 8540 Open Page 8 of 8 .edu. flight numbers. students may contact the Admission and Registration Unit. animals and +605-368 8547 Mr Meor Muhammad Faisal B Meor Latip +605-368 8331 Mr Muhammad Azfar Bin Awalluddin azfar. Registry Office at the following numbers:- Mr M Shahrul Nizam B Shah Kobat shahrulnizam_shahkob@utp. University’s Act / Rules / Regulations / Procedure Students are governed by University’s Act. Students are advised on the following: o Bring along documents i. Cost of Living Allowance Students are advised to allocate adequate fund for daily expenses while waiting for their scholarship or study loan approval. o Contraband such as drugs is not allowed into the +605-368 8417 Mr Remmi Arfizri B Abdullah remmi_abdullah@utp. In the case of prescribed o Inform UTP Admission Officer of your arrival details i. Drug such as cannabis.roslan@utp. The Customs Department and Police Department have the right to search your luggage/possessions for illegal drugs. flight Offer Letter from