000 psi). They can deliver 1800-bar • Cleaner – The combination of high fuel pressure and injection pressure. 3900 Via Oro Avenue Long Beach. occurring well before ignition. noise and engine vibration. DENSO’s conventional model.834. In 1995. Inc. it began supplying diesel common rail injection systems for passenger cars. engine • The pilot injection. particulate matter and the shortest in the industry.0-liter diesel engine. • The main injection provides the fuel for combustion and In the U. heavy duty task applications. to a single tube (the common rail). provides time for fuel and air to mix. DENSO launched the • Outer cam world’s first diesel common rail injection system for trucks. DENSO’s common rail system ECU • Integrated into one unit & • Advanced ECU produces higher power and more low-end torque..com DSL-CRSS-1007 . the highest in the industry.6352 • 310. • The “after” injection occurs a split second after the main injection and re-burns any remaining particulate matter (PM). • Multiple injection Diesel engines with DENSO’s common rail system are: Q pilot pre main after post • Faster – By injecting fuel at 1800 bar (26. reduces the generation of by 6. TIME gardless of engine speed. with multiple precise control of fuel combustion through multiple injection capacity in 0.DensoHeavyduty. • Inlet-metering • 2-cylinder pump (HP3) The following year. which makes the exhaust processing in the engine’s after-treatment cycle more effective. DENSO Sales California. DENSO’s common rail system nitrogen oxides. torque is increased by 35 percent.6352 www.S. as compared with nitrogen oxide (NOx). DENSO’s system is available for medium and power.5 dB on a 2. injections reduces emissions. • The “post” injection helps manage the temperature of the exhaust gases. employs five injections: With DENSO’s 1800-bar common rail system. as a result. CA 90810 800.4 milliseconds. engine power is increased by 24 percent and low idle noise is decreased • The “pre” injection shortens the ignition delay during the main injection and.DENSO’s leadership in diesel common rail technology is unsurpassed in the industry.4 milliseconds per combustion cycle. This reduces diesel The injectors that provide fuel to the cylinders are attached engine noise at idle. EDU development tool & calibration tool • Quieter – The injectors can deliver fuel at intervals of 0. re. which allows up to five injections How the Common Rail System Works: per cylinder per combustion cycle.222.