2017 T & P Cell

Govt. Polytechnic Rajkot

Frequently Asked Questions at Interview

Q.1. Introduce about yourself.

Tips: Start from your education details [SSC, Diploma & any other technical courses (if
any)]. Tell about your native place (Don’t use: Urban and Rural word) and then about Family
and Family’s Occupation.

Q.2. What are your greatest strengths?

Tips: Strengths means where you are comfortable to work easily. Be prepare for
explanation for each strength. e.g. Honesty, Communication skills, Dedicated for work/task, Can
work under pressure, Can work for longer no. of hours without fatigue, Can able to work as a
team member, Excitement to meet people, Taking new initiatives, etc.

Q.3. What are your greatest weaknesses?

Tips: Nobody is perfect. So, I have some sort of imperfection. Weakness means in particular
situation, you are not able to give your output at maximum level. Few restrictions create barrier
in your ability. Tell your weakness. Tell your strategy – How you can minimize it or overcome
it? For example, I am over excited to respond and take leadership.

Q.4. Tell me about something you did – or failed to do – that you now feel a little ashamed of.

Tips: Share your past experience honestly. Also highlight what you learn from that

Q.5 Why should I hire you?

Tips: Tricky question. Explain your interest and discuss company’s requirements. Try to
match them. Emphasize exactly on what you can do for them? How can your skill be helpful to
the job they are offering?

Q.6 Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Tips: Tell about your future plans. Speak like: only wants to do job at your company at
higher position (Assistant Manager, Manager and Senior Supervisor). You can say I am not
habituated much to think on hypothetical way but definitely I want to be bit ahead of whatever I
am right now. Don’t speak about your higher study plan (i.e. Degree or Post Diploma
Course) - Negative remarks for you.

Prepared by: Yakshil Chokshi & Jatin Kanani
Edited by: Dr. D. H. Ahir

Q. I can’t tolerate anyone to be late at any of the defined meeting or dates. Give real life examples that are directly in touch with you. It never contains: Listening music. D. Ahir . Never criticize the company or boss. He/She may be your relative. management team. company name. 8 Why do you want to work at our company? Tips: For this Question. NOTE: This is just for the experienced candidate. Q. [Best source for information: Company website and contact current employee of that company (if possible)] Q. Specific interest in particular product.2017 T & P Cell Govt.10 What are your outside interests? (Hobby) Tips: Tell such activities in which you are involved directly. I will be provided if it is not harmful to anyone and not unethical for me and my society as well. location and the wages. you have knowledge of company details. Describe your ideal company. working environment. Never give negative reply. I always get angry on the people who are unprepared and unorganized.)…. (ખોટુ ના બોલશો) Q. policy.11 Would you lie for the company? Tips: Yes. Just explain that how you were not suitable for that Job..12 What makes you angry? Tips: For example. Explain about how you inspired. Tips: Speak precisely. Q.7. community / national / world level hero. Prepared by: Yakshil Chokshi & Jatin Kanani Edited by: Dr. Q. Polytechnic Rajkot Q. H. if it is benefitted for company.13 Who has inspired you in your life and why? Tips: He/She must motivate or changed your life. Tips: Tell the name of company for which you are giving interview. Never Lie. not applicable to students facing interview from campus. products.9 Tell me honestly about the strong points and weak points of your boss (company. location and job. (Your Answer may change from company to company). Collect information about the job offered. That person did recognized contribution for others and society. I don’t like if somebody delays the task with one or more reasons. etc. Detailed knowledge of your hobby / interest.

Put your requirements like Travel expenses. Polytechnic Rajkot Don’t give names of celebrities and very much known person in society.17 What are your favorite subjects / area of interests? Tips: Give the names of max. etc. Student must prepare all the answers and submit it to your Department T&P member. even again I will try to be attached with company. Teacher. provided my career perspectives get satisfied. Rehearse yourself with your prepared question-answers.2017 T & P Cell Govt. 5. Q.g. (Never lie) Q. managing ability. D. Q. ***** Instructions: 1. that’s it. Parent. Selected students will only allow for Mock Interview session.18 For How many years. Prepared by: Yakshil Chokshi & Jatin Kanani Edited by: Dr. Ahir . 2. Q. never use as it is in anywhere. 3 years’. stay.16 What do you worry about? Tips: Right now nothing is there. etc.14 Are you willing to relocate or travel? Tips: Always say ‘Yes’.) Tips: Your past work where gave your inputs. H. Your Answers must be in English language only. thereafter. Scientist.15 Give me an example of your creativity (analytical skill. 3 subjects only in which you are interested. Q. etc. I am facing some problems related to making foods for me and my day to day comforts. you would like to bond with our company? Tips: Tell ‘Min. E. (Use your Brain) 3. Given Tips are only for your help to prepare answers. Freedom fighter. 4.

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